LaMelo Ball's Incredible Evolution Through The Years! From 5'5" to 6'7" In 4 Years!

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Tlaloc Torres
Tlaloc Torres - 9 hours ago
Let’s make an evolution vid of his hair
Kaiel Crawford
Kaiel Crawford - 10 hours ago
Idk why but I feel like he the best out of all his bros
TheOfficialStealz - 21 hour ago
All he needs is to play defense like zo and he gonna be a problem
Mast3r Race
Mast3r Race - Day ago
He doesn't have the explosion Zo has, so in order for him to make it he needs to be a drop dead shooter
What’s the beat in the beginning called
Buggylt - 2 days ago
He still sucks :D
Renz Martin Dizon
Renz Martin Dizon - 3 days ago
Lamelo better than Lonzo eheehehh
Hans Rover
Hans Rover - 3 days ago
In all the 3 Ball brothers, Melo is the most gifted in terms of athleticism and basketball skills.
CrazyBaller - 4 days ago
That intro 🔥
Giovanni Nieto
Giovanni Nieto - 4 days ago
Hes already a better shooter than Ben simmons... let him grow 2 more inches he will dominate at the PG position.
henri monk
henri monk - 4 days ago
He is 6 days older than me I was 5’6 at 13 so bigger and now at the same age i have the height of Isaiah Thomas🤦‍♂️😭😭 Why god, why???????
Henrys Chaves
Henrys Chaves - 4 days ago
Age 12 I was 4'5

Now I'm 17 and I'm 5'6
Henrys Chaves
Henrys Chaves - 3 days ago
+henri monk no I'm not
henri monk
henri monk - 4 days ago
Henrys Chaves you are a girl?
Dom Orozco
Dom Orozco - 4 days ago
He bout 6’1
Sherrell Banfield
Sherrell Banfield - 4 days ago
Mikey Williams is 6 2 and can dunk better than Lamelo
Damian Ibarra
Damian Ibarra - 5 days ago
Wish I can be 6’2 at 15 years old 😿 I am only 14 but i am 5’10 prob not getting any taller than that
Kalifland Kalifland
Kalifland Kalifland - 5 days ago
He had a huge growth spurt
Hè is 6-6 Ft stop it 1.96cm he is not 6-7 2.01cm lmao
RE VD_ - 6 days ago
I feel like lamelo shouldve been in the nba so much potential
Seamen Warrior
Seamen Warrior - 5 days ago
Why do u say shoudlve lmao he is going to and hes barely 18
Anklez YT
Anklez YT - 6 days ago
Did I just hear a grandpa say that’s a travel even though it wasn’t that’s tough
Pickle Man
Pickle Man - 6 days ago
I can see AD like build, speed and moves. Hopefully this is not just another hype
Sean Vang
Sean Vang - 7 days ago
The intro is lit
jimmy jim
jimmy jim - 7 days ago
So you're sayin he got out of his mama's womb at 5'5 already? Damn
ALFRAN GINEZ - 8 days ago
defense-like me
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 8 days ago
ball brothers:
melo : best scorer and most swag
lonzo: best passer and most athletic
gelo: its a disgrace
Melodic God
Melodic God - 10 days ago
Yea big ballers Melo was fun
Jack Humsey
Jack Humsey - 10 days ago
First off, the intro is absolutely brilliant. Song, editing, play selection... Producer was #InHisBag
F Perreault93
F Perreault93 - 6 days ago
Its Ballpoint all his beats are fuckin brilliant go look up Skeleton by Ballpoint
Freaking Awesome Gopher
Freaking Awesome Gopher - 12 days ago
Ok how a middle school game end 121 to 124?!?!?
