The Best Of The Irish On The Graham Norton Show!

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Durre SB
Durre SB - Day ago
I didn’t know Fassbender was Irish!
s original
s original - Day ago
niall horan❤️❤️!! no? oh ok..
Radio Nowhere
Radio Nowhere - 3 days ago
Gemma Arterton is stunning!!!
Yodel He hoo
Yodel He hoo - 3 days ago
tammy dwight
tammy dwight - 4 days ago
Joy of Life
Dianna Trifan
Dianna Trifan - 7 days ago
How is Cillian Murphy not on this show yet
Laws M
Laws M - 7 days ago
Jump into the back of the cyar
matthew kühl
matthew kühl - 9 days ago
i'm only 1/4 Irish :'(
Olivia Hand
Olivia Hand - 12 days ago
The best part was the girl from Derry
davidsirmons - 15 days ago
Being Irish myself, something in my heart and soul awakens when I hear an Irish lass.
Moira Brown
Moira Brown - 16 days ago
Riverdance! And the poor fella on the end was so lost haha
Lalita Roscetti
Lalita Roscetti - 18 days ago
You're missing my man Robert Sheehan
Kiddo Yubari
Kiddo Yubari - 8 days ago
Oh please!!!! Put Robert on that couch!!!
len17948 - 16 days ago
Omg yes!
Kerrie Lou
Kerrie Lou - 19 days ago
Jamie D: lol
L P - 20 days ago
Is there never allowed to be an ugly Galway girl or something 😍😩
lorry geewhizzbang
lorry geewhizzbang - 21 day ago
Anyone from Laois on here? 😀
TheSparkyWriter - 21 day ago
-Colon Pharell’s(?) awareness of Alexander issues makes me happy for some reason.
-Also bless the girl for over enunciating MILK and BREAD.
-Michael is one of my favorite actors ever. So there’s that. Wow that turn was something.
-UM WOW! that was awesome.
Ashley S. MacKenzie
Ashley S. MacKenzie - 21 day ago
Hey, Listen...
Grace Gallagher
Grace Gallagher - 22 days ago
Niall Horan?
Gotta love the accent
Alexander K.
Alexander K. - 23 days ago
Saoirse, Timothée, Colin, and Rachel in one video 😍😍😍😍
Beckala67 - 24 days ago
"I'm deff- initlly tree of those!'
Kiya L.
Kiya L. - 24 days ago
5:30 is that the woman from the mummy? She looks so youthful.
David - 24 days ago
Who is the guy next to Saoirse? I know I know who he is but it won't come to me.
Alexander K.
Alexander K. - 23 days ago
Timothée Chalamet!
whutzat - 24 days ago
The Jamie Dornan sleep-poo story beats all!
Ashen-Phoenix - 25 days ago
I needed this. Sweet and fun and hilarious.
wctrqn - 26 days ago
Love the Irish accent! Should have more of Michael Fassbender... And incl Domhnall Gleeson n Cillian Murphy
Mookie Izzy
Mookie Izzy - 27 days ago
Ok so where is Cillian Murphy?
Ellie McHale
Ellie McHale - 27 days ago
Chris O’Dowd can talk to me all day
Faraz Khan Yousafzai
Faraz Khan Yousafzai - 27 days ago
So she mistook her bf's car for a 60ish woman's car who got scared coz of the thumping and rammed the car into a light post. She was in a hurry coz it was cold in Derry, N. Ireland. I believe that's what happened.
Faraz Khan Yousafzai
Faraz Khan Yousafzai - 18 days ago
+Siobhan O'Farrell Ah, that's a fine detail actually, and the very first scene of the show Derry Girls.
Siobhan O'Farrell
Siobhan O'Farrell - 18 days ago
Faraz Khan Yousafzai That, and depending on the year it was, the woman probably thought she was a Volunteer in the IRA and she was being involved in an op! The young woman said she’s from Derry - which means she’s Catholic. Prods call the city Londonderry.
Olivia MacDonald
Olivia MacDonald - 27 days ago
Irish people are the best at telling stories
spookym123 - 27 days ago
In love with Chris O'Dowd!
