Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on - Challenge

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Christopher1234 Bustamante
Rez gang
TG RAJ - 5 hours ago
What happened that third time👀👀😂
Salvador Farfan
Salvador Farfan - Day ago
The stupidest thing I’ve ever watched on ma moma
Samantha Ruiz
Samantha Ruiz - Day ago
Mama Rez:I'm not kaylen I'm Mama Rez
Kaylen: what do you mean
Elijah Thompsin
Elijah Thompsin - Day ago
Bro you need sum ice on yo wrist
Katharina Ditomassi
He should not have any prize he had two turn
Katharina Ditomassi
She said a "Ferrari" it shows a Lamborghini
Katharina Ditomassi
Both said Ferrari
Andrew awaw
Andrew awaw - Day ago
Rez did not hit the Xbox
Jeffy fan Hot dog
Jeffy fan Hot dog - Day ago
Mama Rez u are right Brian dI’d play with barbies
Ray Crux
Ray Crux - 3 days ago
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 3 days ago
Mama Rez: I will get any thing
Throws a dart
Mam Rez: Yay! I get a drawer lol
Faze Goat
Faze Goat - 4 days ago
1 like equals 1 fat for rez
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 4 days ago
These nuts
Kaleb Cepeda
Kaleb Cepeda - 4 days ago
Like fucking garbage
Kaleb Cepeda
Kaleb Cepeda - 4 days ago
This video sucked balls
cedrenus Sand
cedrenus Sand - 4 days ago
Wilma Randle
Wilma Randle - 4 days ago
Mamarezz is going to win
Max Vega
Max Vega - 4 days ago
Gucci And Rolex
Cristhian Aguilera
Cristhian Aguilera - 4 days ago
Mindorez u came victoryos
Cristhian Aguilera
Cristhian Aguilera - 4 days ago
Rez gang
HaloWars3753 Lol
HaloWars3753 Lol - 4 days ago
In the 24 hr handcuffed challenge Kaylen was A DAMM CRYBABY and he wanted to do the challenge
Ezra Greene
Ezra Greene - 4 days ago
This was published on my b-day.
rodney morales
rodney morales - 5 days ago
Bro mama Rez is not fair
VNMAtlantisYT Youtube
VNMAtlantisYT Youtube - 5 days ago
If you love your parents like this
Isaac Malang
Isaac Malang - 5 days ago
apple sike fruit
ana villarreal
ana villarreal - 5 days ago
The best
Gage Kruithoff
Gage Kruithoff - 6 days ago
Super car bro
Julianna Ndreu
Julianna Ndreu - 6 days ago
I love jaden hes the best
Samuel Sylvester
Samuel Sylvester - 6 days ago
360 ooga booga
DisDekiD 21
DisDekiD 21 - 6 days ago
Bruh ur mom roasted u baaaaaaaad
Willson Perez
Willson Perez - 7 days ago
Be great full of what you get and what you have
Lucas Conroy
Lucas Conroy - 7 days ago
Where's kaylen
Ashley Conyers
Ashley Conyers - 7 days ago
Not fear
Ashley Conyers
Ashley Conyers - 7 days ago
Jayden Ignacio
Jayden Ignacio - 7 days ago
Is my address
Jayden Ignacio
Jayden Ignacio - 7 days ago
Sf California alma street 125
Shikwan Orr
Shikwan Orr - 8 days ago
Ha ha ha ha ha you still play with Barbie dolls
Ky Roldan
Ky Roldan - 8 days ago
Rez gang
Blaze Hidden
Blaze Hidden - 8 days ago
9:30 wtff what I just saw like to make this go way
Lacey Manning
Lacey Manning - 8 days ago
If you think this is played out leave a thumbs
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott - 8 days ago
Mom well win
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott - 8 days ago
mojo vlogs
mojo vlogs - 8 days ago
to me if u love are planet
stupid pig
stupid pig - 9 days ago
why not a snack machine
Flor Linares
Flor Linares - 10 days ago
Pockets:everything is fine
This video comes out
Flor Linares
Flor Linares - 10 days ago
LOL I feel bad for him😂
TWISHP2isthename JR r
TWISHP2isthename JR r - 10 days ago
Darian Rivera
Darian Rivera - 10 days ago
Act like morg
Itzyoshi 2009
Itzyoshi 2009 - 10 days ago
Mama rez should jump off a cliff.
