Charleston Pastor Accused Of Choking A Woman On Church Grounds

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Run Run Shaw
Run Run Shaw - 4 days ago
I need to hear Pastor's side of the story before I judge.
George Hall
George Hall - 4 days ago
Black peoples are just savages they can’t help it
BRIAN HARPER - 11 days ago
My heart goes out to that woman she didn't deserve to be handled in such a brutal way. But as a (Atheist) I love seeing these Pastors aka Crooks and Liars get exposed for the pieces of shit they really are. I love it keep it coming.
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown - 24 days ago
This man said “scrangled”. CTG so damn country
Scoundrull on YouTube
Scoundrull on YouTube - Month ago
Y'all gotta do a HONKEY OF THE DAY 😆🤪
LaSandra Jennings
LaSandra Jennings - 2 months ago
Ahh, that was corny.😐
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown - 3 months ago
He's on T.I family values 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
blewprent - 4 months ago
I knew Charlamagne was bout to be extra foolish before I even clicked the vid.
I'm here for it.
Demetrius Martin
Demetrius Martin - 4 months ago
The problem is people treat pastors as the hands of God instead of viewing them as teachers of the word they are only human a need to be viewed as such talk to God on your own throughout the course of the day no other man or woman can speak to him on your behalf so the church is failing because it was setup to fail God dwells within us no building can contain that power and no man can harness it
Sweet Rose
Sweet Rose - 4 months ago
I really don't believe in "pastors", "preachers", "deacons" or anything in those churches anyway so it doesn't surprise me when I hear these stories about what these people do in church. 95 percent of them are all full of sin and shame and are hypocrites that judge and criticize other people.
4C BANDITS - 4 months ago
GOD USE HIS HANDS FOR GOOD 😂 he using his hands to Choke ppl smh 😂
IOozeAwesomeness - 4 months ago
Woman struck a nerve. I really wanna know what she said, not to excuse Pastor Rashon but what welcomed the devil that fast.
M - 4 months ago
* laughs in Muslim * 😂

On a serious note tho I hope she's okay and doing well that poor women ❤ faith leaders as a whole need to do better.
Jdfrom DaEighties
Jdfrom DaEighties - 4 months ago
Is that the Interstellar theme playing on the background?
Bre Sams
Bre Sams - 4 months ago
The music, I can't😂
Paula Grey
Paula Grey - 4 months ago
1:03...get to the point...!!!!!.....LAWD..!!
Yvie The Queen
Yvie The Queen - 4 months ago
People stop putting all the hopes and dreams into church. These so called “born again churches” are just money makers. Just because you call yourself a pastor, doesn’t mean the devil is not in you 🙄
Happier Money
Happier Money - 4 months ago
The present day BlackChurch especially the MegaChurches is corrupted and contaminated beyond ALL hope. It's THE MAJOR PRODUCT selling black business, and the product is Hope and Fantasy.
The PASTOR is the undisputed Leader and all questioning his authority is Forbidden.
Antonio Ellis
Antonio Ellis - 4 months ago
Pastor Ra'shan Wilson has been my friend for at least two decades. I can say for a fact that what allegedly occurred is not his natural character. Ra'shan is one of the kindest, most generous, and loving persons I know. He's always been this way. In fact, we use to call him "Rev." in middle school, way before he ever considered preaching. Unfortunately, in these cases, people tend to forget that pastors are also human and have human emotions just like everyone else. He is not beyond having marital challenges, frustrations, or anger just like you or me. Him being a pastor does not exempt him from the realities of human life. I will not throw Pastor Wilson away. I empathize with what him and his family is experiencing in this moment. Yet, I'm confident that the necessary counseling and healing is taking place at this time. What I will not do is disregard the decades of love and support he's shown myself and so many others, simply because he's in the midst of a challenging moment and crisis. I am not a friend who only stands with people during good times, and bail out on them when they go through challenging times. I've watched Ra'shan stand with so many others during rough times in life, and even gave his last. Therefore, as his long time friend and brother, I publicly stand with him and his family. He is NOT a donkey of the day. Instead, Charlamagne Tha God seems to be the donkey of the day for being quick condemn and cast judgement on people he only have a snap shot of, without truly knowing the person. The scripture he forgot to quote was "you without fault, cast the first judgement". None of us are beyond any situation, given an extreme context.
