38 118
CSF01 - 4 months ago
Badgers Team: *Killing Everything that breathes*
Badger: iS tHat a MoRtar oR a missile *bIG tHoNk*
Kevin Yasutomi
Kevin Yasutomi - 9 days ago
What gets me is that the little picture next to the target's health bar didn't give it away.
The Gaming Ninja
The Gaming Ninja - 3 months ago
@AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael and i do believe a war will break out among this "Workers And National Kinsmen" as its members have somewhat different methods of a rebellion
AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael
But it can't be the Badgers, because after their defeat on Altis, they became the Workers And National Kinsmen. Source: Random Arma3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 1/5
The Gaming Ninja
The Gaming Ninja - 4 months ago
Posted 4 days ago *1.5K likes, Pinned and hearted by badger*
Zion Zix
Zion Zix - Day ago
I thought I heard Hutch in there, nice.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez - 2 days ago
I watched this an hour before my wedding. Good times!
Tucher97 - 4 days ago
there are special mortor rounds that do have proppellent that allows the mortors to fly faster, while some mortors are made solely to fall faster on a downward angle, however the thingthat matters is how do you want to deliver your bangs and in what form, now there are slightly different types of mortor launchers be it a large tube to fire large payloads or a small tube for distant and overhead explosives in smaller forms all the while with the ease of carrying
Undead Pariah
Undead Pariah - 11 days ago
Technologically Advanced Tactical Ordnance = TATO 🥔
Meme Thief
Meme Thief - 15 days ago
My irl name is Maverick, and I am sad now
uri5242 - 18 days ago
Bro I can never get high while watching your vids because I laugh every time I take a hit😂 trynna get my smoke on!
Shinigami 019
Shinigami 019 - 20 days ago
Hey Nomad, how many grenades should we bring?
Edwin Corporan
Edwin Corporan - 20 days ago
SabreXio - 20 days ago
Technically speaking, A mortar shell IS a missile. A missile is anything that has been launched, so, a rock, an arrow, a bullet or an explosive shell. As long as it was launched into the air, it is a missile.
Manic Velocity
Manic Velocity - 21 day ago
Y’know the ghost’s could use an EMF to permanently short out every electronic device on the island as long as the frequency stays intact but that would be too easy for a Ubisoft game
black wolf
black wolf - 21 day ago
Is it sad that I killed two of those big robots on my own
Crayon Chomper
Crayon Chomper - 27 days ago
I want one of Fly Catcher's drones
Crayon Chomper
Crayon Chomper - 27 days ago
I want canted sights in this game to build the most ungodly monstrosity of a weapon known to man just like in Escape From Tarkov
__ Predman687 ___
__ Predman687 ___ - Month ago
Cause of this guy...I can’t wait to buy this thing 😗
John Jabara
John Jabara - Month ago
“A mortar is basically one dude dropping ordinance into a tube sipping Gatorade until he realized that the Gatorade bottle is actually filled with CLP to clean the mortar but he doesn’t give a shit cause he’s had worse”
Yo, badger. As a mortar-man I gotta ask, are you as well? Cause if not there’s no reason for that statement to be so damn accurate.
Dualie Woolie
Dualie Woolie - Month ago
Hutch sounds like he could be a Voice Actor for the NPCs in the game....and it scares me
Mr. Unknown
Mr. Unknown - Month ago
i hope they do a Hunter skin from the division
Layton LaCorte
Layton LaCorte - Month ago
Yeahhhh... Pretty sure it's actually a mortar, bagur. Mortars make a bigger boom than I think you gave them credit for, and the shell actually uses rocket propellant to achieve the altitude it needs for plunging fire. That characteristic "SHHHOOOOM" noise of a mortar firing is that little solid rocket engine in the back of the shell, ignited by the firing pin at the bottom of the mortar tube. Even the icon over the emplacement in game was that of a mortar shell. I mean, I know you DGAFIRLLMFAO, but yeah.
R̸O̴G̷U̷E̵ A̷G̷E̶N̶T̵
frick i already pre ordered MW
David L
David L - Month ago
Is shooting a deer with a deagle good for the meat?
