Joyner Lucas - ADHD

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Simon Kriszyk
Simon Kriszyk - Hour ago
OMG!!! I'm researching songs for a project i'm doing and I would LOVE to use this or even part of it... It's PERFECT!!! 100% love it x x
Jason Burns
Jason Burns - 4 hours ago
My life put in a song
The National Society of meme awareness
I feel like I am the only one with ADHD in my school
Dragonslayer513 lopez
Dragonslayer513 lopez - 5 hours ago
Aryano - 11 hours ago
It kinda feels like......

Chris Maw
Chris Maw - 12 hours ago
I have always felt diffetent never took medication or diagnosed with anything i over think things take things to heart no patients but i dont need medication joyner lucas is the man deff going to be top 5 one day
Brody Dennehy
Brody Dennehy - 14 hours ago
AWESOME my favorite song so far and favorite song personally!!!
jimmy p
jimmy p - Day ago
My son has ADHD. I've struggled along side with him and worked with him 1:1 for years. He is 9 now. I vilified RX for the longest, and I recently decided that I was wasting time for him as he is super smart but cannot focus for very long. I still haven't gone the RX route yet..but I feel I owe it to him so he can succeed. Regardless how to outcome goes, I will be Damn sure to be there for my boy and love him unconditionally. And this is coming from a guy who works with students with special needs in a Highschool setting. I def wanna rock that ADHD jacket in honor of my boy. JL did it big mane. Bout to make a song about ASD.
ThermarX - Day ago
My cousin made fun of me for ADHD and I got loss of appetite when I was on my medicine and when I was off my grades were bad. I’m My life was now a dilemma of malnutrition or failing. Now I listen to this and I feel a whole lot better
ValencyyYaDiGG - Day ago
boss bomb
boss bomb - Day ago
I have ADHD and I don't care
killerkam games
killerkam games - Day ago
I have adhd
Kason Ekleberry
Kason Ekleberry - Day ago
What if anyone that sings this without a mumble has ADHD 😮
YStippi - Day ago
Having ADHD isn't apologizing enough to rape my ears with autotune.
420random dee
420random dee - Day ago
Finally a song that describes how it feels with adhd thats relatable
Take IT !!!
Take IT !!! - Day ago
0:35 to 0:42 sounds almost exactly like Xxxtentacion songs 🤔
Keef Milly Kapo
Keef Milly Kapo - Day ago
Tell Joyner Lucas This Beat Got Destroyed By A
Up & Comin Brooklyn Spitta 🔥
If He Want It Back We Gotta Negotiate A Collab 💽
OH YEAH YEAH - Day ago
I have ADHD
Professer Johnson
Professer Johnson - Day ago
I'm not trying to rush,but like if you ready for adhd
Obaby nation
Obaby nation - Day ago
I want to know how they make this picture
RST SLIME - 2 days ago
How many times will I repeat this you guys tell me
kijuan rease
kijuan rease - 2 days ago
I have ADHD my mind goes into different worries everyday thanks Joyner for making the song 💯❤️😞
DaReal Po-PoCow
DaReal Po-PoCow - 2 days ago
Man, all of his songs are legendary. Man i'd love to see him blow up even more. Lots of love from Romania, Joyner
Torey Cordland
Torey Cordland - 2 days ago
matthew bellamy
matthew bellamy - 2 days ago
My friend just told me about Joyner. Wow . Awesome talent . Both myself and my daughter suffer from adhd so I can sympathise with this song . My daughter brings tears to my eyes as she often tells me she wants to die and she is 7 . People dont understand but this shit is awful
Adam Bordelon
Adam Bordelon - 2 days ago
It’s like a mix of post Malone and xxxtentacion and lil uzi. Or u could just call it Joyner
100%rap - 2 days ago
xlt krk lalbum a wjah zab
Oddworlds Grim
Oddworlds Grim - 2 days ago
real artist make songs you can relate to because there no pushing a fake pursona
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer - 2 days ago
This nigga gotta hop on the track with J.Cole and Kendrick
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer - 20 hours ago
FanRose FabRose Spencer wtf since when he’s fans of them 😂
FanRose FabRose Spencer
He got beef with them
TheeSmokeWildd xx
TheeSmokeWildd xx - 3 days ago
Yo it is weird. My Stress by NF goes perfect with this beat
DebitCredit Not Balance
2:16 holyshittt.
