Top 20 Famous Penalty Kicks • Impossible To Forget

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Andrea Marcovati
Andrea Marcovati - Day ago
Where's Beckham's?
rageagain themachine
I forgot why i'm here, but i will never forget to not watch your vids...
Melina melinaki
Melina melinaki - 3 days ago
OGEmprerorYT - 5 days ago
This should be top 20 unique penalty kicks that are some famous
Sharon Muir
Sharon Muir - 5 days ago
I am a good footballer
Ton Joost
Ton Joost - 12 days ago
Ever noticed that the direction of the lead leg (foot direction) before they kick is also the same direction to the corner where they will kick the ball to?
Panenka's etc not counted with this, and some try to differ but that mainly fails as it's not a natural human motion.
But the direction of the lead foot (left, right) before they kick the ball with the other foot is usually the corner they will shoot at.
Maybe it's too short time for a goalie to react to that, but who knows.
Rewatch and pause this video at the right time (lead foot) before they kick the ball and you'll see what I mean ;)
Watch other penalty vids and you'll see the same. 10+ years ago I watched a documentary from scientists who investigated this aspect, and in 90% or higher it turned out to be true.
I've been watching this for 10 years also, and can confirm this is the case in 90% atleast.
Can't goalies train for this?
Filip Pokorný
Filip Pokorný - 12 days ago
I m Czech Antonín Panenka
fun - 14 days ago
2:00 is not allowed because they tricked the goal keeper
BoredGuy52 - 11 days ago
BoredGuy52 - 11 days ago
سامر عماد
سامر عماد - 14 days ago
Alice Raju
Alice Raju - 19 days ago
Thắng Trần
Thắng Trần - 19 days ago
FYNN. MATEE - 19 days ago
Why was Wesley sneijders penalty on here it was literally just a save
C Vermaes
C Vermaes - 16 days ago
That pen is the reason the netherlands didnt go to the 2014 final
Cao Minh Đặng
Cao Minh Đặng - 21 day ago
If you watch this video many times, then it is absolutely impossible to forget
Zahoon Yt
Zahoon Yt - 23 days ago
I’m literally half way through the vid and I forget the first penalty kick
Agung Wirasatya
Agung Wirasatya - 23 days ago
When Jay Jay Okocha danced around the full defense and Oliver Kahn.
Fusion - 24 days ago
1:52 .... when you have no one to hug....
A. Henri
A. Henri - 26 days ago
If you don’t put panenka on number one instead of pirlo you are seriously mistaken
Aarne Hannikainen
Aarne Hannikainen - 26 days ago
David Luiz
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard - 27 days ago
And Ibrahimovic Panelka ?
Coolio City
Coolio City - 28 days ago
Ditch the crap music
The Soccer Goalscorer
The Soccer Goalscorer - Month ago
Hard luck John Terry and messi
The Soccer Goalscorer
The Soccer Goalscorer - Month ago
Finally a youtuber who tells the song
RedPixelWizard - Month ago
Ronaldo pen: that's my Peter cetch
Muhammad Sinegar
Muhammad Sinegar - Month ago
Ben Barclay
Ben Barclay - Month ago
From Panenka to Penaldo...
hzaeh hzaeh
hzaeh hzaeh - Month ago
p.k.k and pjak are terrorist . p.k.k and pjak Live in germany.
Gabriela Vavrochova
Gabriela Vavrochova - Month ago
Antonín Panenka je náš vyhrál mistrovství Evropy
malcolm mujuzi
malcolm mujuzi - Month ago
Andrea Pirlo the maestro
aramy power
aramy power - Month ago
Honeslty goalkeepers should take more penaltys. they know best what goalkeepers cant save
Andreas Lindberg
Andreas Lindberg - Month ago
no beckham?
