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E! News - Day ago
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
WhosFaulty - 25 minutes ago
You should monetise this video and donate all profits to a mental health charity
bert gunda
bert gunda - 27 minutes ago
Your just using his suicide for views this is so messed up
Hufflepufflez :3
Hufflepufflez :3 - 27 minutes ago
Thanks for taking it off quickly.
LUNA ASMR - 43 minutes ago
Icynibba - 52 minutes ago
@Zeroshiki How many times do I have to repeat myself? Yes, his death was nothing but entertainment.
Alo925 - 11 minutes ago
Smh E news shouldn’t be reporting on this. They act like they would do this for any other YouTubers but no they’re just trying to leech off of this situation and it’s seriously messed up.
Glurby - 11 minutes ago
Etika is a great man. Number 1 on trending deserves him right.
Primus03 - 12 minutes ago
Wait, Etika is dead!?!?!?!?
Jesus all that anti-Christ stuff he’s been doing really got to him didn’t it
scrubslover9 - 12 minutes ago
Nothing quite like honoring the dead by having ads on the the video with a looper-esc emotionless commentator.
Photo Owl
Photo Owl - 13 minutes ago
Youtube never popped his video in front of me so I didn't know about Etika but I'm still feel sorry for him. Rest in peace. Is his channel down now?
Dreskki 1
Dreskki 1 - 13 minutes ago
OXI Capatalised
OXI Capatalised - 13 minutes ago
Why post a video about it so quick? Very disrespectful
Leo Messi & Anto Roccuzzo
Leo Messi & Anto Roccuzzo - 14 minutes ago
*Ставьте лайк если ты болеешь за Барселоны*
Sonico Animation
Sonico Animation - 14 minutes ago
Can't wait to meet this kind man in the after life to show him what happens in Attack on Titan...
TheDankMilkman •
TheDankMilkman • - 15 minutes ago
Can someone kill imjaystation
Ruben Banuelos
Ruben Banuelos - 15 minutes ago
Jadon Williams
Jadon Williams - 16 minutes ago
@Youtube please restore his channel so we can remember him
Ahmed Tony
Ahmed Tony - 16 minutes ago
Ceko - 16 minutes ago
Why did Etika have to die... We could have prevented this...
Hank Hill
Hank Hill - 17 minutes ago
Who? K
David Powers
David Powers - 17 minutes ago
I really didn't know Etika but he was a cool and funny guy and I feel sad he is gone R.I.P Etika you will be missed 💓
Gold Fish
Gold Fish - 18 minutes ago
I honestly don’t know what to say, I only new him as a meme. So I would imagine him as a joyful character, but I now see that was wrong. R.I.P Etika
Wolf Kleiber
Wolf Kleiber - 19 minutes ago
We don't care
Clayton Clark
Clayton Clark - 19 minutes ago
Marquis Kocher Official
Marquis Kocher Official - 20 minutes ago
Etika faced death so easily that it's disappointing to me. He had a great life going for him aside his mental illnesses. There are always open resources to help cope with these conflicts, so I believe that suicide was a silly choice on his behalf as he stated his actions led him there. Rip Etika, your story will carry on.
Space Turkey
Space Turkey - 21 minute ago
R.I.P. etika
Jonathon Hills
Jonathon Hills - 23 minutes ago
May Etika Rest In Peace thanks for inspiring me and millions ❤️
Tam Dawson
Tam Dawson - 26 minutes ago
★ℛℯ𝓈𝓉 ℬ𝒶𝒹𝓎 ℬℴ𝓎 ℰ★
Mckenzie Green
Mckenzie Green - 27 minutes ago
R.I.P etika
BRACE YOURSELF - 28 minutes ago
I hope he won't be remembered just for his Anti- Gay and Anti- Semetic comments he made all the time.
BrookieTheWookie - 29 minutes ago
Dude, that's crazy.
David Rojas
David Rojas - 31 minute ago
bro i just saw he reaction videos to e3 a few weeks ago wth
Sunk3n - 31 minute ago
remember his legacy he will always been in our hearts glad this is trending
Liota Rose
Liota Rose - 32 minutes ago
I found his deep web livestream and it was golden saw the mental break down online and all the jokes that were made didn’t know he went missing until it was too late R.I.P Etika
Wolfidess Dragondol
Wolfidess Dragondol - 33 minutes ago
R.I.P Etika
We will miss you and you deserved better
Amber Denise
Amber Denise - 34 minutes ago
Rest easy man you were loved .
ohIcanChangeMyNameIDKthat - 36 minutes ago
Can you not put boogie in anything ever again? He said on Twitter that Erika was weaker than him and that's why he committed suicide
whirlwind - 36 minutes ago
Phildefranco said it best, "the spotlight doesn't hug back"
WHAT IT Dooooh
WHAT IT Dooooh - 38 minutes ago
VIPΞR 1 - 39 minutes ago
Huh why did youtube add a noise when you like a comment??