French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning
She sounds SO young, a London 10 year old would be SO adult and jaded
Jack - 28 days ago
I love an Irish accent, so sexy
cool jazz
cool jazz - 28 days ago
I love that woman in the red chair... 😘
Leia Sophia
Leia Sophia - 29 days ago
I find their accents sexy 😘
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal - 29 days ago
The original jumpstyle.
Ann Marie Rose
Ann Marie Rose - 29 days ago
I love the Graham Norton show - it is so entertaining and his guests are really funny when they are on his show our late night shows are the worst ever  since Johnny Carson left.  I've been in love with Collin Farrell for years - now I am in love with Jamie Doran as well.
readerunite - 29 days ago
That was a hilarious story about the young woman hopping in the back seat of her boyfriend's car.
Elwood P. Dowd
Elwood P. Dowd - 29 days ago
Put Noah Ritter on the show!
Joe Blundy
Joe Blundy - 29 days ago
"GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! "
Sebastians - Month ago
I kind of feel bad for the people in the red chair that get laughed about.
Peruna - Month ago
Whats with the compilations? The show isnt ending or anything,is it?
Nevik MC
Nevik MC - Month ago
Why is this not bias?
Helen - Month ago
Came into this video hoping for Michael Fassbender and was not disappointed
Jj Gf
Jj Gf - Month ago
Need translation for the girl's story
Rahma Ahmed
Rahma Ahmed - 15 days ago
At Christmas she went to the shop to get some groceries and told her boyfriend to do a lap around the shop because she was going to be quick then she got out ran into a car and with the bag of groceries with her face covered with a 🧣 and told the driver to go soo loud turns out the driver wasn’t her boyfriend but a 60 year old woman who screamed JESUS
Amanda Cor
Amanda Cor - Month ago
Chris O'dowd always has top quality stories
Baron Thomas
Baron Thomas - Month ago
09:30 or think he and Jessica boned down later?
Ben J
Ben J - Month ago
Baron Thomas they’re both married
Shirin AlAwadhi
Shirin AlAwadhi - Month ago
Where are the O’Donovan brothers OP
*Where are they*
Jamie Animations
Jamie Animations - Month ago
Shrek 2
Viktorija Frolenkova
Viktorija Frolenkova - Month ago
Robert Sheehan should be here sometime, it would be an awesome and amazing interview
Extraterrestrial Horse
Saoirse is such a treasure.
Bry Halla
Bry Halla - Month ago
Faisal Shk
Faisal Shk - Month ago
Saoirse's accent feels like I am listening to some angel
amigafines - Month ago
I was waiting to see Eileen(Aileen?) from Derry and you didn´t disappoint!
El Dyorado
El Dyorado - Month ago
And she screamed: JEEEESSSSUUUUSS!!!
Ascador Cern
Ascador Cern - Month ago
there is something wrong with the irish that i really really like
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - Month ago
Protect the Irish! No no-deal Brexit!
Jasmine Xo
Jasmine Xo - Month ago
Who here is irish lol
molly xox
molly xox - 20 days ago
Jasmine Xo mise
Lottie Erin
Lottie Erin - 29 days ago
Agus mise 😂
Kim Moran
Kim Moran - Month ago
Jasmine Xo mise
Timbojones Underwood
Timbojones Underwood - Month ago
Can't stop binge watching these vids. Somebody help me.
氵每夕卜 - Month ago
Now that you put them together I realized I love Irish people! How they speak and the humor.
emercycrite - Month ago
Jamie Dornan is scrumptious.
Pope - Month ago
Never been so proud of my Irish heritage
Jim Moriarty
Jim Moriarty - Month ago
I want a best of Scottish!
suzawilo - 27 days ago
Yeeeeessss. McFassy fan?
barsaa barsaa
barsaa barsaa - Month ago
Those accents tho, dance at the end...
JP BLACK - Month ago
Saorsie broke Timothée
Abolish ICE
Abolish ICE - Month ago
Since everybody in this comment section seems to understand that girl perfectly, would someone please translate?
