Bucks Sign Kyle Korver! More Back Out USA FIBA 2019!

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P Stone
P Stone - 25 days ago
Should have said the bucks with the smoove move
τυrοsτツ - 26 days ago
Giannis and Korver together
SuPrEmE FTW - 27 days ago
Wait why are they backing out?
KingsteveTV - 27 days ago
Jaden Munjoma
Jaden Munjoma - 27 days ago
At least he will have more playing time
Evocati Media
Evocati Media - 28 days ago
Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony’s cat, housekeeper and boy next door sign with the Lakers.
Gerald Draymond
Gerald Draymond - 28 days ago
Apparently Tobias Harris and Bradley Beal backed out as well today
Alisha Calliste
Alisha Calliste - 28 days ago
Nice move
KingAlphA_ _
KingAlphA_ _ - 28 days ago
every one wanna focus on the next nba season not no FIBA games Lol
KingAlphA_ _
KingAlphA_ _ - 28 days ago
veteran shooter off the bench nice pickup!
Alfred Rodrigo
Alfred Rodrigo - 28 days ago
Bradley beal just opted out
Caleb Nwaobia
Caleb Nwaobia - 29 days ago
Ben Simmons backed out, which made his state Australia mad at him
Matavis Kubiak
Matavis Kubiak - 29 days ago
To old rather have jr
J Jizzle
J Jizzle - 29 days ago
USA need some more players I’m down 😤😤😤
Felix L.
Felix L. - 29 days ago
How you think, theyd gonna film space jam if everybody went to the olympics?
DAT BOI - 29 days ago
USA is still the best team and it's not close what country will compete
100K SUBS And i leak Melania's Trump sextape
LMAO Usa team is weak? 😂😂
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA even if they go with 3rd string players they will go undefeated.
Hush -
Hush - - 29 days ago
Why are we getting cocky again? Have we forgotten 2004? That Olympic team had Lebron, Carmelo, Duncan, Iverson and D-Wade. They got blown out by Puerto Rico 19 points in an exhibition game and ended up with the Bronze medal. Now international teams are far better than they were 15 years ago. I wouldn't be so arrogant when whatever barebones team USA fields goes off to face Serbia led by Nikola Jokic.
z- Noah-z
z- Noah-z - 29 days ago
Korver for 3 bang!
Nick Austin
Nick Austin - 29 days ago
18Dnick - 29 days ago
Greg is the coach? They'll be alright
Liberal Arts Student at UC Berkeley
Americans have no national pride ... not playing for their country in the world cup smh
Best Goat
Best Goat - Month ago
For some reason I thought it side bus sign Kyle forever
YR - Month ago
Everyone should back out it's not worth the risk of injury.
Zal Lee
Zal Lee - Month ago
Steph Curry will be the most prized 3-pt support shooter in NBA history once his prime contract runs out.
Не Скажу
Не Скажу - Month ago
a bit of Atlanta memories for the Bucks.
Grunt802 0311VT
Grunt802 0311VT - Month ago
FIBA U.S team needs the young blood! Olympics is where the big dogs join up!!
Rey - Month ago
They making the world cup not prestigious. Damn they hurting Basketball prestige by making everyone to know that they're backing out.
Ayush MAJUMDER - Month ago
put me on the team since everyone is backing out
Donald Guthrie
Donald Guthrie - Month ago
My boy Kyle korver still getting paiddd
Blaine Robbins
Blaine Robbins - Month ago
OKC got anything yet?
414beastmode - Month ago
What about JR???
jp dGracia
jp dGracia - Month ago
fiba world cup is up for grab
Khyte - Month ago
Wow. Bucks are guaranteed a spot to the NBA finals.
BIGbby Huey
BIGbby Huey - Month ago
Makes sense
Young Bull #2
Young Bull #2 - Month ago
Ppl backing out maybe because they dont wanna risk getting injured
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez - Month ago
They're backing out coz they don't want to be mentored by the GOAT COACH, what an IDIOT idea,..smh
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez - Month ago
Nobody cares about FIBA
Zac Sinopoli
Zac Sinopoli - Month ago
Anyone else in Melbourne or Sydney who paid for The AUS vs USA exhibition event mad right now?
