A Sleepless Night With Phil

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zombie summer
zombie summer - 4 days ago
2019 anyone? Also the reason I can't sleep is cuz I have a sleep disorder so ....yea....that's great
Midnight Rose662
Midnight Rose662 - 7 days ago
Rewatching a lot of Dan and Phil videos cause its 6 in the morning and I havent in three days... Yay
Jftwm - 24 days ago
0:31 omg Phil is too tired to filter his language
George Lee
George Lee - Month ago
The shakiness of your handycam, lighting, and humor of the vid are making me sleepy
It’s 2:39 AM in my location where I am
Yet it was 4 minutes 19 seconds, so add 1 more second and you get 4 minutes 20 seconds
4:20 like weed 🍍
Like David Dobrik’s vlogs, not to mention your vlogs are shakier than David Dobrik’s
Yet caffeine added to all
No offense to all but I’m intrigued and shook
George Lee
George Lee - Month ago
⚠️ Warning: Due to the cinematography involved, some viewers, especially those viewing on large devices on and/or at full screen, may experience side effects associated with motion sickness similar to being in an earthquake
Sevy The Bean Queen
Sevy The Bean Queen - Month ago
I dreamt that my mum dissapeared... I got really depressed til I woke up and said good morning and sat down to eat some toast and she said goodbye and I love you with her sweetest voice. I love her soo much ;-;
the_rare_panromantic - Month ago
These honestly help me sleep
the time is 4:49 am and i can’t sleep. yay
Elliot the emo
Elliot the emo - Month ago
how is sir no sleep doing-
Ling Ling
Ling Ling - Month ago
my first day of high school is tomorrow and i haven't gotten an inch of sleep and it's 3:30 in the morning

**chuckles** *im in danger*
felicity capstick
felicity capstick - 2 months ago
it's 2:28am for me sAVE ME
Dans León
Dans León - 2 months ago
i live for the way he pronounced Coahuila de Zaragoza
Nancy Mulligan
Nancy Mulligan - 2 months ago
As a Mexican the way he said "Coahuila, Zaragoza" it's just so goddamn funny
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 2 months ago
I’m just watching at 2 am
KT Fox
KT Fox - 2 months ago
I usually wake up at 6 am
Caroline Young
Caroline Young - 2 months ago
Ah thanks thunderstorm for writing off a night of peaceful sleep. This video was the one thing I could turn to😂
Liz Hernández
Liz Hernández - 3 months ago
I'm from Coahuila and I loved your pronounciation of it 🧡
Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise - 3 months ago
I cannot BELIEVE this was 4 years ago where is time going
Teal Kerberus
Teal Kerberus - 3 months ago
Fun fact: Australian scorpions are really trivial. Pretty much everything else here is out to kill you, but our scorpions are no more than unpleasant.
Phan's Biggest fan
Phan's Biggest fan - 3 months ago
This was so random, I love it
deerish - 3 months ago
Phil is actually so adorable omg
Leilanix - 4 months ago
Watching this at 2:30 am
Luka Chan
Luka Chan - 4 months ago
Looks like there's a lot of insomniacs that can relate to Phil. Myself included!
Damn you insomnia! Let us sleep!
McKenna Wolfe
McKenna Wolfe - 4 months ago
0:09 “Its bigger than my head” *is nowhere near the size of his head*
Smiley Puff
Smiley Puff - 4 months ago
For a week now I've fallen asleep at 4 am no matter what hour I wake up so I decided I will watch this. Yay
Edit: I'm watching all of them! I'll comment on all of them!
This is number one!
Will Byers
Will Byers - 4 months ago
I’m rewatching all of Phil’s videos and I keep getting PewDiePie ads
SUNSHINE EDITS - 4 months ago
It’s 5:09 AM where I live. I’m watching this cuz I need company.
Sub to pewdiepie Because t gay faggot
We had to watch the rise above in pse last year and when we saw phill 3 girls screemed like he walked into the classroom
RavenclawBro - 4 months ago
luana - 4 months ago
i’m currently pulling an all-nighter for school, it’s like 3 am right now and of course i’m gonna watch phil’s a sleepless night with phil series instead of actually doing my work
Phan Trash
Phan Trash - 5 months ago
"Oh no, the birds are tweeting again"
Happy and AJ Productions
Happy and AJ Productions - 5 months ago
thanks so much for the amazing content over the years
Gemini Chick
Gemini Chick - 5 months ago
I want the cookie monster pants 😍 I got a cookie monster winter hat
blue jupiter 12
blue jupiter 12 - 6 months ago
Precious little fluff
Noot Noot
Noot Noot - 6 months ago
It's been 4 years since me and my snake were featured in your video 😭💕
noahfinn _
noahfinn _ - 6 months ago
at the beginning of the video phil sounded like a girl or just a younger version of himself x
Wolf Gamer 0-0
Wolf Gamer 0-0 - 6 months ago
2:49 I have that for my breakfast :o
Comfy Cozy Are We
Comfy Cozy Are We - 6 months ago
Soup Loop
Soup Loop - 6 months ago
Dans asleep at 2:00am

Tumblr must have crashed or he is a disgrace
Pan!c on
Pan!c on - 6 months ago
I like that phil looks at Google maps when he's tired. Thats actually really cool.
BlinkOfAnEye - 6 months ago
It was liger 2:00 am when I clicked this vid
RJ MorningStar
RJ MorningStar - 7 months ago
2:03 his voice got progressively deeper
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 3 months ago
His deep voice is sexy.
Bri Stevens
Bri Stevens - 7 months ago
I do the same thing on Google Maps
ronniestardis - 7 months ago
this is like asmr
EdGy rAt
EdGy rAt - 7 months ago
I can’t sleep lol
Pan!c on
Pan!c on - 7 months ago
I think you just pased my friends house in Australia
Ruby Roberts
Ruby Roberts - 7 months ago
I still watch this every time I can’t sleep ❤️
chapTHICC - 8 months ago
phil made a creeper noise at the end
Zack Store
Zack Store - 8 months ago
I just woke up at 5 am it’s a Sunday what’s wrong with me so I’m watching Phil
Sparky Pirates XD
Sparky Pirates XD - 8 months ago
compromisingmeagan - 8 months ago
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana - 9 months ago
This whole video is great
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana - 9 months ago
Phil just had to click on the most American thing that I have ever seen 😂😂
A Noire Rose
A Noire Rose - 9 months ago
Who else want Phil to react to this??
Melea Martinez
Melea Martinez - 9 months ago
I just realized you were to San Antonio when you were looking at the map
gay - 9 months ago
I'm on New Zealand time. because i live there.
maddy thornhill
maddy thornhill - 9 months ago
Where you dropped the yellow man in Australia is exactly whete i live
__ Susan ___
__ Susan ___ - 9 months ago
I miss this series
Vic Unbehaun
Vic Unbehaun - 10 months ago
It's almost 4:00 AM on a Thursday school night with multiple tests tomorrow, but there's noises in the walls , and I haven't gotten one bit of sleep. But Phil's sleepless night vids always make me relaxed, so let's see if this works!
Charli Wise
Charli Wise - 10 months ago
i miss draw phil naked XD
__ Susan ___
__ Susan ___ - 9 months ago
Charli Wise Me toooo
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