CNN Host Breaks With Conventional Wisdom On Facebook & Fake News

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WilliamOccamensis - 4 days ago
Liberals don't understand disinformation; the difference between open debate and information warfare.
Trump is alarmingly close to creating a dictatorship. He already asserts absolute privilege by stonewalling Congress, and his servile senate will back him. He has his fanatical following, which is much bigger and better organized than anything on the left and about the same size as Hitler's in 1933. He has his Ministry of Truth. He is rapidly stacking the federal courts at all levels with Trumpist judges. He is openly rigging the 2020 election - it's not just inviting foreign interference: the House Republicans unanimously voted against renewing the Voting Rights Act, which will in any case die in the Senate, leaving the door wide open to voter suppression and intimidation on a bigger scale than ever before. Accompanied by propaganda about the millions of illegal aliens allegedly voting, and of course accusing the Democrats of doing everything that the Republicans do. In 2016, the right talked about "monitoring" polling stations - exactly the tactics the Nazis used to rig the 1933 election. And remember "the second amendment people"?

C'mon folks. When the troops cross the border, the time for diplomacy is over. This is war.

The left always undermines itself with sectarian bickering and childish sulking if their candidate isn't nominated. It doesn't matter who the Democratic nominee is, everyone has to get behind him/her. Stop criticizing; start organizing. And I mean now. Starting with you, Kyle.
Kevin Hadley
Kevin Hadley - 4 days ago
America is enamored with easy, quick and uncomplicated answers to large, difficult and complex issues.
Regulating Facebook is a quick, easy and useless answer to the wrong question about American elections.
Overriding Citizens United is part of the more complicated answer and the first step in solving the sewer that is our political system.
Peter Mogensen
Peter Mogensen - 5 days ago
Yeah... I'm not comfortable with having someone evaluating truthiness of political adds. But I think it was a wise decision by Twitter to simply not allow political adds.
alex unger
alex unger - 5 days ago
Fareed Zakariya is a really good journalist. The problem is he's a Russophobe and always calls beats the war drums against Russia. Even Putin admitted on stage that he respects Fareed for his work but he doesn't like his Trump-bashing only because Trump wants to have better relations with Russia. If dictatorship is the problem with Russia then the US is close friends with el-Sisi the dictator of Egypt, Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the killer of Washington Post Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the rest of the Gulf monarchs. So, the question is: why the double-standards?
Paul LaNoue
Paul LaNoue - 6 days ago
Why don’t we teach critical thinking in schools? Then the public would have the tools to differentiate fact from the childish babbling that floods every corner of the internet. They would also be able to identify the condescending drool the leaks from the mouths of many politicians. Who knows maybe reality might become the next big thing. I think I got overly optimistic there.
max lepocher
max lepocher - 6 days ago
these debates about free speech vs fake news are a form of gas lighting to avoid talking about
the core issues such as climate change or health care . Mainstream politicians love to focus and kill time on it while they laugh all the way to the bank .
George Dunn
George Dunn - 6 days ago
That's a rather precious distinction between creating a situation and (merely) aggravating it.
OTOH, sensationalism sells papers [i.e., increases media use] so asking viewer-dependant industry to remain rational, reasonable and strictly factual is a steep uphill climb.
Fact checking is by far the best answer to lies we have in easy reach. A superior answer would be public education, but apparently that's not going to happen.
logun24x7 - 6 days ago
Its the algorithm itself thats the problem with social media ... the algorithm just reinforces the ideas or beliefs you already have and connects you with people that already think like you. This in itself walls people off from new ideas and makes people believe their group knows a truth others just haven't caught onto yet .... Flatearthers as an example ... same thing happens however in political circles making people believe they know the one truth and the one clear path forward .... instead of being open to other ideas
Cyrus Dariush
Cyrus Dariush - 8 days ago
This is what happens when there is no higher educations. Problem is people who are voting mostly have no analytical nor logical skills
rick plieth
rick plieth - 8 days ago
But they do filter what they send you. That is what an algorithm is.
Shift -Z
Shift -Z - 9 days ago
"...its worse on the Right than the Left" how does he get to that end result? Arn't Republicans commonly called racist? are candidates on the Left called similar things? Is there anything worse than a Racist or Nazi? Does the Right wing control Media, Universitys? Name me 5 pro trump "A Listers" in Hollywood? (Hint, There aren't any). The Radical Left dominate almost every form of media (aside from AM radio and Fox news).
Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer - 10 days ago
Warren offers simplistic answers and offers solutions that only makes things worse.
poofendorf - 10 days ago
AOC: "Facebook hires neonazis to fact cjeck!!!"

