JIM CARREY IS BACK!! And He Deserves An Oscar For This Acting!!

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NetWorthless - 2 months ago
The video is brilliant! They edited Jim Carrey's role in the movie to make it more like a short film!
John Adams v2.0
John Adams v2.0 - Day ago
people die, carrrrrrrrrrrrrrey laughs at them.
Lee Hai 'Grooving'
Lee Hai 'Grooving' - 12 days ago
@johnster ; Not necessarily, there exist a good portion of the worlds peoples who do not have the luxury to be able to go to the local supermarket to purchase the PC narrowed down selection of industrial gentrified food from hellish factory farms....or KFC and Mc Donalds, Yum if one likes make believe food............Like Wonderbread....:)
johnster - 12 days ago
@Lee Hai 'Grooving' got be chinese, kill eer eat anythin
Dude Slick
Dude Slick - 15 days ago
@Chasingwaves you can use google on Safari genius. One is a search engine, the other is a web browser.
Mr Butler
Mr Butler - 19 days ago
@Chasingwaves you can download Google chrome.. you should really make that change lol
Rabies Movies
Rabies Movies - 7 hours ago
i like it, it very good
Teow Hai Way
Teow Hai Way - 19 hours ago
a movie where Aquaman met Ace Ventura? Sign me in!
a. y.
a. y. - 20 hours ago
Öyle bir bakıyor ki "sanki yenge de erik gibiymiş kütür kütür" der gibi
Blast Fromthepast
Blast Fromthepast - 21 hour ago
What language is the non-Jim Carrey chap speaking???
Grete Luik
Grete Luik - 15 hours ago
Arthur Carroll
Arthur Carroll - 22 hours ago
Looks like Trump Derangement Syndrome really fucked up Mangina Jim!
bewas chandio
bewas chandio - Day ago
movie name
William Kelly
William Kelly - Day ago
Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey :(
Samuel Delgado
Samuel Delgado - Day ago
Booooooo Jim ....boooooo you're terrible
Movie Mash
Movie Mash - Day ago
Jim Carrey is a talented actor that will be remembered, it's good he's taking on roles like these for a change
federico follis
federico follis - Day ago
que pelicula es?
northsoutheastwest - Day ago
John Adams v2.0
John Adams v2.0 - Day ago
i had a dream he didnt suck so much. didnt happen.
deepu veer
deepu veer - 2 days ago
ahem! which movie is this btw?
CJ Mahusay
CJ Mahusay - 2 days ago
All l can say is that Jim Carrey is the living Buddha of Hollywood. All person really look crazy when they're awakened.
Slit518 - 2 days ago
It appears Jim Carrey is homeless now, wandering the Nevada desert.

May you find your way back to Canada, Jim.
John Adams v2.0
John Adams v2.0 - Day ago
moral: people die, carrrrrrrrrrrrrrey laughs at them. goes anywhere and has infinite stolen thoughts.
bsms254 - 2 days ago
Jim carey is a psycho..
Rocket ToUranus
Rocket ToUranus - 2 days ago
My boy lookin like Steven Adams
Erick Núñez
Erick Núñez - 3 days ago
What's the movie?
J. A.
J. A. - 3 days ago
The movie is about a girl kidnapped by cannibals...um?
John Adams v2.0
John Adams v2.0 - Day ago
the movie is about the death of all humans
doobiewah357 - 4 days ago
Jenny McCarthy on Joe Rogan's podcast: Not many people know this but, Jim has periodic mental breakdowns, so be nice to him.
John Adams v2.0
John Adams v2.0 - Day ago
moral: people die, carrrrrrrrrrrrrrey laughs at them. goes anywhere and has infinite stolen thoughts.
mette holm
mette holm - 4 days ago
An actor with a comic talent in his league nescessalily must have profound dramatic ability. You can´t have one without the other.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis - 4 days ago
Eat plain shredded wheat and only water with vitamins for a month
Dan Gonzales
Dan Gonzales - 4 days ago
Пока живы, не помрем!
showoorts mc plunger
showoorts mc plunger - 4 days ago
Uh jason better bring that gotdamn mustache back
Chellie pepper
Chellie pepper - 4 days ago
Ummm... ?
