Dragon Marked for Death - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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RO Sergio
RO Sergio - 22 hours ago
MegaMan ZX3 :v
Happy Youtuber
Happy Youtuber - 4 days ago
Them: That's where you're dragon wrong, kiddo.
Alex Gonzales Salinas
Alex Gonzales Salinas - 12 days ago
No me gusta
VeliaEnid Serrano
VeliaEnid Serrano - 12 days ago
If you are reading this coment. Which of the four dragons is your favorite, why and what name that you give them.
Mine is the witch who I named Jururu, becauce I love to play as female, magic type and little kid characters in games if posible. And seeing how she's a mixture if the three, I decided I was going to main her. Plus she's pink. My favorite color.
And I didn't care how dificult she was to use. I keep practicing until I mastered her.
Pahnder - 13 days ago
Cyclone Sama
Cyclone Sama - 13 days ago
I could already see fanart of the Empress being made, not a bad thing though
Rashida Hankins
Rashida Hankins - 17 days ago
Marked for death? Ok
AkuTenshiiZero - 17 days ago
IntiCreates: "Yo Capcom, you gonna do something with all these Megaman Zero assets we have lying around?"
Capcom: "Mega what now?"
IntiCreates: "Nothing, forget we said anything."
Matthew Shean
Matthew Shean - 19 days ago
Not a fan of the gimmicky (Nintendo) switch but this game looks fun. Not sure what other people are saying but to me looks it plays like moon diver and castlevania Harmony Of Despair.
Dara - 20 days ago
Super Cool
Andrew Bocast
Andrew Bocast - 21 day ago
I don't know why, but I want to see this as a TV show.
OnyxEyes - 22 days ago
Which 5 yr old did they pay to design the characters and write the story?
Enlil The Prince
Enlil The Prince - 22 days ago
The video is realised tomorrow, but we are seing it today, i think we are timewarping here
Jake Nottingham
Jake Nottingham - 22 days ago
I genuinely love the game, but I do kinda wish the timers were not there. Or at least have an option to not use it, but that's just me.
Newfy Nate
Newfy Nate - 22 days ago
See that's really cool and all...

But can we use a dragon dragon? 👀
FoCoMoFlo Gaming/Vlogs/Hip Hop
Who here is getting Megaman zero Vibes off this game
Toryu Mau
Toryu Mau - 27 days ago
... Reminds me of Odinsphere, except clunkier and that translation is pure cringe. Hope they get that addressed before release. >):^/
Fantasy YouTube
Fantasy YouTube - 28 days ago
When Megaman Zero meets Dragon's Crown
Dog Fetus
Dog Fetus - 29 days ago
I’m loving this
Candice Candice
Candice Candice - Month ago
Dragon dragon dragon?
FlipsVs TheWorld
FlipsVs TheWorld - Month ago
Maybe one day this will get a PC release. Not likely. But, Bayo got put on Steam after like a decade, sooo fingers crossed atm lol
Arthur Zrozhevsky
Arthur Zrozhevsky - Month ago
Why is design and history so boring?
DmasterXD - Month ago
Im honestly hoping for another Megaman ZX series game. I would buy a nintendo switch just to play another game of the series
Trey Gibson
Trey Gibson - Month ago
Why am I just seeing this game? I'm downloading this game when I get home.
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez - Month ago
Having a really hard time pulling the trigger on this for $50. Anyone else having the same problem.
Seithr Esm
Seithr Esm - Month ago
What? It's only 15$.
김유나 - Month ago
It looks like arcade boss dungeon game.
Halcyonacoustic - Month ago
This looks like a very good game, but you wouldn't know it from how terribly paced this trailer is. No trailer should be five minutes plus and spend time talking about how the characters level up. That's one step away from talking about the inventory management system as a selling point.
Yuri Sakaki
Yuri Sakaki - Month ago
My opinions for the main characters:
Empress:Best design for a female character.
Warrior:Ok............So a dragon head became his armor and please give him a greatsword instead of an axe.
Shinobi:I agree with the term "agile".the dragon wings on his legs fits him perfectly.
Witch:Okay.....Her hat turns into a dragon. im fine with that and her size fits for a loli.
Goldie Tamamo
Goldie Tamamo - Month ago
... so it looks like...
Megaman ZX... by way of Harmony of Despair's menu aesthetics and an Igavania world design... with the party roles and mob level tags of an MMO that is not actually an MMO, which is reeking of Crosscode, which itself has Megamanish vibes... and draws from both Seiken Densetsu and MapleStory, the latter of which this resembles... *clutches forehead in confusion* o_O
Okay, that's a thing.
