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ahmad sharif
ahmad sharif - 14 hours ago
Claire is definitely "the big sister"
sydney merryman
sydney merryman - 2 days ago
this is the first video that I've seen any clip of brad without a hat on *at all times* and I physically flinched at the sight because I was like 'jesus who's that??'
Emily Acton
Emily Acton - 3 days ago
brad: CLAIRE
gaby: she’s not here
brad: C L A I R E
Joey Morrison
Joey Morrison - 3 days ago
Hi I'm work on a grit farm, and want to send you all a bag of hand picked grits. So you can feature it on a show. All our grit trees are 100 percent oganic. Each grit is grown to perfection.
RandomAndIrrelevant8 - 3 days ago
“Like a baby’s head, soft when it comes out. THANK GOD. Very forgiving.” 😂😂😂
Andrew McQuade
Andrew McQuade - 4 days ago
It’s pronounced “pit-zel”
Enrico Z
Enrico Z - 5 days ago
When Brad tries to say "Pizzelle" with an Italian accent and instead says "Piselli". Italians know.
Kristine Andersen
Kristine Andersen - 6 days ago
Pizelli reminds me of Norwegian krumkaker (Christmas cookies)
Julie Webb
Julie Webb - 6 days ago
Can you use a manual pizzelle iron if you only have an electric stove?
Sandrin Fernando
Sandrin Fernando - 6 days ago
I made that face that brad made at molly at my coworker when he said he hated cilantro.
mariaelena bais
mariaelena bais - 9 days ago
jajajajajaj very good
mariaelena bais
mariaelena bais - 9 days ago
calenta bien la pieza..... y me parece que la pasta esta muy dura jaja
Taylor M
Taylor M - 9 days ago
It's easy! It's easy. Its easy.... no one said it was easy. *5 minutes later* its easy!
rivalpiper - 11 days ago
15:25 Brad inventing a Scandinavian krumkake from an Italian pizzelle. Well done!
Monica Hayes
Monica Hayes - 12 days ago
Pronounced “pitzelle” 😆😆😆
michael bray
michael bray - 13 days ago
Why does Brad talk like a boomer?
Sean Lawler
Sean Lawler - 14 days ago
3:29 Brad reppin’ Foam Brewers
ms keisha
ms keisha - 14 days ago
i couldn’t focus on the actual video because i was staring at brad’s pit stains the whole time
Darshil Vora
Darshil Vora - 15 days ago
Stop using the chalk sound
Prjndigo - 20 days ago
Cook the press open on its side first, then oil then do your first cookie.
Lapis Mosi
Lapis Mosi - 20 days ago
I'm outta here...too disorganized, too long, too stupid, too penis oriented.
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw - 21 day ago
Brad you make life better man thank you
BILLMAC - 21 day ago
"I dont have a front porch or a lawn that needs to be moad but boy that sounds nice" 😂😂👌 Morocco's face is priceless
A W - 22 days ago
Sicilian pizelle are made with at least 10 eggs.
T'LARA SEE - 23 days ago
Claire: “Having some problems?”
Brad: “I need to channel....”
Brad: “...gourmet pastry chef.”
Saved it 😭😂😅
Cassidy Skillman
Cassidy Skillman - 24 days ago
I need a brad in my life.
Mr. Parker Bing
Mr. Parker Bing - 24 days ago
I love claire
Julia Lawson
Julia Lawson - 26 days ago
Brad cooking a pizzelle in my kitchen naked is what dreams are made of 😩
thou bigoof
thou bigoof - 27 days ago
Pizzelles need to have star anise extrct to be a true pizzelles......
Juliana Tejeda
Juliana Tejeda - 29 days ago
when it's done it's done i don't know
Rob Williams
Rob Williams - 29 days ago
In every video, Brad advances the idea that having a plan, knowing what you are doing, minding quantities, is completely pointless.. just bumble through life and take what you get, laying a wake of waste and ignorance behind you...
Rob Williams
Rob Williams - 29 days ago
Dropping the white into the egg container then trashing the whole thing deserves a special Jackass Award... ??
Lyn Thom
Lyn Thom - 29 days ago
This video made me so happy!
FranciscoJxL - 29 days ago
I'm sorry, whoever edits these is not getting enough credits (or any at all).
BA, can you please add their name(s) in the description or something?
badlesbian1983 - Month ago
The Dough Senses Fear! - Claire
SuperH8 - Month ago
My crush on Brad has not diminished. him wearing a hat like a dork somehow makes him more attractive???😭
♡ LENI - Month ago
Bless Vinnys soul for saving Brad with the paper towels
Thanks Vinny
♡ LENI - Month ago
Says many times „it’s easy“ Then „No one said it was easy!“ Not five minutes later „and it’s easy“ It’s like when you give birth right? The hormones make u forget ur pain and all
♡ LENI - Month ago
The pastry universe vfbfbbfbdbdbdbdbd Thank you Claire, saved the day as well !!
