Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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K KLKP - Day ago
How does one enter the pastry universe? Sounds like heaven.
S A - Day ago
6:58 who's the sucker now...
Sarah Saud
Sarah Saud - 2 days ago
He has the same energy as marshall from HIMYM
Haibar Zair
Haibar Zair - 2 days ago
Claire = Italian grandmother? 😂
Livvy Gilder
Livvy Gilder - 4 days ago
Drink every time he says PAM
tribekat - 4 days ago
perfect garbage.
ketmateo - 5 days ago
"I fail at something everyday." Thank you! Open honesty isn't common enough!
Jordan Coronado
Jordan Coronado - 5 days ago
Be careful Brad that aluminum might give you autism
T Morgan
T Morgan - 6 days ago
Funny as hell ! The one thing I did learn from this video was to go the store if I want Pizzelles.
popvibes - 6 days ago
Is Brad an Aries? Because I feel like he’s an Aries.
Cazadoo nske
Cazadoo nske - 7 days ago
I'm laid in bed in the U.K. with a broken foot laughing so much at Brads videos 😂
Edin Kuduzovic
Edin Kuduzovic - 7 days ago
Edit it out
Edin Kuduzovic
Edin Kuduzovic - 7 days ago
Hold on, all you're going to do is cook it right?
Edin Kuduzovic
Edin Kuduzovic - 7 days ago
Như Phương
Như Phương - 7 days ago
Claire is always the savior!
Evita - 8 days ago
Props to the editor 👏👏
Loveeby Amore
Loveeby Amore - 8 days ago
Molly Baz, YOU get it!
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz - 9 days ago
10:32 Damn. Alex Lau can fling his banana at me any day lmao.
Raccoon Boi
Raccoon Boi - 9 days ago
Where do you find a cup that can spell flour?
Cecile Desprez
Cecile Desprez - 9 days ago
Luke danes
daleTron casablancas
daleTron casablancas - 10 days ago
Vinny bo binny
Hannah - 10 days ago
vinny's so lucky, getting paid to hang out with a big, goofy, enthusiastic man who just wants to feed him 😭💕
Samantha Gosnell
Samantha Gosnell - 11 days ago
4:13 yes that is my feelings about white chocolate as well
Natia Gagadze
Natia Gagadze - 12 days ago
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 and 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup cocoa.
8 tpsb butter
2 eggs2 yolks
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp vanilla paste
Justus Attanasio
Justus Attanasio - 12 days ago
Seeing him without his hat was upsetting
Justus Attanasio
Justus Attanasio - 12 days ago
Such armpit
Fritz Jackson
Fritz Jackson - 12 days ago
17:21 "What are they selling?"
Fritz Jackson
Fritz Jackson - 12 days ago
Reminds me of making waffle cones
Marina Montalto
Marina Montalto - 13 days ago
my mom used to make ice cream sandwiches with pizzelle cookies and she would put vanilla ice cream and nutella on the inside
somer seth
somer seth - 13 days ago
*a wild Lau appears*
Idk why but when he threw that banana at Brad, I just laughed out loud. It was SO random 😂
T. B.
T. B. - 13 days ago
Raw organic milk icecream
Benjamin P.
Benjamin P. - 13 days ago
I'm willing to forgive someone for not liking chocolate, but if you proceed to tell me that you like white chocolate then we can't be friends.
Joe Hayward
Joe Hayward - 14 days ago
Hell yeah farmer ground flour!
Alex Spear
Alex Spear - 14 days ago
Molly! You are not alone, my friend! Don't be ashamed of not liking chocolate!
krisha shah
krisha shah - 15 days ago
Imagine how much money BA would make if they gave brad and Claire their own show together... their personalities mix so well and it would get so many views 😫
sakshi chhajed
sakshi chhajed - 16 days ago
The dough sensed brad's fear😂
Kishibe Rohan
Kishibe Rohan - 17 days ago
"You can keep it in the fridge until, I don't know, until it goes bad"
afp 71
afp 71 - 20 days ago
He cracks me up!
Shannon Criss
Shannon Criss - 21 day ago
Never stop letting brad make videos. He shall make videos FOREVER!!!
Cristina F
Cristina F - 21 day ago
2:50 lmao these edits + Brad’s zaniness 😂
John Amidon
John Amidon - 22 days ago
The guy needs to make lists & refer to them often. Seriously. Get a handle on that ADD. ;)
Emerson Hardwick
Emerson Hardwick - 23 days ago
Is vinnie a real person? Am I vinnie? What’s happening?
LiamDaLemon - 24 days ago
Bon Appetit you've nailed the YouTube thing - each of the crew has a totally different style video, and they're all great
sam holtzen
sam holtzen - 24 days ago
hi i write music please hire me
K Smith
K Smith - 25 days ago
What? Am I here to amuse you or something? Funny how?
Jojifilthy Wavy
Jojifilthy Wavy - 25 days ago
OMGG seeing brad without his beenie seriously messed me up I was so confused who that was at first 💀💀
Grace Elisabeth
Grace Elisabeth - 25 days ago
I wanna see him and julien do a cooking video together
shelby hutto
shelby hutto - 25 days ago
Brad is Luke from Gilmore girls
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood - 26 days ago
I knew there had to be SOMETHING wrong with Molly. She seemed to "perfect". Now we know!!!!
