Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Fortnite God 13
Fortnite God 13 - День назад
We need a episode with faze rug and jake Paul
Max Kastner
Max Kastner - 4 дня назад
Get deestroying on here
Max Kastner
Max Kastner - 4 дня назад
Noah Lewis
Noah Lewis - 4 дня назад
The beginning was so extra bra we know you play football 🤣🤣
daniel matta
daniel matta - 7 дней назад
Damn he don’t know about Academy!?
Muhammad Mikhail
Muhammad Mikhail - 9 дней назад
where this shop at?
CASSPurr Waspurr
CASSPurr Waspurr - 11 дней назад
damn nikes are fucking cheap in america!!!
CASSPurr Waspurr
CASSPurr Waspurr - 11 дней назад
damn nikes are fucking cheap in america!!!
Christopher - 12 дней назад
Does anyone know what jacket Odell's wearing?
Zho - 13 дней назад
Dillon Harris
Dillon Harris - 14 дней назад
Why am I just now seeing this in my recommend 2 months later
Malachi Feo
Malachi Feo - 16 дней назад
It doesn’t matter how u dress nigga
Nikhil Ramchandani
Nikhil Ramchandani - 16 дней назад
I think you should actually ask them about their careers as well
crazy dj
crazy dj - 17 дней назад
Love obj
crazy dj
crazy dj - 17 дней назад
Love odl
crazy dj
crazy dj - 17 дней назад
Love odell
S3 STJ - 17 дней назад
Is his hair silver
Gdog 04
Gdog 04 - 18 дней назад
Hoooooooold up academy is only in the south and Texas?
Trent Bentley
Trent Bentley - 18 дней назад
He paid with bitcoin
emery bucholz-kasten
emery bucholz-kasten - 21 день назад
obj your secent cosen is my teacher
Dylan Langhel
Dylan Langhel - 23 дня назад
Oh yeah yeah
juliana e. vega
juliana e. vega - 23 дня назад
no cap he kinda fine
LaPrincia Hobdy TV
LaPrincia Hobdy TV - 23 дня назад
Odell Beckham I’m looking for you lol 💕💕💕 you have really good taste in shoes 👏👏
Callie Overstreet
Callie Overstreet - 25 дней назад
Tell Odell he should start his own YouTube channel.
Devante Turnt
Devante Turnt - 26 дней назад
Tbh them shoes wasn’t all that
Bob Castro
Bob Castro - 28 дней назад
I’m dead y’all don’t know what Academy is Texas shit only on gang
Boss Boi
Boss Boi - 28 дней назад
this guy is a great receiver but a monumental douche.
Triple D Texas
Triple D Texas - 29 дней назад
Y’all need to get ZEKE!!!!!!!
EvoMusic - Месяц назад
Here for the eye candy...
Amaan Waren
Amaan Waren - Месяц назад
Oh yeah yeah
UFO Skizz
UFO Skizz - Месяц назад
Who the fuck is this idiot?
Jim Sword
Jim Sword - Месяц назад
On Sundays Odell plays Wide Receiver Every other day of the week, he playes Tight End!
Ha ha ha!😂😂🤣
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Will Smith lol...if you think I want you..lol..that is sad..try sex..lol..Try Trae the Truth Will Watkins..I wanna fuck you...lol..
My n8gga look ain't in my league..Smarter then you better then you your wife is bitch not me y'all don't be me
Who took ya shit!!
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Keep the booty fucking down.
You ain't never seen slob on no n8gga dick but they got your ass like that.. Dez don't why you ho
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Imma sorry Heather but Imma smash..nerotic bitch
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
You will need to give it to Me. Bryant..fake ass..Stop saying lawd how mercy..neva know if I will fuck ya daddy bitch..
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Gon give back your uniform..
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Revenge is sweet
Kechia Edmond
Kechia Edmond - Месяц назад
Say ho ass Biggs watch who the fuck you dble cross..your shoe line I breathe life and it's about as selling as zircon diamonds..gay..who gave you obj..a to..my self swolled up on y'all asses several times
..a bitch you will forever be..unemployed..playa
QueOnda 123
QueOnda 123 - Месяц назад
Fucking sexy motherfucker!
eRa Flavour
eRa Flavour - Месяц назад
„see what he’s feeling, what now“
Dale Why
Dale Why - Месяц назад
Anyone know what jacket Odell is wearing?
Outlaw GT
Outlaw GT - Месяц назад
I cant wait for the fall of Babylon...
