Crosswalk the Musical: Aladdin ft. Will Smith, Naomi Scott & Mena Massoud

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Cesar Cesar
Cesar Cesar - 6 hours ago
Gacha_ Lily
Gacha_ Lily - 12 hours ago
wilsen twins
wilsen twins - 18 hours ago
Thats entertaining
Sierra’s Challenges
Sierra’s Challenges - 18 hours ago
Idk how much times I laughed!😂😂😂
Ira Aurora
Ira Aurora - 20 hours ago
The forklift got me
Izzy Deticio
Izzy Deticio - 21 hour ago
I feel that they work hard for that😩😅
Holly Johns
Holly Johns - 22 hours ago
HappyIka 1987
HappyIka 1987 - Day ago
9:27 😂😂😂😂
HappyIka 1987
HappyIka 1987 - Day ago
The guy who came out of the car window is the best! 😂😂😂😂
Team KARA Cambodia
Team KARA Cambodia - Day ago
Amazing 😍😂
christian peralta
christian peralta - Day ago
how ridiculous when they start running fOR there lives 😂😂 CARSSS
Ashobur Haiqal El Yannow
Kalau kalian datang ke indonesia pasti disambut Lebih meriah
kwon jisoo
kwon jisoo - Day ago
1:17, really Mena hand's were so comfortable in her shoulder. they look like a couple casually waiting for a cab on their way their date lol.
Tethis Nomf
Tethis Nomf - Day ago
are this people dead inside!!!!!!!! seriously if it was me would have join them! This is amazing!
Tethis Nomf
Tethis Nomf - Day ago
at first was so disappointed that Will Smith wasn't there, Love him
ภาคภูมิ มาเยอะ
I think should have to continue narrate giant Jini movie . How he can get in to a lamb.
Senyorita A
Senyorita A - Day ago
Omg❤️ I love it❤️❤️❤️
Von Dei
Von Dei - Day ago
How can so many people not like this? This is hilarious this is a classic!!🧞‍♂️
You ain't my boyfriend And I ain't you girlfriend
Wait minute *ALADDIN* IS ARAB or Indian? Someone help me 😩😐
Bikram Aditya Das
Bikram Aditya Das - Day ago
Defit Susanto
Defit Susanto - Day ago
Gajanan Sable
Gajanan Sable - 2 days ago
Thumbnail at 8:57
Alex Nevskiy
Alex Nevskiy - 2 days ago
Это прекрасно! Ребята подняли настроение. Мне вообще нравятся подобные контакты актёров и известных лиц с публикой. Все актёры просто молодцы!
Lightning1707 - 2 days ago
7:14 😂😂😂
D. ML - 2 days ago
aladin 😍💛❤💚💙💜
Nekomin7 StayCaratWeloArmy
Krishane Ann Antigo
Krishane Ann Antigo - 2 days ago
Genie, I wish I was there 😭😭
Md Sadi
Md Sadi - 2 days ago
Fuck those people in the car.they have no reaction to see the cast of aladin.really? can't believe that🤔
Running Man
Running Man - 2 days ago
They might not be in a mood.I mean sometimes I have no mood and I dont really feel happines or fub
Danielle Barbosa
Danielle Barbosa - 2 days ago
Muito bom! kkkkk 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Se eu estivesse lá sairia do carro e começaria a dançar e cantar com eles 😄❤️
It's Jevg!
It's Jevg! - 3 days ago
😂😂😂 that was so cool! 😍😍😍
Edwin Yaril
Edwin Yaril - 3 days ago
7:14 I died 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Arixnne xX
Arixnne xX - 3 days ago
*im watching aladdin-*
joe O Flaherty
joe O Flaherty - 3 days ago
Avatar: The Musical???
Paul Ian Del Rosario
Paul Ian Del Rosario - 3 days ago
누팡 - 4 days ago
drive-in movies : Crosswalk edition
Choco Boy
Choco Boy - 4 days ago
I love Will Smith
Donna day Avery
Donna day Avery - 4 days ago
Iloveyouuguys. Goodjob
Emmie Varela
Emmie Varela - 4 days ago
Mum: how was your day sweetie?
Me: Kinda boring, stuck in traffic and Will Smith preforming in the street

I kinda sweared I heard Micheal Scott!!!
Mia Phsyco
Mia Phsyco - 4 days ago
Avatar, srmurfs, blue man group, small brain answers
キツメ猫 - 4 days ago
スティーブSteve - 4 days ago
Crosswalk the musical: Peter Pan ft. Tom Holland has Peter Pan and zendaya has tigrilla
Iban Chinoy
Iban Chinoy - 5 days ago
This was GREAT!!!😍😍😆😆
Samantha Daley
Samantha Daley - 5 days ago
I can stop laughing
Javier Yagual
Javier Yagual - 5 days ago
6:24 The Genie brings Hancock to the scene
Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin - 5 days ago
I love llasmin 😋
AveSaimon - 5 days ago
Naprawdę to kogoś bawi?
Bunga Larasati
Bunga Larasati - 6 days ago
thats INSANE hahahahha ❤
莉緒 - 6 days ago
kokkbunny 30
kokkbunny 30 - 6 days ago
I dont know why some people in the car were bored? What they did was entertaining, imagine seeing them in person, God ?!, These people are sick
Emily And Sarah
Emily And Sarah - 6 days ago
Bonjor des quie a dar moncho
Emily And Sarah
Emily And Sarah - 6 days ago
Des quiet Adar bonjor
Emily And Sarah
Emily And Sarah - 6 days ago
Res quite a dar
Alexis Chaparro
Alexis Chaparro - 6 days ago
You know the Honks are not real right...?
ミニドラPeace - 6 days ago
Lazy Sunny
Lazy Sunny - 6 days ago
*wow people don’t realize how lucky they are*
simplegirl265 - 7 days ago
Naomi in her throne during Prince Ali was awesome
K.C. Moimoii
K.C. Moimoii - 7 days ago
Wow, its so amazing... It makes me laught so hard... I learn something from this.. plus, if i was the person sitting in one of those car... Omg, I'm sure it will be the luckiest day of my life....
Jay Reyes
Jay Reyes - 7 days ago

Say your welcome
Jay Reyes
Jay Reyes - 7 days ago
Actually say thx
Emmanuel Jeremy
Emmanuel Jeremy - 7 days ago
It's kinda sad that this is the first time that James will let his minions say the name of the musical that they would be performing and they just ruined it.
Madhan Way Zain
Madhan Way Zain - 7 days ago
Walikota depok terinspirasi dri acara ini
Mah Jalimo
Mah Jalimo - 7 days ago
Not good like previous
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