Tanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

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Lara Faria
Lara Faria - 3 hours ago
🤣is it just me or is it rly that he isn’t talented 🤣🤣lol BOSTA
Bella Fauske
Bella Fauske - 3 hours ago
Who's here after watching "we do it best"?
Montana Sweet
Montana Sweet - 4 hours ago
Taylor always kills it
Montana Sweet
Montana Sweet - 4 hours ago
Everyone hating but I just like the song. I dont have beef with faze im just a fan of tanner
Salisar Games
Salisar Games - 5 hours ago
Hmm isnt he friends with rug?
I am off brand Pewdiepie
I am off brand Pewdiepie - 5 hours ago
I went blind at 0:47
joshua zuniga
joshua zuniga - 7 hours ago
Taylor is so hot i will make out with her for sure Tanner Fox f*** his mom😂😂
Mr FreshSqueezed
Mr FreshSqueezed - 7 hours ago
Your channel sucks dicks
Mr FreshSqueezed
Mr FreshSqueezed - 7 hours ago
Fucking skinny boi
Mr FreshSqueezed
Mr FreshSqueezed - 7 hours ago
Fuck u tanner fox rug will fuck u up
Coolgodupin Cool boy
Coolgodupin Cool boy - 9 hours ago
I want t box tanner
Charliece HILTON-CLARK - 21 hour ago
Aha tanner took his Autotune out after rice gum's diss towards him for it 😅😅
walkers fo life 11
walkers fo life 11 - Day ago
I think u did it best
Cole K.
Cole K. - Day ago
He did that because he is jealous of faze rug!
Savage SkySky
Savage SkySky - Day ago
F**k tanner yep faze rug
Gabriel McCrea
Gabriel McCrea - Day ago
Johan Savage
Johan Savage - Day ago
You don’t want that smoke faze rug will smoke you first round knock out🔥🔥🥶get on faze rugs level kid #fire🔥🔥🔥
jeongfics - Day ago
He sounds like teen Justin Bieber LOL
Shara Slvn
Shara Slvn - Day ago
Tell me how Taylor still had the better verse ☠️
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - Day ago
why are u so ugly??
Nita Martory
Nita Martory - Day ago
You can beat Faze Rug he sucks
Gabriel Sholley
Gabriel Sholley - Day ago
You do not know how to make a song
لوريان الثقفي
Screw you your a peace of dirt!
Olufolajimi Ajayi
Olufolajimi Ajayi - Day ago
FazeRug now?
Abanomy Tahani
Abanomy Tahani - Day ago
he honestly did it worst than faze rug
what:his content,his sound,his attitude,and more.
I mean a lot more
go FaZe rug
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie - Day ago
Why do you cross Faze Rug??????
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores - Day ago
Bro come on we all know u just salty u can't even lay a finger on rug because he is to quick
beckham Fullmer
beckham Fullmer - 2 days ago
his line was getter then taylor’s this time
SYRE TTV - 2 days ago
Calling rice irrelevant but half of your subs r ghost now. Like tf u happy when u get a mil rice family channel better than yours no cap
Skylar Munzert
Skylar Munzert - 2 days ago
CherrySpriteYT - 2 days ago
Thats So Sad that Tanner Took Another L ; Lets Start a Bruh Chain
SnowStar 28
SnowStar 28 - 2 days ago
Idk but I like this song like low key it’s good keep up the good content 😃
SnowStar 28
SnowStar 28 - 4 hours ago
Carson Roach- nahhhh :) lol
Carson Roach
Carson Roach - Day ago
SnowStar 28 this song is garbage go Faze Rug
my name in roblox is roblox name:killered1232
this song just was so bad
Alondra Shania Barreno
Alondra Shania Barreno - 2 days ago
You song suks boy the girl um fase rug is that a songit suks ha ha
Water - 2 days ago
Taylor is a thot, no cap
tomato man
tomato man - 2 days ago
There some word that is same as the song do it best
Argentina santos
Argentina santos - 2 days ago
Bro did it just say hwaii i thought it said wifi
harold Barnuevo
harold Barnuevo - 2 days ago
Taylor looks so different now
Skylar Munzert
Skylar Munzert - 2 days ago
Angel Zamora
Angel Zamora - 3 days ago
Faze rug will beat you and you couldn't think of lyrics so you had to copy your old one
Mysty II
Mysty II - 3 days ago
Bro wtf is this song
Ølia Åbu Shälä
Ølia Åbu Shälä - 3 days ago
*Anyone else's ears bleeding?*
LMAirsoft 12
LMAirsoft 12 - 3 days ago
Next song- We did it decent...
rashdakashif - 3 days ago
That song is trash I bet faze rug would come and beat your ass
KERMIT THE FROG - 3 days ago
This song sucks honestly all you did was change a few words and called it a new song
Devon Stowell
Devon Stowell - 3 days ago
I like Tanner but this is TRASH
Colin Christianson
Colin Christianson - 3 days ago
Remember 2 weeks ago Faze Rug talking about saying that you want ti fight. Do it I know you can kick his A**.