Floco 803
Floco 803 - 4 months ago
john coleman
john coleman - 4 months ago
But here’s the most important part of the story...WHY DID HE CHOKE HER??....and WHAT DID SHE DO OR SAY TO GET HERSELF CHOKED??......notice that’s what NOBODY is talking about💯
Ruth Black
Ruth Black - 4 months ago
Are you 12?
VoReason - 4 months ago
Interstellar anyone
Peaceful Bliss
Peaceful Bliss - 4 months ago
Ugh! There are more demonic souls in the church, than out the church. Why would you choke the mother of your children in front of your children?
Ryan Medows
Ryan Medows - 4 months ago
Is that the interstellar score playing in the background? Lol!
Finesse God
Finesse God - 4 months ago
Lol Charlemagne started out preachin
Venom FlOw
Venom FlOw - 4 months ago
The Barbecue sause is Heavy on this one
jcon504 - 4 months ago
What's with the Interstellar soundtrack playing in the background? LOL
daniel tosh
daniel tosh - 4 months ago
Why y'all keep believing and following these fake ass religions. That shit is wack asf. Man made bullshit. Brainwashed idiots.
PaulGreen11 - 4 months ago
Massah made a Passah.
Crystal Hampton
Crystal Hampton - 4 months ago
This is horrible person
BIG STEEL - 4 months ago
I know preacher boy dude is a good dude..some people make mistakes
xavier ramirez
xavier ramirez - 4 months ago
Is that the theme from interstellar?
big slim
big slim - 4 months ago
What did SHE DO to make a pastor want to choke her ass?
Rondale Johnson
Rondale Johnson - 4 months ago
On another note what about conskruction accident?! 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
PRO BLACK - 4 months ago
Strapgod 30
Strapgod 30 - 4 months ago
Does who say god lm here with will never b there for the war
Justin-Mychal White
Justin-Mychal White - 4 months ago
I mean......I gotta hear both sides
Textual Predator
Textual Predator - 4 months ago
*God has no hands, sry Charlagay, he isn't human.* Jesus is *LORD* he is not God, learn your shit before you act like you know what you're talking about
J RAN 85
J RAN 85 - 4 months ago
Was Jesus good?
Textual Predator
Textual Predator - 4 months ago
*Charlamange sounds like a transexual strippers name*
gurl bye!
gurl bye! - 4 months ago
Gawwwwwwdt! Charlemagne
kellirose59 - 4 months ago
Won’t catch me in nobody church. They the worse.
jaxxcapone - 4 months ago
Thou shall not choke out ya baby momma unconsious
Crying Jordan Face
Crying Jordan Face - 4 months ago
Sucker ass
JT STAR - 4 months ago
Pastors can get you closer to either the hospital or Satan
Lydia Lestage
Lydia Lestage - 4 months ago
Torey Lanes hairline was restored because of the healing hands LMFAOOOOO Uncle Charla is f'n hilarious!
David Chandler
David Chandler - 4 months ago
Shout to all my atheist you are the real MVP
A D - 4 months ago
yup shout out to Joseph Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot for killing more people than any other religion known to man, what is your point, humans are humans whether religious or atheist.
Rishirishi Roopnarine
Rishirishi Roopnarine - 4 months ago
Datsnot Polite
Datsnot Polite - 4 months ago
Charleston SC GeechieLand U.S.A
Anu Enlil
Anu Enlil - 4 months ago
She said she was pregnant and god was the father 😂😂😂
Alvin Nwaokike
Alvin Nwaokike - 4 months ago
What??? A holy HeeHoo!!! I’m dead. Most pastors are THUGS disguised as men of GOD.
Sebastien Benoit
Sebastien Benoit - 4 months ago
is that the interstellar soundtrack in the back????
A D - 4 months ago
lol that is what I was thinking
Bryan Moseley
Bryan Moseley - 4 months ago
No shit pastor was high and aggravated
Bryan Moseley
Bryan Moseley - 4 months ago
I got hands for CTG
Maurel Antonio
Maurel Antonio - 4 months ago
He was giving her an exorcism
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 4 months ago
Hands,hands, hands, hands, hands, hand, hands, hands, hands...
Champ Champ
Champ Champ - 4 months ago
I didn't see it with my own eyes so... Grain of salt. Nobody in these domestic situations should be getting donkey of the day unless theres video.
