The Best Of The Irish On The Graham Norton Show!

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maissa Khaskhoussi
maissa Khaskhoussi - 2 days ago
41 seconds. pretty long
Mick Killeen
Mick Killeen - 3 days ago
Far too many arty Irish people about. Do me head in with their stories an I say that an Irish man.
Raleighburner15 Hynes
Raleighburner15 Hynes - 3 days ago
Our small island with so many lunatics I'm so proud to be Irish
everlongs - 3 days ago
I once asked an Irish girl: “Do you drink?”
She replied: “Is the pope catholic?”
Tomás Murphy
Tomás Murphy - 4 days ago
This makes me proud to be Irish
Mark Tan
Mark Tan - 5 days ago
Still waiting for those subtitles
Conn Benn
Conn Benn - 7 days ago
And yet too many muricans don’t know graham himself is irish not English
anditspaganpoetry - 9 days ago
‘Well someone’s done a poo in the bath’ I died
Stewart Fletcher
Stewart Fletcher - 9 days ago
Saoirse Ronan is a Goddess. She's perfect and I hate it.
a om
a om - 11 days ago
Jumped in the back of the *cYaR*
Capitalism is key
Capitalism is key - 11 days ago
I can't stand saoirse Ronan
Max Chester
Max Chester - 15 days ago
Anything Irish makes me want to know about the Black Sheep in my family, the Dennigans - about whom nobody ever spoke.
phobie elliott
phobie elliott - 15 days ago
Derry girl was the best in history
Queen Deirdre
Queen Deirdre - 16 days ago
Eireann go bragh! 🇮🇪
Katie B
Katie B - 16 days ago
Anyone else down the Graham Norton wormhole tonight? No? Just me? Ok then. 😋
CodieAyscue - 16 days ago
sprays raid on a bug
*the bug:* 9:50
Gail Ali
Gail Ali - 21 day ago
I came from Irish my Grandfather
etain o meara
etain o meara - 21 day ago
I'm doing my leaving cert in two days why am I watching this rn
DougieG - 21 day ago
Cappy-go-lucky - 22 days ago
Cavill isn’t Irish
Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi - 22 days ago
Uvf intesnsifies
evie s
evie s - 22 days ago
timothee chalamet at the start omg🥰🥰
rakia dayekh
rakia dayekh - 22 days ago
where's niall horan!?
Kenjario - 22 days ago
Massively unpopular opinion, but that Lord of the Dance tap at the end tops Fassbender's worm... sorry not sorry 😁
Archita Das
Archita Das - 23 days ago
Ooof the jig at the end
Archita Das
Archita Das - 23 days ago
Okay but I couldn't help being distracted by Timothée Chalamet just being himself
Lastro - 25 days ago
This makes me half I’m irish
Ossy Koi
Ossy Koi - 26 days ago
I'm a Chinese guy from HK who lives in Australia, and my god do I love European culture XD
Morgasm172 - 11 days ago
Ossy Koi were Irish. Not European! We don’t class ourselves as European. We have our own island away from Europe in the Atlantic!
Ossy Koi
Ossy Koi - 26 days ago
Simply out of curiosity, but was the stereotypical American accent influenced by the Irish accent? Beautiful accent
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
Anyone else Irish like me? owo
ptr0505 - 17 days ago
I'm from Cork 😃
Jessica Lawlor
Jessica Lawlor - 26 days ago
I am 🙂😁🙋‍♀️
U Aimen
U Aimen - 27 days ago
timothee chalamet is so beautiful godammit
Sabrina Camargo
Sabrina Camargo - 28 days ago
Is the normal Irish guy something like Jamie Dornan?
Stiofan McAreavey
Stiofan McAreavey - 11 days ago
Kinda. Mostly brown hair amd dark eyes in ireland. The ginger and pale thing with green eyes is more scottish
Preetham Varma
Preetham Varma - 28 days ago
"Sursha" Ronan is one of the most adorable people on the planet.
Ayuowki _
Ayuowki _ - 6 days ago
Preetham Varma saoirse is how it’s spelt I know it’s weird 😂😭
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk - 29 days ago
Wow the ladys story at the beginning is incredibly boring.
Graciecorn - 29 days ago
Chris O’Dowd is so funny.
