*NEW* FLINT-KNOCK PISTOL is AMAZING in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (Fortnite Funny Moments & Fails)

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Totally Not Bino
Totally Not Bino - 11 days ago
So we gonna ignore the fact that h1ghsky1 just got destroyed by wildcat
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith - 13 days ago
he got cracked. wtf do dat mean?
TheGamingMax - 16 days ago
i just realised in this video wildcat didnt go for the win and tried to have FUN!? he is a bot. what do you mean fun? if you dont go for the win you are a bot. atleast if you ask 70% of the fortnite community.
\\\ YouTubeReactor27 ///
\\\ YouTubeReactor27 /// - 22 days ago
Anyone notice the 7 new drones are in the exact same spot Kevin placed his 7 symbols
Avx - 26 days ago
4:05 kills Highsky
Monsoon - 27 days ago
What glider is he using at 0:38 ?
Patrick Tan
Patrick Tan - 29 days ago
Banana 🍌
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Definitely a Penguin
Definitely a Penguin - Month ago
Knightwz Z
Knightwz Z - Month ago
He killed high sky
Silent Grimm
Silent Grimm - Month ago
Wildcat: im going to launch him off his build
*head dinks the guy he wants to launch off*
John Larkin
John Larkin - Month ago
Fuckin hell u killed high sky
Dallin Scorse
Dallin Scorse - Month ago
Did anyone notice that Tyler killed highsky
Tyrone 4555
Tyrone 4555 - Month ago
Whenalpha bit and wild cat. Wildcat killed h1ghsky
Stinkyx Nana
Stinkyx Nana - Month ago
do u even know you killed highsky
Harry Meek
Harry Meek - Month ago
Pizzatime Dozy
Pizzatime Dozy - Month ago
4:01 he efffing killing highskya
ardhi Hunt
ardhi Hunt - Month ago
ardhi Hunt
ardhi Hunt - Month ago
can you add me ardhi110 i am a big fan
CJ Jones
CJ Jones - 2 months ago
WILDCAT: At 4:03 you killed FaZe H1ghsky1. He was streaming then and I was watching him. Nice job killing him. And BTW, keep up the good work
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson - 2 months ago
Play more call of dudy
Nadine Sommerville
Nadine Sommerville - 2 months ago
I liked, subscribed and clicked the bell
DARK-DRose - 2 months ago
He killed highsky
Tyler Rushing
Tyler Rushing - 2 months ago
He killed highsky
Kaden Adams
Kaden Adams - 2 months ago
4:04 H1ghSky
tyler wilson
tyler wilson - 2 months ago
Yaboiwildcat: flint knock pistol!!!!!

Me: it's flint lock bro..... Just sayin
The Screnslaver
The Screnslaver - 2 months ago
The flint-cock pistol
Duck - 2 months ago
Brock Duhig
Brock Duhig - 2 months ago
4:00 kills h1ghsky1
xd ryanplayz
xd ryanplayz - 2 months ago
When u just went to the banana u killed highsky
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 2 months ago
4:06 did he kill the real high sky?
Sci_Fi_ 70
Sci_Fi_ 70 - 2 months ago
wtf was that blue thing in the top right 4:29
jdragon - 2 months ago
You killd h1ghsky1
Kirk Smith
Kirk Smith - 2 months ago
In seson 4 you said you are never using the pump's ever again
Elite Killer 175
Elite Killer 175 - 2 months ago
He joined faze so that was not the real h1ghsky1 it is a fake
Bryson Tyler
Bryson Tyler - 2 months ago
Miss playing fortnite, too bad my account was stolen :)
Jacob Borquez
Jacob Borquez - 2 months ago
He killed highsky at 4:02
Ruben en jesper Gaming
Ruben en jesper Gaming - 2 months ago
U killed highsky at 3:55
Bill Shaffley
Bill Shaffley - 2 months ago
I wish there was a way to sue for double advertisements...Nice video though.
Liam Rocks
Liam Rocks - 2 months ago
Wildcat the greatest sniper trick shot lander
AJ Henderson
AJ Henderson - 2 months ago
I understand he might be tap fireing but this is way different then the bloom tap fireing on console, cross hairs would be double the size after one shot
JCWTX - 2 months ago
ok, I still don't get how you go into your inventory while reviving without dropping the res.....
Clint Scothorn
Clint Scothorn - 2 months ago
4:00 h1ghsky1 got elimenated
master chief
master chief - 2 months ago
i called it 3 weeks ago
Kentrelle COOL
Kentrelle COOL - 2 months ago
YOU KILLED H1gh1skio
Kalvin Ortega
Kalvin Ortega - 2 months ago
I was in playground with a friend and I was ballooning and he was boosting on the Crasher and we went all the way through a house in snobby
Mikeibew1 - 2 months ago
2:52 care to explain why you cut it there?
Candicey Timperley
Candicey Timperley - 2 months ago
Btw guys he killed a tv call highly his username was h1ghsky1
Malachiroo777 - 2 months ago
This is why I watch Tyler he is the best
Showon MLBB
Showon MLBB - 2 months ago
Wow! This video is full pf Blasts!!
Brett Mackie
Brett Mackie - 2 months ago
no one:

literally no one at all:

youtube: heres four ads on world of tanks hope u enjoy u piece of shit
Alde Ambara Sakti
Alde Ambara Sakti - 2 months ago
Next up, Blunderbuss.
ya boy mandalo
ya boy mandalo - 2 months ago
7:18 😂😂😂
blood ninja
blood ninja - 2 months ago
NoR FLaMeZz - 2 months ago
Bro he killed my fwend salad :( poor martin
Stephanie Moneypenny
Stephanie Moneypenny - 2 months ago
He killed H1ghsky1 4:00
official gaming
official gaming - 2 months ago
3:19 what was that noise
Potatobot104 Games
Potatobot104 Games - 2 months ago
they should call it the plunderbus
Patrick Mcallister
Patrick Mcallister - 2 months ago
He knocked Highsky from twitch on 3:58
DeAd_ EyE
DeAd_ EyE - 2 months ago
He killed highsky1 the new faze recruit.... get fucked on bitch 😂
All of the good Usernames are taken
Flint-knock pistol aka the pistol from sea of thieves.
Nik0_01 - 2 months ago
Cody Corner
Cody Corner - 2 months ago
Vids are so cool
Vital_Nugget - 2 months ago
My strategy is use 2 flint locks and use balloons and fly it’s actually great
La Blueberry
La Blueberry - 2 months ago
Those screaming sound effects when they get a kill makes it so much better 😂😭
NuclearWolf LEGO Technic Design
Well then, I had to look really closely at the thumbnail to realize that I wasn't seeing what I thought I was seeing. From a distance though... man I have a dirty mind.
Ariel Rojas
Ariel Rojas - 2 months ago
You kill highsky1 4:00
Wolfy The cookie Queen
Wolfy The cookie Queen - 2 months ago
i love u jk lol
100%Angus BEEF
100%Angus BEEF - 2 months ago
Why does Wildcat have a cameltoe in the thumbnail
Christopher Stine
Christopher Stine - 2 months ago
Lol u killed H1ghsky1
Funtime freddy
Funtime freddy - 2 months ago
No one is better only wildcat is
Leon Lauritsen
Leon Lauritsen - 2 months ago
My seeing This just motevates me to play some more and then i just get destroyed 😂
Z E R O T H E G O D - 2 months ago
When it 1st came out I was already looking for it
Z E R O T H E G O D - 2 months ago
What I did was sky base and when they shot down I use Flint knock to survive
Xx_Danny_xX - 2 months ago
Did anyone notice that WILDCAT killed H1ghSky1 who is now in
FaZe, Time WILDCAT killed him 3:59
Chicken Poop Poop
Chicken Poop Poop - 2 months ago
4:02 Highsky?
tisthytwink - 2 months ago
wildcat how much would i pay to get lessons from you. i’m good with building but aiming not so good
brandon - 2 months ago
6:29 the infamous duck laugh 😂
Zappier Star
Zappier Star - 2 months ago
Wildcat I know Fortnite is popular but maybe once a month or week try to do a death run or something on death run I used to love that pls nomader what just keep doing what your doing
Joey Le
Joey Le - 2 months ago
Do a sky bridge then when u get shot down use the gun
Nessa Arreola
Nessa Arreola - 2 months ago
Did u get a new mic
Riley Reaves
Riley Reaves - 2 months ago
use code wildcat
Vanessa Zuniga
Vanessa Zuniga - 2 months ago
did any one see that tyler killed h1ghsk1
Chip Head
Chip Head - 2 months ago
At 4:03 did wildcat kill the new FaZe member?
Midnight Runner
Midnight Runner - 2 months ago
love the vids im going to buy some merch when i get my birthday money buying the stock if i can
Dino Gaming
Dino Gaming - 2 months ago
2:52 definitely did not step in that trap btw
xtianrodolfo/xtian /Christian
You know you can double pump with the new weapon you shoot the shotgun boom with the new weapon 2 shot kill
Damian Conklin
Damian Conklin - 2 months ago
Noob_ slayers335
Noob_ slayers335 - 2 months ago
What is that skin he has?
0ch0a _
0ch0a _ - 2 months ago
Is it just me or when they become bananas they kill highsky
Oden ze Boss
Oden ze Boss - 2 months ago
Hey Wildcat I would love to play with you I’ve been watching your vids ever since you started YouTube. If u want to add me my name is KAWS_GODZILLA
Cheese Man
Cheese Man - 2 months ago
Did u see that ue killed a new faze member?
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 - 2 months ago
The Flint knock is a combo of the magnum and an impulse
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 - 2 months ago
Drum major challenge: you can only move with the drum major emote lol
Icy Lakota
Icy Lakota - 2 months ago
🔴 🔵 🔴
triple xxx narutokidd
triple xxx narutokidd - 2 months ago
Do overwatch challenge v.2
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