Jessica Boolba
Jessica Boolba - 27 days ago
brad literally triggered every puddle pirate coastie with "parata"
Connor Morgan
Connor Morgan - 27 days ago
Bless the editors. They are freaking hilarious!
AlexandraCamille - 27 days ago
Are you an Aries, Brad?
Su p
Su p - 28 days ago
Chris morocco, COMPUTER
Lizzie - Month ago
That eye roll tho
Gage Schroeder
Gage Schroeder - Month ago
This show gives me such anxiety...
Jack George
Jack George - Month ago
Does Claire just keep a baby offset spatula on her at all times???
brainiac1595 - Month ago
6:20 that's what she said
irdna _
irdna _ - Month ago
“look vinny” “here’s for you vinny” “take this vinny” why is he trying so hard to impress vinny? :D
Lynwood Jackson
Lynwood Jackson - Month ago
Does Vinnie also edit these videos? The little comments are such a pip and I love it.
mistymountains - Month ago
its alive idea: brad does composting!
Beth Sontag
Beth Sontag - Month ago
Mocking the NJ accent?
ginny wanna dab
ginny wanna dab - Month ago
get some deodorant brad!
B Osmanov
B Osmanov - Month ago
Brad and Julien Solomitas collab= best thing ever?? They are basically the same personality haha
SatuneruKissu - Month ago
The video title alone is a testament to the legend that this man is. Sour dough cookie!
Abby McKnight
Abby McKnight - Month ago
Claire couldn't leave until she secured a pizzelle for herself :)
I kinda wish I worked in the test kitchen now
Randy Karnes
Randy Karnes - Month ago
What brand of cocoa powder did he have in that big tub?
waterbitten - Month ago
Aluminum.. Brad logic never fails to fail..
l t
l t - Month ago
Brad is so likable 😂💕
Alexandra Campos
Alexandra Campos - Month ago
8:21 Michael Scott The Office Season 1 Episode 1
Steves Music
Steves Music - Month ago
clair rocks. always
Lawrence K. Wong
Lawrence K. Wong - Month ago
Molly rolling her eyes.. hahaha.. lmao.. and Brad say, ahh, nobody's perfect..
Kamilia Hernandez
Kamilia Hernandez - Month ago
did he really just throw 2 egg whites in the garbage? like.. not even the compost... the garbage??? wtf
Sourav - Month ago
Am I the only one who mostly watches Brad's Video for the funny edits?
q a
q a - Month ago
M - Month ago
He looks like a guy who helped me at Home Depot once.
Irene - Month ago
When the iron is hot you can toast bread between it to test it! It works perfectly and you waste less batter.
heyitskristie - Month ago
4:26 I initially heard this as "It's going to get real battery here" and thought to myself, wow...this is an aggressive recipe.
Gamer Therapy
Gamer Therapy - Month ago
I feel like I could have a really good conversation with Brad since we both kind of communicate in gestures and short, expressive statements when excited about something.
I want AllTheDogs
I want AllTheDogs - Month ago
Get you someone that treats you like Brad treats Vinnie.
Luke Cieniawski
Luke Cieniawski - Month ago
Love those edits
Knockout Artist
Knockout Artist - Month ago
2:48: he meant the compost bin. Shame shame. :)
xTruexProdigyx - Month ago
Molly is total Wifey material. I'm allergic to chocolate and I've never heard a woman says she dislikes chocolate! We would be a perfect match. Have my chocolate free, brown babies 😍.
Elizacoco - Month ago
Chris Morocco: Computer LMAO
lailinshale - Month ago
Aris Rose
Aris Rose - Month ago
Annina Lorenzo
Annina Lorenzo - Month ago
i hope you composted those eggs brad :(
Adrianna Miller
Adrianna Miller - Month ago
Looks delicious! And I agree- an affogato is the best application for a shot of espresso!
Zwordsman - Month ago
I'm glad things pammed out for you in the end Brad.
G T - Month ago
brad needs his dayli dosis of claire
Yossi Cohen
Yossi Cohen - Month ago
as it happens to be I am high right now and you are a 100% correct
Robert Salas
Robert Salas - Month ago
I stopped watching because he was pronouncing pizzelle completely wrong.
Matt Mahoney
Matt Mahoney - Month ago
Funny spread you have going. Brad: funny how? That edit had me dying
Seacláide Agus Fola
Seacláide Agus Fola - Month ago
We need a Vinny counter lol
Julien Tornillo
Julien Tornillo - Month ago
Wearing a foam brewery shirt Shout out to Burlington Vermont
Jessie - Month ago
Brad has big Julien Solomita energy.
Sarah - Month ago
Do you guys not recycle?
thestralblut - Month ago
I love BA but sometimes I've got the feeling they waste a little much. Like those egg whites could maybe have been used for something else?
RoseQuinzel - Month ago
I have my great grandmother’s pizelle maker, it’s like a waffle iron and I love it. It’s probably from the 30’s. I make them all the time. They don’t make things like they used to
flourchylde49 - Month ago
Love, love, love Uncle Brad but where did he get his cooking experience...…..Sesame Street Culinary
John Orgovan
John Orgovan - Month ago
i have two cats, so when the cat edits get thrown in i legit think my cat has broken something
East_Coast - Month ago
So I take it there's no paper(egg crate)/plastic recycling or composting happening over at BA.
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