Slipknot - Unsainted

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BAD B A D - 2 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel

IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666
And all started here....
Atticus Salazar
Atticus Salazar - 5 hours ago
Slipknot is just bad change my mind
Марат Хафизулин
Fallon & Slayer was better
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain - 9 hours ago
1:25 bruhh was that a fight breaking out or what lmao
Peter Gawron
Peter Gawron - 10 hours ago
Current album status, number 1 in the USA, number 1 in the UK with all album songs making it to the top 40(extremely rare!!!), number one in Australia, and trending very well throughout other Nations.... Well done Slipknot, 20 years later and STILL killing it!
Tyler McThompson
Tyler McThompson - 10 hours ago
Oh man gaytag kimmel. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Lose Pennsylvania Ave
Jerrymc1975 - 11 hours ago
Puts the lotion in the basket
lucas D
lucas D - 14 hours ago
Why does Slipknot have so many members? It has always seemed excessive to me
RHYS Style
RHYS Style - 9 hours ago
Idk but it works
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - 15 hours ago
This is a disgrace! Jimmy Kimmel is the least person on this earth with an understanding for music. Still he invites stars from every genres without knowing them actually! Jimmy Kimmel has literally NO understanding for anything as his job is to be a talk show Co host on a superficial platform. Oh I missed the point that he even wants to be politically involved without having any clue whats going on!
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer - 21 hour ago
Man I remember when this came out 3 months!! Feels like yesterday
Erik Montville
Erik Montville - 22 hours ago
Just to reiterate: Jimmy had Slipknot, The Today Show has Lizzo (8/23). There's the difference of taking a risk and being mainstream. I had to Google her then listen to Slipknot to get that crap out of my head.
Joe Gamer
Joe Gamer - Day ago
Yo estaba viendo mas a los weyes que se estaban empujando que a slipknot 😂😂
X15 CYBER RUSH - Day ago
the bass is amazing
Jolo - Day ago
Unpopular opinion but this is my least favourite album
kostas konstantakis
kostas konstantakis - 2 days ago
The way he speaks in the introduction, is as if he's slowly dying, lol!
Alden Legge
Alden Legge - 2 days ago
Not really a huge Slipknot dan but came here after listening to an interview with the bass player on The Downbeat podcast 🤘
RDK 619
RDK 619 - 2 days ago
20 years and still kicking ass! Such a great band! Had this song stuck in my head snice it came out and I'm happy cause it's Slipknot and I love it!!! Fk yeah!
PAULIE SALAZAR - 2 days ago
SixS3v3nTwo - 2 days ago
I Wonder how warm Corey gets doing a full show in that.
Patricio Aron Castrillon Rosso
Is Corey balding or something?
Manson Bootleg
Manson Bootleg - 2 days ago
Somebody recorded this live?
cody codytin
cody codytin - 2 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel is underrated by alt people, he be having some bangers and sneaks moshing on his show.
Vanessa Alegria
Vanessa Alegria - 2 days ago
This band has been my day one since I was 12! Got me through a lot of confusing and tough moments. I’m forever grateful for them! Rock on!
CR4Z1 - 2 days ago
Pete ThatDud3
Pete ThatDud3 - 2 hours ago
Beating Ed Sheeran and Drake. IN THE WORLD. Seems like Rock is never dead it just sleeps in all of us but when people like slipknot come and deliver we awaken from slumber and throw all to the side and turn into monsters 💀.
Cyvamp - 2 days ago
LOL De Blasio running for POTUS. I came here for metal, not communism Jimmy Kimmel.
Sabudin Miya
Sabudin Miya - 3 days ago
even heavy metal is slowly dying...whats wrong with this milennials?
llsilencell - Day ago
Sabudin Miya **generation z, also idk i am part of that generation and i would like to just publicly announce i dont like this generation and its a shame to be a part of it.
Masonn Nuff
Masonn Nuff - 3 days ago
Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi?
I said “songs are never the same as the old days” but once the drop hit I was blown away. I’m going to get completely destroyed in the pit...
Jesse W
Jesse W - 3 days ago
1:38 when someone steps on your big toe
San Fleitas
San Fleitas - 3 days ago
Corey with this mask looks similar with Joker of Ledger.
Andres Hurtado
Andres Hurtado - 3 days ago
Yo this actually 🔥🔥
Exotic Chronicles
Exotic Chronicles - 3 days ago
Still waiting for slipknot on seasame street lol
big_titan_of Left_house
Jimmy kimmel had a mosh pit lmao
manofleisure75 - 4 days ago
Circle Pit on Live Commercial TV???? Dig it!!!
