Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash Action RPG games like Diablo | Part 1/3

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Susuya Juuzou
Susuya Juuzou - 3 days ago
"Also, please do not google time sucking, becouse i did and i cannot unsee things now"

Vodka to you my comrade!
deadshell36 - 4 days ago
exanima still receives updates by the way.
Beam Beam
Beam Beam - 5 days ago
Jean Pablo Twice
Jean Pablo Twice - 9 days ago
Adventures of Van Helsing are pretty good. Playing the ranged guy ofc. But 0 late game
Mythwar - 18 days ago
haha death baby jokes whats somthing that small and get smaller in a corner

its a baby with a cheese rasp:D
Avian - 20 days ago
Thank you for reminding me about Nox. I used to play that game all the time. If I add my Origin time up I have 17 days in total
Le Fétiche Micro
Le Fétiche Micro - 20 days ago
Great video and great french translation, thanks, i've joined your channel ;)
Nino MK
Nino MK - 21 day ago
That Victor Vran character that looks like a ninja with a light saber, is that a mod? or do you have to buy the DLC's?
Nino MK
Nino MK - 21 day ago
barbyfn - 21 day ago
Path of Exile is addictive, I needed to change to another equally good RPG to leave it, 2 times... Thanks Grim Dawn, Wolcen, and a return to Sacred 2 with custm mods.
barbyfn - 20 days ago
@Sem Assunto Wolcen still in Early Access, act 1 finished for now. But which one is PtE? Path of Exile?
Sem Assunto
Sem Assunto - 21 day ago
is wolcen good? looks promising. PtE and Grim dawn are the best games in the list.
Ea Supernova
Ea Supernova - 22 days ago
Also, please don't search "Time Sucking". Lol 😁
Steven Shear
Steven Shear - 23 days ago
TFW he says 3000 hours is a lot. I'm over here sitting at like 8k+ for POE. yeesh
Cosmonauteable - Month ago
When will they make Nox 2 or Silver 2?
K H - Month ago
Love your sense of humour
Zaal'Koris Vas Qwib-Qwib
Haha. I love the bits and pieces of movies and TV shows between clips to add something to the narration.
Subbed because of that!
Leonardo Henrique Crubellatti
1:40 well, truth be told, all mobile games of this genre are terribly unpolished.
edgar57639 - Month ago
Thanks for making these videos ,cost me some coin but opened my eyes to some realy cool games like Wasteland 2
Blood Paladin
Blood Paladin - Month ago
talking about diablo clone and not mentioning TORCHLIGHT is a serious crime :/
ColdBeerHD - Month ago
Dude.... it's part 1 out of 3.
Lee Dykes
Lee Dykes - Month ago
I miss DAOC
CMDRFandragon - Month ago
Id take remasteted Dungeon Siege and LoA.
Ron - Month ago
Try AGAINST ALL DEAD in google play store
Lightning Resaba
Lightning Resaba - Month ago
PoE's gateway's are piece of trash, you can never play the game without being disconnected specially when you have so much loot on the ground the game has that habit of kicking you off the server LOL!
Flesdop - Month ago
How about crappy internet
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 2 months ago
Great humor, keep it up! Subscribed. Although one nit-pick would be to enhance the bass level of your playback volume (could be a mic thing?) but that's just me.
ColdBeerHD - 2 months ago
Thanks! :) You're probably right, It might be a mic. Anyway I just bought a new one, so all new videos should sound a little bit better
Tobin Rysenga
Tobin Rysenga - 2 months ago
Love your humor thanks for putting this together
Memnarchon - 2 months ago
Nox was called back then as "Diablo killer". Who would have thought that years later, the actual Diablo killer, would be... Blizzard...
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva - 2 months ago
Nice ! Grim Dawn seems be more similar to D2.
max headroom
max headroom - 2 months ago
Thank you for the video, very entertaining.
the Motörhead DLC for grim dawn ... you sure meant "the most rocking dlc" for Motöhead played hard rock :)
max headroom
max headroom - 2 months ago
@ColdBeerHD i enjoyed watching your video, and thx s for the comment. i remember seeing an interview where a guy asked something about "heavy metal" and lemmy responded quiet upset: "its fucking hard rock, we don't do metal" not a "fan" either (like the music though), and was (and still doing) searching for that interview. not to prove you wrong, just because its fun to watch all that "good old stuff". long story short, your video still keeps me entertained :). if i hadn't subscribed already... :)
