Geraldo BLOWS UP on Fellow Fox Host

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luis soto
luis soto - 19 days ago
Young turks are just as bigoted as anyone on Fox
Sandy D
Sandy D - 3 months ago
I disagree. Geraldo, of Jewish heritage, is quite good on Palestine, and it is due to him having *seen* the occupation but not having *experienced* it.
strictlysega - 3 months ago
i think hes quite smart so its amazing watching him wake up to this sooo slowly,,,
William Schuman
William Schuman - 4 months ago
Wow, Geraldo called Mexicans Schlub's, did anyone else catch that and not a very nice word to describe anyone, just saying.
GD 02
GD 02 - 4 months ago
Just be thankful your family emigrated to a place called the U.S. and wasn't called Uganda.
mspy01 - 4 months ago
Has anyone ever pointed out that Republicans follow the Constitution when it favors themselves, but they hate it when it goes against their ideas. NOT one of these low lives has ever said told anyone to "get out of this country" when there was a disagreement with Obama or Bill Clinton. Funny how they're saying this now the Trump is president. REPUBLICANS/Conservatives= HYPOCRITES
Mary Ann
Mary Ann - 4 months ago
Trump puppets/bobble head administration he says yes go ahead shake your head scream loud he says no you say well I guess he has changed his view in 24hrs laughable joke that's what he has turned y'all into
William Schuman
William Schuman - 4 months ago
You must be talking about the obozo administration.
quick chicken
quick chicken - 4 months ago
go watch "mr.reagans who is really behind" to learn the truth about tyt
quick chicken
quick chicken - 4 months ago
tyt if you don't like the can leave
BadWebDiver - 3 months ago
orisheju ukuedojor
orisheju ukuedojor - 4 months ago
Remember back in the 80' and 90's they would tell African Americans to go back to Africa...? After bringing them here has slaves... let's just move on, this is stupid.
robyn deeds
robyn deeds - 4 months ago
Trump is stupid so we can't move on from stupid conversations
James Gilliam
James Gilliam - 4 months ago
Hey Geraldo tonight you was sitting your ass up there tonight with Dan Bongino and you are a lie in bastard. So what American people are to do is ignor your ignorance ass because all you do is go back in forward. Sometime I wonder is your brain the size of a peanut. So here is my thinking Geraldo! Are you a Democrats or a Republican? Sometime I think you have a bad spirit from the Democrats when you come on fox news. So if you don't know what side you on! Than you are to stay from off of fox news until you can decide who you want to be a Democrats or a Republican.
Buzzy boy
Buzzy boy - 4 months ago
America is broken now .... RIP America....
Buzzy boy
Buzzy boy - Month ago
@Lieutenant Payton because of your bitch ass who voted the wrong person your voting a clown
Lieutenant Payton
Lieutenant Payton - Month ago
Because of liberals yes. When Trump wins in 2020 and the Republicans take back the house you will see better results.
Simone ILMSM
Simone ILMSM - 4 months ago
We are all hunters until we become the prey
Di Lung Move it Ya Fool!
Di Lung Move it Ya Fool! - 4 months ago
You can tell the message still didn't get across to them. Probably because Geraldo didn't convey his thoughts properly. I was waiting for: "They don't go back where you came from. This nation was founded on the principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; principles that far extend beyond this nation. If the American people or an American is unhappy, they have the right to voice that problem. The government; Federal, State, or Local level has the responsibility to make it better. So, how about you go back and learn about why this nation was founded!" Or something like that.
RKGSD - 4 months ago
Did Geraldo finally figure out that regardless of the fact that he's been on Fox News for years pretending to right wing Republican, he still doesn't "look" American or "look" like he should be on Fox News to his co-workers?
Nik B
Nik B - 4 months ago
Ana gets super wet when a guy says he's Latino. Even geraldo.
RKGSD - 4 months ago
Like Jane Lynch in 40 Year Old Virgin?
Jon Chiusano
Jon Chiusano - 4 months ago
Fox tries to change it to "if you don't like it leave" from go back to where you came from... that's where the racism comes in
Jesse Bogdonoff
Jesse Bogdonoff - 4 months ago
Geraldo is such a joke, if it's spanish people getting abuse he will be up in arms, but anyone else he doesn't give a shit.
Alan Paredes
Alan Paredes - 4 months ago
I doubt he even cares about his own people
none of your concern
none of your concern - 4 months ago
Yet when people have different opinions or ideas than TYT you are automatically a racist Republican.
BadWebDiver - 3 months ago
Since when??? You're taking a total load.... I've watched them to 10 years straight. They've nevet said _anything_ like that! (You do know Cenk's an exRepublican doncha?)
Kool Aid Victor
Kool Aid Victor - 4 months ago
Trump 2020
BadWebDiver - 3 months ago
@3natey I like your thinking...
BadWebDiver - 3 months ago
Yeah, that's about what his jail time will be... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
3natey - 4 months ago
Bernie 2020 there I fixed it
jaypeee97 - 4 months ago
Melissa S
Melissa S - 4 months ago
The way Ana said “ideas”. LOLOLOLOLOL. She sounds like Michael Brooks making fun of Dave Rubin. And Cenk saying turn the dial to hot is some other Dummy Dave stuff. 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 messy
Michael Stadtler
Michael Stadtler - 4 months ago
I've never seen a Puerto rican so red. Get em Gerardo.
