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jacksepticeye - Month ago
Mic settings were all over the shop on this one lads! I taught them a lesson and put them back in their place , Gaelic Gladiator style😤
circle 2442
circle 2442 - 10 days ago
I'm from limerick Ireland and Alberta Canada
Jan Moszner
Jan Moszner - 16 days ago
do a Q&D
Charlene T.
Charlene T. - 20 days ago
IRISH legend
IRISH legend - 29 days ago
Jack watch the slap 2 video so funny
REET {}_{}
REET {}_{} - Month ago
those weren't the primary colors
Joey Heald
Joey Heald - 3 hours ago
Primary colours? That was red, green, and blue.
RugbyDudeDC - 4 hours ago
Todd fucking with a robot
My name is Connor I’m the Android sent by Cyberlife
trailboyz vlogs
trailboyz vlogs - 4 hours ago
HarryTMM - 5 hours ago
Black is not a primary colour jacksepticeye
Rebecca Blackmon
Rebecca Blackmon - 5 hours ago
Yeah, the way they voiced over the robot video was funny, but, when you weren't focused on the voices, it seemed a little deeper, maybe a little scary.
I mean, this is a robot that opens a door. But it's not simply a mechanism built for opening the door: it saw an obstacle, and took a moment to notice his own skill could be used as a solution. it quickly used the info it learned to figure out how to overcome that obstacle. Then, later on, where it gets more discomforting for me, personally: The robot, again, trying to open the door, has then been forcefully prevented from doing so. However, each way it is blocked it fights away-- for example, pushing away the pole used to block his snake-arm, visibly using more force in an attempt to open the door instead of allowing the person to close it, and, once it was actually outside the door partway, fighting back forcefully in order to STAY out that door, as if it had some sort of motivation for going out there, and the emotional need to go out there, too. And it adjusted to these new obstacles quickly, pushing them away and fighting back harder while the obstacles got more compliated. This machine has its own motives, its own personal goals driven by artificial but existing emotion, and an ability to hate being denied of its desires. It actually got me into pitying it, because the intelligence of the bot was so lifelike.
With robots that have their own feelings, their own motives, their own ability to figure out how to solve problems, saying we end up in a kind of world where that technology isn't even shocking due to its frequency(maybe sometime in the future) we'd probably use these kinds of inventions for laborious tasks. And the bots would have the capacity to hate doing so, or the ability to learn how to hate it. It's just as good as doing these things to people, who will begin to understand their treatment and try to find a way against everything. Which, with that kind of intelligence and possibly no known limits to their programming, these robots may end up kind of like a political party resenting the human race.
Forgive me. My mind is spinning all over the place. I refused to go to sleep until now because I was afraid of ending up with dreaded morning sickness upon waking up, which I'm pretty sure would normally make me uncomfortable mentioning, but i can't really worry about it because my mind is going to sleep or something. I'm pretty sure I'll look back at this once my sanity is back and hate what I've said, so, to anyone who reads my big theory thing, just make sure you express your own personal theories around this instead of hate.
I'm actually pretty sure I usually dismiss the "AI world takeover" fear, too. So that must officially mean I'm going to sleep.
Rebecca Blackmon
Rebecca Blackmon - 5 hours ago
No. NO. GOD, NO. GOD, DON'T DO THIS TO MEEEEE.... ugh, I just looked out my window. IT'S FREAKING MORNING. I was finally ready to go to sleep. In fact, i've never been sleepy enough to have my brain work this way before. And I finish my commentary on my goal of coming to bed, and IT'S MORNING. When does it get more cinematic than that, people?
American Tofu
American Tofu - 5 hours ago
Wait you died? I never knew.
Rebecca Blackmon
Rebecca Blackmon - 5 hours ago
*tap* LAHFF!!!
spoon - 6 hours ago
The ponytail at the back of his head tho
Marcelino Rivera
Marcelino Rivera - 6 hours ago
i have pretty good stamina for a kid with asthma
The Official Nugget
The Official Nugget - 7 hours ago
"It tastes like laughs, tears, happiness and a pinch of Billy's blood"
Crayola fans kadience demchak
Crayola fans kadience demchak
hey carol wtf carol STOP IT NOWWW!!!
Crayola fans kadience demchak
Crayola fans kadience demchak
Whats funny is that every time jack does that LAUGH shit i always wait for the markers to fall off its funny shit!
The Girl Club
The Girl Club - 8 hours ago
For the first clip play the my hero academia theme and Photoshop iida’s face over it
CosmicFox Draws
CosmicFox Draws - 8 hours ago
12:00 green isnt a primary color pal :D
Angel Cardenas
Angel Cardenas - 9 hours ago
I have asthma to
Tyler Lile
Tyler Lile - 11 hours ago
So you were bald when you were a child
Toy Tala
Toy Tala - 12 hours ago
Whos... whos gonna tell Jack that green isnt a primary color?
