Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on - Challenge

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MindofRez - 29 days ago
Renaee Johnson
Renaee Johnson - 10 hours ago
Rez u gone let her do this to u come on my manz
Kaden Howard
Kaden Howard - Day ago
Um a bunch of psn cards
MONKEY-TDM - - 7 days ago
MindofRez mama Rez won by farrr
Branden Wallace
Branden Wallace - 11 days ago
you by a xbox1 and play in it
Miriam Ulloa
Miriam Ulloa - 8 hours ago
Bryce Gephart
Bryce Gephart - 10 hours ago
I wish I could do this challenge with my friend it would be fun
Renaee Johnson
Renaee Johnson - 10 hours ago
GG rez
Camryn Hennessey
Camryn Hennessey - 14 hours ago
Tell Jaden that Cameron says hi and that he is so powerful
Fallen Aimvid
Fallen Aimvid - 14 hours ago
He didn’t even hit the Xbox logo 😂
Graham Raymond
Graham Raymond - 14 hours ago
It is not a contrary
Tracy Talha
Tracy Talha - 17 hours ago
Rez gang
AUGUST OLSON - 17 hours ago
Rez gang
Ethan Likovic
Ethan Likovic - 17 hours ago
Reds game
Jens Nicolaisen
Jens Nicolaisen - 21 hour ago
I love your vids
Dahiana Vasquez
Dahiana Vasquez - 22 hours ago
Zackergames - Day ago
This is the american makiman
Najma Ali
Najma Ali - Day ago
Your visa are bad:[
XdCamCam000 - Day ago
So clickbait god Ali-rez
Myles Johnson
Myles Johnson - Day ago
Rockstar99play - Day ago
I don’t like when they act like this
Ghost Sunny
Ghost Sunny - Day ago
Y u trying to get that acsent
Damien Valeriano
Damien Valeriano - 2 days ago
You need to be more mature your like a little kid
Ghost Legend
Ghost Legend - 2 days ago
Rez Gan
if you love in like god like this in love you mom in dad
Cade Coons
Cade Coons - 2 days ago
this is how many times i cringed
Elijah Harris
Elijah Harris - 2 days ago
rez gang
Jada Gonzalez
Jada Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Sorry Rez but this was cringie

👇 like if u agree
L2k_x - 3 days ago
Bruuh we want old rez dis rez is doodoo
vCSG Supremez
vCSG Supremez - 3 days ago
I swear on my moms life I will like this comment... U said it
Haydenshallkill l
Haydenshallkill l - 3 days ago
Rez you should get the cardboard box as a prize since you hit it enough
Brandon Who
Brandon Who - 3 days ago
I want old rex back plz
I Take Lzzz
I Take Lzzz - 3 days ago
Narr to be honest ur mom is stingy becuz u brought her like 1m worth of stuff and she brought u like $600
Krystal & Matthew
Krystal & Matthew - 3 days ago
He said country when there states hah
Beastmoderocker - 3 days ago
When u throw the dart and u realize it is like your Fortnite skill
Goatified Draco
Goatified Draco - 3 days ago
“ ladies first” -mamarez
Tamaso Hesposo
Tamaso Hesposo - 3 days ago
Mind of Rez will win
Iron Man
Iron Man - 3 days ago
So overreacted Rez
Hamza Mukhtar
Hamza Mukhtar - 3 days ago
duckie littles
duckie littles - 4 days ago
Can I get it plz
Adrian Yang
Adrian Yang - 4 days ago
Why do you guys talk like your in a play?