David Campagna
David Campagna - 10 days ago
Logan Covert
Logan Covert - 10 days ago
Romeo Thor
Romeo Thor - 11 days ago
11:02 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Y king gamer
Y king gamer - 11 days ago
Love your videos
Relax dude
It's just a challenge dude
Take it easy man
Your my no 1 on youtube
Brian 54
Brian 54 - 11 days ago
That is a Lamborghini
dalton ward
dalton ward - 11 days ago
big fan of your videos I love your brothers they are awesome I would like a shout out in one of your videos and I would like to see more videos of Jaden A new challenge for y'all to try try not to laugh I really hope I get that shout out
David Castro
David Castro - 11 days ago
Mom a rez
Sonny Productions
Sonny Productions - 11 days ago
I saw the exact hole on the apple store before she even hit it
Like if you saw
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell - 11 days ago
Before they did apple store
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell - 11 days ago
Got hit
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell - 11 days ago
They are cutting parts and I noticed that when he hit McDonald's I saw the apple store
Latest Pandora49
Latest Pandora49 - 12 days ago
fabian martinez
fabian martinez - 12 days ago
If you are with res gang like this
Terrance Carrington
Terrance Carrington - 12 days ago
DIAMANTEBABE1 - 12 days ago
you áre shesh
ana Enriquez
ana Enriquez - 12 days ago
Mama rezzzzzzzzzz
Roblox Nerd_KID
Roblox Nerd_KID - 12 days ago
Jayy SZN
Jayy SZN - 13 days ago
Reze gang
Yarixan Rodriguez
Yarixan Rodriguez - 13 days ago
tkeya Williams
tkeya Williams - 13 days ago
iPhone xr
ROCH Jean Philippe
ROCH Jean Philippe - 13 days ago
Relax dude !
Shaelen Lattimore
Shaelen Lattimore - 13 days ago
Rez gang
Solar Fortnite
Solar Fortnite - 13 days ago
Rez gang
Misbah Faisal
Misbah Faisal - 13 days ago
If you like your parents
Jeremiah Quinones
Jeremiah Quinones - 13 days ago
Mindofrez stinks in this challenge at the beginning
Kossar Saeed
Kossar Saeed - 13 days ago
If you love God like this♥️
YLNO - 14 days ago
Rez won he pretty much got a Ferrari
xothebestthodez - 14 days ago
3:15 I thought stuff fell on her 🤣😭
Super bendy 64 Super bendy 64
goldbar - 14 days ago
goldbar - 14 days ago
189078$ wTF
Stewart Chriswell
Stewart Chriswell - 14 days ago
Parker Bohannon
Parker Bohannon - 15 days ago
Rez gang
wack hoii
wack hoii - 15 days ago
No hate!! 1:24 I couldn't stop laughing!
Cheeto - 15 days ago
Don’t u notice how there calling states countries LMAOAOO
Kertmit De frog
Kertmit De frog - 15 days ago
REZ gang
Itz carson
Itz carson - 15 days ago
18:27 when kaylen loses a fortnite game
hucy Estien
hucy Estien - 15 days ago
If you like girls leave a like
TNL Zeezy
TNL Zeezy - 16 days ago
Adriana Gonzalez
Adriana Gonzalez - 16 days ago
His tug is green
CRP - 16 days ago
chungus malone
chungus malone - 16 days ago
Old rez old rez old rez ya
Andy- Vas10
Andy- Vas10 - 16 days ago
0:40 did he called the states country’s
KJ Turnage
KJ Turnage - 16 days ago
George Raisbeck1
George Raisbeck1 - 17 days ago
This is actual aids
Swynn088 - 17 days ago
your mom is a cheater that is why no one likes her fat self 🤣😂😃😃😂
iOS Toxic
iOS Toxic - 17 days ago
Mama Rez duh
Wendy Ninja walk
Wendy Ninja walk - 17 days ago
Krypton Legendary
Krypton Legendary - 18 days ago
ツ RANDoM - 18 days ago
ᗯᗩIT TᕼᗩT'ᔕ KᗩYᒪEᑎ
ツ RANDoM - 18 days ago
ᗯᕼEᖇE Iᔕ KᗩYᒪEᑎ
Jesse Soto
Jesse Soto - 18 days ago
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