ColdBeerHD - 2 months ago
They played all kinds of rock, from hard rock and heavy metal to speed metal. I'm not a fan, just love several songs, so I just googled it for you :D
Vukašin Đorđević
Vukašin Đorđević - 2 months ago
I searched for such a video. Awesome!
MoosinAround - 2 months ago
Exanima does all its news and discussion on Steam.
Francesco Dal Pozzolo
Francesco Dal Pozzolo - 2 months ago
...and even more on Discord.
Max Richard
Max Richard - 3 months ago
Max Richard
Max Richard - 3 months ago
Hi, thanks for your videos, I love your humor! I'm French and I use your videos to learn English, it's great that you put the English subtitles on!
How did you learn English so well?
ColdBeerHD - 3 months ago
Merci! :) (Et oui - le vin française est très bon ^^)
Max Richard
Max Richard - 3 months ago
😊 Merci pour ta réponse. La vodka c'est très bon mais le vin français aussi 🍷 ! Tu fais du très bon travail, je suis un fidèle abonné !
ColdBeerHD - 3 months ago
Funny coincidence - I learned French in school, not English, but later I just watched a lot of movies and TV in English. I started with "Friends" series. 10 seasons of them. At first I was like "I can't understand anything" but later I was like "OK, that's funny". I'm Lithuanian.
anvb5a1 - 3 months ago
Victor Vran is VERY under-rated!
Rokabur - 3 months ago
Anybody know where to get Nox and Loki for reasonable prices?
TingLey - 3 months ago
you can purch Nox on Origin
Rokabur - 3 months ago
3000 hours in Grim Dawn? There's someone over on the official forums who has over 12000 hours in the game.
Cat Matvey
Cat Matvey - 3 months ago
Так что он там говорил насчет водки?
Succi Succi
Succi Succi - 2 months ago
Cat Matvey я хачу пит водка
Антон Катков
Антон Катков - 3 months ago
Водка wtf 🤪?
Bradley Dias
Bradley Dias - 3 months ago
I've been looking for something Co op to play with my girlfriend so far I've got ultimate alliance and helldivers
Anthony Manalili
Anthony Manalili - 3 months ago
Titan Quest, Torchlight 2 and Grimdawn... love them all
IV - 3 months ago
Diablo 1 invented the concept of breaking barrels for loot.
hell raiser
hell raiser - 3 months ago
R.I.P Lemmy
Youpi Cru
Youpi Cru - 3 months ago
I don't have a math phd but whn i count it doesn't make 25 games
Youpi Cru
Youpi Cru - 3 months ago
@ColdBeerHD ok
ColdBeerHD - 3 months ago
You don't need phd to read that this is PART 1. Its written in the name of this video and also in the description. And you don't need phd to hear me say that fact in video (probably three times). And there are links to other parts in the description and also at the end of this video. Have a nice day sir.
Youpi Cru
Youpi Cru - 3 months ago
@ColdBeerHD 6
ColdBeerHD - 3 months ago
How many have you counted?
Silent Sun
Silent Sun - 3 months ago
PoE and especially Grim Dawn lately are my absolute favourite aRPGs of all time
MastaX - Month ago
Bro Grim Dawn was a pleasant surprise that totally flew under my radar, I picked it up recently and its superb!!, It really is one of my top 5 ARPG's ever! I'm currently playing through Torchlight 2 which is fantastic.
wodzefag - Month ago
can you elaborate a little more on this where the differences are? I'm a fan of PoE, but annoyed of some mechanics and the whole too much text haha
Sszarkk Theburning
Sszarkk Theburning - 3 months ago
That Loki Looks Good!! Others are boring....
Daniel Vitor Martins Essvein Vitor
shadow flare PC is a good game for this list
Mervz Sacala
Mervz Sacala - 3 months ago
Oh you play shadow Flare 2002-2003 game old school with multiplayer online
Bluntman124ever - 4 months ago
This video made me laugh, thank you.
ColdBeerHD - 3 months ago
Glad to hear that sir! :) I hope you considered subscribing for more laughs in the future
KineNan - 4 months ago
Excellent commentary :D
Андрей Толокевич
NOX is the best!
crymric - 4 months ago
NOX was soo good. I miss these games.
ghost7685 - 4 months ago
Dungeon crawlers not hack and slash. Hack and slash is god of war
Lancelt666 - 4 months ago
Diablo and similar games were always considered to be hack and slash. God of War and other 3D action adventure games with melee combat are newest addition to genre (I call them 'slashers'). Today everything is everything and devs and mixing few genres in each game.
Vinicius Moura
Vinicius Moura - 4 months ago
Now I want drink vodka rather than play any of this games
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