Eric A. Salgado
Eric A. Salgado - 4 days ago
Whare is your dad
Iverson 501
Iverson 501 - 4 days ago
Iverson 501
Iverson 501 - 4 days ago
Project zorgo project zorgo is watching acrophobia
19Kamaya Cooper
19Kamaya Cooper - 4 days ago
Rez gang
desiry iradukunda
desiry iradukunda - 5 days ago
Mama Rez gang
RHYZ Matter
RHYZ Matter - 5 days ago
20:20 you leaked your adress its says Philadelphia 19135
Aceshia Hartley
Aceshia Hartley - 5 days ago
Ohhhh my god brugh you lost agints your mom
Aceshia Hartley
Aceshia Hartley - 5 days ago
perrykat - 5 days ago
Minds Rez
Carlos Cano
Carlos Cano - 5 days ago
You get a 🚗 you win
Megan Evans
Megan Evans - 5 days ago
Momma Rez gang💪🏼
Padrica Kennerly
Padrica Kennerly - 5 days ago
Don't break my xbox feelings
Ms.Dai Fields
Ms.Dai Fields - 6 days ago
wress gang
LIL N4GGET - 6 days ago
Thats a Lamborghini
Andy chicken gaming
Andy chicken gaming - 6 days ago
F!!!mama rez she bê Saying you cant get a lambo But My nigra rez he bê all Of that
bootedjosue - 6 days ago
bruh they copying this british yt acc
Tech deck
Tech deck - 6 days ago
The referee though
i got hacked hacked
i got hacked hacked - 6 days ago
I whish i lived whith him☹
Minecraft Gameplay
Minecraft Gameplay - 6 days ago
🤨ok Weird
aidan akers
aidan akers - 6 days ago
Baires Andrehe
Baires Andrehe - 6 days ago
It was Mindo rez because he got the Ferrari
Ernesto Navarro López
Ernesto Navarro López - 6 days ago
Nathan Mrdjenovic
Nathan Mrdjenovic - 6 days ago
dose anyone else see the van going over the curb at 11:56😑😑
King Kyle
King Kyle - 6 days ago
That live on philadelphia road and the number is 19959 or something like that
Miguel Colohua
Miguel Colohua - 7 days ago
xd NearSole
xd NearSole - 7 days ago
Those are not country’s they are states buddy
Koroia Nuku
Koroia Nuku - 7 days ago
Charlene Thomas
Charlene Thomas - 7 days ago
You white assholeAaaBitch!
James Suyu
James Suyu - 7 days ago
Old Rez pls come back pls pls come back Rez
Zein S Brahim
Zein S Brahim - 7 days ago
reeeeeeez gaaaang
George Ivanukoff
George Ivanukoff - 7 days ago
when he says only specific countries on the fucking map of the US 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😀😀😀😀 0:44 to 0:47
Marcos Avila
Marcos Avila - 7 days ago
rez gang
Eldin Nordstrom
Eldin Nordstrom - 7 days ago
Rez gane
GalacticOtter - 7 days ago
Rez wone because he got a Ferrari
ROBIN DABANK - 7 days ago
You mean state not country
Emelia Mtonga
Emelia Mtonga - 7 days ago
Make it blue if you are Rez gang
Like pls
Mine Master Mase
Mine Master Mase - 7 days ago
Where is jayden? 😢
Trey Maxwell
Trey Maxwell - 7 days ago
Rez gang for life
Trey Maxwell
Trey Maxwell - 7 days ago
I want you to win
BANKSIA SKATE - 8 days ago
Why they trying so hard
London Carson
London Carson - 8 days ago
This video is for the 8 year olds
2K GOD SMH - 8 days ago
Only people who love their mom will make this blue
bryan lofty
bryan lofty - 8 days ago
Mind if rex did
Isaiah Varela
Isaiah Varela - 8 days ago
Hi I’m marshmallow
-0MEN- - 8 days ago
5:16 Thats what you call "Potatoe aim"
D Small
D Small - 8 days ago
Rez gang
slaughter gang
slaughter gang - 8 days ago
I have that same shirt
Kayne LaBrie
Kayne LaBrie - 8 days ago
Rez gang
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor - 8 days ago
SLIPPY_ TENDIES - 9 days ago
they say countries hehe
TheGooseman 777
TheGooseman 777 - 9 days ago
Pls stop wit the Moro’s intro
Ahmad Gaming
Ahmad Gaming - 9 days ago
Rez gang
Erika Bautista
Erika Bautista - 9 days ago
13:01 if this wasn't youtube i can just see that flip flop coming off so quick of that women foot and the spanking just oooowwwww
Erika Bautista
Erika Bautista - 9 days ago
just continued watching and i could already see the wtf your so dead in her
XxmoneyXx Clan
XxmoneyXx Clan - 9 days ago
Bro it have to be ... REZ
Football Master
Football Master - 9 days ago
Your mom won and the next vid LAST ON TO GO INSIDE WINS
Michael Medina
Michael Medina - 9 days ago
i will kiss mindofrez mom
Mona Malik
Mona Malik - 9 days ago
No no no
SamRaf Carranza
SamRaf Carranza - 9 days ago
Rez gang
Tea Beehive
Tea Beehive - 9 days ago
You talk weird kidding
Bethel Roots
Bethel Roots - 9 days ago
get apple store
The Doctor
The Doctor - 9 days ago
Red gang
CD God
CD God - 9 days ago
The fans want apex
DeadPanda543 - 9 days ago
i swear rez's mom makes me more and more retarded every video please take her out ur videos
Diego Urrutia
Diego Urrutia - 9 days ago
I love this vid
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