Corrupted Snowflake :3
Corrupted Snowflake :3 - 13 hours ago
*K A R L! >:(*
andy hofer
andy hofer - 13 hours ago
Jack has a pony tale ?
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor - 14 hours ago
You've got a pretty great voice!!
Grumpy Taco Lover
Grumpy Taco Lover - 15 hours ago
Green is not a primarycolor
Vanessa Kovacevska
Vanessa Kovacevska - 15 hours ago
his lil ponytail omg
unicorn5678 - 15 hours ago
One time a kid accidentally got high off of a friends inhaler
l_e_a_v_e_m_e_a_l_o_n _
l_e_a_v_e_m_e_a_l_o_n _ - 15 hours ago
Hold your breath until I count to 10
Me: I can only count to 5
Danny Boi
Danny Boi - 15 hours ago
I think grimbles made it quite clear that he was a GNOME, not an ELF XD
Christian Swanson
Christian Swanson - 16 hours ago
That's not an elf. That's not a goblin, either. That's a g-nome! And you've been, G-NOMED!!!
I am just a mom doing the best I can
No one made fun of my asthma. They much more to focus on to poke fun at.
StoneCold_Grey - 16 hours ago
"Just let them robots live." - Jacksepticeye, 2019
Dan Stormwind
Dan Stormwind - 17 hours ago
oh brother
Dan Stormwind
Dan Stormwind - 17 hours ago
fuckin todd man
Liamboi - 18 hours ago
I wheeze it sucks with asthma
Jacoblee Hawk
Jacoblee Hawk - 18 hours ago
Hay how does he know what ass taste
cupman - 18 hours ago
how do you know what butt tastes like
drifttheunicorn nevertellin
I thought you said the septic juice was ASS!
Emoje Pop
Emoje Pop - 18 hours ago
Why are u so mean with the fucking CANADIAN??????
Amy Parker
Amy Parker - 19 hours ago
Love the ponytail 😂
UniCara - 19 hours ago
Lol green is not a primary color. its red blue and yellow green is yellow and blue
TheShreddingHermit - 20 hours ago
Here in America we have some of the worlds most nasty people who will make fun of other people for anything they can find that is different about other people, it's an everyday thing in our schools because parenting is a thing of the past and there is no sense of common decency left as greed and control has become the normal here, so yes, people do pick on other people with Asthma, poor eye sight, being in wheel chairs, skin conditions, you name it, it's all fair game here in the USA.
P - 21 hour ago
drugs? nah. cigarettes? nah. inhalers? FU HUCK YEEEAAH!!
Dark Tailsgamer9001
Dark Tailsgamer9001 - 21 hour ago
Nomotiv27 Gaming
Nomotiv27 Gaming - 21 hour ago
Green isn’t a primary color 😂😂 yellow is tho 😂😂
Thoserandompeople And pringles
The man pony tho
NightFox - 23 hours ago
Random question, is the background behind Jack real or is it green screen
Dragoslav Soldo
Dragoslav Soldo - Day ago
I have asthma as well.Shake,shake,shake that medicen!!Take one deep breath and hold it in!
Harvey Acevedo
Harvey Acevedo - Day ago
Jack has a brother????!!!
LR210 - Day ago
he uses a greenscreen??
MeowingInsanely - Day ago
H is for Hegg
The Grinder2K17
The Grinder2K17 - Day ago
I think I might have asthma. But my mom is like you'll be fine. I'm like I have been coughing and having literally almost every other symptom for asthma for a couple weeks now.
The Grinder2K17
The Grinder2K17 - Day ago
I don't know bout you but I dance by waving my arms side to side
Dexter Dokuchie
Dexter Dokuchie - Day ago
CrazyKings700 - Day ago
Jackaboy:The things that start screaming and swearing make me laugh the most who knew
Me: first everybody knew and seconded don’t u make u laugh the most?
Jamie Sheldon
Jamie Sheldon - Day ago
im sure the voice is from Llamas with hats but edited
Harry Morschel
Harry Morschel - Day ago
If u love undertale than u should watch if undertale was real
Jaycob Moreno
Jaycob Moreno - Day ago
I have severe asthma lol
Emma SMITH - Day ago
I know this has probably been said a lot already, but I can’t be bothered to check so:
xXshadeXx - Day ago
Fuck tod
Jake Wethington
Jake Wethington - Day ago
I got a friend that's in school and she has she's getting asthma
Jake Wethington
Jake Wethington - Day ago
I got a friend that's in school and she has she's getting asthma
Jay - Day ago
Jack dont diss that safe cross code
oof nope
oof nope - Day ago
The juice tastes like ass and then you say A IS FOR ASS WHICH I LIKE TO EAT
GalaxyStarr20 - Day ago
Pony tail just why
Richard Clark
Richard Clark - Day ago
Green is not a primary color
Nikolaj Birch
Nikolaj Birch - Day ago
You have to see underpants. it's a undertale video
That Guy 3604
That Guy 3604 - Day ago
Why were they acting like asthma is a bad thing? It literally does barely anything to your lungs.