William Modist
William Modist - 4 months ago
Skip to 2:06😂😂 You’re welcomes
Arthur E GIBSON JR - 4 months ago
Damb I just got back in Charleston and on my BDAY yall tell me rev outcha chokin em, and he got a unit installed.
fizzo206 - 4 months ago
“ the pastor has a baby mama” 😂😂😂
Pocket FullaLoot
Pocket FullaLoot - 4 months ago
Take a shot every time he say "hands" 😂😂
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman - 4 months ago
I feel like he should get a big jar of hot sauce out anytime he talks about black people doing dumb shit lol,
Craig Justin
Craig Justin - 4 months ago
Story stars at 2:22
Eddie Pasley
Eddie Pasley - 4 months ago
On church Grounds
Aliyah Lowery
Aliyah Lowery - 4 months ago
2:16 when he stop talking about hands
RoeVisions - 4 months ago
The interstellar theme playing in the background made this so much better lmaooo so intense
Reuben Cruz
Reuben Cruz - 4 months ago
what does the pastor and donkey of the day have in common......wrath
Moses Primm
Moses Primm - 4 months ago
Ervens Pre
Ervens Pre - 4 months ago
That music at first had me crying lmao Charla preaching to GAWD with the Hans symphony 😂
Jaironcain Cain
Jaironcain Cain - 4 months ago
My guy delivered this donkey of the day like he was damn pastor! after radio he gonna be the next T.D. Jakes
Sephy100 - 4 months ago
I mean pastors have been assaulting people for decades, under the pretense of healing people
BOOTBANTER - 4 months ago
She left the Bible under the bed and he didn't like that 👀
Uno Jones
Uno Jones - 4 months ago
Sometimes the pastor has to lay hands on her
GueSSonify - 4 months ago
Interstellar soundtrack in the background there 👍🏿
St. Flower
St. Flower - 4 months ago
Ah men
jersey queen
jersey queen - 4 months ago
Pastors are the most hypocritical people on this earth
erin knight
erin knight - 4 months ago
Religious people are brain dead
kross kountry
kross kountry - 4 months ago
Ctg crazy
Sicarre Supreme
Sicarre Supreme - 4 months ago
I used to see him all the time when i lived back home in Charleston he was always so nice this is a surprise to me.
Jus Badd
Jus Badd - 4 months ago
Howard Davis
Howard Davis - 4 months ago
He prolly found out the baby wasn't his
curlyheaded_ magic
curlyheaded_ magic - 4 months ago
Now see this is exactly why I don't go to church. I don't need that type of toxicity in my life.
Joseph Madison
Joseph Madison - 4 months ago
What I'm gone do with 2 mo kids -ike turner voice😂😂😂😂
EBK Wave
EBK Wave - 4 months ago
That’s not the Prayer Hands she was expecting to be laid upon her, I assume.
the Rocky Reina Show
the Rocky Reina Show - 4 months ago
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof - 4 months ago
4:30 Did anyone notice they cropped Charlamagne out? lol. So what's The Breakfast Club trying to say? lol
Jay Ali
Jay Ali - 4 months ago
He looks like a gang member 😂
Free Payne
Free Payne - 4 months ago
Pimps in the pulpit. Pastoring has become a "hustle". False prophets!!! They have lovers outside their marriages, steal from the church, all kinds of "unholy" things. Trust in your Faith not man!
Marvin Lee
Marvin Lee - 4 months ago
They need to put his mixed up ass in jail,the mother of his kids,choked her.i don’t see anything funny about this shit.
Central District
Central District - 4 months ago
lol,he got tired of the bs.
Pat Davis
Pat Davis - 4 months ago
you can't trust these DOGS and SOME first lady's too , they be just as wicked!!!
Summer Diakite
Summer Diakite - 4 months ago
Smh these comments 😂 smh y'all should be ashamed.
elijahtrent21 - 4 months ago
God help us all
C Sanchez
C Sanchez - 4 months ago
Who’s that Kevin Hunter?
C Sanchez
C Sanchez - 4 months ago
Damn, He caught the Holly Ghost.
Siah El
Siah El - 4 months ago
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Sharne Ruth
Sharne Ruth - 4 months ago
CTG with the fresh baldy!
Vonzsuaello Johnson
Vonzsuaello Johnson - 4 months ago
Thought charlamane was a %5🤔🤔he trolling on da low
Milly Fee
Milly Fee - 4 months ago
Is that the interstellar music in the background? lmbo
james crown
james crown - 4 months ago
The devil knows the Bible very good like when he tempted Jesus after he fasted 40 days
james crown
james crown - 4 months ago
Pastor Neal citizen punched his sister-in-law in the face while I was at the church Unity Family Worship Center in Eunice Louisiana 2013
All he had to do was make a vague apology I did some things I wasn't supposed to last week and I apologize
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