Cheryl Shamiss
Cheryl Shamiss - Месяц назад
Gota do a conor McGregor episode
XxxWolfAcion Wolfe
XxxWolfAcion Wolfe - Месяц назад
Do a Elliott 21 running back for the cowboys please
Mid Knight Gaming
Mid Knight Gaming - Месяц назад
Around 1 a year but i get 1 really nice shoe
Pattman Smith
Pattman Smith - Месяц назад
Preston Smith
Preston Smith - Месяц назад
anyone know the shoe he grabbed at 1:54 ?
Katelyn R
Katelyn R - Месяц назад
I forgot about Odell
Leticia Chavez
Leticia Chavez - Месяц назад
1:19 I have the Nike air huaraches
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller - Месяц назад
Get Will Smith he’s perfect for this!!!!!
Daniel Cushinan
Daniel Cushinan - Месяц назад
Do Cam Newton
Garay Power
Garay Power - Месяц назад
This nigga wack. Another dude with blonde hair lmao
Michelle Alexander
Michelle Alexander - Месяц назад
Smile is amazing 😍🤣 one attractive man gzzz ..lol
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart - Месяц назад
6ix9ine goes sneaker shoping
JustDestiny - 3 дня назад
69 goes to jail.
godsamir nawrozada
godsamir nawrozada - 7 дней назад
That'll never happen
Dorothy Dorivert
Dorothy Dorivert - Месяц назад
Can he be any CUTER😍😍
Jose Aviles
Jose Aviles - Месяц назад
Do DONALD TRUMP I just want to see if he’ll buy the whole store
Dollar Boy
Dollar Boy - Месяц назад
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Shy McLean
Shy McLean - Месяц назад
Can I have her job lol or either of them
just1nmcd - Месяц назад
Sneaker shopping... Some very low priorities in life there. Congratulations on buying 3rd world made overpriced shoes. I'm sure the young kid that made them in a poorly lit fabrication factory for 7 cents an hour appreciates it very much. Way to have no standard of life other than consuming, buying, lying and dying
Josh Brown
Josh Brown - Месяц назад
Fuck this dude
Fortnite Thug
Fortnite Thug - Месяц назад
Big dick Dave you watched these stuff???
Sublime Bud
Sublime Bud - Месяц назад
Is Odell transitioning into a white female ? Blonde hair ? Shoes ? Ear ring ? ....... watch out Bruce
Caneshia wade
Caneshia wade - Месяц назад
Ezra 💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰😂😂😂🥰🥰😍🤑🤑👅
Joseph Tippett
Joseph Tippett - Месяц назад
What are those camo looking shoes at 4:10 by Odell?
Dee Eagle
Dee Eagle - Месяц назад
in the nike flagship store? boring all them sneaks are basic
Dee Eagle
Dee Eagle - Месяц назад
in the nike flagship store? boring all them sneaks are basic
J Mac
J Mac - Месяц назад
Odell is the type of dude to wake up with cock on his breath
Poised ScxR
Poised ScxR - Месяц назад
1:24 did he jus get bigger?
Poised ScxR
Poised ScxR - Месяц назад
I kno it’s the camera, but that looks crazy af
Alissa Pique
Alissa Pique - Месяц назад
Omg he’s. My best friend my dad cuts his hair 😍
Nigel Romabau
Nigel Romabau - Месяц назад
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💔🌎💔🌎🌀
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Lejohntae jelly fam Phelps
Lejohntae jelly fam Phelps - Месяц назад
We need a lebron episode
indicity - Месяц назад
The shoes at the store were weak
Frank T
Frank T - Месяц назад
He's a nobody again. did shit this year
santino rice jr.
santino rice jr. - Месяц назад
that new contract make them shoes cheap for him
Adrienn Papp
Adrienn Papp - Месяц назад
I have The First shoes He chose but In The colour under it
Adrienn Papp
Adrienn Papp - Месяц назад
He has 4 colour hair!
Hazen Breneman
Hazen Breneman - Месяц назад
Go obj!😁😁😁😁🏉🏉
Gboy Tunechi
Gboy Tunechi - Месяц назад
Daezhaun Ross
Daezhaun Ross - Месяц назад
Tall Dbyoungsta really tho
Devil OfDares
Devil OfDares - 2 месяца назад
I like da glow in the dark
Ibraheem Choudhary
Ibraheem Choudhary - 2 месяца назад
What jacket is object wearing?
