Baby SSSniperWolf Talks About Her Crush 👶

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SSSniperWolf - 3 months ago
helloooooo baby sssniperwolf and baby digitalnex here! like if you want more videos like this and i have some secret new content coming :D
Melisa Hodzic
Melisa Hodzic - 2 days ago
edith juarez
edith juarez - 7 days ago
Jannie Bronsink
Jannie Bronsink - 12 days ago
Jacob Marques
Jacob Marques - Month ago
@Christen Ellisor nope
Harjit Gaming
Harjit Gaming - 2 months ago
Baby lia is soooooo cute and Chris is funny and lia is a bit more funny
Puppy Lover32
Puppy Lover32 - 16 hours ago
but u still look like u dont u all agrie
Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez - 17 hours ago
Im kinder a bully called me A bich
Madison Sienkielewski
Madison Sienkielewski - 18 hours ago
I am in fourth grade, and every day a different teacher comes in to help. One day she handed us papers and talked on her phone the rest of the time:/ Still love her tho
Dead Shade
Dead Shade - 19 hours ago
That is a baby with a lot of facial hair.
aiden willox
aiden willox - 22 hours ago
My ex is so dum He kissed my best friend
Victoria English
Victoria English - Day ago
Baby Lia is the cuter baby
Dino Kale
Dino Kale - 2 days ago
Donnie Hart
Donnie Hart - 3 days ago
Sounds like the Andrew Ik
guisell uribe
guisell uribe - 5 days ago
I get bullyed :(
Gacha _girl360
Gacha _girl360 - 5 days ago
2 questions would tell you meh answers but I’m to embarrassed
Rebecca Blunt
Rebecca Blunt - 5 days ago
>:O HoW DaRe YoU KiDdOs HuRt SsSnIpErWoLf. DuMbAsS
Rebecca Blunt
Rebecca Blunt - 5 days ago
Jeez Digital!
Leave a like if u think Sssniperwolf and Digital sLaY
kookie xd
kookie xd - 5 days ago
I have 5 metle baylades
Fany Salto
Fany Salto - 6 days ago
The guy he looks really weird
edith juarez
edith juarez - 7 days ago
I love ppg as well ppg means power puff girls
Beth Haupt
Beth Haupt - 7 days ago
"Please excuse my poorness"
Baby Chris 2019
Beth Haupt
Beth Haupt - 7 days ago
Yes the C-word is caca-head
NatalieD2019 1
NatalieD2019 1 - 7 days ago

U know that kid Andrew
U best not save that turtle 🐢
Allison Barnett
Allison Barnett - 7 days ago
Anyone notice the background there are both in lia’s room
Madelyn Flebbe
Madelyn Flebbe - 8 days ago
i thought u were like 3 but u skiped grads all the way up to 7th grade impresive
Taylor Seamon
Taylor Seamon - 9 days ago
Cheese Beavis
Cheese Beavis - 10 days ago
i am in 3rd grade and i have a girlfriend
Ava King
Ava King - 12 days ago
Lol this is so cute
Like if u agree
SkyLight Plenty Arrows
SkyLight Plenty Arrows - 13 days ago
why have you never started gacha life
Serenity Lewis
Serenity Lewis - 16 days ago
Your YouTube channel it is the best and so much fun
Sofia Coquis
Sofia Coquis - 16 days ago
I got punched in the stomach in the second grade
Natalie Moon Channel
Natalie Moon Channel - 17 days ago
it was a digi-mon card
I get my tastes from mummy
Sun Seng
Sun Seng - 18 days ago
they adorable
Laila Moreno
Laila Moreno - 19 days ago
More vids like this please ☹️
jakie _da_banna
jakie _da_banna - 20 days ago
Mr Chris baby look cute when he smile
Charlotte Lingwood
Charlotte Lingwood - 20 days ago
Hammy Technoid
Hammy Technoid - 21 day ago
Randy - "You're a baby"
Pterry - "I am not a baby"
Randy - "You are so a baby '
Pterry - "PeeWee, Randy's calling me a baby '
PeeWee - "You're *MY* little baby"
Pterry - *"See.. I am SO a baby!"*
------- PeeWee's PlayHouse
Strawberry Kat
Strawberry Kat - 21 day ago
The child has a beard
matt ivanov
matt ivanov - 21 day ago
You a disappointment to your parents
Lauren Hawkins
Lauren Hawkins - 23 days ago
If this was you when your a kid awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lwl your so cute🤩🤩🤩
Oliver Pease
Oliver Pease - 23 days ago
Ooooh my goodness, my fav youtuber likes metal gear! I love that game!