Adrian Andrade
Adrian Andrade - 41 minute ago
Don’t know who he is... 🤷🏼‍♂️
Iron Gauntlet
Iron Gauntlet - 39 minutes ago
He's a legend!!!! He made hilarious content on RUvideos and Twitch.
WHAT IT Dooooh
WHAT IT Dooooh - 41 minute ago
Iron Gauntlet
Iron Gauntlet - 43 minutes ago
If only he was still here 😭😭😭 I loved his content and more importantly him
FinnishArmy - 43 minutes ago
I never even knew of Etika until now.
regi - 43 minutes ago
Cant believe this really happened
Ryan Umi
Ryan Umi - 44 minutes ago
Adrian Leon
Adrian Leon - 44 minutes ago
Smart move with the hidden likes but plz turn them on i wanna see
Richie TheChicagoFan
Richie TheChicagoFan - 44 minutes ago
Never even gets to play the New Animal Crossing or see the New Smash Bros DLC. I’m gonna miss him so much
R.I.P. Desmond. ❤️❤️
Ged Gel
Ged Gel - 45 minutes ago
4chan is laughing at this
Prince Thoj
Prince Thoj - 45 minutes ago
Wow where was all this support from the beginning lol
Ronda Thomas
Ronda Thomas - 46 minutes ago
Jiddle Middle
Jiddle Middle - 46 minutes ago
No one cared enough to get him some mental health care taking. We could see he wasn’t in the right place months ago during his first drama. Care before, not after
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 15 minutes ago
I bet you people hit him up in the dm's about. People gonna do what they gonna do unfortunately, even the best mental health care fails. He took his own life nobody else did it for him.
Usmile - 47 minutes ago
E! News
Etika! News
GrabbyGabyGaming - 49 minutes ago
This is really sad RIP ETIKA
plague_Pummpy - 49 minutes ago
I love Michael jackson
狼ウサギ - 50 minutes ago
Some of these Youtubers don't even care about Etika. Some Youtubers actually hung out with Erika and actually knew about his problems and tried to get him help. They tried to bring awareness to mental health.
Like don't get me wrong, its good Youtubers bring mental health awareness. But its extremely wrong to just jump on the "cyber-bullying is wrong" and/or "suicide is wrong. Here are some hotlines" and/or "please get help" when after a week or two, they stop promoting and don't care and go back to what we are doing. We have lost so many people to depression and/or bullying and I hate that it has to take someone's death for people to promote stuff when we should be promoting mental health and how to get help as much as we can. I know that everyone will go back to normal and won't do anything until someone else commits suicide. It sucks. I didn't know Etika nor watched his videos, but I hope Youtube can become stronger by promoting anti-bullying and mental health MORE instead of stopping after a week or two. I don't want to lose more amazing people to mental health. Thank you
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 12 minutes ago
Mate what do you want people to do... you can't hold someone down forever. The authorities were called and people were out looking. What are YOU doing about mental health in your community. Quit blaming and do something.
JamesGalaxy41 - 50 minutes ago
Richard Pedersen
Richard Pedersen - 50 minutes ago
We didn’t do enough
Tea Tsuneko
Tea Tsuneko - 51 minute ago
Bloody cum
Bloody cum - 52 minutes ago
Etika tried to swim in lava
The Nameless King
The Nameless King - 55 minutes ago
Why did they take down his last video!??
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 11 minutes ago
Basically a suicide note after the fact. Guess it's inappropriate
Grant Campbell
Grant Campbell - 57 minutes ago
Sad when a young person loses the will. Didn't know the boy but all the same will be in my thoughts. His poor family, i hope they can find peace in his memory.
Jay Wit jelly
Jay Wit jelly - 57 minutes ago
Alexa play clout by offset.....
FaZe Cole
FaZe Cole - 57 minutes ago
I hate that people make money off of people that die
knickandchester - 57 minutes ago
The affects of suicide changes the lives of those you love. The pain you go through is just transferred to them missing you. You have too much to offer, seek help
Epic Scout
Epic Scout - 58 minutes ago
Rest in peace, Etika.
May the Force be with you. (Sorry, guys. I'm not a big fan of Star Wars.)
GoodVibes :]
GoodVibes :] - 59 minutes ago
YouTube pulls the video that etika posted of him basically talking as if he'd already killed himself and making sure most people dont catch wind of it than putting this garbage at #1 J E S U S Christ. I honestly believe what they did can be called assisted manslaughter by hiding the most blatant suicide 'note' we've ever seen... I am truly disgusted by this...