JASON M - 4 months ago
I'll.go back to were I came from. Guess i'll be here tommorow.
Frank Uce
Frank Uce - 4 months ago
Whites don't see race they see color , anyone with non white skin is a foreigner even if they are born here.
zaxx19 - 4 months ago
Where is that coming from?
Frank Uce
Frank Uce - 4 months ago
concern triggered because it's true...LMFAO
none of your concern
none of your concern - 4 months ago
You are a putz
Orit 1
Orit 1 - 4 months ago
The guy in middle looks like the guy from from shas of sunset 😊
Kool Aid Victor
Kool Aid Victor - 4 months ago
I'm PRican. TRUMP didn't say it in a racist way.
Brandon Crumpton
Brandon Crumpton - 4 months ago
There isn't a non racist way to say it
Kool Aid Victor
Kool Aid Victor - 4 months ago
@Frank Uce My Brotha I changed it.Thaks I'll carry it with Pride.
Kool Aid Victor
Kool Aid Victor - 4 months ago
@John Travise I might not speak like you want me to or write proper but if you met me I know you'll get along with me fine.i help everyone with the little I got.i just call out hypocrite people that love pointing fingers and are the same or worst than the people the crucified.
Dana McMahan
Dana McMahan - 4 months ago
It is about Patriotism not Racism!!
none of your concern
none of your concern - 4 months ago
@Nkashama Sankofa your putz
Nkashama Sankofa
Nkashama Sankofa - 4 months ago
u.s. patriotism is white nationalism is racism.... Country founded for white ppl built on the religious and social principles of white ppl...
ღSwnsasyღ _
ღSwnsasyღ _ - 4 months ago
Dana McMahan No, it isn't. Think about this.. Make America Great, AGAIN! That is criticism of America yet nobody calls Trump out for his crap! The hypocrites Crack me up so much... Trump CONSTANTLY does yet he gets a pass. There is NOTHING wrong with criticizing America to make it better! What he said was down right racist!!
angel telp sorrentino
angel telp sorrentino - 4 months ago
First and for most, watch your words! Just a African American! As an AA, or black American I have been told to go back to where I came from quite often!
To these commenters I normally reply, I will not go back to Baltimore and you can’t make me!!! Lol
The defenders of the President of the USA, make me sad for this country, however they are absolutely not shocking!
The idea behind the colonizing of this country is great, but the actions of America are sometimes typical and as American as apple pie!
This countries roots are shameful and bled from racism.
As a descendent of natives and slave labor, I know well the brunt of America’s underbelly. I also know that we are what has built up this country and what makes it so beautiful.
We have such promise!!!!!
Denzel Dickenson
Denzel Dickenson - 4 months ago
Denzel Dickenson
Denzel Dickenson - 4 months ago
Henry David Thoreau
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown - 4 months ago
We're allowed to disagree.
You don't own the "principles" of America.
Once upon a time...being critical of your government was considered PATRIOTIC
D Washington
D Washington - 4 months ago
Democracy??? Where?? Certainly not this crony capitalistic government!? When are TYT reporters gonna be real and just say that capitalism restricts democracy!! Can’t be committed to democracy when you go to work 40 hours as a drone of the establishment! This is not democracy!
QueenDiva2147 - 4 months ago
Thank you guys!! I love listening to you all.. You guys remind that there are decent intelligent not racist people still exist in this country!
Christoph Boget
Christoph Boget - 4 months ago
Please please please please *please*! have a discussion with the person who comes up with the headlines for your videos. "BLOWS UP", "SLAYS", "EVISCERATED"... I mean, c'mon. Those are nothing but clickbait and very often don't come close to describing what is actually in the video. Your regular viewers (myself included) look past it, I'm sure. However, other people seeing your videos as ones suggested by YouTube (either after a video or on the side panel) will probably just bypass it, seeing the headline merely as clickbait. TYT is better than that.
Robert Gilman
Robert Gilman - 4 months ago
Yes exactly. They seem to lack total empathy. It's one of the main differences between liberals and conservatives.
Rick rick
Rick rick - 4 months ago
Send the Indians back
Rick rick
Rick rick - 4 months ago
Send Hillary back
Rick rick
Rick rick - 4 months ago
Impeach Muellar
Rick rick
Rick rick - 4 months ago
Impeach Geroldo
Ina Ross
Ina Ross - 4 months ago
Why can the hosts not just acknowledge that Geraldo did the right thing. If you don't agree with him political fine. It is great that he has other political opinions. That is democracy. And the difference between Geraldo and this Young Turks is he dares to tell the truth to the bubble. The Young Turk are like the Fox hosts in that sense.
Jesse Bogdonoff
Jesse Bogdonoff - 4 months ago
You don't think it's a little suspect that he only seems to sounds like a liberal on issues concerning Spanish people.
Jesse Alava
Jesse Alava - 4 months ago
They did say he was great on immigration issues
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