Waw bon bagay nèt wi
Madiou Bah
Madiou Bah - Month ago
We can't see Zidane
Bikon Kumar Das
Bikon Kumar Das - Month ago
Yooseph fed
Yooseph fed - Month ago
Top 10 football players in football history
Yooseph fed
Yooseph fed - Month ago
Paulo Sérgio
Paulo Sérgio - Month ago
Do Zinedine Zidane foi e sempre será o melhor 👏🔝😂
Emmanuel Kwashie
Emmanuel Kwashie - 9 days ago
How are you doing
Boris Bilan
Boris Bilan - Month ago
Ronaldo is idiot
Braeden Macander
Braeden Macander - Month ago
This list is honestly terrible none of these are special wth 🤦‍♂️
skrttt_21 - 2 months ago
Tbh most of these should have been important matches like world cup, ucl, uel, euros
Neznámý Uživatel
Neznámý Uživatel - 2 months ago
Jej im from czech republic :) Ill never forgot the penalty with Antonín
Kerry Murphy
Kerry Murphy - 2 months ago
Liverpool to win,
allison williams
allison williams - 2 months ago
I love ⚽️
Bx Sxth btw
Bx Sxth btw - 2 months ago
What If I told you I forgot all of these
Hybrid Orange
Hybrid Orange - 2 months ago
Then you're normal
Utkarsh Goel
Utkarsh Goel - 2 months ago
The list should have been called 20 random penalty kicks I found on the Internet
Kamen42 - 2 months ago
Why is Pirlos kick rated as #2 and Panenkas #3 when the two kick are exactly the same? Panenka should be given credit for being the first one to do the kick. Also what is kick #1? It is completely covered by next video suggestions.
JesseFin88 Crossout Gamer
that crybabies and kids like you could cry&complain :D
Martin Michael
Martin Michael - 2 months ago
The Panenka has my heart. Historic day for the player
Emil Tornbjerg 3A Hunderupskolen
vu huyen pham
vu huyen pham - 2 months ago
krispyringmaster zombs
krispyringmaster zombs - 2 months ago
11 is great
Sabit Hasan
Sabit Hasan - 2 months ago
i love messi's one
Toral Dixit
Toral Dixit - 2 months ago
Where is Pogba penalty.
REMY JORGENSEN - 2 months ago
how is #18 impossible to forget?
@leo 04 k thanks
leo 04
leo 04 - Month ago
Thank me later
leo 04
leo 04 - Month ago
It was the last game of Ronaldo in manchester
INF GAME - 2 months ago
REMY JORGENSEN - 2 months ago
#1 He just happened to fall right? *wink* *wink*
REMY JORGENSEN - 2 months ago
IDK ​@unknown channel
unknown channel
unknown channel - 2 months ago
does this guy had any idea about his falling or not. was this by chance or not?
Mohamed Naaif
Mohamed Naaif - 2 months ago
#20 was the best of all , and I am from Maldives and I know him
E M - 2 months ago
Not surprised theres like 3 houses in maldives. 😂
Andre Sebastian
Andre Sebastian - 2 months ago
Ella Langellier
Ella Langellier - 2 months ago
Where is Diego maradona penalty against Italy at Italia 90
rajay bennett
rajay bennett - 2 months ago
Bibars bibars
Bibars bibars - 2 months ago
Tayeb awana est décédé en 2011, 2 mois après son but
muhammed gani
muhammed gani - 2 months ago
how do thay miss it
Dario Lazar
Dario Lazar - 2 months ago
Ronaldhino am fost un fan de-al tau vad ca esti prost
SliceX - 2 months ago
Esti prea imbecil pentru secolul asta.
Shakeel Ahmad
Shakeel Ahmad - 2 months ago
Where is #1 gole
Lian David
Lian David - 2 months ago
When my brother watched #11 his mouth always open.😨😨😨
Jannik Nielsen
Jannik Nielsen - 2 months ago
I thought Totti's was the best.
Fino alla Fine Forza Juve
Fino alla Fine Forza Juve - 2 months ago
Pirlo e Totti 👍
Ali Şamiloğlu
Ali Şamiloğlu - 2 months ago
0:57 cheslea don`t chelsea okey
Brice Griezmannfan
Brice Griezmannfan - 2 months ago
Man denkt Messi verschießt Elfmeter
Brice Griezmannfan
Brice Griezmannfan - 2 months ago
Krass 14
KrahlingSportsAgency - 2 months ago
Johan Cruyff's indirect penalty... brilliant and beautiful!