AOC two minutes later: "Facebook needs to do more fact checking!!!"
Allard Freichmann
Allard Freichmann - 10 days ago
Vote and support for those who work for the people in Congress.
Kyle Lee Hufnagel
Kyle Lee Hufnagel - 11 days ago
Kyle really oughta read “Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy.”
James Bauer
James Bauer - 12 days ago
I think Fareed's take on what constitutes "fake news" - a companies take on what is and is not legitimate political speech, is not accurate as to what people identify it as. It isn't an issue of which political ideology you feel is "legitimate" or not, it's about what is factually true, what can be cited and establishing correct context - that's it. There is no "right vs left" or any opinion on the issue.
Jose Luis Miletich
Jose Luis Miletich - 12 days ago
Universal healthcare / dental and education LESSENS THE *CONTROL* that the private sector has on ordinary people and the governments that are supposed to represent them. Universal healthcare and education motivates ordinary people into being interested in policy making/politics. People will ask more questions and think! It is the #1 and only fight we need right now as is *truly* something you can say "together we stand" for and mean it with substance and progressive direction. - *And that is why the powerful do not want Universal Health -Dental and Education. It totally fucks up the *complete* control the elite have over the common persons life.
Lotta - 12 days ago
But cnn, fox and msnbc and other mainstream media is bias and controls the information to the public... 🙄 in stead of being journalists...
priceandpride - 14 days ago
Someone actually says it's worse on the right. Never thought I'd see the day
Tim S
Tim S - 14 days ago
Freedom is a double edged sword.
kailen mitchell
kailen mitchell - 16 days ago
Facebook has become toxic and fake GUESS WHAT Zuckerberg is pandering with the Right wing.
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba - 10 days ago
Lol not at all. Fb is extremly sjw and leftist
Jill Polsiinelli
Jill Polsiinelli - 20 days ago
Zuckerberg doesn’t give a damn about anything except making more money. He’s seeking advice from the far right, with the likes of Bannon. I don’t call that politically neutral.
Sam Rich71
Sam Rich71 - 21 day ago
That is the whole thing about what is called the “left” Zaharia said “regulate “
That is Socialism , oh my god????
MAGAs and Republicans always say “ do you want the government in your business “
I always say : “I Don’t want corporate ethically bankrupt thugs governing me”
They can keep their money and get the fuck off.