Karen Stepko
Karen Stepko - 25 days ago
Abolish ICE “In the lead up to Christmas, I was back home. I’d gone down to the shop and I had to get milk and bread, so I literally was really stressed - so I was like ‘run in, run out, get the groceries, let’s go’. I told my boyfriend, ‘Do a lap and just pick me up. No need to park the car’. So, as planned, I came out, perfect timing, just as a car drifts by, casual speed. So, without hesitation, I sprint across with my groceries, jump in the back of the car, screaming and thumping the back of the chair, ‘GO! GO! GO! GO!’ - but take into mind it was Christmas, and I had a scarf up here, and a hat up here, and a coat. Who I thought was my boyfriend turned out to be this middle-aged 60 year old woman, screaming, ‘JESUUUUUSSSS!!!’ and she pushed her foot on the accelerator and that pushed her into a lamp post.”
Markus Birth
Markus Birth - Month ago
Something something … christmas shopping … something something … looking like a robber due to winter clothing … something something … wrong car … something something … lamp post.
Q Tip
Q Tip - Month ago
I love Jamie Dornan so much 😍😍❤️❤️
Sean McKnight
Sean McKnight - Month ago
Im from Florida. Never in my life have I heard someone be so excited to go to Florida.
Booksaremybag - 28 days ago
It was Disneyworld specifically.
clevelandcbi - Month ago
Been TRYING to find the Anna Kournikova Red Chair clip where a dog was run over for months now. Can anyone help???
Krishna Chaithanya
Krishna Chaithanya - Month ago
Jas W
Jas W - Month ago
Where is Robert Sheehan 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
Henrik Wenne
Henrik Wenne - Month ago
I wanna marry that costume interpretation lass!!
Scott Drone-Silvers
Scott Drone-Silvers - Month ago
Graham Norton is just the best. Great host, his guests look like they are having a LOT of fun, and the shows are entertaining as hell. You can tell that the Americans that are on the show have just never had this kind of experience before. It seems like they quite enjoy it.
I only wish his show was 90 minutes long.
cuchullain1981 - 25 days ago
My wife and I are from Germany but we quite enjoy the Graham Norton Show. And we are always under the same impression as you. Especially American actresses and actors often look to be so limited by their streamlined promotional appearances on us networks. They really seem to enjoy Graham's show once they get the hang of it. Not being forced to promote themselves every second. Sharing anecdotes and having a laugh. Sometimes they almost seem like people... 😉 Keep it up Graham!
Cast - Month ago
I grew up in the same county as her :)
Ben J
Ben J - Month ago
Cast have u watched Derry girls?
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald - Month ago
Did I just see Baz from SortedFood in that Chorus-line at the end?
corrine beau
corrine beau - Month ago
I could listen to Chris O'Dowd talking all day 😄
4annalivia - Month ago
I adore Colin Farrell! At his best when not taking himself seriously. Which seems to be most of the time! I LOVED Intermission and In Bruges.
Karin Allen
Karin Allen - Month ago
I'm from South Carolina, and I had less trouble understanding the woman in the Red Chair than I have in understanding some people born in my own state.
V B - 27 days ago
It's erasier to understand without watching her funny mannerisms
sweiland75 - Month ago
Aileen is Northern Irish
Siobhan O'Farrell
Siobhan O'Farrell - 18 days ago
sweiland75 She’s Irish - from the Six Counties
ShaunRL - Month ago
I think it is safe to assume she identifies as Irish given that she calls Derry/Londonderry just Derry.
Bethany Duberville
Bethany Duberville - Month ago
Definitely should’ve included those Irish boys, the O'Donovan brothers, that won an Olympic rowing medal, that entire interview had me laughing!
TheLastAngryMan01 - 15 hours ago
They won a world championship since.
Jasmine Xo
Jasmine Xo - 25 days ago
Bethany Duberville no problem :)
Bethany Duberville
Bethany Duberville - 27 days ago
+Jasmine Xo thank you!! I looked them up again but forgot to come and correct the comment :)
MissGenevieveClough - 28 days ago
Pull like a dog!