Timothy Fuse
Timothy Fuse - 2 месяца назад
Need a brush them shits
Patron - 2 месяца назад
Probably one of the most unentertaining episodes
Jay Wills
Jay Wills - 2 месяца назад
$1500 for some fucki nikes idk
kkk - 2 месяца назад
the 🤡 needs ta go weed whacker shoppin to weed whack that weed off its head 🙄 so it can see to catch this 🏈
Jade Avera
Jade Avera - 2 месяца назад
Lisa Warren
Lisa Warren - 2 месяца назад
💋💋💋💋💋💋💋OBJ that's Bae 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Фил Фил
Фил Фил - 2 месяца назад
Lmao,the me can niqa
peeprz boi
peeprz boi - 2 месяца назад
Don't ruin your $300 dollar shoes playing football 😂😂
Mo's Extroardinary Persona
Mo's Extroardinary Persona - 2 месяца назад
~......I ain't never denied living in the Suburbs......My Parents did alright....they was struggling to pay bills tho... I wasn't Rich....LOL...I ain't never like askin Anybody for anything Anyway....I tried to look Rich tho....lol .....I had Jordans here and there....I Still Remember some "Randy Moss Jordans" I had...and a couple Retros....I wore Jumpman too just to be Different...LOL...But I also had Sandles, Shaqs & Payless shoes in the Collection too....LOL.......I Always wanted the "Kevin Garnett Flightposite 2 sneakers" in the Gold/Zinc Color......Everybody talkin bout Jordans....I Love Jordan sneakers too but, them "KG Flightpositie 2" joints is Underrated..........If "Ironman" wore Sneakers, it would b them Joints....LOL...Them Sneakers look like they was made for them Robot feet...LOL................Maaaaaa....n.......Thats it....LOL..When I get in Financial Position......Its Ova.....LOL....Imma be Inventin All Types of Shi#%t.....LOL....Don't Worry ya'll.....When I Get Rich ...Im Hookin Everybody Up...LOL....Imma Be the Rich Plug....Ya'll Need in Life..."Plug Man...Plug Man...Yea thats Meeeeeheeeheeeeeheee"....(Haha Davis mixed with Jacquees Voice...LOL) ...When Moe Eat... We All Eat.... I Got Everybody.....Im Buying Everythang.....LOL....Im goin on a "Spend or Die Trying Shopping Spree".......LOL.......Im Creatin...."Gold Bar Glow in the Dark Jordans".....Its Ova....LOL....Imma Glow in the Dark ...My Suburban Neighborhood Streets....What!?.....Its Ova....LOL.....Im Buying All U Can Eat Buffet Tickets for the Homeless All Year Long......No EBT cards Neccessary.....Matter of Fact No Foodstamp Cards Allowed.....LOL.......Hiring a Whole Lottery Team...of Experts...Automatically....Asap.....LOL......Im Buying All the Referees for My "Starboys" to win the SuperBowl.......LOL..Im Goin Tesla Shopping....Im Puttin Diamonds on the Rims.....LOL...Im Puttin a Jet pack in the Back.....Imma ..."007James Bond ....Batman Batwing" that whole car...lol....When its finished... its gonna look like a Transformer...LOL.....I know Im Dreamin......But Wait for Me.....the Game?......Its Ova.....LOL....Im Comin Ya'll......Moe Only Human......Have Patience........LOL....
ElizaMo’nay - 2 месяца назад
A delicious man PERIOD
Footy 4
Footy 4 - 2 месяца назад
Get 69
Footy 4
Footy 4 - 2 месяца назад
Antony Joshua in England edition
Pixel_Geist - 2 месяца назад
Barack people always worrying about their feet
Lynnsy Morrow
Lynnsy Morrow - 2 месяца назад
Who Miss Odell Beckham when he got injured put a dumps up
Jackson McAllister
Jackson McAllister - 2 месяца назад
Sports Authority is gone now
T C - 2 месяца назад
Love historical slaves buying shoe made by present day slaves...serve masta
McCullum Damps
McCullum Damps - 2 месяца назад
Need Kanye 👍🏾👍🏾
adaydreamhd - 2 месяца назад
the weakening
cregless clark
cregless clark - 2 месяца назад
you know obj didnt pay a dime for those shoes lol
Rasmus - 2 месяца назад
Do a episode with russel westbrook
528302 - 2 месяца назад
He can get it on GP! He is sexy and handsome!
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