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez - 3 days ago
The other song is better this song is TRASH
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez - 3 days ago
This is a shitty song go back to vlogging
Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield - 3 days ago
Don't ever talk About Chick Fil A like That ever Again
Maria Neis
Maria Neis - 3 days ago
why do you diss your self.....I regrets clicking on this af
natalie alvarado
natalie alvarado - 3 days ago
What type of song🤢 ugh Faze rug is better by the way
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright - 3 days ago
I mean his not wrong
Checkedboot 574
Checkedboot 574 - 4 days ago
I like this one better
FaZe Beaver
FaZe Beaver - 4 days ago
FaZe Up
FaZe Beaver
FaZe Beaver - 4 days ago
WTF Is This is worst than off brand fortnite
Yamile Mojica
Yamile Mojica - 4 days ago
Wackkk "we did it best" was better sksk ion like this song
Skyla Burns
Skyla Burns - 4 days ago
He sounds like a dead robot 🤖
Skyla Burns
Skyla Burns - 4 days ago
This sucks
Antmanzz Mar
Antmanzz Mar - 4 days ago
Use to supporter but not anymore broke it ._.
Grucci Gang
Grucci Gang - 4 days ago
*ay bro can I borrow your homework*
Sure just miss a few so it looks different
they did that worst
Jinx138752 !
Jinx138752 ! - 4 days ago
This song... sucks! It made my ears bleed tbh💀☠ we did it worst yeah like the song! faze is gonna win the fight for sure👽👻
Lourdes_ Nataly
Lourdes_ Nataly - 4 days ago
I could rap better then that girl 🚫🧢 PeRiOd BiTcH 🤣😼
Andrew - 4 days ago
You know this song was a flop when there's no behind-the-scenes to go with it
Taco Jones
Taco Jones - 4 days ago
Goddamn I didn't think anything was even more shit than the first one, now I'm here
Cailin Slowik
Cailin Slowik - 5 days ago
Umm tik tok
Sama Elnaggar
Sama Elnaggar - 5 days ago
lmfao shadding Rug for views and clout bro that song sucks
Rug boutta win no matter what lol bye. Rugrat for life boiiii
Aubrey Bonnell
Aubrey Bonnell - 5 days ago
RIP car
jeo and chris gaming channel
My last name is Solis and the one recording last name was Solis.
Tony Zavala
Tony Zavala - 5 days ago
This song sucks
Viktor Tasic
Viktor Tasic - 5 days ago
this should just be a apology video lmao
1000 subscribers without any videos
Who else thinks its underrated video ?
MarLaysha Smallwood
MarLaysha Smallwood - 5 days ago
If u struggling to break glass u not bout to beat rugs as
Laibah Kauser
Laibah Kauser - 5 days ago
Wow first it was ricegum now it is faze rug.You are only good at vids but not good a dissing people
Destiny Mannah
Destiny Mannah - 6 days ago
96% of the comments: FAZE RUG IS GONNA WIN
3% of the comments: this songs suck
1% of the comments: me
Leo Veleta
Leo Veleta - 6 days ago
What is with y'all breaking cars
Game Time
Game Time - 6 days ago
I want to hear more of tanner rapping lol
Game Time
Game Time - 6 days ago
They’re all pretty good and the beats are fire, both of them are decent at rapping and the dude can definitely sing pretty good. I just dont get how these are disses though ir what destroying the car is supposed to symbolize lol
Game Time
Game Time - 6 days ago
Tanner was the worst in the first song but improved by far the most
I dont get the point of his girl having like 90% same lyrics though lol
guerito712 Game play
guerito712 Game play - 6 days ago
This song f**king suck
Mary Carmona
Mary Carmona - 6 days ago
If you are a FaZe Rug dislike this video
Cam 123
Cam 123 - 6 days ago
I hope u do win tho
Methushan Sriramanan
Methushan Sriramanan - 6 days ago
any one got the sicko mode referance
RatedRko 736
RatedRko 736 - 6 days ago
Tanner Fox should never do a song again. This shit is garbage btw rug is gonna beat tanner
Pops O Flops
Pops O Flops - 6 days ago
what even is this. Help
Reem Qaedgg
Reem Qaedgg - 6 days ago
To be honest you wrote on the car faze rug and he will kill you like you are an ant infront of a tiger faze is tiger you 🐜 like if you ugree
DNL-_-GOATED - 6 days ago
Tempzy - 7 days ago
More autotune than the zits on his face
CoolKidKosta - 7 days ago
Joziah Dominguez
Joziah Dominguez - 7 days ago
Unsub ok t Fox sucks fazerug is The Best:)
tony lepri
tony lepri - 7 days ago
What did faze rug do to you
BRODY - 7 days ago
Why did you make this song
King . Hacked
King . Hacked - 7 days ago
Taylor still have the same lyrics
Juju Playz
Juju Playz - 7 days ago
0:44 LOL WTH is that sound UHHF
Juju Playz
Juju Playz - 7 days ago
what did that poor car ever do to u lol
Dope XYT
Dope XYT - 7 days ago
"We did it worst" bitch you've been doing it worst. Tanner just goes after bigger YouTubers rug has 11mill Tanner has 8mill 3 million people don't like Tanner that's sad Af
Jr Diaz
Jr Diaz - 7 days ago
"community squad"
Brian Baldovinos
Brian Baldovinos - 7 days ago
Lyana Williams
Lyana Williams - 7 days ago
Am I the only person who actually liked thisXD
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