The Final Four Perform 'American' | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10

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Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer - 8 hours ago
The gay community want people to think they are for equal rights and be treated equally but they want to placated all the time and made to seen as something special and that all others need to bow down to them and if you don't, they will try to destroy you. Gays don't want to be treated like everyone else. They want to be treated better than everyone else.
danshi - Day ago
I'm so glad this was my first drag race season
Hannah Deborah Delos Angeles
I hope Asia O'hara will join All star in the future
Archy Ashton
Archy Ashton - 3 days ago
This is awkward because I’m British..... ☹️
// itsvkki
// itsvkki - 3 days ago
Only in Murica.
Maya Iversen
Maya Iversen - 5 days ago
Easily my favorite performance
RubyRoseRivers - 7 days ago
We need a Eureka-less version
Emilia Tinglöf
Emilia Tinglöf - 8 days ago
When someone ask you were you are from
jennifer half
jennifer half - 9 days ago
*WORST* final four and *WORST* season ever....
Jess Robertson
Jess Robertson - 10 days ago
Does anyone know who the red head female dancer is to the left of Asia at 00:56?
Raina Blac
Raina Blac - 11 days ago
Aquaria: BonJoUR
Helen Yim
Helen Yim - 12 days ago
Aquarius’s dancing was gorgeous, it seems so smooth and effortless. 10/10 and I also loved her verse.
Taylor Silva
Taylor Silva - 13 days ago
Y’all know Asia fucking didn’t come to play would have thought she was on her sold out world tour
Annie - 15 days ago
This song gives me a lot of good vibes idk why
Mirko Di Lauro
Mirko Di Lauro - 15 days ago
Eureka should have won!
Stop Motion Films
Stop Motion Films - 4 days ago
Mirko Di Lauro why?
Indolent Panda
Indolent Panda - 16 days ago
No one:

Not even Perry

Asia: **dresses like a parrot**
Charlotte Wallis
Charlotte Wallis - 16 days ago
Luzviminda Villeneuve
Luzviminda Villeneuve - 17 days ago
Mapi We made it
Mapi We made it - 17 days ago
Aquaria >>>>>>>>>
Mel - 18 days ago
this will never be topped
Sacred Wiccan Shamanic journey
Eureka should have won
Satsu Sensei
Satsu Sensei - 19 days ago
"American just like you too"
I'm English...xD
adam last
adam last - 21 day ago
Eureka should have won .
Miss Nathalie
Miss Nathalie - 21 day ago
Aquaria is so attractive 😍
Yasss Honey
Yasss Honey - 22 days ago
Changes: Kameron Asia
Selfl love: Eureka Kameron
Funniest: AQUARIA
Luis Lozano
Luis Lozano - 22 days ago
Maybe is because of the intention of the song, but lyrics-wise, this is the best song yet for a final challenge (Oct/2019) ❤️
Chris Lazaridhs
Chris Lazaridhs - 23 days ago
idc what yall say eureka slayed this
Paulo Braga
Paulo Braga - 23 days ago
Ok so season 9 has
The winner of all stars 4:Trinity
The winner of season 9:Sasha
The 2nd place of season 10 and the best fat contestant: Eureka
The future winner of all stars 5: Shea
The second biggest latina contestant and one of the most fan favorite: Valentina
The biggest rapper drag queen: Aja
The season 8 miss congeaniality: Cyntia lee fontaine
The fishiest queen of all time: Farrah Moan
One of the biggest lipsyncers of all time: Peppermint
A Great Comedic queen: Jaymes
The dumb and charismatic who has a famous youtube show: Kimora
The best protesthic make up and actually the only one who does that that kind of make up: Nina Bonina
A broadway queen:Alexis Michelle
How does someone say that this was a bad season? Just because it wasnt funny and it didnt had fights? The season 9 was the best of all in artistry for sure
The Abraham
The Abraham - 23 days ago
This was season 10.
j money
j money - 27 days ago
LOOOOOOOOOVE how kamron dropped Tennessee in the mix - representing my hometown :')
Cielito Thea
Cielito Thea - 28 days ago
The Meerkat
The Meerkat - Month ago
I didn't know Gemma Collins was in this
Solo12313 - Month ago
I like that they actually tried to sing for this one
mariana - Month ago
"Just like you too"
Lele pons don't relate
Carla_ Box
Carla_ Box - Month ago
"American Just like you!"
Sitting in Denmark like 'Sure'
Lauren - Month ago
Weakest F4 in a hot minute
關雲祥 - Month ago
Support the independence of the states and states of the United States, dismiss the donald Trump
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha - Month ago
Did anyone else here 'Maybe waters green!' at Eureka's but after 'i came from nothing!'
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado - Month ago
Kameron verse cured me
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado - Month ago
Asia singing about US but dressed Brasil
Bandiougou Diawara
Bandiougou Diawara - Month ago
Ciao a tutti, cliccate qui per sostenere la mia campagna su GoFundMe, help:
aiden MUA
aiden MUA - Month ago
Remember when eureka fallen in flats.... FLATS
aiden MUA
aiden MUA - Month ago
“Just like you” I’m Scottish
TheRealSteph - Month ago
Kameron and Aquaria SLAYED
Flávia Oliveira
Flávia Oliveira - Month ago
This was an amazing top 4.
*Looks at season 11 top 4
Nova - Month ago
Flávia Oliveira brooke lyn shoulve won
benjamin cobhen karanorov
Rien a voir avec les saisons précédentes, grosse déception !
Loki Poketale
Loki Poketale - Month ago
As sad as I was when Kameron didn't win, I gotta say, Aquaria's verse grew on me
batnat - Month ago
if drag race uk dont do a version of this called "british" where they just come out with "wagwan bruv" i will be dissapointed
La Fée Néante
La Fée Néante - Month ago
« I’m the best from New-York City »
*Aquaria Win the Season 10 of RPDG*
Javier Mena.
Javier Mena. - Month ago
Kameron, I love Kameron Michaels😍😍😍😍 he definitely had the best lyrics and the best vocals😍
Lily - Month ago
Aquaria is fierce
mochi boy
mochi boy - 2 months ago
eureka is so damn big damn
Rpdr and Etn
Rpdr and Etn - 2 months ago
im actually surprised by kameron, she can sing
Naattaalliia - 2 months ago
Katie Reidy
Katie Reidy - 2 months ago
im not a lesbian, I am American
Raina Blac
Raina Blac - 2 months ago
omg aquaria
JM - 2 months ago
Porque a pior música e performance de Drag Race 👎👎
Serafina Fool
Serafina Fool - 2 months ago
Aquaria: Looks
Asia: a message
Kameron: vocals
Eureka: O'hara
deadlydame - 2 months ago
Aquaria is a whole mood 😍😍😍
Keli Rose
Keli Rose - 2 months ago
i met aquaria shes amazing
M - 2 months ago
Like why they put rupaul' laugh here ?this don't have any sense..0:35
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