Régis Millot
Régis Millot - 2 months ago
slapa kaka
slapa kaka - 2 months ago
mutabazi paul
mutabazi paul - 2 months ago
Divine Obioha
Divine Obioha - 2 months ago
Please sucribe Mine too
Tranny granny
Tranny granny - 2 months ago
How about when iceland defended against messi
Tranny granny
Tranny granny - 2 months ago
The Potato of Death Oh
The Potato of Death
The Potato of Death - 2 months ago
Tranny granny it hadn’t happened
abdou guevara
abdou guevara - 2 months ago
You forgot zidan s penalty against boufon
RKnoW - 2 months ago Most valuable football players 2019
Laszlo Szucs
Laszlo Szucs - 2 months ago
At 4:45 was a Hungarian player, who scored that goal :) You should find it, who is he exactly and fix the title, but he is in a hungarian football dress for sure. I suggest he is József Kiprich from Hungary.
Robbie McDee
Robbie McDee - 2 months ago
youre an idiot. that was the original panenka penalty in the European championships against west Germany. walk on now.
Astrollord Wesmírnaut
Astrollord Wesmírnaut - 2 months ago
Petr Čech and Antonín Panenka definitely used mindtrick... Czech legends!:)
Gaming Monster
Gaming Monster - 2 months ago
Awesome video 👏👏
Rivo Andriamialisoa
Rivo Andriamialisoa - 2 months ago
Dash Dude
Dash Dude - 2 months ago
Proxima B
Proxima B - 2 months ago
Where is Brehme from Germany in 1974?
Sebastian 3101
Sebastian 3101 - 10 days ago
You mean 1990
Mayuma Nadege
Mayuma Nadege - 2 months ago
Gavin Liuranium
Gavin Liuranium - 3 months ago
#1 is covered by end screen :(
B-Domino Hewitt
B-Domino Hewitt - 6 days ago
B-Domino Hewitt
B-Domino Hewitt - 6 days ago
Anonyo Zarif Akand
Anonyo Zarif Akand - 3 months ago
well, can't see the last penalty :D btw can anyone tell me about it :p
Anonyo Zarif Akand
Anonyo Zarif Akand - 2 months ago
it was a joke but also not a joke :D yeah it's zidane but i can't see the penalty cause it's all covered with video suggestions. @Wrzzer please do something
TurtleEdits - 2 months ago
Dont know if youre joking or not, but look up Zidane penalty
Тынчтык Тынчтык
Месси кот
Gameplayowy Kuba
Gameplayowy Kuba - 3 months ago
0:31 to był karny na dwa tempa
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins - 3 months ago
The first one is ,well 😂😂😂
Lord Cool Dude 53
Lord Cool Dude 53 - 3 months ago
Ch James Monoj
Ch James Monoj - 3 months ago
Nice video
Brayden Taylor
Brayden Taylor - 3 months ago
Kohl Ronaldo
Kohl Ronaldo - 3 months ago
0:44 you spelled chelsa wrong on david luiz not cheslea but chelsa
Bjartmar Þorsteinsson
Bjartmar Þorsteinsson - 3 months ago
Are you kidding me it´s Chelsea Get it right before you start correcting typos
Bawse Slayer
Bawse Slayer - 3 months ago
*When you press the shoot button for very long.*
KeyGun King
KeyGun King - 3 months ago
3:48 is the most hillarious one.... hahahaaha
nirmaya poudel
nirmaya poudel - 3 months ago
Khadiiro koko 1991 Khadiiro koko1991
Walker Bulldog
Walker Bulldog - 3 months ago
Manu - 3 months ago
Look at these:
The goalkeeper kicks, the other goalkeeper stops the ball, but... (2:50)
And the same player kicks a penalty (0:33):
Manu - 3 months ago
And Michel Platini?
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