BowShot Bob
BowShot Bob - Month ago
“I used the stones to destroy the stones” - the big purple guy
Gormins - Month ago
Youtube would be much better with more youtubers like badger a+ entertainment
Marta Zaleska
Marta Zaleska - Month ago
Badger: launches EMP rockets at tactical toaster
Pancake person
Pancake person - Month ago
How do u get the animations of the people done
MyFaceIsMyShield - 2 months ago
SPARTANHORNET 56 - 2 months ago
its even scarier when the toaster starts poledancing
- ERROR - - ERROR - - 2 months ago
Ghost Recon: The Division
Jasper 0529
Jasper 0529 - 2 months ago
Those vapor trails from the sniper rounds are SECCCSEEE
J. B. Wagler
J. B. Wagler - 2 months ago
Dude, if it wasn't for the height you'd be a twin to my cousin. It's eerie cause the two of you even talk alike. Also, we're Canadian.
Geoffrey Lenda
Geoffrey Lenda - 2 months ago
Can we get some Moar Warhammer PLZ?
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light - 2 months ago
Please use more Boogaloo titles, like with that old BF video
Berren-eth - 2 months ago
Everyone gangsta until the toasters start speaking binary
Uhan Soeung
Uhan Soeung - 2 months ago
As a Cambodian person I really don’t take any offense to that I died at that joke 😂😂😂
Levi Wipf
Levi Wipf - 2 months ago
Holy shit you r also friends with Starsnipe
a potato
a potato - 2 months ago
INCREDIBILLIS - 2 months ago
When the toaster turns you on you should go to church
Chandler Wilson
Chandler Wilson - 2 months ago
I just preordered it, hope it's good.
__ - 2 months ago
this game is terrible, nothing like leveling up your rifle to be able to kill enemies, good thing you get +10 to sneak on your pants.
IamgRiefeR7 - 2 months ago
0:58 "The world's most technologically advanced toaster."
Cylons: Are we a joke to you?
Nathan Quimby
Nathan Quimby - 2 months ago
Rainbow six???
Earth alchemist
Earth alchemist - 2 months ago
Hey the begging is EndWar... at least I think
llXxSilverPhoenixxXll - 2 months ago
Malcolm Crumblin
Malcolm Crumblin - 2 months ago
luv ya vids mate. Ever played Insurgency Sandstorm?
Big Boss
Big Boss - 2 months ago
Whats with the rare gear crap? Leave that for The Division
DLITINTHEHOUSE - 2 months ago
•S0CK• - 2 months ago
Civil War 2 Electric Boogaloo
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy - 3 months ago
To be honest, when he said “when you turn the toaster on, it’s not so scary” I thought he would say “when the toaster turns you on”
The Cooldog
The Cooldog - 3 months ago
The year was 2021. The wolves have taken over the world with technologically advanced weaponry. Armed drones, unmanned helicopters, miniature nukes, and mechs. But the one thing that gave them victory.... Was the toasters. The advanced. Toasters.
Valeria Gonzalez Pereyra
Valeria Gonzalez Pereyra - 3 months ago
Jay is playing the wrong game he has the ksp from payday2
ClauseNight - 3 months ago
The amount of purely sponsored videos is staggering. I love the videos, but feel I can't trust a single thing you say about the game itself since they pay you for good PR.
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera - 3 months ago
So basically a slightly better version of Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
yur boi herambae
yur boi herambae - 3 months ago
In da game r6 members are there
BigBoye 4Lyfe
BigBoye 4Lyfe - 3 months ago
That RAT-4 looks like a caral gustav
Donald Hopp
Donald Hopp - 3 months ago
if god doesn't exist why am I so *D U M M Y T H I C C*
Yinvibes - 3 months ago
Where the fuck is his discord server
Carter Recoy
Carter Recoy - 3 months ago
I showed my sis this segment 1:03-1:09 and she thought of the movie G-Force
Isiah Arnold
Isiah Arnold - 3 months ago
If the game does well they should release the “Wolves” DLC where you get to play as the wolves and defend against the ghosts.
Henry Parks
Henry Parks - 3 months ago
weaponized razer toasters
Tango the Hutt
Tango the Hutt - 3 months ago
This game sounds hella fun, but I don’t like the weapon rarity thing, to much like the Division where you have to use a familiar boring weapon instead of a fun one because it performs better sucks
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