Miller TimeEast
Miller TimeEast - 13 days ago
Can’t to see melo play college ball then join zo in the pros
Miller TimeEast
Miller TimeEast - 8 days ago
Gay Boi do ur research and look at the recruiting. Melo is top 20 still I’m pretty sure
Gay Boi
Gay Boi - 8 days ago
Miller TimeEast he cant play college
Iran Oliveira
Iran Oliveira - 14 days ago
Ball Family its like a bigfarm with basketball atlets, lavar is the farmer, and nba aways buy the fruits
Condy Loid
Condy Loid - 16 days ago
Well my evolution was 5'10 at 9th grade and now at 28 years old still 5'10 💀
Payton Stevens
Payton Stevens - 16 days ago
6’7 no way
Live Pixel
Live Pixel - 17 days ago
This man is too good
Deja RuizS
Deja RuizS - 18 days ago
Hope he gets picked up by a Power 5 College Team. His potential is big time.
Mr. Copacetic
Mr. Copacetic - 19 days ago
Mati6Br0 YT
Mati6Br0 YT - 19 days ago
he's like lonzo in chino hills
jake from statefarm
jake from statefarm - 20 days ago
Looks like lonzo now
BB C - 20 days ago
How many grow spurt this nigga gonna hit?
Tickle Me Elmo
Tickle Me Elmo - 20 days ago
Nigga grew 6 inches in less than a year
Infinity Mixtapes
Infinity Mixtapes - 20 days ago
He was my height as a freshmen 😭
Dale Cruz
Dale Cruz - 20 days ago
13 year old melo can still destroy julian
HAZZARD - 20 days ago
Channel in love with this nigga
AK da'Flame
AK da'Flame - 21 day ago
Young man just talented af, the way he plays the game is mesmerizing. Melo is winning without trying it feels like, it’s like he can turn on a god mode switch if he ever felt like it.
Myles Bradley
Myles Bradley - 21 day ago
I need what he was eating 😂😂😂🙌
The real Hoop talk
The real Hoop talk - 22 days ago
Holy shit an actual 17 year old senior? It’s a miracle!
Jack Bransome
Jack Bransome - 22 days ago
11:49 UP AND DOWN?!?!?!?!
Selena Marshall
Selena Marshall - 22 days ago
lamelo ball go crazy now
EZJZ 4 - 22 days ago
This video made me forget how nasty lamelo is
Kevin Talley
Kevin Talley - 23 days ago
I like seeing melo score. He so crafty but He is like a true point guard now. I liked him better when he was really dropping buckets
miguel duran
miguel duran - 23 days ago
Tomi Igo
Tomi Igo - 24 days ago
Lonzo And Lamelo is the future of the lakers
I am a Nigga
I am a Nigga - 24 days ago
He ain't 6foot7 that's impossible cus I am 6foot7 and I can't dunk whyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😤
My penis is very small, But
I am a Nigga you just can’t jump my man
ProGodHades 197
ProGodHades 197 - 24 days ago
I meet him at Jojos pizza lol
Sullivan Concierge
Sullivan Concierge - 24 days ago
whats the instrumental in the beginning?
Christian MacNaughton Vlogs
Who else saw number 45 at 2:50
neenem10 - 24 days ago
Lamelo is diferent
Ayus Saini
Ayus Saini - 24 days ago
LurkerDood - 24 days ago
LaMelo is gonna be a good NBA'er
He can shoot & will only get better
Supreme T
Supreme T - 24 days ago
11.50 steps ??????
