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William Brooks
William Brooks - Month ago
Adam Lay
hailey roth
hailey roth - Month ago
My brother has one of those flashlights
KatYaks - Month ago
What happened with the pidgeons?
Resterz YT
Resterz YT - Month ago
Hey Kendall keep up the good work i life in Somerset pretty close to you it would be a honor to meet you but keep up the good work and god bless #graygang #jesus
Charmander52008 - 2 months ago
ryker knaphus
ryker knaphus - 2 months ago
you shod go bow fishing
Lo gangk
Lo gangk - 2 months ago
It is called white elephant
Lachlan Teese
Lachlan Teese - 2 months ago
Each time he said “hey Siri “ my phone started listening
The Chicken Man
The Chicken Man - 2 months ago
I found KG's weakness. PIGEONS!! When I thought it was Roger.
BeaverCraft I Easy Wood Carving for Beginners
Sounds like a fun challenge
MR.HAmnUts - 2 months ago
Make a predator camo hoodie and I'll buy it
Walk J
Walk J - 2 months ago
Kings donuts are the best
derby life 82
derby life 82 - 2 months ago
Trump trump trump trump 2020
Gabriel Klawstone
Gabriel Klawstone - 2 months ago
Chyne Jones
Chyne Jones - 2 months ago
I liked and subscribed and turn on the bell and notifications
Mr. Squirrel Hunter
Mr. Squirrel Hunter - 2 months ago
yo kendell i have 5 pet racing pigeons and they are good pets #give me a shout out please
Layton Givens
Layton Givens - 2 months ago
When he said hey Siri it worked on my phone
Greg Rogler
Greg Rogler - 2 months ago
someday you will know what a sour cream donut is !!!!!!!!
Hillbilly Ohio
Hillbilly Ohio - 2 months ago
Dang man those words touched me this evening! Thank you and God bless
hd l
hd l - 2 months ago
Top accessoires here ===⛔https://www.facebook.com/176422359745850/posts/435763490478401/?sfnsn=mo
Dustin Williams83
Dustin Williams83 - 2 months ago
I just wanna see pigeons fight
Braydon Greer
Braydon Greer - 2 months ago
Do a either one of these please
drip and drop
drip and drop - 2 months ago
Kendall:buys donuts freinds:buys questionable stuff like A PIGEON
Heather  Hubert
Heather Hubert - 2 months ago
It’s Wyatt and guess what Kendall I’m going camping Friday and I can finally use my pocket knife there and make a spear like you do
theredbaron20 - 2 months ago
Kendalls reaction was the best.
Ronald Martin
Ronald Martin - 2 months ago
My way I love your verse of the week every time you post God bless
Ronald Martin
Ronald Martin - 2 months ago
Donuts look yummy
5420Snapp - 2 months ago
Someone gotta get tased....don't leave us hanging....
Yeetieboi A
Yeetieboi A - 2 months ago
Anyone else’s Siri pop up
Ef Plays
Ef Plays - 2 months ago
How tall are you use in q&a if possible
Gareth Hall80
Gareth Hall80 - 2 months ago
Bro Kendall you said hey Siri pick a random number and my Siri came on and picked a random number, blew my mind and scared me a lil😂.
David GWILLIAM - 2 months ago
Every time Kendall said hey Siri my Siri came on, on my iPhone 😂
DJ McCauley
DJ McCauley - 2 months ago
Ask Adam question and every one he gets wrong he gets tazed
Sarah Messer
Sarah Messer - 2 months ago
Kindell wene are you gowing to stoke the pool pond a gen
G.I Joe Gaming
G.I Joe Gaming - 2 months ago
you guys should definitely do another challenge but instead of 10$ it should be 25$ great video guys
Its Niox
Its Niox - 2 months ago
anyone else’s siri pop up
Sara Howard
Sara Howard - 2 months ago
Candle my mom saying but I broke my arm in football
LOCSIN GAMING - 2 months ago
3:31 background song what name
1 fortnite
1 fortnite - 2 months ago
Do a hunting video
Roseangel85 - 2 months ago
Kendall! You are not suppose to fire a taser in the air for more than a second and only a couple times as a test or the taser will break very fast XD LOL
OG Krazzed
OG Krazzed - 2 months ago
Kendall you should create a shirt that you sell in the merch shop that has your logo and your favorite Bible Verse
Maria Cerda
Maria Cerda - 2 months ago
Is this from vat19
Trinity Davis
Trinity Davis - 2 months ago
For my brother's birthday he got KG merch 😊
jessicajones012 - 2 months ago
Kendle they are saleing 3 chicks for 5 dollors at the exspo five flee market
Jay Pack
Jay Pack - 2 months ago
What part of Kentucky u love in
Noah Shofner
Noah Shofner - 2 months ago
My Siri picked up when he said “hey Siri”
Jrc outdoors
Jrc outdoors - 2 months ago
What happened to lucky and peanut
Corben Peach
Corben Peach - 2 months ago
Imagine getting cheated outa Krispy cream for cornstarch. 😂
The Fort Bassin
The Fort Bassin - 2 months ago
I’ve never watched a KG video and not laughed especially this one. It was hilarious 😂 good job.!!👍🏼
AJ McAlister
AJ McAlister - 2 months ago
Congrats on 1 mil
THE REAL M&M M - 2 months ago
I want a donut sooooooooooo bad!
Miranda Cook
Miranda Cook - 2 months ago
Do a trap shoot
Oisin Gilheaney
Oisin Gilheaney - 2 months ago
You should make a pigeon loft
Yessir Yep
Yessir Yep - 2 months ago
What????? Love the vid😂
Alana Huff
Alana Huff - 2 months ago
U need to make a kg fishing pole
Jayden Garrison
Jayden Garrison - 2 months ago
Kendall you set off my Siri every time you said it
BAMA Bassin
BAMA Bassin - 2 months ago
I’ll be posting a lot just put up one vid
Jack Grainger
Jack Grainger - 2 months ago
When he was saying hey Siri my Siri cane up😂
Levi Poore
Levi Poore - 2 months ago
You activated my siri
Austin Carter
Austin Carter - 2 months ago
Kendall sorry for being late😕. But I loved the vid
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