37 Questions | Annie LeBlanc & Paige Danielle

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Matt Bosma
Matt Bosma - Hour ago
Ellsie Brunton
Ellsie Brunton - 5 hours ago
I live in Australia where did you go in Australia
Ellsie Brunton
Ellsie Brunton - 5 hours ago
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Maerea Taurau
Maerea Taurau - 15 hours ago
My name is Ashar
you'll never know my name
you'll never know my name - 16 hours ago
Jasmine Santos
Jasmine Santos - 21 hour ago
This is so funny but when it was the question what is your favorite fruit and annie said mango i was literally eating a mango and when annie answered some questions it was like my answers and i love your videos annie and you guys inspire me too be more of a happy person and make me take a closer look of my life and bring me out of my shell and again i 💖💜🧡💛💚💙 your videos so so much
Nimmer Kaur
Nimmer Kaur - 23 hours ago
Um... I already have a man🙃
Monique Allyson
Monique Allyson - Day ago
I thought annie’s wish would be Caleb will come back
UnicornGirlSquad SmartRead
Paige is so pritty😘
lizeth Jimenez
lizeth Jimenez - 4 days ago
Asher her boyfriend
Abigail Panditharatna
Abigail Panditharatna - 6 days ago
Anthem is Super cute !!!
Gina Marie’s Life
Gina Marie’s Life - 10 days ago
heaven.x - 12 days ago
I can't believe she wouldn't room with Jayden Bartels😂
Francisco p
Francisco p - 12 days ago
The kyrh yjgja grimok orumdji s fimdgk I'm hmsu!ks!aks.
Francisco p
Francisco p - 12 days ago
Pamela Oluhambo
Pamela Oluhambo - 16 days ago
Hey Annie I am in Kenya right now please come visit us we love u🥰😍🤩
mariam sajid
mariam sajid - 20 days ago
Diana Djenev
Diana Djenev - 23 days ago
If you're an og, you'd already know that Hayley sleeps with her eyes closed like Caleb
Kristy Medina
Kristy Medina - 24 days ago
i have been watching yall since 2012 you inspired me to do gymnastics I had to quit cause I broke my wrist a few times but im okay I do dance
Lydia Admire
Lydia Admire - 25 days ago
Portland is really scary I live a few cities away from it
Kimberly Martoncik
Kimberly Martoncik - 26 days ago
I have a golden Retriever 🐕
Linda Oakley
Linda Oakley - 28 days ago
Glitter TV
Glitter TV - Month ago
Omg Anthem is ADORABLE
Lillie McGregor
Lillie McGregor - Month ago
The floor is lava
Grace Moy
Grace Moy - Month ago
Ryan baby Jeses pake you
UnicornLOVE - Month ago
lauren dagel is a christan that was the only one i know
Natalie Baxter Peters
Natalie Baxter Peters - Month ago
my moms sister lives in Portland oregon
Mya Harris
Mya Harris - Month ago
Hon eeeeee your skin tone
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith - Month ago
Paige daughter is so cute and hon Annie so sweet and Paige
you say is a cristen song
VanDykeTube1 - Month ago
Why did u Quite gymnastics
Alfonso Rivas
Alfonso Rivas - Month ago
Good dog choices
Fun with Kinza
Fun with Kinza - Month ago
5:03 that's our car!!!
Hannah skeet
Hannah skeet - Month ago
Annie if you see this your the best
Oreo Sisters
Oreo Sisters - Month ago
I have a golden retriever and his name is kylo he is only 1 and a half jear old
Essy Nickita
Essy Nickita - 2 months ago
Hey Annie Leblanc... Lots of Love from Kenya😍
Dove Smith
Dove Smith - 2 months ago
Please do a room tour!!!!!,
Heavenn brazy
Heavenn brazy - 2 months ago
I sleep with my eyes open too and when I'm half asleep I can feel it😂
Maddie Jewett
Maddie Jewett - 2 months ago
paige is so orange 💜😂
Darshani Aluthpatabendi
Darshani Aluthpatabendi - 2 months ago
l like u annie i am from sri lanka 😍😍
Desiree Rangha
Desiree Rangha - 2 months ago
Hey page would you wanna have another baby when anthem is like 3 or 2 or 1?
Ashley Boo xD
Ashley Boo xD - 2 months ago
My spirit animals are a Tiger, Wolf and a Horse.
Tay Smith
Tay Smith - 2 months ago
Cassidy Sipe
Cassidy Sipe - 2 months ago
Paige-what would you wish for if you had a Genie and only one wish Me-100 more wishes😎
Sadie Stone
Sadie Stone - 2 months ago
annie: i’ve got to get my life together
well if her life isn’t together then i guess mine REALLY REALLY REALLY isn’t together
Damion Franklin
Damion Franklin - 2 months ago
Your perfect just the way u r
Emery Kate Swing
Emery Kate Swing - 2 months ago
I love that song
Natalie Ward
Natalie Ward - 2 months ago
I want to go to Paris.
Mia Popa
Mia Popa - 2 months ago
I woke up
I went to school
I got a bunch of homework
And I went home and did nothing

Yup that’s the order!
It's Graceful Grace
It's Graceful Grace - 2 months ago
Paige: if you had s girl and a boy
Annie: A girl Sawyer and Taytum for a girl.
Lol I love you Annie! ❣❣❣
Alyson Bosanquet
Alyson Bosanquet - 2 months ago
#australia like if you are in Australia
Peyton Williams
Peyton Williams - 2 months ago
I have 3 Golden Retrievers and 1 white German shepherd.
•Kara_ Playz!•
•Kara_ Playz!• - 2 months ago
Annie said she could be really nosy and I could be nosy sometimes too!
Tatiana Lopez
Tatiana Lopez - 2 months ago
I love you guys 💕❤️
Sadie Catherine
Sadie Catherine - 2 months ago
My dad grew up in Portland Oregon 😂
Aimee Corr
Aimee Corr - 2 months ago
Something your happy that’s behide you - Annie : I had some fake friends
young queen
young queen - 2 months ago
We would like to have you in Kenya ur welcome
Olivia Isemann
Olivia Isemann - 2 months ago
anthem and paige r so orange compared to annie lol🧡🧡
denii _boo
denii _boo - 2 months ago
Annie should have wished for caleb to come back becz thats what i would wish for
Emma fleming
Emma fleming - 2 months ago
Paige looks so orange lol 😂
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