Ornvall - 4 days ago
Dont see any karate in the pit bois! Good job
Wilson Bradshaw
Wilson Bradshaw - 4 days ago
R.I.P Paul grey
rohit joshi
rohit joshi - 4 days ago
Woah hell 💀
wolfe dima
wolfe dima - 4 days ago
jimmy kimmel is the worst but he just got 10 sins removed coz of this
j all day
j all day - 4 days ago
they finally got a good drummer
deana owens
deana owens - 4 days ago
I would so be like Corey I know your cute underneath that mask
KoSLoW27 - 4 days ago
Is it a new clown ? Not shawn anymore ??
DjulaRu - 4 days ago
Long live metal! Make metal mainstream!
Salar Khan
Salar Khan - 4 days ago
Kane mask lol. Also what is that moshpit? 😂
VHS Gold
VHS Gold - 4 days ago
Do these guys not believe in Hell or do they just not care that they're going there?
gyroman567 - 14 hours ago
God I can't believe you god morons still think that metal is about worshipping satan and sacrifices, I mean how close minded can you be? If you actually looked into the lyrics you'd understand there's a lot of deep emotional stuff
Warp123X - 4 days ago
From what I’ve heard they are actually nice people
reardeltoit - 4 days ago
i love mercedes :)
Nick Foell
Nick Foell - 4 days ago
Been a huge Kimmel fan ever since he had Slayer perform back in 07'.
Metal Bureau Investigation Falc0n Productions 2
Also in 09' when they performed World Painted Blood.
Guitar Heaven
Guitar Heaven - 5 days ago
Tortilla Man at Kimmel vs Tortilla Man now... the difference is fuckin worlds, he so much more into it now!
Miguel De Los Santos
Miguel De Los Santos - 5 days ago
Joey Jordison is irreplaceable but i still love slipknot
knot #1
knot #1 - 5 days ago
I saw them live it was amazing
Dominik Friedl
Dominik Friedl - 5 days ago
Why is he always holding his microphone with a long distance from his mouth? At some points I just can not hear him. But otherwise he sounds more clear than ever.
Rafał Gajowczyk
Rafał Gajowczyk - 5 days ago
TedDidlio - 5 days ago
The Kimmel/ABC people never know how to mix Slipknot. You can’t hear the guitars well enough in the mix. Good performance, but i wish the sound was better!
Cayit - 6 days ago
sounds like LINKIN PARK
Накезил - 6 days ago
джими самец лив
we are not your kind
we are not your kind - 6 days ago
Everyone: metal is dead
Slipknot:hold my beer
TheBrit1986 - 6 days ago
Pavi Largo is Corey Taylor ??
Сергей Винский
Мне показалось , что в середине ряда пиздились под эту песню
Immortan Dave
Immortan Dave - 6 days ago
Slipknot brought to you by Mercedes
pinkyfinger's earcast
pinkyfinger's earcast - 6 days ago
Ok Kimmel is bringing in all the music that a truly love. 💚
Saw W
Saw W - 6 days ago
Come to Brazil
IanRiff Music
IanRiff Music - 6 days ago
the band: time to change masks!
craig: *grabs pliers
Expired Monke
Expired Monke - 6 days ago
I hate kimmel. But this is legendary.
Chest Rockwell
Chest Rockwell - 6 days ago
Look at the posers
Noemi Perez Soto
Noemi Perez Soto - 7 days ago
Alicia Dove in vip..... Love men!
Trapped - 7 days ago
I think Vman's mask would look really cool if it was gold (with black as well). Like a warrior.
S i r . R e a l B a r
S i r . R e a l B a r - 5 days ago
He has multiple like that
Mario Melano
Mario Melano - 7 days ago
Where Crish ?? 😠
7 77
7 77 - 7 days ago
I cant hear the guitars
Kevin  DeLuna
Kevin DeLuna - 7 days ago
Legendary Slipknot
Jeff Crabtree
Jeff Crabtree - 7 days ago
Hate Kimmel but love Slipknot 🤘🏻
Ad Max
Ad Max - 7 days ago
Have i quantum leaped into 2001...oh boy.
Needlz Kane
Needlz Kane - 7 days ago
How is he performing with the mask and full on winter gear ? Strange....
Randhika Ikra
Randhika Ikra - 8 days ago
ghost, slipknot, goddam kimmel
rosscore - 8 days ago
Corey with a milk jug and a ha key making him look like an obese Joker there. The music doesn't work in broad daylight with a Jimmy Kimmel audience at all, it's cringey.
TheCreepingDeath1984 - 8 days ago
The only bad thing here is the sound mixing.
I mean at least the bass is audible
Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean - 8 days ago
not to hate on slipknot, but taylor kinda sucks live lol
O iH
O iH - 9 days ago
Pogazo ..a esperar en Perú !!
skulletor - 9 days ago
This is their heaviest album in years ! 🤘
Never speaks gamer
Never speaks gamer - 9 days ago
Fire 🔥 I love Slipnot. 😎👍
The King 27
The King 27 - 9 days ago
That crowd cheer at the end 🙌
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