Anne’s Paranormal adventures
Jamie Dornan 😍😍😍is so funny and cute 🤤🤤🤤always great stories 😏😏😏 sexy Irish accent
Cujo TheRedNose
Cujo TheRedNose - Month ago
Lmfao that love from Derry was hilarious!!!
Ann Mendoza
Ann Mendoza - Month ago
Colin is irish???
Salt - Month ago
God I love Ireland and its people
James Hudson
James Hudson - Month ago
(7:50) Does she pronounce "car": "chior"?
Stiofan McAreavey
Stiofan McAreavey - 11 days ago
Shes from derry which is basically the country the say car like...key-are only said quite fast
James Hudson
James Hudson - 28 days ago
@E K that's a fair reason. i figured that might be a reason she would.
E K - 29 days ago
yes because she's Irish not American or English lol
Jerry - Month ago
No comments about that last clip? That tap dance was awesome!
molly xox
molly xox - 22 days ago
Jerry *irish dance :)
PenWriter21 - Month ago
I should not be watching a loop of Graham Norton clips when I'm recovering from surgery. It hurts to laugh but gosh, it's worth it hahaha
Earline Garitson
Earline Garitson - Month ago
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq - Month ago
Attack of the Irish
m. mache
m. mache - Month ago
Graham I don't have much time to hear storyes it's very chaurt time very limited I have over load waiting for my to judges them I'm sorry. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Mom's World
Mom's World - Month ago
I love Irish accents. So neat😊
Gg Ff
Gg Ff - Month ago
Jamie dornan doesn’t count he’s a posh Protestant
Amanda Beaty
Amanda Beaty - Month ago
@Lol Xd Right. He grew up in Cork. He's from Cork. He went to school in Cork.
Lol Xd
Lol Xd - Month ago
Amanda Beaty look it up he’s from Dublin he then moved to cork at a young age
Amanda Beaty
Amanda Beaty - Month ago
@Lol Xd He's from Cork. His mum was from Belfast. He did an episode of Who Do You Think You Are.
LittleMissDelle - Month ago
bit upset my irish lads not here but oh well
Johnny - Month ago
The red chair story was hilarious. 😂😂
Caragh Moore
Caragh Moore - Month ago
oh jesus christ of almighty like Jamie, sound on lad
Arempy 58
Arempy 58 - Month ago
What a lovely bunch of micks.
idk bro
idk bro - Month ago
michael fassbender is one fine fellow
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon - Month ago
Middle Aged at 60......Hmmm that sounds a bit off!
aniko - Month ago
j-jamie dornan is irish???? omg
E O' C
E O' C - Month ago
the most entertaining guests! A natural rapport with Graham!
Gen Eventide
Gen Eventide - Month ago
The girl on the red seat! Her story was amazing I cried!
Loved how she sassed the American too
Berra Saral
Berra Saral - Month ago
How am I, a Non-Native English speaker, can understand 90% of their accent and Americans can't?
Katie - Month ago
5:00 cucklery
Darryl B. Roberts
Darryl B. Roberts - Month ago
"Aileen" in the Red Chair was my favorite part of this clip! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Manvendra Singh
Manvendra Singh - Month ago
i think i've gone to dinner with her hahahah
t thompson
t thompson - Month ago
As great as Graham is, these interviews could be a little bit better if everyone was naked.
s mcb
s mcb - Month ago
I'm a south Londoner born and bred but my da's from Northern Ireland so I actually understood every word the Derry girl said!!!😍😍😍🇮🇪
matt cullen
matt cullen - Month ago
Best red chair story ever.
Jennifer Really
Jennifer Really - 2 months ago
Kelan De Brún
Kelan De Brún - 2 months ago
I’m from Donegal yeeeeoooooo
Durre SB
Durre SB - 2 months ago
I didn’t know Fassbender was Irish!
s original
s original - 2 months ago
niall horan❤️❤️!! no? oh ok..
Radio Nowhere
Radio Nowhere - 2 months ago
Gemma Arterton is stunning!!!
Yodel He hoo
Yodel He hoo - 2 months ago
tammy dwight
tammy dwight - 2 months ago
Joy of Life
Dianna Trifan
Dianna Trifan - 2 months ago
How is Cillian Murphy not on this show yet
Absolute Muppet
Absolute Muppet - Month ago
He doesnt like doing interviews.