Jakobs Kronung
Jakobs Kronung - Day ago
Green is not a primary color! Its red, blue, yellow!

Still love JSE!!!
DerpyBoy 93
DerpyBoy 93 - Day ago
Jack can you change you hairstyle to your last one because tbh I don't like the pony tail but it doesn't REALLY matter *oof*
Sarita Lestyan
Sarita Lestyan - Day ago
Flipntoe means dick in Spanish
Joseph Khatam
Joseph Khatam - Day ago
Poor Jack doesn't know what primary colors are
1479darkangel - 2 days ago
Fun fact I've had asthma all my life and it has been getting worse. I've been made fun of because of it since the first time in 3rd grade that I had to take my inhaler in gym. My husband to this very day makes fun of me every time I take my inhaler.
Ashley-Marie Zubkavich
Ashley-Marie Zubkavich - 2 days ago
Green is a secondary color... Red, yellow, and blue are primary colors lol
Ainsley C
Ainsley C - 2 days ago
No jack u do not suit a man pony 😑😶😟😟😟😟😟😶😶😶😶😶😑😎😎😎
Karyn Weise
Karyn Weise - 2 days ago
why aren't you doing your original outro .-. What ever happened to, "Thank you guys so much for watching, And if you liked it! PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOOOOOOOOOSS AND *high fives all round* WAPOOOOOSH WAPOOOSH, THANK YOU GUYS AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES, IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" .-.
Char10tti3 - 2 days ago
Yes, green, the greatest primary colour.
House of Leaves
House of Leaves - 2 days ago
Hey Sean, what's the CRAIC? Heh, Irish people are awesome.
its Chris
its Chris - 2 days ago
19:20 funniest part of the vid
Panda Lover
Panda Lover - 2 days ago
I know how to use an inhaler only because three five people I know have asthma
Cucumber Slice
Cucumber Slice - 2 days ago
Inhalers are the new vape
Curtis Bouttier
Curtis Bouttier - 2 days ago
1/5!?!?!?!?! it is only .08% of his power ever
Saac Smith
Saac Smith - 2 days ago
What is the patented “septic juice”
Tatum Mae
Tatum Mae - 2 days ago
"What the fucking holy god is happening?!" Jacksepticeye 2K19
Denali Herold
Denali Herold - 2 days ago
WTF you have asthma😶
Chris Reichert
Chris Reichert - 2 days ago
0:34 *I-IS THAT A MANTAIL I SEE?! n-N-n-NaNi?!*
Aeden Collins
Aeden Collins - 2 days ago
Most videos Jack:and hey I mean, I'm 14.
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake - 2 days ago
*Yeah dude I’m just tryna get my fuckin snake arm through*
*”Fuck you Carl”*
*”Let me just pick up my box dude. FuCK yOu TodD”*
Aeden Collins
Aeden Collins - 2 days ago
Jack:I took inhalers until I was 18.but Jack you're 14
Kate_fox 209
Kate_fox 209 - 2 days ago
11:26 I think its pronounced (KEY-KEY-FLIP-NOTE)
Kate_fox 209
Kate_fox 209 - 2 days ago
Kate_fox 209
Kate_fox 209 - 2 days ago
Omg i just barely noticed his cute little ponytail😂😆
Elmo's World
Elmo's World - 2 days ago
green isn't a primary colour it is red, yellow, and blue
The Broskinis
The Broskinis - 2 days ago
Todd is a total dick to androids of all sorts, especially Kara.
Deadly Kitten
Deadly Kitten - 2 days ago
Green is not a primary color!!!!! It’s red, yellow, blue
Bradley Dobbie
Bradley Dobbie - 2 days ago
Your mean I’m Canadian so fuck you
Fox Life
Fox Life - 2 days ago
Best intro ever, I kind of want jack to keep it
Evan Barns
Evan Barns - 2 days ago
Jack do you know that the 3 primary colors are RED BLUE and YELLOW . not green
Harry Pember
Harry Pember - 2 days ago
Cubono Hyena
Cubono Hyena - 2 days ago
12:04 Not sure if you know this Jack but green isn't a primary colour😆 14:01 Jack, your high as shit. Face? "Elf of the day" shows a gnome.
Allie Barndt
Allie Barndt - 2 days ago
Why does it look like he is drinking pee 🤣🤣🤨
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