Christian Zeimentz
Christian Zeimentz - Month ago
it looks like a castlevania clone oO
Christian Zeimentz
Christian Zeimentz - Month ago
why are there so many rpgs or indie games on this console omg o.O
GoldenFenrir - Month ago
Empress = Zero
Warrior = Fefnir
Shinobi = Phantom
Witch = Leviathan
Hero LumiEre Lumanite
Hero LumiEre Lumanite - Month ago
Art reminds me of Megaman Zero.
I love it.
Pigumon - Month ago
Oh Nintendo, you used to be competent. Did you really say "enact their revenge"?
You EXACT revenge.
Also, games can’t release themselves... that can only BE RELEASED by a company. No game "releases" unless it’s got some robot parts built in.
poffpoff1 - Month ago
Megaman with the story of akame ga kill?
luashfu - Month ago
3:20 "using the ancient dragon language" i'm forced to think of FUS ROH DAH
Is It Worth A Sandwich
Boy, the heroes are really into dragons. Do you think they slowly turn every conversation they have to be about dragons in some way.
My kid just started playing fantasy baseball, they say he has quite the arm.
I use to to be a pitcher, but then my are turned into a dragon.
Ya Empress, we know...
MissAshley42 - Month ago
I love how the trailer suddenly switches from talking about lore to talking about game mechanics yet never loses the dramatic narration.
Ahrun - Month ago
Why I got some oldschool Disgaea feelings? Maybe it's because of the character design? (shrugs)
Calla Soreon
Calla Soreon - Month ago
Well this game is being added to my wishlist.
Krystal Young
Krystal Young - Month ago
My eyes slowly slid in opposite directions as the narrator narrated. All I can think of is "Don't fear the power of the BEES, Sora."
Johnny Burnes
Johnny Burnes - Month ago
Getting the hard copy. :)
Eduardo Gérboles González
No couch coop... GG Inti
David Soyele
David Soyele - Month ago
I frickin love how Nintendo are bringing back old games now. They might even do a golden sun remake.(Please I am begging you, do a golden sun remake)
Chrono Triggered
Chrono Triggered - Month ago
It's not available now in Australia, it comes out on Fri 29th March. It's also $89.95 for physical release
akko akko
akko akko - Month ago
Yoooooo it looks like summon night sword craft story...... I want this
jachyra4 - 2 months ago
Looks like a crappy version of Dragon's Crown. And I didn't like that game either.
Dandy Lion
Dandy Lion - 2 months ago
This game looks pretty fun to play, but I was surprised to find that it is a Switch game and not a 3DS game. Visually, it looks like it could run on the 3DS.
Amar Salih Šehić
Amar Salih Šehić - 2 months ago
Gosh... i wish this would have released on the 3DS too...
Samuel Villanueva
Samuel Villanueva - 2 months ago
Satanic propaganda pft
Jessie Reginrave Rosenqueen
MegaDragonHunter ZX?? im sold! XD
Rafael Rufino
Rafael Rufino - 2 months ago
Aw man. I thought this was a Breath of Fire remake.
Brickjester - 2 months ago
steam please
JP - 2 months ago
Please tell me this is the same artist from MMZ
Jacob Polansky
Jacob Polansky - 2 months ago
I know Toru Nakayama’s artwork when I see it.
And I love it!
Elbaz8 - 2 months ago
I want that game!
TheLiosoul - 2 months ago
This aint a trailer, this is a documentary.
unsub - 2 months ago
The pricing is turning me off. Like, I need to buy the game twice?
TickTock Bam
TickTock Bam - 2 months ago
The art style is superb. Love it.
Tobias Wedin
Tobias Wedin - 2 months ago
Why release a game with DS graphics at best on Switch?
HD EDITS - 2 months ago
Megaman Zero games are still my all time favorites. I wish they could make more for the Switch. But I guess this will suffice for now.
Court Dragunel
Court Dragunel - 2 months ago
Any of u guys count how much the word ''dragon'' were mentioned?
Ryan Klatt
Ryan Klatt - 2 months ago
If it's made by Inti Creates, you can count me in.
Tit0Matic - 2 months ago
A few months ago this game had my curiosity, now it has my attention
Nicolas Saulo
Nicolas Saulo - 2 months ago
OHHH MAN Mega Man Zero series should be remade like this!!!
Steven Y
Steven Y - 2 months ago
I'm not saying the game looks bad but what's with the overload of "dragon" words? And the entire map is a dragon? We get it, dragons are important.