Laws M
Laws M - 2 months ago
Jump into the back of the cyar
matthew kühl
matthew kühl - 2 months ago
i'm only 1/4 Irish :'(
Olivia Hand
Olivia Hand - 2 months ago
The best part was the girl from Derry
davidsirmons - 2 months ago
Being Irish myself, something in my heart and soul awakens when I hear an Irish lass.
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
Moira Brown
Moira Brown - 2 months ago
Riverdance! And the poor fella on the end was so lost haha
Lalita Roscetti
Lalita Roscetti - 2 months ago
You're missing my man Robert Sheehan
Kiddo Yubari
Kiddo Yubari - 2 months ago
Oh please!!!! Put Robert on that couch!!!
len17948 - 2 months ago
Omg yes!
Kerrie Lou
Kerrie Lou - 2 months ago
Jamie D: lol
L P - 2 months ago
Is there never allowed to be an ugly Galway girl or something 😍😩
Morgasm172 - 11 days ago
L P it’s other way around. Good looking Galway girls barely exist
lorry geewhizzbang
lorry geewhizzbang - 2 months ago
Anyone from Laois on here? 😀
TheSparkyWriter - 2 months ago
-Colon Pharell’s(?) awareness of Alexander issues makes me happy for some reason.
-Also bless the girl for over enunciating MILK and BREAD.
-Michael is one of my favorite actors ever. So there’s that. Wow that turn was something.
-UM WOW! that was awesome.
Conn Benn
Conn Benn - 7 days ago
TheSparkyWriter colon pharell?!!😂😂😂 Colin Farrell hahaha
Ashley S. MacKenzie
Ashley S. MacKenzie - 2 months ago
Hey, Listen...
Grace Gallagher
Grace Gallagher - 2 months ago
Niall Horan?
Gotta love the accent
Alexander K.
Alexander K. - 2 months ago
Saoirse, Timothée, Colin, and Rachel in one video 😍😍😍😍
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk - 29 days ago
What about Michael Fassbender
Beckala67 - 2 months ago
"I'm deff- initlly tree of those!'
Kiya L.
Kiya L. - 2 months ago
5:30 is that the woman from the mummy? She looks so youthful.
David - 2 months ago
Who is the guy next to Saoirse? I know I know who he is but it won't come to me.
Alexander K.
Alexander K. - 2 months ago
Timothée Chalamet!
whutzat - 2 months ago
The Jamie Dornan sleep-poo story beats all!
Ashen-Phoenix - 2 months ago
I needed this. Sweet and fun and hilarious.
wctrqn - 3 months ago
Love the Irish accent! Should have more of Michael Fassbender... And incl Domhnall Gleeson n Cillian Murphy
Mookie Izzy
Mookie Izzy - 3 months ago
Ok so where is Cillian Murphy?
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
One of my year mates is called Cillian Murphy :p
liviusss - Month ago
I don't think he's into this kind of shows...
Ellie McHale
Ellie McHale - 3 months ago
Chris O’Dowd can talk to me all day
Faraz Khan Yousafzai
Faraz Khan Yousafzai - 3 months ago
So she mistook her bf's car for a 60ish woman's car who got scared coz of the thumping and rammed the car into a light post. She was in a hurry coz it was cold in Derry, N. Ireland. I believe that's what happened.
Faraz Khan Yousafzai
Faraz Khan Yousafzai - 2 months ago
@Siobhan O'Farrell Ah, that's a fine detail actually, and the very first scene of the show Derry Girls.
Siobhan O'Farrell
Siobhan O'Farrell - 2 months ago
Faraz Khan Yousafzai That, and depending on the year it was, the woman probably thought she was a Volunteer in the IRA and she was being involved in an op! The young woman said she’s from Derry - which means she’s Catholic. Prods call the city Londonderry.
Olivia MacDonald
Olivia MacDonald - 3 months ago
Irish people are the best at telling stories
spookym123 - 3 months ago
In love with Chris O'Dowd!
French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning
She sounds SO young, a London 10 year old would be SO adult and jaded
Jack - 3 months ago
I love an Irish accent, so sexy
cool jazz
cool jazz - 3 months ago
I love that woman in the red chair... 😘
Leia Sophia
Leia Sophia - 3 months ago
I find their accents sexy 😘
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
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