Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

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Scott Antkowiak
Scott Antkowiak - 10 hours ago
EYE PROTECTION for the angle grinder at least! come on people! You only have TWO eyes! lol
sanyam09 - 11 hours ago
this machine is lit
Abu Khattab
Abu Khattab - 14 hours ago
Germans and Russians should marry and produce hyper intelligent kids, unlike the Indians whose genes are mixed with cows and elephants.
Moe Whitfield
Moe Whitfield - 15 hours ago
Music guys, music kills hearing the engine.
Tanishq Bana
Tanishq Bana - 21 hour ago
That's how they do it in mother russia
Survival MMA
Survival MMA - Day ago
Fastest tank
Bolt #
Bolt # - Day ago
Im suddenly arroused
Mason Alex
Mason Alex - Day ago
I’d take this to tire kingdom for a tire alignment and say where is your god now fools
manman mi
manman mi - Day ago
brosay what
brosay what - Day ago
What are thoooose ?!
S P Lit
S P Lit - Day ago
Brutal music
Baked Potato
Baked Potato - Day ago
Meanwhile in Russia:
Conexus X18
Conexus X18 - Day ago
What in the actual hell is this??
Talk about ruining a perfectly good car!
This is like gang raping Jesus’s mother.
Dr House
Dr House - Day ago
Putin wants to know your location
stop watcing anime
stop watcing anime - Day ago
These things only happends in russia
Ali Köse
Ali Köse - Day ago
The only one question comes to mind when i see this video is WHY??
김평수 - Day ago
I hope that is one of the next generation madmax cars
La ϟϟ
La ϟϟ - Day ago
Ohh my god that paint 😲😲😲😲😲
Qais Niazi
Qais Niazi - 2 days ago
Red bull gives you wing.
Nakul Nakul
Nakul Nakul - 2 days ago
Watching this video may harm your Bentley viewer's discretion needed.
JAMES WAHENGBAM - 2 days ago
igor bo
igor bo - 2 days ago
Не ну ты конечно извини но контент говно досмотрел до 50! Сек(
Shubham Bhattacharya
Shubham Bhattacharya - 2 days ago
Just a English comment
BMW 3 SE - 2 days ago
Авария жили
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav - 2 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
Little Timmy
Little Timmy - 3 days ago
Bentley body on tank. Yawn.
Freddy J
Freddy J - 3 days ago
This is so freakn stupid!
Yaluobud Werdna
Yaluobud Werdna - 3 days ago
Было бы хорошо, чтобы увидеть рабочих носить защитные очки при использовании шлифовальных машин.
Jon Jones
Jon Jones - 3 days ago
Ha tylko Ruski mógł coś takiego odjebać xd ale 👏👏
John Isho
John Isho - 3 days ago
So sick
Prince Entertainment
Prince Entertainment - 3 days ago
Ate official
Ate official - 3 days ago
song name ? 8:38
MARCO COCCO - 4 days ago
The w12 si correctly sfructed
Bud the Gamer
Bud the Gamer - 4 days ago
My name literally is Bentley
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco - 4 days ago
A lot of design flaws.
Not nearly enough travel on the suspension.
Track guides
And these are only a few issues.
But pretty good considering most people can’t even drive a regular car
uzerish x
uzerish x - 4 days ago
i didn't understand a single word in this video, but i loved it
Mike Diesel
Mike Diesel - 4 days ago
The things you do when you have money...
Israel Makinde
Israel Makinde - 4 days ago
drives this shit with no protection, man's too hard
Katya Kristova
Katya Kristova - 4 days ago
но круто!!!
Katya Kristova
Katya Kristova - 4 days ago
бмв лучше
sandeep biswal
sandeep biswal - 4 days ago
Brutal Music..😶😶
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu - 5 days ago
i thought the thumbnail was 100000000% clickbait...
Norse Titan
Norse Titan - 5 days ago
Anil Ameer
Anil Ameer - 5 days ago
We seen Tesla truck now Bentley tank next is RR PHANTOMS jetfighter.... Lol crazy guyssss really
Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson - 5 days ago
The only fail here is that at 9:09 the close caption says [Brutal Music] where it is clearly not fail
truong le phuong
truong le phuong - 5 days ago
Very good
CchewWitup - 5 days ago
7:44 thats the true authentic face of disappointment like "we let this guy drive it godamnit....."
Yejoon Yang
Yejoon Yang - 5 days ago
I swear I thought the thumbnail was a video game.
polarweiß - 5 days ago
Putin would be proud
tony'sMelody TM
tony'sMelody TM - 5 days ago
Wauw, amazing. Much respect from Holland. Looks great, and you need a James Bond tuxedo and sunglasses on when you roll. Rool hard, roll deep and all day brother, bless.
tony'sMelody TM
tony'sMelody TM - 5 days ago
Kakdilac tavarich, charasho charasho. Spasiba ochen nochen, nochen.
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony - 5 days ago
If you’re bored af and don’t know what to do with your cash just give it to me I could put it to much better use
Yahya Kanıbol
Yahya Kanıbol - 5 days ago
Ryan DaPleb
Ryan DaPleb - 5 days ago
People: we have Bentley
Russians: we have Straightley
Victor Bozich
Victor Bozich - 6 days ago
Gotta luv the russkies? lol
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