Jasmine Xo
Jasmine Xo - Month ago
Bethany Duberville they’re called Gary and Paul O’Donovan
kakarrot15 - Month ago
The best of the Irish is graham himself
Austin Full
Austin Full - Month ago
Irish accents are awesome.
Cally Harrison
Cally Harrison - Month ago
Where’s Brendan o’carroll
lillymarlen3 - Month ago
Loved this video and I love the Irish in general! And while we're on the topic, can we please have Cillian Murphy on that couch at some point in the near future? That would be something!!
aspilurch - Month ago
They should do a Peaky Blinders special
lillymarlen3 - Month ago
+pink-182 true he is not! However, he has been on some and he has also done radio interviews with Graham Norton, so here's hoping!
pink-182 - Month ago
lillymarlen3 i doubt he’d come lol, he’s not very into chat shows
Danny Tedford
Danny Tedford - Month ago
Love the Irish
Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey - Month ago
This was needed
Javonte Coleman
Javonte Coleman - Month ago
Timothy Chalamet is in love and so am I 😍
Chris Nijkamp
Chris Nijkamp - Month ago
Jessica Chastain is the world's best hypegirl
Sabarish Elango
Sabarish Elango - Month ago
Man I love the jig
michael dicker
michael dicker - Month ago
Very good exercise for chest development.
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb - Month ago
I just love the Irish accent, it's like poetry, particularly Saoirse's.
y0rema - 3 days ago
Another Dub chiming in; Saoirse's 'accent' is blatantly exaggerated. I don't care where her parents are from or where she has spent time; her accent is not authentic. @Michael Gibb stop arguing with actual Irish people about what is and is not an authentic Irish accent, you look like an idiot.
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb - 21 day ago
+the girl in question One thread in one RUvideos comment section hardly counts as an obsession.
the girl in question
the girl in question - 21 day ago
+Michael Gibb is this saoirsie ronan's youtube account? or are you obsessed with her or something? chill out. plenty of irish people have left comments regarding her put-on accent.
Lian McGuire
Lian McGuire - 28 days ago
+Jasmine Xo Oh give me a break, I am from Dublin and hear that accent every damn day, exactly that accent. There are about half a dozen slightly different Dublin accents depending on where you come from. This is one of these bizarre fecking ideas, that has become a knocking thing among some Irish people. When Colin Farrell first hit it big everyone said that he bloody made up/exaggerated his accent as well and he's still speaking exactly the same. This is how she speaks.
Ember Trimner
Ember Trimner - Month ago
Where was my boy Andrew Scott?
celi nee
celi nee - Month ago
PeterEater - Month ago
Did anyone else have no idea that Michael Fassbender was Irish?
michael dicker
michael dicker - Month ago
Irish mother, German father.
Jes smith732
Jes smith732 - Month ago
Need a Scots and Irish on the same ep. That would be funny
M - 22 days ago
And welsh
Omegatheunknown67 - Month ago
ShaunRL - Month ago
Chris O'Dowd and Ewan McGregor is a brilliant episode from a while back.
Trooperandcooper Ale
Trooperandcooper Ale - Month ago
I can only hit the like button but once, but I did it with gusto.
Allan Hegyes
Allan Hegyes - 11 days ago
I also regret I have but one like to give.
Berk Ç.
Berk Ç. - Month ago
I want to see Craig Ferguson as a guest...
JP M - Month ago
I want to live in Ireland.
Emma Nolan
Emma Nolan - 18 days ago
JP M people are lovely but it’s very rought
Emma Nolan
Emma Nolan - 18 days ago
JP M that’s the tourist part of ireland
molly xox
molly xox - 20 days ago
JP M thanks but believe me it’s not all sunshine and rainbows 😂
JP M - Month ago
Justin cotter But whyyyy? The people are charming. The architecture is charming. The landscape is charming. It seems like a fairytale.
Calvin Limuel
Calvin Limuel - Month ago
Sláinte mhaith!!
Richard King
Richard King - Month ago
Saoirse is an Irish beauty.
Dino - Month ago
This was one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. Thank you for making my day. :)
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