Itz Omen
Itz Omen - 3 days ago
ilyas alsulaimani
ilyas alsulaimani - 3 days ago
Shit song
Redjucy - 3 days ago
YO gang check this shit he rap faster than fucking eminem DAMMM SONNNN
FanRose FabRose Spencer
Plenty rappers rap faster than Eminem
Derek Redman
Derek Redman - 3 days ago
This song is Fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
frozenluxray - 3 days ago
frozenluxray - 3 days ago
it said 4 weeks then one month when i refreshed
Matthew durand
Matthew durand - 4 days ago
Joyner hops on any beat and kills it! Mad respect!!
NINJA DUDE - 4 days ago
Sorry but dosent match your style
Maria Padron
Maria Padron - 4 days ago
0:13 on loop
Brianna Tower
Brianna Tower - 4 days ago
BOSTON represent! I love you Joyner! Keep making art without the drugs and the bullshit that usually surrounds rap. I’m a South Boston native and you make me fucking PROUD! Sending my love to you always. xoxo
Crystal Breeze
Crystal Breeze - 4 days ago
This not right song
Christopher Vargas
Christopher Vargas - 4 days ago
It's such a shame Joyner is gonna be at the Staples Center today and I can't go. It's literally a 10 minute walk from my house and I wasn't able to buy a ticket. So close, yet so far.
Радий Вагазов
Делай бро! Весь мир для тебя открыт. Welcome brothers!
IMega - 4 days ago
Who's better?
Joyner- like
Tekashi 69- jump in front of a bus
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun - 10 hours ago
Are you twelve?
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley - Day ago
Population control lmao
Snow Python
Snow Python - 2 days ago
Just joking only liking
Snow Python
Snow Python - 2 days ago
*jumps while liking in front of a burning truck* Does this count too xD
Power Of 2+
Power Of 2+ - 4 days ago
First song... you got a fan for life. Keep it up!!!🙌🔥🔥💯
Bart Sawicki
Bart Sawicki - 4 days ago
I like how he combines Oldschool (lyrical, story telling etc) with Newschool (Autotune, flow, type of beats). Good shit bruv
Risendeadzz - 4 days ago
Im calling it YoungBoy Head Blown is joyners next remix MARK MY WORDS
indoorpie 167
indoorpie 167 - 4 days ago
It's my adhd
KITTY Does Stuff
KITTY Does Stuff - 4 days ago
always dieing on the inside
Chris Lafler
Chris Lafler - 4 days ago
Thanks for the support it sucks to deal with ADHD I have it severely I rap to and its kool seeings someone mainstream putting the mental disorder out their
DemiGod 1004
DemiGod 1004 - 4 days ago
This song is just like any other post manlone song but good for you Joyner Lucas the best one ever heard from you yet after suge Remix
John Mack’s highlights
The H in ADHD can also stand for hyper focused
bluedemon 2911
bluedemon 2911 - 5 days ago
Wtf this is just like a juice wrld song NGL
Nuggie - 5 days ago
Does anyone else hear the beat slowing down and speeding back up, shits trippy af but still fire
Blaise Man
Blaise Man - 5 days ago
I love Joyner can express himself and be real and not have to be fake. And make that new sound even better!! Fire Joyner!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Money
Mr. Money - 5 days ago
Danielle Allard
Danielle Allard - 5 days ago
Just seen him in San Antonio underdog under rated he got the juice keep pushing Liiiiiiiiiiiiit!!
Mr. Money
Mr. Money - 5 days ago
Kaseem rai
Kaseem rai - 5 days ago
Yoo. How long till the next song drops.
Les Bragg
Les Bragg - 5 days ago
ADHD is not real. Its a social experiment. Don't need drugs. Exercise and diet helps with attention and hyperactive issues. They are actually natural problems, and it's hard to even call them problems. Expel your energy and use it to your benefit.
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