Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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JADE - Hour ago
Old Trailer: had people terrified

New Trailer: *take my money*
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog - Hour ago
*I'm an experience handsome package*
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog - Hour ago
I hope Sonic's friends makes a cameo appearances even if they won't be in the movie
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - Hour ago
Phew he looks good now. This mans was SCARY
MangoTail680 - 2 hours ago
All the respect to those beloved animators :3
LeaveTheMark - 2 hours ago
During the scenes where Sonic is off screen, he's back to his old design.
Plexsi Gaming
Plexsi Gaming - 2 hours ago
old version is ok
SoloMen - 3 hours ago
shadow the hedghog gaming
Nooo why did this get deleted
Jujko - 5 hours ago
2020: the Sonic movie
2021: the Mario movie
2022: the Rayman movie
ryan the hedgehog
ryan the hedgehog - 5 hours ago
Why isn't super Sonic on this? :/
Joaquin Toons
Joaquin Toons - 2 hours ago
ryan the hedgehog that will probably appear in the movie so just wait
Evan Haskel
Evan Haskel - 6 hours ago
“GIVE ME A BIG FAT BREAK!” Only Jim Carrey.
max diana
max diana - 6 hours ago
Why does he sounds like Dewey duck from ducktales
RadiusZero - 8 hours ago
Been awhile since I wanted to watch a family CG movie onscreen. But I'm actually interested in watching this on the big screen since it looks amazing! I also want to pay my respects to the animation studio. Despite being shut down not now, hopefully by showing support for this film those hard-working animators will know their work was not in vain.
V Sauce
V Sauce - 8 hours ago
When sonic the hedgehog movie was actually good
2a_ch - 10 hours ago
When I have 1 minute left to answer my homework:

*gotta go fast*
Jace Vinson Sonic fanboy
Jace Vinson Sonic fanboy - 10 hours ago
This is cool but where is tails knuckles shadow metal sonic Amy and all the others
Joaquin Toons
Joaquin Toons - 2 hours ago
Jace Vinson Sonic fanboy this is Sonic’s origin story but in this universe
Alice the Flyeon- 6
Alice the Flyeon- 6 - 10 hours ago
I love the slapstick humor. And Sonic. Can't wait to see it with my bae in February!
Kay Stephan
Kay Stephan - 11 hours ago
R.I.P to the studio that did the redesign and that now had to close.
Press F to pay respect
Arnav Bhattacharjee
Arnav Bhattacharjee - 9 hours ago
Deadpool Gaming
Deadpool Gaming - 11 hours ago
Fans: *Sees Sonic reading The Flash comics*
Also Fans: HOL UP-
Alan Cummings
Alan Cummings - 11 hours ago
his shoes look different and i love them
Zefra - 11 hours ago
*im just hoping dr.eggman pisses on the moon*
Mystery Dude
Mystery Dude - 11 hours ago
Eat it, Hasbro! 🦄
Gustavo Sandoval Studios
Gustavo Sandoval Studios - 11 hours ago
What was the song you used in the background, the one that plays after supersonic btw.
Revolvius Sahmada
Revolvius Sahmada - 9 hours ago
@Gustavo Sandoval Studios no probs
Gustavo Sandoval Studios
Gustavo Sandoval Studios - 9 hours ago
Revolvius Sahmada
Revolvius Sahmada - 9 hours ago
It's name is blietzkrieg bop
victor freitas
victor freitas - 12 hours ago
paramount place super sonic in the movie
HarlequinNightmarez - 12 hours ago
Can we get a release of that green hill zone track! It sounds amazing!
Benjamin Deh
Benjamin Deh - 12 hours ago
And after fixing the movie. They get fired: I was hoping to see this movie after they fixed it. Because I loved that they showed enough care in the audience to fix a clear mistake. But now the people who fixed the mistake will no longer get anything from you watching the movie. So I would suggest dont spend your money on this:
Salty ueie
Salty ueie - 13 hours ago
We need to watch this movie for the studio that worked on the redesign.
Dustin Tudor-Pitko
Dustin Tudor-Pitko - 13 hours ago
I love that new design of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Doge 203
Doge 203 - 13 hours ago
Who’s here after the devastating Sonic Design Company Closing Thing???
Like if u are
TatsumakiSenpuu Kyaku
TatsumakiSenpuu Kyaku - 13 hours ago
Not bad,but why do you insist with the Hollywood approach by separating the eyes.Listen to the fanbase and the original creators.
I'm bored
I'm bored - 14 hours ago
Sonic is just such a noice character
Pretty noice movie
herby the elf
herby the elf - 14 hours ago
2019: my sleep paralysis demon
2020: the real sonic
rice. the autistic
rice. the autistic - 14 hours ago
Here to pay respects to the animators since the VFX team shut down.
The Animators didn’t deserve this. Their hard work is paying off and I hope the movie will come out.
Jakov Bqlero
Jakov Bqlero - 14 hours ago
Pandaboss - 15 hours ago
0:01 0:00 0:04
ALEXANDER TOWINI - 16 hours ago
2019:fat blue pom tree with arms and legs
2020:sonic the hedgehog
Andrea Olave
Andrea Olave - 16 hours ago
Soy de 🇨🇴 🌆 Pereira callé 33 n 9-26 apartamento 201
Ben Millen
Ben Millen - 16 hours ago
Film needs boycotting, they just closed down the VFX studio that fixed this because the tax breaks weren't good enough!
Chris M.
Chris M. - 14 hours ago
The VFX team worked on multiple films for years, not just Sonic. I'm not boycotting the movie.
Andrea Olave
Andrea Olave - 16 hours ago
Para Mount me traes por favor el 📦 de sonic
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