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CSF01 - Month ago
Badgers Team: *Killing Everything that breathes*
Badger: iS tHat a MoRtar oR a missile *bIG tHoNk*
The Gaming Ninja
The Gaming Ninja - 25 days ago
@AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael and i do believe a war will break out among this "Workers And National Kinsmen" as its members have somewhat different methods of a rebellion
AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael
But it can't be the Badgers, because after their defeat on Altis, they became the Workers And National Kinsmen. Source: Random Arma3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 1/5
Rogue Inquisitor
Rogue Inquisitor - 27 days ago
120 mm mortars have a kill radius of approx 230 feet, or 70 meters
The Gaming Ninja
The Gaming Ninja - 27 days ago
Posted 4 days ago *1.5K likes, Pinned and hearted by badger*
Joelfett - Month ago
Its big brain time!
andrew thenutjob
andrew thenutjob - 2 days ago
That RAT-4 looks like a caral gustav
Donald Hopp
Donald Hopp - 3 days ago
if god doesn't exist why am I so *D U M M Y T H I C C*
Yinvibes - 5 days ago
Where the fuck is his discord server
Carter Recoy
Carter Recoy - 6 days ago
I showed my sis this segment 1:03-1:09 and she thought of the movie G-Force
Isiah Arnold
Isiah Arnold - 7 days ago
If the game does well they should release the “Wolves” DLC where you get to play as the wolves and defend against the ghosts.
Henry Parks
Henry Parks - 7 days ago
weaponized razer toasters
Tango the Hutt
Tango the Hutt - 7 days ago
This game sounds hella fun, but I don’t like the weapon rarity thing, to much like the Division where you have to use a familiar boring weapon instead of a fun one because it performs better sucks
TwistedHeroMedia - 8 days ago
I hope you can get in contact with these guys again, they were actually pretty fun
Nick Buchanan
Nick Buchanan - 8 days ago
“What’s your favorite video from badger?”
“Probably the one where he talked about mortars and artillery for a long-ass time.”
FireCraeture 48
FireCraeture 48 - 8 days ago
10% gameplay🤔
Random fan art compilations
*Sad Thermite noises*
TAK HD12 - 9 days ago
Hey I live in Cambodia
Bott Yuup
Bott Yuup - 12 days ago
Gubysoft team... The best
Guillaume Fortin
Guillaume Fortin - 12 days ago
Nuclearassasin1 - 13 days ago
The difference between mortars and artillery is that artillery is just a big f'ing gun that uses indirect fire and a mortar is a type of artillery that consists of a metal tube into which you drop the shell and then trows it at a near vertical angle, usually they're small and portable but specially in the old days mortars where absolutely huge and usually the heaviest artillery piece available
Kyler Legault
Kyler Legault - 13 days ago
2015 before rainbow 6
“This game is shit
Not a Counter Strike killer”
Now 2019: weeeeeeeeeeee my content is mainly R6
The Brazenskull
The Brazenskull - 13 days ago
Mortarman here, a 120mm has a 75m kill radius my guy, big boom
perchemale - 14 days ago
hey make a compilation of perfectly sniping someone at the same instant as being spotted...... please
Adam Yazell
Adam Yazell - 14 days ago
As an 11C (US Army mortarmen) you were almost correct.
The mortar has a bigger explosion.
You were also right about the CLP. I've done that. Stopped drinking it though.
Moe Ghost
Moe Ghost - 14 days ago
Snipe sounds like an anime character ready to use the power of friendship on an enemy
Jurdxn - 14 days ago
I learn more shit from badger than I did from high school
gamer alien
gamer alien - 15 days ago
You don't look like a fatass
why my life suck
why my life suck - 15 days ago
0:16 yay my country is mentioned
max reitshamer
max reitshamer - 15 days ago
when the toaster turns you on it becomes a problem
Gray Fox
Gray Fox - 15 days ago
Опять какайта хуйня (повторяюсь но мне пох(очень оригинальный комент!(мамай клянусь)))
Fawexx - 17 days ago
Hutch and TheRussianbadger? Get MrSark and let all Hell loose in Vietnam.
Fawexx - 17 days ago
so it's wildlands 2.0 all over again. no more tactical Ghost REcon anymore. No more Tactical Rainbow 6 anymore. soo sad. i cri evrtiem
General Cyanide
General Cyanide - 18 days ago
1:04 What about when the toaster turns you on?
your boy
your boy - 18 days ago
was the title supposed to reference Danza 2: electric boogaloo
Luke Glunt
Luke Glunt - 18 days ago
Tactical toaster? FOR THE OMNISSIAH!!!
Ssatisfyy YT
Ssatisfyy YT - 18 days ago
Bröther: hay Bäjur, how many grenades should we bri-
Bäjur: YES
Zorux - 18 days ago
Just like what the big purple guy said: perfectly balanced as all things should be
aurora borealis hams
aurora borealis hams - 18 days ago
Damn, the fuck
DASNAKEY - 19 days ago
What editing software do u use badger
Jrr2008 - 20 days ago
this is the plot to g-Force
Nicolás Bosch
Nicolás Bosch - 20 days ago
GOD I *fucken love T R I G O N O M E T R Y*
Klub Koenig
Klub Koenig - 20 days ago
Im dying of laughter, Love your vids man!
Biohazard Tanner
Biohazard Tanner - 21 day ago
I watch star snipes Last dd's ay on earth survival
Trent Morrison
Trent Morrison - 21 day ago
Ill see you in aroa man. Ill be there to
Casual World Eater
Casual World Eater - 22 days ago
Badger: *Uses the word exterminatus*
Me:*Space nuts*
Joseph Lastname
Joseph Lastname - 22 days ago
Well boys, we did it. Toaster is no more.
tyler roberts
tyler roberts - 22 days ago
little corrections. mortars are crewed weapons, the big bore's absolutely do have huge blast radii, and mortars *are* artillery
source: my brother is an army mortarman
NLrenzo - 22 days ago
That missile was unfriendly fire
bob masters
bob masters - 22 days ago
1:10 what if the toaster turns you on
Slavs Be Slaving
Slavs Be Slaving - 22 days ago
No this is Stalin
JAMES Vermy - 22 days ago
You should play division 2 with me
Firefighter2528yo - 22 days ago
@2:34 You aint got no legs LT Dan (aka Hutch)
Burningsoul7645 - 22 days ago
Badger: stuff about turning on toasters Me: that’s hot
Tactical Noodles
Tactical Noodles - 23 days ago
ya know colonel sanders gets the finger lickin good phrase from ww2 when he was dunckin on the krauts in his apache/m1 abrams hybrid
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