Recess with Liza Koshy and Kevin Hart

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XXXTentacion - 5 minutes ago
who else watching in 4k ?
Angelo Mordasini
Angelo Mordasini - 21 hour ago
i deadass would've been the one kid to be at home that day pretending to be sick
ZamDave Aquino
ZamDave Aquino - Day ago
That blue haired kid is so polite.
ʟᴀʏʟᴀ sᴀʙᴇʀ2 ღ
Once you tap on the video, did yall see thanos?
Dallas Zebra
Dallas Zebra - 2 days ago
Omg!! It triggered me that Kevin has too small of a hoop to hola hoop
Azrira Threesixty
Azrira Threesixty - 3 days ago
Nobody's gonna congratulate baby girl for keeping it together and not crying even though she clearly hated being last? She almost broke and gave up no less than 3 times but she sucked it back up and kept moving
Celia H.
Celia H. - 3 days ago
That little girl tripped me out with her double Dutch skills. Woah!
Jessica Gale
Jessica Gale - 3 days ago
The rock is better
Jo G
Jo G - 3 days ago
Her voice sounds alot more different!! Anyone agree?
Gina - 5 days ago
Lmfao....this is how the girls from the hood used to do...
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*Its Recess Time*
*Its Rewind Time*
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz - 7 days ago
I love how the kids said now
Or never I guess Never 😂
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz - 7 days ago
She is a utuber she got to meet a famous celebrity so lucky
Daniel Bustamante
Daniel Bustamante - 7 days ago
Liza has a thot not on
Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson - 7 days ago
Wtf kind of privileged recess is this
Sanjai BR
Sanjai BR - 8 days ago
Try going a episode with 🤘 rock
Small Burrito
Small Burrito - 9 days ago
I went from skinny and having fun in recess to not even having grass, having to run in a parking lot for p.e and fat
Kari Kristjansson
Kari Kristjansson - 9 days ago
Do parkour
GLITTER GOALS - 10 days ago
I ain’t been able to cuss all day😂😂
Jermica Portillo
Jermica Portillo - 10 days ago
A duo we never new we needed💀
Yo Lost Child
Yo Lost Child - 11 days ago
Lisa so precious 😍
SeekJesusJohn316 - 11 days ago
Love how God d**n and Jesus Chr**t are not bleeped out. That's using the Lord's name in vain. JUST STOP!
Hunter Crain
Hunter Crain - 12 days ago
Liza is so cute
BeDazzling Aesthetics
BeDazzling Aesthetics - 12 days ago
My two favourite people,Kevin Hart because of ‘First Time Cussing’ and Liza Koshi because of her awesome personality
Ava _2004
Ava _2004 - 14 days ago
Corey Stevenston
Corey Stevenston - 15 days ago
"Is Kevin Hart famous?" Buhahahahaha thrash hilarious!!
Corey Stevenston
Corey Stevenston - 15 days ago
"Is Kevin Hart famous?" Buhahahahaha thrash hilarious!!
Alana Williams
Alana Williams - 15 days ago
You should do volleyball or surfing
Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 16 days ago
Why they only do vids w rich kids lol
BellASMR Asmr
BellASMR Asmr - 16 days ago
Kids are so funny towards home
My fav you look six feet and the other five six and again five seven and again I’m almost as tall as you I’m four one lol 😂
Sierra Anderson
Sierra Anderson - 16 days ago
Kevin:anyone know any jokes
Some kid:Kevin Hart
Sierra Anderson
Sierra Anderson - 16 days ago
I’m 13,a girl and taller than Kevin Hart💀😂
Malaky Evans
Malaky Evans - 17 days ago
It's a pure pleasure to see her growth..WORD UP!!!..VERY talented and funny..AND!
Z - 17 days ago
Liza just a wife for me
Angie Leung
Angie Leung - 18 days ago
*The dynamic duo we never thought we needed*
WeirdGirlNextDoor c:
WeirdGirlNextDoor c: - 18 days ago
Why do I ship Liza with Kevin??
Everything Slime
Everything Slime - 18 days ago
That’s at my school playground
Bianca Dempster
Bianca Dempster - 19 days ago
TonyBuddz Kartel
TonyBuddz Kartel - 19 days ago
Liza is so beautiful she can catch this bitchotaso & have my kids💙💯
Evelyn Chavez
Evelyn Chavez - 19 days ago
Who else laughed at the end where Liza was like “she’s trying to run away from her”
Alpha Girl2005
Alpha Girl2005 - 19 days ago
Watch your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠
Moonlight Xandra
Moonlight Xandra - 19 days ago
the two best short comedians in the world 😂💀
MARKO j - 20 days ago
Yo kevin you should take vin diesel on the what the fit show
Oluchi Emukah
Oluchi Emukah - 20 days ago
Ajpank Vlogs
Ajpank Vlogs - 20 days ago
Can you sub to my and this one my YouTube channel name is Amanda Kee I’m a boy
Macaela Walker
Macaela Walker - 20 days ago
So funny lol😭😭
Toxic Angel
Toxic Angel - 20 days ago
*We love hilarious short people*
Go Away xD
Go Away xD - 20 days ago
8:53 when I see homework
Emily Rosario
Emily Rosario - 20 days ago
Why liza voice sound squeaky asf
Amari Thompson
Amari Thompson - 21 day ago
I have been waiting for this collab! Two of my fav ppl!!
Kjana Deklerck
Kjana Deklerck - 21 day ago
I did rope skipping for 5 years but stopped cuz it got boring, it was intense yuuup. Double dutch was my fave thing to do tho, but its easier to jump in by the left side of the people with the ropes (atleast for me)
Jacob Lindberg
Jacob Lindberg - 23 days ago
Kevin Heart is a good soul!
Mozibur Rahman
Mozibur Rahman - 24 days ago
You’re gonna lose cuz you’re slow 🤣
Amber Something
Amber Something - 25 days ago
Who is Liza Koshy - she was kind of annoying and not funny. Worst episode of the whole series - ugh!
AshaRanae - 25 days ago
Love this
Maria G Trevino
Maria G Trevino - 25 days ago
Well first of all Liza already got dress coded for wearing leggings🤣🤣srry had to point it out
Bee Life
Bee Life - 25 days ago
At the last part of the video it looks like kevin has sweat glasses under his chest
Kudzanai Tenga
Kudzanai Tenga - 25 days ago
Stop wriggling your butt n jump in😂😂 got me laughing hard 😂😂
fum fop
fum fop - 25 days ago
This honestly makes me sad bcause I'm in middle school and we dont have recess anymore.......never thought id say this but.......I miss tag
Overlord Player Ceddy
Overlord Player Ceddy - 25 days ago
Wheres the gadgets?
Cupid Animates
Cupid Animates - 25 days ago
I would be crying and be the lonely one
KaiaLeighB - 25 days ago
this is exactly what happens when i miss school
Bobana Vlahovic
Bobana Vlahovic - 26 days ago
Even before watching I appreciated this video because these are two of my favorite people in the world!!!!!!
Anthony Coussa
Anthony Coussa - 26 days ago
I can Hula hoop for ten min
wake up to see stars
wake up to see stars - 26 days ago

