The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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Dufffaaa93 - 3 часа назад
What's the name of the blonde actress?
Ben Gervin
Ben Gervin - 3 часа назад
Surely these guys aren’t in college anymore.
0przem - 3 часа назад
Hmmm I don't think we have those kinds of shops in Europe.
GrimesFilms - 3 часа назад
So is nobody gonna talk about the very end of the video?
Anna Cave
Anna Cave - 4 часа назад
is she from insatiable
Jay S
Jay S - 4 часа назад
MattressUnder . Com is a forum that explains everything about mattresses and as far as I know, doesn't take ad revenue for reviews as it's just a forum. I highly recommend checking it out as they explain what this video spoke of even further in depth.
andthenifellinlove - 4 часа назад
Lol. That's messed up.
Rhea - 4 часа назад
Aaand this is why I’m getting a shikibuton. Floor sleeping for the win.
Micro20 - 4 часа назад
Can't you try Casper for 100 days free before you buy it?
monsterjaker - 5 часов назад
Sleep Number
ChandSlam - 5 часов назад
2:13 LOL! not only is it not liquid but it's glued to the mattress XD
ChandSlam - 5 часов назад
Idk why i'm watching a video about mattresses at 2am when i should be asleep
Away - 5 часов назад
Bought mine from china. 1/5 of the price as a memory foam in the us. Get wrecked noobs
Skein Game Podcast
Skein Game Podcast - 6 часов назад
We live in our camper...we sleep on a fold up slab of foam with a memory foam topper. Best. Sleep. Ever. And I have rheumatoid arthritis, mostly effecting my spine, neck and hips. Pretty much can't sleep on anything else now, which is fine because my house/bed are portable!
Shenruss - 6 часов назад
See, this is why God had the Japanese make Futons....
Kommandant Franz
Kommandant Franz - 6 часов назад
Far bigger "rip-offs" than the mattress universities.
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly - 6 часов назад
I just wanna know how to get cheap mattresses
Clow - 5 часов назад
P.s. DO NOT let any of the employees push you around! just always answer "I'll think about it", they are notoriously bad at trying to pressure you to commit, just calmly let them know you haven't decided, and most will back off. p.p.s. some big box stores like IKEA and Jysk will sell decent mattresses for sometimes good prices (though surprisingly they can also be MORE expensive), but they're always a good place to check out. in fact, they're sometimes the BEST place to start, so you have a good idea of starting prices and what you like the feel of! :)
Clow - 5 часов назад
Go comparative shopping, find the mattress you find comfortable, then visit 5 other places, find the same feeling mattress (sometimes under different names AND brands) and then pick the store with the lowest price. feel free to try and haggle "I saw the same mattress at X store and they offered me a lower price". I mostly find haggling doesn't work, but you can still find the place that will sell it to you cheapest. the mattress I bought this summer (my old one had a literal hole in the middle and I couldn't wait to get one any longer), I tried out mattresses in 5 different stores, found the one I liked in each, then found the cheapest. the mattress I bought was about $300 (aparently my back like nice thick, firm mattresses from china), but in one of the stores was trying to sell me a similar feeling mattress for $900!!! I kid you not. another place would have sold me the same mattress for $30 less, but the place I ended up buying it from offered delivery, so that's why I chose what I chose. I basically had to spend most of a day driving around mattress shop to mattress shop in the city, but it was worth it! good luck with your mattress endeavors! I hope this suggestion helped!
Yalgor Destro
Yalgor Destro - 6 часов назад
what about "Purple"?
tamila amanzholova
tamila amanzholova - 6 часов назад
Never. Do. That. Ending. Again. I’m watching it late in bed and it gave me flashbacks from that scene in Hill House.
BillyDoritoson - 6 часов назад
I hope this show gets cancelled
UsTalk HUB
UsTalk HUB - 6 часов назад
When does the next season end up on netflix
Austin Reeves
Austin Reeves - 7 часов назад
Adam didnt mention that (most) mattress companies are fronts for money laundering. That's why you always see so many mattress stores but hardly anybody ever in one!
This is mostly sarcasm btw
PatrickRob82 - 7 часов назад
They make some pretty kick ass air mattresses these days. Definitely cheaper than a regular mattress.
PatrickRob82 - 7 часов назад
I got a queen memory foam mattress at Costco for $500. I've had it for over 6 years and it feels the same as the day I got it. 🤷‍♂️
Warclubz - 7 часов назад
Fact check this clown's content and you will be amazed.
alexy sese
alexy sese - 7 часов назад
3:20-3:45 is that a call out to Buzzfeed Unsolved? LMAO
Gr8SkyLizard - 7 часов назад
How dare you trivialise the lives of the slaughtered mattresses of Sqornshellous Zeta.
Dave C.
Dave C. - 7 часов назад
The end scared the beejezus out of me
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
Frisbee 'n' Cookies - 7 часов назад
USA bedding shops must be bloody crazy, Aussie shops are a lot better.