The country also has a bottom line .
Me , you. The individual has a bottom line .
If a grocer sells garbage he goes to prison .
If Fuckbook founder allows lies that have the ability to cause more harm ( public de- education is harm ) then he needs to be publicallly accountable .
Time to Short Fuckbook stock and shut him down.
We can live without Fuckbook form of “ free speech”
K A - 21 day ago
Damn ... a brutal, logical look at all of this
Hayward Blake
Hayward Blake - 23 days ago
Ehh, not sure this is right, Kyle. A couple things here:
1) "Do we want Facebook to be the arbiter of truth." The notion that politicians not being able to run certain political ads on Facebook makes it an 'arbiter of truth' is sensationalist language, because for one, politicians can still post whatever lies they want on their Facebook pages--- The only difference is whether Facebook should be making MONEY on paid posts that include lies. Moreover, Facebook is ALREADY the arbiter of their platform, because even if 100% of users said their policy on political ads should change, they are a private company who doesn't need to listen, making the platform profoundly undemocratic as a "public forum" as you put it. Moreover, it's possible to be a fair arbiter of truth given that there are things that can be proven to be objectively untrue. The sun doesn't rise in the west, and to say otherwise is untrue. Are there grey areas? Yes, but Facebook is not under an obligation to work within the grey areas. They can just strike down ads which live in the black & whites.
2) There's a difference between USERS being able to post lies, and politicians being able to PAY Facebook to promote lies. There's a reason political speech is regulated differently than other kinds of speech, specifically when it comes to how candidates are allowed to get their message out. It's the same reason why false advertising laws exist, and it's why you won't be able to find a TV broadcaster who will run blatantly untrue political ads. Misleading or exaggerative? Fine. But when it enters the realm of explicitly false, defamatory speech, media companies keep their distance for PR and legal reasons. What's happening here is that Facebook is essentially making money on giving a platform to political mendacity, which is dangerous on multiple levels. What Warren and others are doing is telling Facebook that they shouldn't take money from politicians who are clearly lying.
Bozo Bosworth
Bozo Bosworth - 23 days ago
I would trust Mark Zuckerberg in any CEO's of cnn, msnBC, ABC, these other global mainstream media they have a bias slant and prefer big money they're mainly crony capitalist foreigners from overseas can provide
Missy V
Missy V - 23 days ago
Monopolies are what you get in a flawed design. An intelligent design doesn't have collosal flaws in need of regulations to stop the very greed the aforementioned system rewards. 🤢
C'mon. We know this is obvious by now, surely.
Ross Hoyt
Ross Hoyt - 24 days ago
But Kyle you just argued against regulating them for a bit there. The point is that we need external regulations on the tech companies. You’re somewhat missing the point here
Joe Cseko
Joe Cseko - 25 days ago
THE best CNN segment in ten years! I stopped watching CNN a long time ago. BBC, PBS, The Young Turks, David Pakman, the Damage Report, and to a large degree Joe Rogan-- that's where real news lives!
Dill Rogerz
Dill Rogerz - 25 days ago
Wow, I actually 100% agree with Kyle kulinski.
chat 453
chat 453 - 25 days ago
I think we need to get off this Facebook shit.
So what if they run fake shit it's the internet it runs fake shit ALL OF THE TIME!
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas - 25 days ago
Fuck a take ...the only substance was "Facebook should not regulate American Democracy... American Democracy should regulate Facebook" That's all he had to say.
...all that other bullshit was just that. #dontwastemymuthafuckintime
A. Westenholz
A. Westenholz - 25 days ago
I agree, in the end it should be the government's job to regulate this, so that the rules are clearly established and fair for all. Hopefully they can have decent technical advisers, and not just the usual ignorant political types who don't understand even the most basic things about computers and platforms that sit on those boards, to design regulations.
Bella babe
Bella babe - 25 days ago
Your points are sound but personally I'd prefer to see Trump in prison rather than on the Presidential debate. Bernie 2020.
Bjarne Søegaard
Bjarne Søegaard - 25 days ago
Sakaria is brilliant. I really like the way he thinks on these matters. A great journalist.
David Faustino
David Faustino - 25 days ago
David Faustino
David Faustino - 25 days ago
Great argument. How do you feel about lying in advertisements? Because there are regulations on truth in advertising FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. Now why are you people arguing VEHEMENTLY against having that protection in political ads?
Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan - 25 days ago
When the internet was "created" they opened PANDORA"S BOX..... Pretty much the ONLY people that can understand exactly how the box works are those that have been using it for YEARS sometimes decades before someone realizes just how advertising has taken over parts of the internet. When it comes to politics, it is important that people understand that there is NO FACT CHECKING as a WARNING before every political ad and encourage people to do the research themselves if they have any questions or find something "fishy".
Letting the government to have "control" over ANY part of the internet is a mistake because it is pretty much our ONLY source to get REAL information that is NOT funneled through the super rich to control public knowledge... at least ALL the time. You want to "fact check" things??? Then you have to REQUIRE BY LAW SOURCES FOR INFORMATION. No matter what it is always going to be up to individual to be CRITICAL OF INFORMATION.... ALL OF IT. EVEN THIS SHOW.....
I have been "politically minded" since 9/11 happened... and been critical of ALL information since then as well. When it comes down to it the ONLY way to be 100% sure of information is by looking at EVERYTHING and looking for multiple sources with same information without any affiliation with each other . It is a pain staking meticulous as fuck process and the runner of this show knows EXACTLY what I mean
You could do with some government regulation within the internet ........... However that is when we are completely trusting of our government and we agree it is a good idea ... I am NOT there yet... Especially with the orange twat waffle in office . My take is the internet kinda HAS to stay how it is .. because IF regulations come they will MOST CERTAINLY COME FOR SHOWS LIKE THIS!!!!!! They will come up with BULLSHIT reasons to CENSORE WHERE YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION...... Does THAT sound like a great idea ??????? NOT YET it sure as hell does NOT.
For now we are left having to "navigate the bullshit minefield" that is the internet and CALL OUT BULLSHIT WHEN WE SEE IT AND WHY.... EVIDENCE is key to truth in this day and age... and one of the worst things is the super rich know this as well, so they WILL either make up or force evidence into the light of how they want to sway public opinion.. THAT is part of that minefield I previously mentioned.... and so so so much more when it comes to knowing what is truth and what is bullshit when it comes to the internet..
AOC was RIGHT though when she came at Zuckerburg because of NOT fact checking political ads AT ALL..... In my humble opinion IF your going to fact check it will inevitably turn into just flat out censorship and the things that the "powers that be " would WANT silenced would BE silenced... Until we get a hold on our government and wrestle it from the super rich the internet HAS to stay a UN-censored place ... or they WILL silence shows like this and soo soo much more. The internet has been a thorn in the side of the super rich for a while now.... IT IS INFORMATION THEY CANNOT BUY AND CONTROL ALL OF.... They will TRY but as long as the internet stays the way it is sites like this WILL keep telling people things they DO NOT want the public knowing.... If you allow ANY kind of censorship you are inviting the rich to BUY OFF WHAT IS CENSORD AND WHAT IS NOT... We will HAVE to wade through the bullshit for just a while longer ....
Nuclear Cat Baby
Nuclear Cat Baby - 26 days ago
As ERB put it, who put the elf with no friends in charge of human connection?
Quartinium - 26 days ago
No philosopher kings, huh? Digging the shout out to Plato (Socrates) there.
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