Heart Blue
Heart Blue - 26 days ago
Wheres david?
Regular Svensk
Regular Svensk - 26 days ago
The lil girls is almost taller than Kevin
Ivy Mies
Ivy Mies - 27 days ago
Don’t worry keiven I don’t know how to hula hoop eather
isla claire
isla claire - 27 days ago
If Kevin walked in my school I would look him dead in the eye and say “ *and I’m Kanye west* “
sosa - 27 days ago
Liza is so cute!
Rose Glorioso
Rose Glorioso - 27 days ago
Kid: I'm gonna beat you, and you're gonna loose!

Kid wins! [LAST PLACE!]
Gacha Moon UwU
Gacha Moon UwU - 28 days ago
The guy with the blue hair tho 😂
*Fast and furious*
5 seconds later
*Fast and furious*
Again ;-;
*Fast and furious*
Fiery Nyree Jain
Fiery Nyree Jain - 28 days ago
8:53 me when the teacher says we are doing a test
ARMY - 28 days ago
I always did all of these things when I was younger, I hope kids keep doing this instead of playing on their phones.. They shouldn’t even have a phone at that age tbh.
Chris Kue
Chris Kue - 28 days ago
Hay Kevin there’s a girl that I like at school can you give me information how to Make her like me
ElixaMarrow - 28 days ago
oBioHaz - 28 days ago
all i remember from recess was non stop playing football lmao
Ana Vilar
Ana Vilar - 28 days ago
Liza and him should date
Aisha Nabila
Aisha Nabila - 29 days ago
The little girl directly behind Kevin is practically invisible.
Aziz Sharipov
Aziz Sharipov - 29 days ago
Liza is so pretty
Harsh Timothy
Harsh Timothy - Month ago
Did Cardi B lose weight all of a sudden ? Lol
kyelli martinez
kyelli martinez - Month ago
Where can I go to meet Kevin Hart I love him
Sarah B
Sarah B - Month ago
I’m definitely taller then Kevin Hart honestly
Layla Hellandbrand
Layla Hellandbrand - Month ago
Recess ahhh the life now we’ve got sbac testing and cramped backs and fingers
Nazmun Bhuiyan
Nazmun Bhuiyan - Month ago
Because you slow

Borna Gamer
Borna Gamer - Month ago
8:23 i would laugh so hard if kevin said its because shes fat😂😂
Savanna Hulgan
Savanna Hulgan - Month ago
Who else thought kevin sounded rude to some of the kids
Anthony Whitby
Anthony Whitby - Month ago
Ig nobody peeped rocky driving the bus 0:34
Queen Sa'Day
Queen Sa'Day - Month ago
Maybe 1foot no inches
elizabeth George
elizabeth George - Month ago
I like the Nick Nolty😁😁
fatma alawadhi
fatma alawadhi - Month ago
I love how natural she is ahhhhh naturally beautiful 😍😍
Will Herron
Will Herron - Month ago
Give me another glad add I dare you
just emily
just emily - Month ago
WTF stands for what the fit😃
HeyImKeller - Month ago
haha, kids are so ruthless.
luckyme0511 - Month ago
I’m counting down the day when some hits Liza Koshy with an suv! God I hate her face
Sara KJohny
Sara KJohny - Month ago
Liza would be his kid
Try hard Player
Try hard Player - Month ago
Dagmar jurkič
Dagmar jurkič - Month ago
Are you in fast and ferious?
If you mean Tyrese yes
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist - Month ago
;D)))ahhhh man Nick Nolte is one coOooL kid n yea that raspy voice , mek a good rapper / vocalist / voice over ;D
Lil Waffle
Lil Waffle - Month ago
Kevin should be on the short bus
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