Got back problems? This range.
Need extra weight on it? This range is the one you want.
Kids wanna use it for a trampoline? Well go to a toy shop then.
Yes they're overpriced but I will say the money I forked out for my mattress was well worth it after all my 2 cats and dog use it all the time, they'd know.
If you can't cipher through BS reviews and genuine ones then you shouldn't be on the internet.
UniverseKeeper2 - 7 часов назад
I was given my bed so idk how much it was but tbh my brothers bed was $200 (pretty high imo), guess it really does depend on where you buy.
ReneeMozelle - 7 часов назад
I think most people just buy the cheapest mattress in the store that isn’t used. Didn’t ruin anything.
Zéyad masoud
Zéyad masoud - 7 часов назад
-hey can i film a youtube video here, it will have a decent amount of views...
-yeah sure whats it about?
Zéyad masoud
Zéyad masoud - 7 часов назад
how did you manage to film this in a mattress store 😂
God - 8 часов назад
Well, at least they didn't try to sell those magnetotherapy mattresses
Vista Pie
Vista Pie - 8 часов назад
All true. I built mattresses. 10 in an hour or your fired.
Wündenland - 8 часов назад
Purple's turning red!
Funky Pepper
Funky Pepper - 8 часов назад
Why is this in my recommended?
MBeast HD
MBeast HD - 8 часов назад
CrimFerret - 8 часов назад
The same matress under different name thing is something I ran into the last time I bought one. I went to a couple different stores and got prices for what seemed to be very similar matresses, then ended up at a third where the salesperson was actually honest. They asked what I'd looked at before coming to that store I told him which matresses and he immediately told me which other places I'd been to. He told me the names used at a couple other places for the same matress, gave me the price they sold it for as well as the prices for some frames and the delivery charge if I wanted that (rather than bundling it in to the price of the matress and claiming free delivery). That's where I bought from.
Reuben Glaser
Reuben Glaser - 8 часов назад
Adam ruined this for me but he fixed nothing
Mike O
Mike O - 8 часов назад
Ebay or Amazon.
Puroxicity - 8 часов назад
What about places like Costco and sams club?
Gamer 8869
Gamer 8869 - 8 часов назад
Just buy your bedding at gun point. You're save a lot of money.😂🤣🤔😏
jambo - 8 часов назад
Liked at the Serial podcast joke. Thanks Adam.
quinn stahlman
quinn stahlman - 9 часов назад
purple matress
Zepplin Bear
Zepplin Bear - 9 часов назад
Wow, you guys have really lost views over the years, thank goodness you have Adam to help you out
Koa Suarez
Koa Suarez - 9 часов назад
One word ,"indistry incest".
Koa Suarez
Koa Suarez - 9 часов назад
But what about purple?
Jetoler - 9 часов назад
I sleep on a mat with a sleeping bag ontop and a blanket (I sleep ontop of the sleeping bag not in it). It took a week to get used to but after then it feels just as good as a normal bed. It saves a lot of room in your room since you can just put the matt away, and the whole thing could probably cost you less than $100
Oscar Ruelas
Oscar Ruelas - 9 часов назад
I didn't know freddy mercury used to sell mattresses on his spare time.
Mettchu - 9 часов назад
What about Casper's sleep on it guarantee. You get 100 days to try it
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 9 часов назад
Why don't you like podcasts adam?
Juan C.
Juan C. - 9 часов назад
this is why I sleep on the floor
KSabot - 9 часов назад
Just bought a mattress (leesa), please ruin me Adam.
Quick Kittykat
Quick Kittykat - 9 часов назад
Omg she is the one in Isatainable
bubbaXzone - 9 часов назад
yea I got a ipad case for $109 i thought was the best one
but was so complicated and I didn't like it
i ended up returning it and getting a $25 one
slips in nice, looks great and easy! and will protect against falls!
Severis - 9 часов назад
Severis - 9 часов назад
kinda expecting him to rip up some mattresses but okay
Brayan Espinoza
Brayan Espinoza - 10 часов назад
That’s why I bought my mattress from an RV supplier. A queen for 300.
Exitcy - 10 часов назад
Purple Mattress
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson - 10 часов назад
That podcast satire was perfect.
Liewei Sha
Liewei Sha - 10 часов назад
"...You've got thirty seconds..." *Talks for 5 minutes
I am Nothing
I am Nothing - 10 часов назад
jokes on you in india we sleep on nails
I am Nothing
I am Nothing - 10 часов назад
and subscribe to T-series
Tom T.
Tom T. - 10 часов назад
Just buy it at Ikea. Bought mine for $500. Perfectly comfortable. Can't complain.
