Annie LeBlanc Blindfolded SLIME Challenge | Nick

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Nickelodeon - 5 months ago
What is YOUR favorite kind of slime? 💚
Klarissa Adela Murguia
Klarissa Adela Murguia - 3 months ago
Klarissa Adela Murguia
Klarissa Adela Murguia - 3 months ago
Sophia's Vlogs •
Sophia's Vlogs • - 3 months ago
fluffy and crunchy 💞
Huda Shehap
Huda Shehap - 3 months ago
I like foam slime
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez - 4 months ago
Crunchy and fluffy
Asha Chawla
Asha Chawla - 20 days ago
Mine is the foam
Sylvia Omar
Sylvia Omar - Month ago
I know yiu from tik tok whats your favorite slime
Anisha Khoza
Anisha Khoza - Month ago
Those weren't fishbowls
Murlene Bair
Murlene Bair - 2 months ago
My favorite slime is the magnetic slime. & the floam sime
seva ette fun girl
seva ette fun girl - 2 months ago
Flom slime
Nathalie gonzalez
Nathalie gonzalez - 2 months ago
annie: like
Gladis Gaytan
Gladis Gaytan - 3 months ago
Anybody else notice the background noise in the beginning Abby lee miller dance mom
Kveta Skopova
Kveta Skopova - 3 months ago
Annie is literly the samé as me
Channel Garcia
Channel Garcia - 3 months ago
Her hairstyle and her outfit reminds me of Emma Watson! She looks exactly like her in this video! Don't you guys agree?
_AHLAM AHMED_ - 3 months ago
My favorite is foam slime ❤️
Unicorn Elina Li
Unicorn Elina Li - 3 months ago
Annie is so funny 😂
38hector - 4 months ago
the first one wasn't really slime
Sunset Paradise
Sunset Paradise - 4 months ago
She's the cutest
Khadzz 18
Khadzz 18 - 4 months ago
When I saw the video I thought that Annie was going to MAKE slime blindfolded
juan alcorta
juan alcorta - 4 months ago
Lol welcome to Annie LeBlanc in Nickelodeon making an amsr vudeo
Buddha Thami
Buddha Thami - 4 months ago
Annie is the most beautiful girl in the world!!
Felicia Iheanacho
Felicia Iheanacho - 4 months ago
My favorite kind of slime was Nickelodeon Slime
Felicia Iheanacho
Felicia Iheanacho - 4 months ago
That video was so though very much though
Brown girl problems 2007
Brown girl problems 2007 - 4 months ago
Your my favourite singer Annie leBlanc😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😑😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
natalie clare
natalie clare - 4 months ago
Do you know any one called Nicole teacup
Hannah Kelley
Hannah Kelley - 4 months ago
I love annie so much
I love you Annie and the chicken girls
Great video
Well done
Celina Martin
Celina Martin - 5 months ago
I love how she’s taking and they keep falling out one by one..
I couldn’t stop laughing.. 💘😂
Celina Martin
Celina Martin - 5 months ago
Alani Parks
Alani Parks - 5 months ago
My favorite kind of slime is fluffy slime!!!!
Hanson97 - 5 months ago
Awww who remembers when Annie would make Slime in her kitchen at the Maryland house!
Musical Dreamer11
Musical Dreamer11 - 5 months ago
I rlly liked the magnetic 🧲 slime
Mark Agyen
Mark Agyen - 5 months ago
the magnet slim
laurenou - 5 months ago
i liked the floam
Addison Leigh
Addison Leigh - 5 months ago
why was this on my re- nvm.
xLunaEditsx - 5 months ago
Please do more of the with Annie!!!
DIY Family
DIY Family - 5 months ago
Annie is so funny!
jess head
jess head - 5 months ago
they really did Annie dirty from the thumbnail pic.....
Cassie Kearns
Cassie Kearns - 5 months ago
For real
XxAngel _ ZoeyxX
XxAngel _ ZoeyxX - 5 months ago
Annie your so pretty I liked this video!!!!!
Candace Hearrell
Candace Hearrell - 5 months ago
The flown slime I couldn't pronounce it sorry
Denali’s Life /vlogs
Denali’s Life /vlogs - 5 months ago
Later when the video is done you can keep all the slime
kErMit uR LoCaL mEmE
kErMit uR LoCaL mEmE - 5 months ago
5:30 bUsT dOwN tHoTiAnA
LetsPlayWith Noel
LetsPlayWith Noel - 5 months ago
Sorry guys no hate but since she wore makeup when was young her face is starting to look like an old lady eewww
teagan moore
teagan moore - 5 months ago
You see her everywhere now it's so annoying
Gemma Burkarth
Gemma Burkarth - 5 months ago
Wow honestly Annie Leblanc has gone so far over the years
teagan moore they both have :)
teagan moore
teagan moore - 5 months ago
So has Hayley tbh
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard - 5 months ago
sksk this slime was so bad but annie is the cutest and i love when she had the foam bead stuck on her headband haha
Nell Murphy
Nell Murphy - 5 months ago
4:40 why was that so cute
Frances Serrano
Frances Serrano - 5 months ago
Is it just me or does Annie always act different and professional when she is on a tv show or something?