Rashed Salah
Rashed Salah - 4 days ago
Naem the movie
3rd Battalion 11th Marines
Jim Carrey in public and not running his mouth ? It must be a public service movie.....😎
GLC2013 - 4 days ago
So enemy of the USA and naive "artist" wannabe Carrey finally resuscitated his dying career by bashing the president and pandering to Hollyweird's pro-Negroe/dirtbag fetish. I'm really looking forward to ignoring this film, as I do all of his "work"!
GLC2013 - 4 days ago
@Carl Bilodeau - You are most welcome. Since Carrey insists on inflicting his offensive and unsolicited opinions on millions of Americans each week, I felt it only fitting if I inflicted mine on him one time. Enjoy.
Carl Bilodeau
Carl Bilodeau - 4 days ago
But not ignoring him enough to come here and make a comment. Thanks for letting us know. :-)
NoName Available
NoName Available - 5 days ago
The moment you realise he wasn't acting... They just accidentally ran into him during the shooting
Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini - 5 days ago
Tequesha Harris
Tequesha Harris - 5 days ago
Bad Bach
Gh3TTO G3NiUS - 5 days ago
Jim Carey and aquaman in the middle of the desert drawing pictures and eating a crow handing out a snow globe. I literally spoke the short film in 20 words. I was waiting for something but this honestly lead to nothing.
Balls To The Wall
Balls To The Wall - 5 days ago
I can act if this is acting....
Lance Link
Lance Link - 5 days ago
Probably filmed in his back yard
Val Hopkins
Val Hopkins - 5 days ago
Looks like they shot this in Johnson Valley...
john rowland
john rowland - 5 days ago
Brilliant because it's (supposedly) Carey minus the lunacy ? Have to wonder why you wouldn't ask a genuine Aboriginal actor to do the same.
William Penn
William Penn - 5 days ago
What he needs is his methodone treatment and a bath that's what he needs.
Mark C
Mark C - 6 days ago
Most ignorant movie in the last decade. He gets paid to act so he acts. Nothing brilliant in his acting.
Irgen Dwer
Irgen Dwer - 6 days ago
This trailer tells nothing to me, only somebody somewhere sometimes meeting somebody. Annoying
Vreeland Gardner
Vreeland Gardner - 6 days ago
Another Jerry Lewis
Edward Mahoney
Edward Mahoney - 6 days ago
I think Jim Carrey lost his marbles.
Rebecca Camp
Rebecca Camp - 4 days ago
And he's better off for it.
Balls To The Wall
Balls To The Wall - 5 days ago
Yup, this isn't a film. This is a snippet of a documentary they're filming about Jim's real day to day life.....
Camilo Villavicencio
Camilo Villavicencio - 6 days ago
The Jim have eyes
Dan Iordache
Dan Iordache - 7 days ago
Robb - 7 days ago
What the hell was that? and was that Jason?
As Sabirun
As Sabirun - 7 days ago
I hate Aquaariel.
ΙΕΠΥΑ PROJECT - 8 days ago
Man's an Actor. Period.
Jeff Burlingame
Jeff Burlingame - 8 days ago
He belongs in prison for encouraging his make up girl to kill herself.
Jeff Burlingame
Jeff Burlingame - 8 days ago
@Thomas Slaughter 100%
Thomas Slaughter
Thomas Slaughter - 8 days ago
How true is that
Glen W
Glen W - 9 days ago
what a loser
Bill F
Bill F - 9 days ago
Nothing more then castaway only not at sea
Judge Deliberata
Judge Deliberata - 10 days ago
so aquaman truly is a pedo
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