baraa mahmoud
baraa mahmoud - Month ago
Moly is my soulmate 😍😍
Curlyunicorn33 - Month ago
Brad is the best. He is hilarious . Love his vids 😂🤣
Wendy Devereaux
Wendy Devereaux - Month ago
“Chris Morocco, Computer”. In previous video Chris was wearing earbuds & Brad said that indicates he’s a serial killer. Which is it?
kairotox - Month ago
We had some family friends that whenever they came over, we'd make pizzelles, vanilla and anise ones, so good, brings back childhood memories, because none of my friends know what they are lol
silvermoon - Month ago
damn I wanted to see Claire taste it
TheGameFormula - Month ago
That moment you forget aluminium is a metal
Evie Ralph
Evie Ralph - Month ago
am i the only one freakin out bouth the sparks that were flying off his beaters when he turned them on ??
forgoton soul
forgoton soul - Month ago
Maybe it was the chocolate you only added to the first couple that made it stick.
Amber Harrison
Amber Harrison - Month ago
Brad: I can see ET! Yeah even got the complexion
What Brad😂😂
XxDainBramagedxX - Month ago
Brad is a totally different person without a hat.
j5 jn
j5 jn - Month ago
Brad we got the lawn a mower & the porch to drink your ice cold beer! Your welcome to mow our lawn ! Live next to Mark Twain Lake!
Mother of Macarons
Mother of Macarons - Month ago
Hey Brad. I’ll help you with your pastry problems when Claire’s not available 🙋🏻‍♀️
A.J. Caberto
A.J. Caberto - Month ago
Claire says Brad so much in her vids while Brad says Vinny a lot
Ordinary Taco
Ordinary Taco - Month ago
THis is Brad's little insight into Claire's world when she's doing Gourmet Makes.
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind - Month ago
When Lau shot then chucked the banana gun, I laughed so hard. Even has his tongue out. Lmfao
Thijs Waalders
Thijs Waalders - Month ago
Mowing your own lawn could be very nice, but hearing your gray neighbors mowing twice or more a week will make you insane!!!!
mochilover _
mochilover _ - Month ago
"this is a little burnt, it's okay"
"this'll be a little crispy one"
I love Brad.
Lillian Finley
Lillian Finley - Month ago
why is there no people of color who work at this company????
ookie007 - Month ago
Lillian Finley are*
carolbuzelim - Month ago
Molly, i get you, i only like white chocolate too
Karen Gomez
Karen Gomez - Month ago
Barely entonces editing 🥺🥺
RedRoses786786 - Month ago
Finally someone who shares my tastes when it comes to chocolate, like I don’t get why it’s such a big deal I mean on occasion I’ll eat something with chocolate (like an ice cream sammy)
bybyblcbrd l
bybyblcbrd l - Month ago
Brad: "I don't know everything about baking, Clairely"
bybyblcbrd l
bybyblcbrd l - Month ago
I'm really surprised that Brad knew aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth
amanda cava
amanda cava - Month ago
Brad and Claire and definitely the most entertaining
Gibe Mass
Gibe Mass - Month ago
"People ask how many seconds a side, you've gotta use your intuition."
"So about 30 seconds a side".
olivia taylor
olivia taylor - Month ago
somebody saying that claire wasn’t there and then later claire showing up anyways to help brad is proof that god is real and loves us all
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro - Month ago
"Funny how? You think I'm funny?"
Ladyorion79 - Month ago
My grandmother's best friend always made these around Christmas and I never knew what they were called. I'm so glad to finally learn their name.
kim k
kim k - Month ago
A video game where all the sound effects are taken from Brad’s BA Test Kitchen videos
Haibar Zair
Haibar Zair - Month ago
This is why you don't buy 3 dollar irons at a garage sale 🤣
justme yo
justme yo - Month ago
Brad has the vibe of someone who takes April Fool's Day real seriously and has a shed where he tinkers with random stuff in his spare time
Post Box
Post Box - Month ago
Why did you waste that egg white.?
Be cautious man.!! That’s bad manners.
Violet Grey
Violet Grey - Month ago
Rio Reilly
Rio Reilly - Month ago
“Like a baby’s head: soft when it comes out.” 😂 Brad always puts me in a good mood.
Brad Harper
Brad Harper - Month ago
Having a personality like brad would be the best
Brett Lockett
Brett Lockett - Month ago
Cook with Mac Demarco
Upvote for attention
JEFF JACK - Month ago
your pushing down to hard on the iron
Dylan W
Dylan W - Month ago
The best episode with Brad yet!!
Megan Youell
Megan Youell - Month ago
I have realized that brad actually looks like Luke from Gilmore Girls
Sophia Muse
Sophia Muse - Month ago
I strive to be as laid back as Brad. I’m far too stressed out everything
Felipe Sene Januário
Felipe Sene Januário - Month ago
Wait a minute, Vinny is his BROTHER? wow 😮
Yontae Stinson
Yontae Stinson - Month ago
Who would watch a video of Brad's Onomatopoeia
crazycatgirl18 - Month ago
What IS the starter? What's a starter? I'm confused
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