4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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waniwani chu
waniwani chu - 29 minutes ago
Gabut anj
Niraj R
Niraj R - Hour ago
Level 2 rocks
Patrick CJ Medina
Patrick CJ Medina - Hour ago
This video has the best comment section ever LOL!
mochi monster
mochi monster - Hour ago
Nakkita Schaffer
Nakkita Schaffer - 2 hours ago
Lorenzo is my fave lol
Germán de Valcárcel
Germán de Valcárcel - 3 hours ago
I don like either of the omelettes
byeolkimbap - 3 hours ago
im #1 but i love the #2 almost like my mom
Sly Gaming
Sly Gaming - 6 hours ago
Didnt gordon ramsay said dont season the eggs before cooking it
Shruti Iyer
Shruti Iyer - 7 hours ago
Hey I am a level 2 chef😊😊😊...
Mr TJM - 7 hours ago
But.... but Ramsay says to season eggs during the cooking to prevent grey eggs...?
Potato Bomb
Potato Bomb - 8 hours ago
Don’t like omelette. Scrambled with toppings are better
Wait wtf that is just scramble. Omelette is with milk and it takes a while to make and you cover the lan with a lid. Americans are strange.
zulaikha zaini zainuddin
zulaikha zaini zainuddin - 8 hours ago
I would always. Always eat level 2’s
Rakib Rajin
Rakib Rajin - 9 hours ago
Why do I feel like I am learning cooking and chemistry at same time.
Jimmy Lucas
Jimmy Lucas - 10 hours ago
funny that it says 4 levels when theres only 3 not the 1st time you guys made this mistake.
Atominge - 12 hours ago
level 1: just eggs whisk, THEN add salt
level 2: add eggs then salt and whisk
level 3: just let the eggs out for 24 hours to get air in our omelette then another 48 hours with salt to let it taste better
Nick Lusnia
Nick Lusnia - 13 hours ago
I like putting half a cheesecake in my omelet
Khadijah Muhammad
Khadijah Muhammad - 14 hours ago
I whisk like the guy. If being a professional means whisking like the chef did then that'll never happen.
oof - 14 hours ago
I want Lorenzo to beat me like he beats his eggs.
Savannah Harville
Savannah Harville - 15 hours ago
The level 3 one looked fancy but level 2's looked more appetizing
raZZorAM - 15 hours ago
level 1: so i'm going to use pre-made omelette
level 3: personally i like to grow my own eggs and season them at the beggining of the fecundation
Andrew - 15 hours ago
Level 0.5: me cutting up some hotdog and mixing it with 2 eggs and putting ketchup on it
Alana Wendel
Alana Wendel - 16 hours ago
I’m confused am I the only one that actually flips there omelette
I also only consider an omelette an omelette if I has cheese, so what’s up here
Paulo Rocha
Paulo Rocha - 17 hours ago
Love the video! +1 inscription
MrTechEasy - 17 hours ago
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez - 17 hours ago
Lorenzo the type of guy that tells everyone in his accounting firm that he COULD be a chef and open a restaurant if he wanted to.
HowToSports - 18 hours ago
I’m surprised Emily didn’t use ketchup
lala er
lala er - 18 hours ago
The food scientist looks like a middle schooler but talks like a college professor. I am so confused as to how old she is. She must have invented some anti-aging potion for herself
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez - 19 hours ago
What herbs did she use?
Erik Romero Frontaura
Erik Romero Frontaura - 20 hours ago
I think that chef n2 is more professional than the chef n3
Fenrir- cipher
Fenrir- cipher - 21 hour ago
The experts looked nasty
My Sweet Story
My Sweet Story - 22 hours ago
Omg, please don’t add salt before you cook it... the egg will have this dry texture... Top chef, add it while cooking...
Looking at the #1 and #2, look how the omelette is easy to break, because it’s fluffy without hold ... Your research is not on point on this one... more on logic but lacking
athena - 23 hours ago
tbh, level 3 doesn’t look that good
Prasenjit Som
Prasenjit Som - 23 hours ago
Being a Chef.... Just I can say... It's useless.......
Starlig 11
Starlig 11 - Day ago
Lorenzo: I usually crack the eggs into a bowl
Also Lorenzo: *cracks eggs into wet brownie mix*
Pushkaraj Pophalikar
Thank you! Important questions answered.
Kamran Ahmad
Kamran Ahmad - Day ago
5:25 - who knew making omelets could be so diabolical?
HamDerDanskeren - Day ago
Why is the food scientist like 16 yo
Luci Nide
Luci Nide - Day ago
wait what happened to the previous food scientist lady? no one is gon talk abou it? i liked the lady :(
Roen - Day ago
they should do at least 5 levels, according to every Michelin star chefs could get, and before that a starless chef, a home chef, and then an absolute amateur. and then also invite howtobasic just for the extra content

edit; now i look back at my own comment, this could be the perfect ingredients for a food documentary ...........i will not ask money for this you can have this idea for free
Dawnstar - Day ago
Bless you, I love the combo of those three chefs. I really can see enjoying all three of those omelettes (albeit only making first twos)
Leonardo David 28
Leonardo David 28 - Day ago
Ok but level 3 is not an omelette...it’s an Italian “frittata” as it is evenly cooked (both sides). That is literally the difference between omelette and frittata... 1side vs 2sides.
choongi - Day ago
lorenzos omelette looks rly good
Ur average boi
Ur average boi - Day ago
Tbh she's the only decent level 3 chef, and the brownie chef also
Teri Taylor
Teri Taylor - Day ago