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 10 minutes ago
@Greenkidd this channel highlighted James Charles not youtube
Greenkidd - 41 minute ago
And to add insult to Injury they highlight James Charles as someone who cared about the situation instead of his actual close RUvideos friends
Christine Daae
Christine Daae - Hour ago
I don’t know hmm and I never watched him, but rest in piece, Etika🙏🏼❤️
Top Lads Productions
Rip Erika great dude with funny videos he will be missed
Tentacle Kun
Tentacle Kun - Hour ago
Nice background music you there
mike hunt
mike hunt - Hour ago
Who was the first one to make a reaction
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - Hour ago
Finally something that actually *DESERVES* to be on the top of the trending tab.
YouTube has become one of the most damaging platforms in our society, “creators” whose channels are based wholly on deception and lies, misleading millions of people.
K Dre
K Dre - Hour ago
Dam this sucks man
Esteban Castrejon
Esteban Castrejon - Hour ago
Lol lol lol lol
Aditya Raman
Aditya Raman - Hour ago
It’s stupid how you guys say “ omg it’a such a tragic thing to happen” but then you make videos trying to make money of people reacting to someone’s death. Just let the man rip.
sean wingfield
sean wingfield - Hour ago
0:54 the editor is fucked up for that😂💀💀🤦🏽‍♂️
obinna asuoha
obinna asuoha - Hour ago
Wow y'all really tryna make money of his death
DRG-TOXIC - Hour ago
Legends never die (ಥ‿ಥ)
james thomson
james thomson - Hour ago
Because he entered into the deep web dude !! Then someone called him
Ebola MC
Ebola MC - Hour ago
Rip Etika.. I am entirely shocked to hear this news and i wish the best for his loved ones. He was a good man, and he will be missed.
Squypt - Hour ago
man i missed how he react to smash, jojo, sans, play minecraft and challenging 2b2t
number 1
number 1 - Hour ago
Ok honestly I got back from a trip which provided no internet and the first video I saw was titled RIP Etika from CoryxKenshin which I honestly thought that it was a joke but watching the video made it still hard to believe but as I searched the topic people were making tributes to Etika. I just then later noticed he made a vid about it. That was made earlier in the week.
I just can't believe he's gone.
politicalworldwar news
E! News doesn't care what y'all think! If they want to take ads off they will do it. They're a company which knows no one will do nothing to them. Clout chasing at it's finest!
Jack Lazer
Jack Lazer - Hour ago
This is disgusting. In essence and in execution.
Let the family have their privacy.
Pina Colada
Pina Colada - Hour ago
nae naed
How can YouTube put ads on this video , disgusting
Trunkz - Hour ago
It’s always the same thing! You wanna start acknowledging Them when they die but when he’s grinding y’all wanna take down his vids his channel his mental state. I swear I can’t stand the society we live in...
DATB0i - Hour ago
Rip Etika
I pray for you and your family
Behindthebook tob
Behindthebook tob - Hour ago
Thomas Dez
Thomas Dez - Hour ago
My name is Desmond
Steven Huerta
Steven Huerta - Hour ago
1800 223 8255 sorry if I got the number wrong but call if you ever have suicidal thoughts
Love - Hour ago
He wanted to make YouTube a better place but youtube takes his video down and let's others profit of his death YouTube makes me sick
BewpleSSB - Hour ago
Why did youtube delete the original video but keep this up?
closedcaptioncomedy - Hour ago
All these "fellow" youtubers. . . Makes me sick.. if you really cared you'd have been there from the start. All we ever do these days is say RIP whenever things like this happen. . As if they'll come back and say "thanks man". . It's simply not enough. If you never even knew the person or cared to even know the person then why bother pretending to care at all. It's just a ploy for the world and viewers to think that these vloggers have some sort of compassion when really they're just thinking of the next best camera to buy so they can continue to film their fake reactions. . Rinse and repeat
A Vaccine
A Vaccine - Hour ago
Oh no...
XchoasbringerX - Hour ago
i really think some of you guys are weird, not all. When Etika was still alive and u seen his vids in "up next" u probably looked for something else to watch. Now that that he is dead everyone is mourning for his death. when he was alive why werent u like this. everyone dies at some point. Im not sayin that i dont care. Im sayin that some of you only care about the people when everyone else cares about them and you are to scared to give your opinion because you might get hate. OR you only care about the people when they die.
Nebbity - Hour ago
Chicken nuggets
Micheal Jackson’s Innocent
But there were so many upcoming switch games
I hope he’s enjoying them from the other side
ASMR|MTG - Hour ago
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McDonald's Wifi
McDonald's Wifi - Hour ago
I remembered when he surfed the dark web
life is strange
life is strange - Hour ago
life is strange
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life is strange
life is strange - Hour ago
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