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 24 days ago
The most embarrassing thing I did was, when I was in kindergarten, I sat behind a dude with really long hair and, before I knew it was a guy, I pointed at him and said to my friend, "Who's that girl???" LOL, the sad thing is, he saw me and heard me!😂
princess sahara1
princess sahara1 - 25 days ago
My lil bro bring his lightening McQueen to school in kindergarten he teacher said he would get it back at home time the teacher left the school a couple yrs ago now my bros in grade 5 and he still hasn’t got it back
rose marlene adma
rose marlene adma - 25 days ago
Please Do
Melissa Torres
Melissa Torres - 26 days ago
Hi sssniper wolf
isabell  151272
isabell 151272 - 26 days ago
Baby Leah scooter and baby Leah smarter and baby Leah and I was a I was a mom I would get her first if you was at an orphanage
Ieva Cameron
Ieva Cameron - 27 days ago
I have a Mrs Lee in my school she is so mean to me
me was today years old when
People:watching Disney channel
Baby Lia: *that's illegal*
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - 28 days ago
Yugioh is my favourite game!!!
Roxy Duncan
Roxy Duncan - 28 days ago
My brother got a brick thrown off of him
Raegan Bruen
Raegan Bruen - 29 days ago
How have you babies gone through 7th grade 🤦‍♀️
Doris Adams
Doris Adams - 29 days ago
Somebody threw a rock at you somebody punched me with a handful of rocks and I punch him right in the face and then John Cena body slam them inside you ever heard somebody again or you ever free on innocent people I'm going to John Cena body you 20 times harder as I did he's like okay okay just don't kill me Bill Nye good.
Doris Adams
Doris Adams - 29 days ago
Once my teachers took all my pencils I have to use pen on a piece of paper I used to trade pencils for erases Indy races for fancy stuff like fantasy races with fancy pencil sharpeners with stuff and bendy pencils what are the most popular thing right now bendy pencils are free writing the teacher said you can trade stuff but make sure you get something back
Channing chip cookie Chastain
I get bullied and it sucks I cant play soccer any more because this boy lied to the teachers and that all the boys will hurt or beat us up so whoever is looking at the comments be lucky you get to play sports at your school
35692Zz - 29 days ago
Maiyah Haughton
Maiyah Haughton - Month ago
Apollo cute
Snowy_GachaLife - Month ago
Nex looks like burnt chicken nugget
Jamie Cota
Jamie Cota - Month ago
Lia: He is basically Justin Bieber
Me:Then I must not like him
Sub GT
Sub GT - Month ago
You know you watching your favorite YouTube baby who is talking about 7th grade. Yeah 7th graders are babies totally...
Valerie Guevara
Valerie Guevara - Month ago
Don’t worry
Nat Berry
Nat Berry - Month ago
I got darkfenix or something bayblade it the real won
Jesús Esteban Cruz Rivera
Digitalnex be like please excuse my poorness 😂😂
DalePlayz 710
DalePlayz 710 - Month ago
you are my favorit youtuber never and i hope you can say my name in a video my name is odessa p.s I love you sssniper wolf
mangle gaming
mangle gaming - Month ago
Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas - Month ago
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