Kenny 2005
Kenny 2005 - Month ago
James Harden backed out
Schutzstaffel Agent
Schutzstaffel Agent - Month ago
Just put the Hippo in the roster
Dirty30 #TheMarathonContinues
Nobody trying to go overseas
Caelen OW
Caelen OW - Month ago
Who cares about Eric Gordon not playing lmao 😂😂😂
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 29 days ago
Caelen OW That’s what I thought. Was he supposed to make the team anyways?
Antnio Fry
Antnio Fry - Month ago
Kyle Korver wants to be the first dude to hit a three with every team lmao
Tsamorye - Month ago
Why is everyone backing out?
Gabrielle Luis Diuco
Gabrielle Luis Diuco - Month ago
Why is curry not playing on the Team USA?
Au Jun
Au Jun - Month ago
Hope Laker sign Thabo. He solid in defend.
bongo155 - Month ago
Kemba Walker still in the squad ... for now.
Thanasis Sideris
Thanasis Sideris - 29 days ago
If he goes out it will be either Greece or Serbia who will take the 1st seat.
the offensive rebound that end my nba career
They don't want to shake hands with Trump? 😉
Rjja Life
Rjja Life - Month ago
I dreamed about FiBA 2019 USA dream team
Unfortunately its just a dream.
InfiniteCaliber - Month ago
Ffs I paid $270 for tickets to the FIBA game 🙄
Biggie Broham
Biggie Broham - Month ago
People looking at coach pop with the same side eye they gave Kawhi the yr before 😂😂
vickram singh
vickram singh - Month ago
Lakers should pick up melo to come off the bench
vickram singh
vickram singh - Month ago
Its a crazy offseason the players backing out to work with their new teamates
safe - 29 days ago
National competitions really dont mean that much in basketball because its pretty much usa usa usa, the only reason guys care about the Olympics is because its the Olympics.
RuiRuichi - Month ago
Can't blame them. Chip is wide open for the first time since the Lebron joined the heat.
Andrew Colliver
Andrew Colliver - Month ago
2024 anyone?
aimy strike
aimy strike - Month ago
reunion with his hawks coach mike
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams - Month ago
Nobody's going to mention how photogenic he is? No homo.
Strangely Gaming
Strangely Gaming - Month ago
Fun fact: One of the oldest in the NBA
E Oleary
E Oleary - Month ago
Fiba bout to be a all rookie team
C Berry
C Berry - Month ago
His too slow on Defense
iSolomander - Month ago
Just invite melo we all know he ain’t backing out of any opportunity right now
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan - Month ago
Do you ever hear about top players backing out of national teams in other countries? No. Instead you might end up getting blacklisted by the federation.
Billy 0
Billy 0 - Month ago
Kyle Korver is aging too, he probably will retire after 2020 season
PutGodFirst 2002
PutGodFirst 2002 - Month ago
Kyle Korver going to the bucks wow!!!!!!!
TheZionsoljah - Month ago
Wasnt they saying he going to the lakers?😂
JR 2943
JR 2943 - Month ago
If a roster is looking weaker after CJ and E Gordon leave. It’s wasn’t anything to begin with
The Australian Baller
The Australian Baller - Month ago
Whatch out for Australia in the FIBA World Cup
Kid82fy - 29 days ago
The Australian Baller Y’all coming out of the woods cause the US team missing players 😂
poboy fresh
poboy fresh - Month ago
You got a quadruple double with 10 ankle breakers
Jessika Cardenas
Jessika Cardenas - Month ago
DIZ EM - Month ago
Maddy Kiss Huge
Maddy Kiss Huge - Month ago
Because asia is no match against usa
AB Taylor
AB Taylor - Month ago
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1000 IQ
1000 IQ - Month ago
Damn the Cavs , suns, ans thunder really about to be ass
EOE Da Boss
EOE Da Boss - Month ago
No one:
Chris Smoove: Oh i got em leaning!!
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama - Month ago
Ashton Kutcher got sign by the Bucks
OdysseusThinking - Month ago
Kyle Korver: The white dude who only knows how to shoot, but everybody wants him on their team, because he shoots lights out.
rico keefer
rico keefer - Month ago
Korver a beast
Sway Ssh
Sway Ssh - Month ago
Kyle Korver sucks and can’t hit a three for his life in the finals
Bodhi sb
Bodhi sb - Month ago
Everybody is preparing to make a push next year
0401412740 - Month ago
NBA not the best competition in the world
James Legrand
James Legrand - Month ago
Yes that would be awesome now we have a better 3 point shooter in the Bucks right now
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