SevenWillis - 9 часов назад
I got a king for a little over $250 from Mattress Firm Ironically it's a firm mattress
Exitcy - 10 часов назад
Tom T. Yea my mattress is from ikea too
Xbus6 Gaming
Xbus6 Gaming - 10 часов назад
If you don’t like it sleep on the floor
Porpoises United
Porpoises United - 10 часов назад
2:50 read the bottom yellow text
StephenRahrig - 10 часов назад
1. Who doesn’t know how to spot a fake review site?
2. Purple’s the shit. Honestly it cured my back problems I’ve had for the past 15 years.
Jolyne Oliver
Jolyne Oliver - 3 часа назад
My girlfriend and I had a chance to stop by their factory in Utah and try the beds out, and I have to say, they’re amazing. We are getting one as soon as we figure out how to transport the thing about or settle in one place.
uh oh whoops
uh oh whoops - 10 часов назад
I actually really do like my Purple mattress... I wish they would give me $1400 for saying that
Nekros - 10 часов назад
I sleep on a couch 😂
Akshay Khare
Akshay Khare - 10 часов назад
Mr Animation
Mr Animation - 10 часов назад
What about purple they say it’s good
Brently Chamu
Brently Chamu - 10 часов назад
The thumbnail looked like he was wesring that stupid outfit from lil pump’s recent video
M. T.J
M. T.J - 10 часов назад
crime junkies
partimelover01 - 11 часов назад
[Watches this video while laying on my Casper mattress]
Jack LIANG KAE WEI - 11 часов назад
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain - 11 часов назад
Ever since I’ve been watching adam ruins everything, my eyes have been opened up to what a terrible place the world is
Lindsey Chidester
Lindsey Chidester - 11 часов назад
What about purple? You mentioned memory phone mattresses? Plus you can try for like 100 nights so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen - 10 часов назад
+Diego that was disproven, it was actually via a casper marketing employee, they were paying a reviewer to say that. Purple had to countersue against that
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain - 10 часов назад
Diego Oh no! It’s Diego ruins everything!
Diego - 10 часов назад
Weren't they under fire because they have some kind of fine powder in their mattresses that might/might not cause lung cancer?
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain - 11 часов назад
Lindsey Chidester Purple is the hero the mattress world needs...but not the one it deserves...
B Goins
B Goins - 11 часов назад
Common knowledge since 1997
uh oh whoops
uh oh whoops - 10 часов назад
Drawing John
Drawing John - 11 часов назад
What about purple?
Michael Alonso
Michael Alonso - 11 часов назад
This one did not help at all ... so we are fucked got it
MrBig8baller - 12 часов назад
Consumer Reports?
j doodoohed
j doodoohed - 12 часов назад
This adam guy is such a choad
Memo  Mia
Memo Mia - 12 часов назад
Wow, this one was pretty bad. Almost cringy
Komila Rakhimova
Komila Rakhimova - 12 часов назад
2.7 k dislikes were paid by Casper
Mefewe - 12 часов назад
Sleep on the floor
Randolph Sullivan
Randolph Sullivan - 12 часов назад
Online mattress stores offer a return so you really can try before you buy. I actually mean sleeping on it.
daker dee
daker dee - 12 часов назад
What about Original Mattress Factory? They still put coil springs in their beds.
RattPackRat - 12 часов назад
The reference to ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ at the end had me dying omg
Jihane Bishop
Jihane Bishop - 12 часов назад
may santa bless all y'all with bamboo sleeping mats this year awwwshiiutt🎄🎁🔥🎄🎁🔥🎄🎁🔥
I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE - 13 часов назад
lighting fire
lighting fire - 13 часов назад
How about purple that is suppose to be "advance"
William Smith
William Smith - 12 часов назад
Only thing I like about the Purple matress is the Tim and Eric sketches 😂
Nocturus - 13 часов назад
Remember when collegehumor was funny? Good times.
Mike G
Mike G - 13 часов назад
I hate this dudes hair man
Isaac Champlain
Isaac Champlain - 11 часов назад
Mike G Boo. His hair is fabulous
Jacob Maggert
Jacob Maggert - 13 часов назад
Ruin purple
Caleb Allemand
Caleb Allemand - 12 часов назад
Jacob Maggert impossible
Erorc - 13 часов назад
This is not news.
James Jarred
James Jarred - 11 часов назад
No, but it's nice to have something like this to show your partner before you go to buy a new bed. It makes it harder for the sales person to target someone if the person knows that most of what they're saying doesn't mean anything.
Franz Manfredi
Franz Manfredi - 13 часов назад
Dustin Foster
Dustin Foster - 13 часов назад
Are you serious?? What a dickless waste of time.
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick - 14 часов назад
King of Random
Joey - 14 часов назад
Am I the only one who was waiting for a mattress brand plug that has none of the scams he mentioned
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano - 14 часов назад
Alton brown ripoff without any of the humor
SirBanana - 14 часов назад
I sawed this mattress in half!
And fixed it with Flexicoil™!
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