Cheetos Makeup... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

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oddeyecircle - 36 minutes ago
i didn’t know there was a brand of makeup called cheetos but i went to a bunch of shops in chicago that had a BUNCH of cheetos merch like hats and pants and shoes and now i know why?
Jasmin Mc
Jasmin Mc - Hour ago
21:30 "MKEY" Mickey Mouse in the house or what?😂
Jasmin Mc
Jasmin Mc - Hour ago
I'm wondering how hard is it to put those eyecontacts on and take them out with long nails?
Chelsy Shell
Chelsy Shell - Hour ago
Jeffree you are a true friend and such a good person. You deserve everything you have worked so hard for . You are my romodel and you make me believe I can do anything I put my mind to . It was so heart warming and real and amazing that you guys allowed us to be part of your journey of the conspiracy pallette. I wish I could meet you in person you are my romodel
Chelsy Shell
Chelsy Shell - Hour ago
I also wanted to say that your humbleness and kindness and your true friendship is what I admire most about you
The super sisters
The super sisters - Hour ago
I love pigssss I’m getting ur pallete for Xmas sooo excited
Brooke Alexis
Brooke Alexis - Hour ago
Me: sees Cheeto makeup
Also me: Hey mom can you go get some Cheetos
Kadeesha Andrea
Kadeesha Andrea - 2 hours ago
So does he ever actually do makeup looks and not just boring eyeshadow on the lids?
Harley Carmichael
Harley Carmichael - 2 hours ago
I had to stop myself from cACKLING bc my whole house is asleep 😂😂
Kierston L
Kierston L - 2 hours ago
I don’t like cheetos either, like I’ll eat the flaming hot crunchy ones but they aren’t my thing
Ashlee Newland
Ashlee Newland - 2 hours ago
get a lawyer! can maybe recover for that for breach of good faith. or bring in parole evidence for interpretation
Karla Frazier
Karla Frazier - 2 hours ago
Frito lays ms Mama 😂😂
MetroGnome - 4 hours ago
I used to have a girlfriend and knew other people in the same group that had a very peculiar way of being. They’re the Instagram type of doing promos and all that stuff, and I never understood why they acted the way they do until seeing this video. They always mentioned they liked this Jeffree fellow but I never watched one of these video until now and I am in disbelief and have a huge sense of closure. They act literally just like this, I can’t believe this. It’s uncanny. This is so strange. I feel like I was dating Jeffree but through the filter of another person. This is insane to me. Fuck man. I’ve been had big time. Case closed, finally makes sense. Shit.
Little Melody
Little Melody - 4 hours ago
Oh my God I loveeeeeee your hair so much I like the pink and blonde color its si amazing
Frankie and the Blackened Roses
The makeup isn't the only janky thing, Forever21 as a brand is just janky
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson - 4 hours ago
The forever 21 stores out here in Canada all closed 😂😭
Jaymie Hill
Jaymie Hill - 5 hours ago
I don’t live in America but I love cheetos
Cytryna - 5 hours ago
i love it how jeffree accepts every fan's attitude and made a review for this collection even after that shady situation with F21. like man, he's not mad at people who wants to buy and try it at all, because that's how it should work. big respect💜🌸
Jose Magana
Jose Magana - 5 hours ago
Jeffrey you should help her out with the product she’s trying to make I’d buy it super fast
Angel Rey
Angel Rey - 5 hours ago
She should still do her Cheetos colab and blow Forever 21 out of the water. I would love to add a Cheetos pallet to my collection, but I'm not wasting my money on F21 make-up.
Mary Lowery
Mary Lowery - 5 hours ago
What does “the house” mean Someone help lol
Jose Magana
Jose Magana - 5 hours ago
I want the one that she made it looks so much better and luxurious and better made and super cute plus we would know what goes in it
Simple_Lavender - 6 hours ago
I’m not into Cheetos either-
Easy Thai
Easy Thai - 6 hours ago
Oooo the hair tho
SCP 178 Sakura Infection
SCP 178 Sakura Infection - 6 hours ago
I just love how he does everything so well with his beautiful nails dang TwT
My nails are short and I can't even open anything without destroying it
Bai ampatuan
Bai ampatuan - 6 hours ago
I really love how honest Jeffree star is😂its funny like lol😅
Advika Pandey
Advika Pandey - 8 hours ago
Girl!! loving the nails
liana. xoxo
liana. xoxo - 8 hours ago
imagine having jeffree as ur auntie.
Elisa Fuentez
Elisa Fuentez - 9 hours ago
Nikkie did Lady Gaga’s makeup pallet with her. Must see.
Paola Herrera
Paola Herrera - 10 hours ago
i don't like cheetos either
Katie B
Katie B - 11 hours ago
Topaz?? 😂
Gabriella Vega
Gabriella Vega - 11 hours ago
You are hilarious!!!! And sooo talented! 💜💜💜
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah - 11 hours ago
When jeffree said “smelled like gasoline”... i smelled a lipmatte that my friend’s bf bought for her (It’s NYX dups, he thought that was authentic NYX) she asked me to test it out to confirm that she’s not the only one who had that thought.. it literally smelled like gasoline / aerosol and my lips felt warm — and nope, it’s not matte — it’s kinda runny 😐 so yeah.. when jeffree mentioned that, i brought me back straight to my memory lane in 2013
Mara Elaine Sanchez
Mara Elaine Sanchez - 11 hours ago
Fun fact yellow and red makes people hungry and that’s why we like mc Donald’s a lot😂
Kenny Gorehound
Kenny Gorehound - 12 hours ago
Your mom hehe
Your mom hehe - 12 hours ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The video starts at 8:42
yulian Perez
yulian Perez - 12 hours ago
Aliyah Millet
Aliyah Millet - 12 hours ago
I just love how he talks to his makeup. I needa do that lmao
Hollie VanZant
Hollie VanZant - 12 hours ago
The red lipstick probably got hot because of the name of the brand flaming hot Cheetos
Aliyah Millet
Aliyah Millet - 12 hours ago
"Christian we shouldn't put this on." puts on while he says that lmaoooo
im dyva
im dyva - 13 hours ago
is it give hot and delicious sensation ?
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