Matt B
Matt B - 2 months ago
Is there a strong online community for this game?
Fire Brand
Fire Brand - 2 months ago
Anime Ciri is cute.
Khang Mai
Khang Mai - 2 months ago
I’m using my dragon thumbs to write this comment and my dragon mind to think , Which give me the unlimited power of stupidity
-Jer3m1- - 2 months ago
The Exiled One
The Exiled One - 2 months ago
Has that really beautiful Megaman Zero art style.
vennril - 2 months ago
Hope you all paid attention, there will be a quiz afterwards
Haroc - 2 months ago
Huh, looks like hoarding all those E-Crystals actually paid off
Nakamasa - 2 months ago
i traverse terrain with my dragon whip too....
Vylad Nelson
Vylad Nelson - 2 months ago
Low-key I'm gonna buy
Kaies -TheEighth-
Kaies -TheEighth- - 2 months ago
I'm just saying, this game is one that piques my interest
Grumpyfat - 2 months ago
I can't use my SuperSmash with my Warrior. Is there a bug or something? (I go Berserk, then Y charge + Down button)
Welp bro
Welp bro - 2 months ago
11 years ago:
Dad: "Here you go son, a nice little Megaman game for your gameboy advance, no strings attached".
Inti Creates: "Ah, another life-long consummer acquired".
Yossef Leonardo Montes Romaña
Were is the omega zero character
lecorbak - 2 months ago
Megaman ZX 3
Small빌런 - 2 months ago
진짜 기대됩니다!!! 진짜로 기대되요!
그리고 록맨제로 회사에서 만든거 같아요! 정말로 기쁩니다!! ㅠ
Kermit the Spoon
Kermit the Spoon - 2 months ago
Sweet another pixel art game for my $300 pixel art gaming machine
JaneTheSilent - 2 months ago
Been enjoying this game 💖
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
€60 or €70 ?
presto 0
presto 0 - 2 months ago
The legend of Zelda triforce heroes for switch squad where you at?
SharkLord1954 Productions
SharkLord1954 Productions - 2 months ago
As soon as they mentioned a dragon whip, my thoughts immediately went to Castlevania, despite the fact that this has nothing to do with Castlevania.
I think I've permanently associated whips with Castlevania now.
ErihanBlank - Month ago
Well theres a reason the genre is called metroidvania
Elvin VonSander
Elvin VonSander - 2 months ago
Funny enough it play like a Castlevania to a certain extent
asig396 - 2 months ago
Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon and Dragon
Claire Pruitt
Claire Pruitt - 2 months ago
The HoneyQueen
The HoneyQueen - 2 months ago
Cool! I saw the Kwings play this and it looks really fun!
rakim - 2 months ago
This should be on 3ds, wtf inti creates
Xavier Tortoledo
Xavier Tortoledo - 2 months ago
Wow :0
N T - 2 months ago
Exposition complicated story pseudo fire emblem rip off
Yggdroid - 2 months ago
OOOF exe
OOOF exe - 2 months ago
I just got the game and have to admit its acully pretty good.
I saw a lot of reviews of the game saying it's grind but that seems to only be the case with single player as multiplayer is very rewsrding. I have to admit that the game needs some movement updates and that the beginning is kinda boring but when you start finding different maps with different gimmicks its really fun also each quest has a short cutsence before and after it which makes the game much less repetitive. An issue with the game that I would like to point out seems to be that there currently aren't many players but hey I am saying this an hour from launch.
For 18 bucks its worth it.
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo - 2 months ago
Those Megaman Zero feels yo!
Ruric - 2 months ago
To all the people who
don't get the pricing. This is a 30 dollar game but they decide to give people who don't care about all 4 characters to get the full geme with just the character that looks interesting to them +1 ;)
P.S. Yhis is an amazing game, adictive AF, perfect controls, each character is totally unique feels and plays completely deferent. Only con no couch coop.
Elvin VonSander
Elvin VonSander - 2 months ago
It's crazy the amount of ppl that don't understand the pricing and actually think this is a scam..
thesmoky1 - 2 months ago
This actually looks really good
Roku - 2 months ago
Anyone know the artist? I love that artstyle
Indie Denise
Indie Denise - 2 months ago
I’m interested but like...why make 2 different copies with 2 characters each....I was hyped when I saw this but not to fond of what I found in the Nintendo store.
Elvin VonSander
Elvin VonSander - 2 months ago
They are simply giving you the option of paying half the price if you don't want the full roster the physical copy itself cost $50 with dlc included of course
kaikudo_art - 2 months ago
The word dragon was said about 13 times LOL
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