Angelic Turner
Angelic Turner - 5 months ago
5:28 mood
Angelic Turner
Angelic Turner - 5 months ago
4:51 annie casually plays with slime 😂😍 she's such a cute little bean also that looks like fun shes porbnalt gonna but some magnetic slime now
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones - 5 months ago
like the floam slime
Princess • WHY DONT WE
Princess • WHY DONT WE - 5 months ago
Her nails💗
Lisana HONG
Lisana HONG - 5 months ago
this video was filmed ages ago because of her nails hahah
shbllgmlcmsh shy123
shbllgmlcmsh shy123 - 5 months ago
she is sooo funny♡♡♡ I love her sooo much she is the best♡♡♡
Mila Nilla
Mila Nilla - 5 months ago
I love this Annie! It reminds me of Texas Annie. 💕
Briella Tram
Briella Tram - 5 months ago
my favorite slime was the floam
Pineapple Playz Gacha
Pineapple Playz Gacha - 5 months ago
*slime experts are quaking*
Addi ASMR - 5 months ago
4:39 “ooh-wee-ooh” she’s so precious
Brooklynn O
Brooklynn O - 5 months ago
Addi Roman she's saying "come here"
eilish _
eilish _ - 5 months ago
am i the only one that noticed then dance moms music playing in the background? (when she touched the first slime)
Mocco 2004
Mocco 2004 - 4 months ago
your mok no I was looking for someone to say thsr
Brianni Walker
Brianni Walker - 5 months ago
Sylvie Cardon
Sylvie Cardon - 5 months ago
aalso she knew where the magnet was ?
Sylvie Cardon
Sylvie Cardon - 5 months ago
no hate but did anyone notice how annie cheated by guessing mermaid slime because u cant just guess that - the colors were mermaid so she did cheat- sorry love u tho
catherien caparas
catherien caparas - 5 months ago
omg love how shes whispering and yelling lol love ya
Kinley Becker
Kinley Becker - 5 months ago
I only love the slime sounds!! Luv you Annie
malia plowman
malia plowman - 5 months ago
She said foam slime but it's floam
Ramos twins
Ramos twins - 5 months ago
Lucky ducky
its me Izel
its me Izel - 5 months ago
I want to be part of nickelodeon I really i want
Michal Dray
Michal Dray - 5 months ago
Annie is the cutest
Lois Lee
Lois Lee - 5 months ago
I was wondering what Annie was doing when she put the slime near the mic
Hiba Asad
Hiba Asad - 5 months ago
Juliana Grace LeBlanc is taking over Nickelodeon and that is a FACT
teagan moore
teagan moore - 5 months ago
Hayley should to
Nehmat Commar
Nehmat Commar - 5 months ago
She can make a bubble with slime blindfolded and I can’t even make one with my eyes 🤣
Sharleen Mercy
Sharleen Mercy - 5 months ago
her hair looks more darker then usual
Lorenzo Morales
Lorenzo Morales - 5 months ago
I love you so much Annie i hope to see you soon!😘🥰❤️
Ashley Ventura
Ashley Ventura - 5 months ago
Her hairstyle is so cute 😍❣️
Legitimately Lauren
Legitimately Lauren - 5 months ago
That dance moms music in the beginning
Shakiah Milow
Shakiah Milow - 5 months ago
Luciana Broderick
Luciana Broderick - 5 months ago
#cloud slime!!
Alexa Barnes
Alexa Barnes - 5 months ago
Alexa Barnes
Alexa Barnes - 5 months ago
Also, you look just like Hayley
Alexa Barnes
Alexa Barnes - 5 months ago
I love the part when she said "hey guys its my ASMR video'' *cruches slime* (so satifying)
basic. liy
basic. liy - 5 months ago
Have you guys realised Annie and Haley were like one of the first people to ever make slime videos
teagan moore
teagan moore - 5 months ago
I agree even tho it was Hayley who started it lol
Sanjivani Sahadeo
Sanjivani Sahadeo - 5 months ago
Make a video with hayley LeBlanc ❤❤
Sanjivani Sahadeo
Sanjivani Sahadeo - 5 months ago
@teagan moore ikr
teagan moore
teagan moore - 5 months ago
Yusssss I agree Annie is everywhere we don't even get to see Hayley in stuff any more
Anna - 5 months ago
Annie should have a show on nick
Ababalwe Sithetho
Ababalwe Sithetho - 5 months ago
My favourite slime was definitely the magnetic slime that looked so cool thx nickelodeon 💖💞💗💓❤️👌👍😏
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