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And none of them washed their hands. Gross.
Silver Snow
Silver Snow - 2 months ago
Liang Yang is so hot in this film!
Elkmar Ali
Elkmar Ali - 4 months ago
Proof Goku would beat superman.
BigTonyBruiser - 4 months ago
why everything so fragile in that bathroom?
Pre114 - 4 months ago
This is honestly the best scene in the whole movie, the Chinese guy is absolutely savage, and I hope he gets to be in more movies and TV shows, seeing him fight is a joy.
koolmspellednaim - 6 months ago
Ethan Hunt's overwhelming and unbalanced defeat in this scene frustrates me because i considered him to be "the best", although he's not invulnerable. This is only made worse by the fact that he fell to a previously unheard of character. It taints him as a weaker character in general. I'm left wondering if this scene was portrayed this way to cater to the Chinese audience, since it's the largest film market outside the US, and this film did decently well over there.
the Flame
the Flame - 7 months ago
That Asian guy will beat Thanos
Fernando Santiago Rodriguez Escudero
Famosa escena, de la película del año 2018, me importan 3 putos cojones lo que digan los Oscar
YoungWarrior XV
YoungWarrior XV - 8 months ago
When you and your friend try to fight your brother
TK Yang
TK Yang - 8 months ago
No shakey cam....this is how you film a real action scene.
TechWise08 - 10 months ago
This actually footage of Tom Cruise leaving Scientology
Braece - 10 months ago
Legends say they are still fighting+
Henry Jekyll
Henry Jekyll - 10 months ago
0:30 Henry Cavill has so much testosterone his beard grows by reloading his arms.
messibo - 10 months ago
Guys remember streets of rage for the sega genesis?. Play this scene with this track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEx6v1IMK8Y XD A true boss fight!
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 11 months ago
I bet the stunt coordinator is Chinese. The fighting style screams Yuen Woo-ping and Donnie Yen movies.
Hannibalistic - 11 months ago
0:19 He should've finished him with a crushing blow to the head, he had time.
Hyun Kim
Hyun Kim - 11 months ago
Another Asian bad guy. Why am I not surprised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UoTP7bgyrE
Axel KZXX - Year ago
Jackie chan and jet li remastered
Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma
Hilmon Stigler. Isaac jr
God bless Mission Impossible from Isaac Junior in the family
The Shy Gamer
The Shy Gamer - Year ago
Loved the p
Part where they went UH
SilentEvil2 - Year ago
Any other boxers here spazing over Cavill's double left hook?
西村ほのか - Year ago
Rubbishyoutuber - Year ago
The Asian gentleman has one scene and completely pwns both of them! Respect!
York Chao
York Chao - Year ago
Stormtrooper “TR-8R” vs Ethan Hunt + Superman
Alway John Rallos
Alway John Rallos - Year ago
Henry cavill is so huge, too slow for an a chinese martial arts, he better stay being supman
Alway John Rallos
Alway John Rallos - Year ago
Damn I thought this guy is lee byung-hun or jay chou, asians in hollywood movies are really dope af when it comes to fighting
Elvis Wang
Elvis Wang - Year ago
Ip man vs. 10 Black belts.
Elvis Wang
Elvis Wang - Year ago
Ip man vs. 10 Black belts.
Elvis Wang
Elvis Wang - Year ago
Ip man vs. 10 Black belts.
Elvis Wang
Elvis Wang - Year ago
Ip man vs. 10 Black belts.
Elvis Wang
Elvis Wang - Year ago
Ip man vs. 10 Black belts.
Sam Fragoso
Sam Fragoso - Year ago
0:36 listen to his punches, it's the mission impossible theme
Sam Fragoso
Sam Fragoso - 10 months ago
@Michael T. Paulo sucks to suck
Michael T. Paulo
Michael T. Paulo - 10 months ago
I don’t get it
redetrigan - Year ago
This is the best action sequence in the movie
Coops - Year ago
0:18 pro move right there!
Coops - Year ago
Remind me to never start a fight with an asian when i travel abroad, holy shit!
hieu nguyen
hieu nguyen - Year ago
there is always an asian better than both of you
Fernando Huallpa
Fernando Huallpa - Year ago
aymen ch
aymen ch - Year ago
Enjoy the fucking scene and stop complaining about the god damn walls.
Pranav Kasturi
Pranav Kasturi - Year ago
Poor Henry Cavill's throat
sarju puri
sarju puri - Year ago
Came to see this after listening to this movie's theme.
Ciné FLO
Ciné FLO - Year ago
Une très belle scène d'action
Sheriff Mozgill
Sheriff Mozgill - Year ago
I sped up the fight for 1.25 because it feels a little bit slow. It might be just me.
Dave Games
Dave Games - Year ago
You have to watch the full fight scene, this trailer does it no justice. The choreography is super top notch
Captain Pugglesworth
Interesting bit of trivia, Liang Yang was also Traitor Trooper from Force Awakens and one of the Praetorian Guards in The Last Jedi
Tristan21 1918
Tristan21 1918 - Year ago
This guy can defeat Thanos
WEBev - Year ago
This is what you call good fight scene, kids
saleem suliman
saleem suliman - Year ago
I remember long time ago when Danny glover and Mel gibsons ass was kicked by jet li in lethal weapon 4
IndieManMedia !
IndieManMedia ! - Year ago
That toss threw the mirror and then when he reloaded his arms are some of the best things I’ve ever seen. So brutal and badass.
MrTweetyhack - Year ago
Japanese guy was badass
김성일 - Year ago
He is Liang yang (FN-2199)
Brandon Tse
Brandon Tse - Year ago
0:07 YEET!
Ero Sennin
Ero Sennin - Year ago
Where were you? ...getting my ASS kicked...
Aseem Kulkarni
Aseem Kulkarni - Year ago
Asians, I tell you.
MarvelFan1207 - Year ago
Janitor: Not this again!
ГУР - Year ago
Manny Velez
Manny Velez - Year ago
Batman would've handled this with ease.
David - Year ago
This is the most white bathroom in the world
Jason Movies Review
Jason Movies Review - Year ago
I thought If change to Ethan Hunt to Jack Reacher. Jack will won this fight scene without Herny Cavill he will broke his Asain leg and arm.
TouchGameplay - Year ago
you think they used some CGI and i don't mean in the fight but to edit out the camera etc. With using glass some of the shots must of had the camera appear in reflections.
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