The expert looks like a poisonous pancake🤮
Nym Alous
Nym Alous - Day ago
The level 3 chef looked like she was making scrambled eggs rather than an omelet.
Zack O-B
Zack O-B - Day ago
Idk y but Lorenzo is my bro, every episode he's in i cheer him on and when he does something i don't like i get annoyed about it
Li Hui Cham
Li Hui Cham - Day ago
Beginner : I eyeball everything 😎
Vugz - Day ago
Lorenzo is the real level 3 chef
Rubina - Day ago
I have never made an omelet but I’m totally going to do it know I hope I can make it to level 2
yamarachui - Day ago
"Red bell pepper, *Spanish* onion"

Wow I didn't know that vegetables have nationalities
*the more you know*
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - Day ago
In my opinion I always love the level2 dish.
BtsArmy 4ever
BtsArmy 4ever - Day ago
I think you should let each of them taste the food from all the 3 levels, let them review then let the specialist review
Javi el sucio
Javi el sucio - Day ago
holy woow with the 4 level part
Sophie - Day ago
Level 1: Looks good
Level 2: Looks good
Level 3: *Alien Snot*
aseem sharma
aseem sharma - Day ago
Lorenttzo von matterhorn
Vhen Mhykel Villacortes
This hotel I've been to 3 times is 2 hours from my home and a great place to go to
Theres a river between it that you can talk or walk *ALONE*
And the hotel was ☆☆☆☆ so the place is good, the beds are comfy and the pillows is REALLY fluffy
And the place where you eat breakfast is really good
And everytime we go there I NEED to always eat a omelette
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - Day ago
no one:
level 3 chef: generous pinch generous amount generous
Sharza Shakeel
Sharza Shakeel - Day ago
Barb's omelette was yuck. Emily is how we usually go for things and Lorenzo's was the best. He was enjoying all along and created something interesting
Gamer's Choice HARDCORE
This is not about Chef level, it's about Poor to Rich, how about everybody cooks with the same ingredients?
Mark Raphaelson
Mark Raphaelson - Day ago
I hope they filmed this during the day. I don't want the food scientist to be up past her bedtime.
Kranz Zoan
Kranz Zoan - Day ago
Ok I think I'm a level -1 super beginner and definitely not a chef 😅
Arthur Graf
Arthur Graf - Day ago
Yo Lorenzo is a g
soildmoose - Day ago
The level 3 chef is wrong about the whisking - side to side is the best method, scientifically.
Ok but Lorenzo’s omelet looked and sounded the best tasting. (Like bacon and cheese?)
“Just add a generous pinch of herbs”
*Litterally turns the mixture green*
Anaa Hitaaa
Anaa Hitaaa - Day ago
Can everyone lease dislike this comment for no reason at all??
Astrid H
Astrid H - Day ago
This is all extremely overcomplicated. Bacon/ham (your choice), cheese, and bell peppers. That's all you need. It's an omelet you're not on Gordon Ramsay's kitchen hell
Brady Pro
Brady Pro - Day ago
Honestly Emily’s looked best it always happens level 1 wins in my opinion
Skillzey - Day ago
*chef* :I wisk up and down, whisking side to side does nothing.
**proceeds to wisk side to side**
Nicky Law
Nicky Law - Day ago
I just thought you were a serious show... Fahrenheit... seriously... please evolve... i beg you. 😶
Iᗰ ᑕᕼᗩᑎgiᑎg & Iᗰ ᖴᗩᗪiᑎg
I randomly came across these videos and I’m honestly binging for Beth. I love her lol.
Brian Firth
Brian Firth - Day ago
RIP lorenzo
GameJamz - Day ago
Lorenzos always look the best
DracoPlayz - Day ago
somehow i liked emily's omelet more than the professional chef's omelet.
Lorenzo will always come first with his bacon
Eric - Day ago
Yet again I think the level 2 looks better than the professional chef and by the way I went to culinary school that level 3 is not practicing French technique!!!!
José Pablo Bolaños Rigioni
I'll have the three of them
Lori Keushgerian
Lori Keushgerian - Day ago
The food scientist always gets on my nerves lmao
Aymen Lemdani
Aymen Lemdani - Day ago
Tbh I prefer the level 1 a lot and level 2 a little (only the grandma tho).
I mean yeah the pro is always the one who does best but I like the other two cuz I can relate a bit to them.

I hope I sounded clear 😌
Roen - Day ago
when i cook an omelet i am done within 5 minutes what is this about my omelet is level 1000
Tasneem Sultan
Tasneem Sultan - Day ago
I wish someone would try the 3 levels of food without knowing who made them and then give an overall rating
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