Devin Lancaster
Devin Lancaster - 24 days ago
Am I the only who hears bang bang every time LaMelo shot in his freshman year
ohhroach - 25 days ago
every time I watch melo or zo highlights I feel bad for gelo cause the other 2 are so much better
hi im obu
hi im obu - 25 days ago
and to think this man is one year ahead, he should be a junior rn approaching his senior year, his talent is limitless
Jabrony Lin
Jabrony Lin - 25 days ago
2015 Melo was honestly my favorite lamelo
Mar6 - 25 days ago
living legend
Kameron Follmer
Kameron Follmer - 25 days ago
He could have just as easily become an NFL caliber quarterback, Melos got the touch and unbelievable court vision
neenem10 - 24 days ago
Nguyễn Toàn
Nguyễn Toàn - 25 days ago
I’m 6’3 and when I met him, he looked 6’5 or 6’6 to me
YT Sprayz
YT Sprayz - 25 days ago
Rip headphones at 4:43
Brody Knight
Brody Knight - 25 days ago
Like if Mikey Williams is better than lamelo at 14 years old
Erica Williams
Erica Williams - 25 days ago
Did he travel in 2017? Or is it just me
bball5104 - 25 days ago
melo's development feels like im watching Naruto frfr
Slade White
Slade White - 26 days ago
In highschool
Slade White
Slade White - 26 days ago
LaMelo is the Goat
Steph Worry
Steph Worry - 26 days ago
Julian Newman lives in the gap between melo’s teeth
Joseph Torreski
Joseph Torreski - 19 days ago
Steph Worry stop bruh
Jcl Roberts
Jcl Roberts - 26 days ago
as a very retarded basketball fan, can someone explain why 0:22 wasn't a travel? trynna learn the rules over here
Luis Morales
Luis Morales - 26 days ago
Travel 2017 clip
Fear Song
Fear Song - 26 days ago
Lamelo ✈️ NBA
ziggy_ - 26 days ago
Wow melo has been playing varsity since he started highschool
Little Tan
Little Tan - 26 days ago
Tbh lamelo is the reason I started to play basketball never use to like it till I say melo
BronxMadeRay - 22 days ago
Little Tan thats amazing
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman - 26 days ago
3:07 Lmao Liangelo been getting bricks since forever😭
Chase Roux
Chase Roux - 26 days ago
fye in 10th grade
Saucey_Zerooz The Meniz
Saucey_Zerooz The Meniz - 26 days ago
9th grade melo is nasty.
Shea OToole
Shea OToole - 26 days ago
Thank god melo got waves now w that nappy ass cut he had in Lithuania
yanysair - 26 days ago
wow hes lookin a lot like prime chino hills lonzo out there. even with that hair
Malachi Douglas
Malachi Douglas - 26 days ago
God damn what is Lavar feeding them
vShaper - 26 days ago
We watched him grow up.....
iRuShh Vertex
iRuShh Vertex - 26 days ago
When he was 15 *How 2K18 and 19 be like*
yusuf mohamed
yusuf mohamed - 26 days ago
drill music on american ball thats what i like to see
MADEINOKC - 27 days ago
Feels like we brothers
Leon - 27 days ago
How the fuck do they grow so much? I stopped growing when I was 15 years old. Short as fuck.
AiiRxBANDZ 24/7
AiiRxBANDZ 24/7 - 22 days ago
Leon the genes
J - 27 days ago
Imagine the growth pains this dude had to go through the years
Jumpingboi 2004
Jumpingboi 2004 - 27 days ago
8th grade 5’3
9th grade 5’5
10th grade 5’8
11th grade 5’11
12th grade 6’3
Isaiah Patterson
Isaiah Patterson - 27 days ago
If he stayed in hs all 4 years he would be an McDonald's all american and a nba draft prospect. Thanks lavar
Stone - 27 days ago
Lavar been lavar for a minute . He was acting like that before the cameras member that
aidanfilmpc - 27 days ago
His hair was lookin so bad in Lithuanian
XP Reflex
XP Reflex - 27 days ago
Lamelo ball offical youtube
19Y6C45 TAN LISHAN - 27 days ago
3.04 OMG so funny the way melo disrupt traffic
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 27 days ago
He’s not 6’7 dumass
EmptyClipz l
EmptyClipz l - 27 days ago
He’s 6’5
Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix - 28 days ago
Make one for Julian Newman hahahahaha
Philip Seo
Philip Seo - 28 days ago
9:09 bruh that man holding up that banner kills me ever time
Gabriel boi
Gabriel boi - 28 days ago
7:37 does anyone remember going there for there own team or is it only me?
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