Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

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CrimsonmileTV - 15 minutes ago
Russians and non-coastal Americans would build a type 1 society within a decade if others would just get out of the way.
regular Joe
regular Joe - 43 minutes ago
Crazy Russians 😆❣️❣️❣️
Mister Jazz
Mister Jazz - Hour ago
Trend Challenge Turkish
8:18 En Büyük FENERBAHÇE
Marius Holk-Hansen
Marius Holk-Hansen - Hour ago
Did not understand a word, still greatest video ever.
cboromo - 2 hours ago
🤔ma scusate. Con un sistema di cingoli del genere come fa l'auto a cambiare direzione ruotando semplicemente lo sterzo?
Puo andare solo dritto?
William Peng
William Peng - 3 hours ago
the perfect build don't exi...
Dusia Ў
Dusia Ў - 4 hours ago
Аахаха)) Прикиньте такой заезжаешь на какой-нибудь форум бизнесменов на гусеницах)) И все такие - "блять это русский 100%"))
Xc2cX_2012 - 7 hours ago
What's the song's name @10:17 ?
Marcus - 7 hours ago
Song at 12:42?
1dashcamboatsandcars - 10 hours ago
i like
Joshua Mack
Joshua Mack - 12 hours ago
Build a lightweight chained electric vehicle where every single round thing holding the chain is an ebike kit motor. The seat must be a kiddy pool.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 14 hours ago
Black with the beige interior, and they just had to make it into a tank
Steven Wood
Steven Wood - 14 hours ago
should of gave it a new paint job to make it more look like a tank
Acheiropoietos - 14 hours ago
HellBlueBoy - 14 hours ago
2031 mad max world
Thirsty4Socialist& CommunistTears2020
This is why mankind made it to the top of the food chain...
Joe Antolak
Joe Antolak - 15 hours ago
Duh why didn’t I think of this ?
paulo Fortin
paulo Fortin - 15 hours ago
How does it turn?
paulo Fortin
paulo Fortin - 15 hours ago
Oh, wrong language
Cooker Cook
Cooker Cook - 16 hours ago
*Watches video*

Me: Of course it’s Russian.
Arda Kayaalp
Arda Kayaalp - 17 hours ago
Poor Bentley.
Take the red pill Wilson
Take the red pill Wilson - 18 hours ago
What rich people need in war torn third world countries. Eh. Believe in peace and trust JESUS , the end of all things is neigh.
Swishy - 19 hours ago
T5 Delta Bangalore
T5 Delta Bangalore - 19 hours ago
Foking Russians.... Best Video on youtube... lol
Gekko Bos
Gekko Bos - 19 hours ago
With this car you dont even need to worry about getting ran over
Skip Block
Skip Block - 21 hour ago
But it's a Bentley, my wife would cry
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson - 21 hour ago
Russians always have the cool shit, Bravo from ohio...
userdetails1 - 23 hours ago
How much vodka was consumed in the making of this video?
erefem - Day ago
Damn, how they make that car can turn right/left by rotating the steering wheel??? How it possible?
kapil busawah
kapil busawah - Day ago
I'd really want to see a lada version. Just because that would be so Russian
sear sa
sear sa - Day ago
meanwhile in russia...
hobby134 - Day ago
Etienne Charland
Etienne Charland - Day ago
Perfect car to pick up your date
Elizabeth Stormborn
what for? xaxaxa
Elijah Jawdat
Elijah Jawdat - Day ago
Whats the name of the last song?
Sophdog - Day ago
Keeps throwing off its tracks on tight turns. Hopefully they'll fix that.
Akshay Oval
Akshay Oval - Day ago
This happens only in Russia...😈 Love to mother Russia...😍
Adrian's Aquatics
Adrian's Aquatics - Day ago
mate, what the actual f... was this? 😂 well done, u made my morning 😉
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson - Day ago
This is kind of cool but kind of stupid
alex D
alex D - Day ago
this reminds me of Carmageddon. Too bad it isn't a SLK
Nommy - Day ago
I highly doubt that was the first run.
하나일 착할선
영상 잘 봤어요 멋져요
Rifay_ djafar
Rifay_ djafar - Day ago
Memang sultan ,bentley dibikin canibal
You guys should add a log on the back. Whitout it it cannot be a real russian tank. We need the log.
Larsson - Day ago
Russian = tank
Grant West
Grant West - Day ago
good to know Russian Hillbilys Exist
Ad - Day ago
stupid waist of time destroyed a beautiful car
Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick - Day ago
What ? 🤔
No chauffer ? 🙄
Jonas Richter
Jonas Richter - Day ago
whats the name of the song at 10:30 ?
Ramin - Day ago
помните придчу про тех кто носит адидас? вот те кто делают из бентли такие вещи они те же люди :)
EarlGrayFox - Day ago
Ulrich Kälber
Ulrich Kälber - Day ago
runs on eight wheels per side, must be a PANZER IV ;)
Emo666Cali - Day ago
That's already been done in final fantasy 15 lolz
G Bak
G Bak - Day ago
Add some machine guns and rocket launchers and you'll have yourself one hell of a video game
kimoshwaby - Day ago
Pimp my ride russia?
Yash Karthik
Yash Karthik - Day ago
When ya got an Investor meeting at 6 but gotta retake point bravo at 7
Luna Duarte
Luna Duarte - Day ago
Driving an experimental vehicle for the first time at crazy speeds without safety gear.
Russians ladies and gentlemen. No fear what-so-ever.
Laszy - Day ago
In Russia Bentley Comes to You
Glow Berth
Glow Berth - Day ago
It's a strange choice to turn a Bentley into a tank, but it's cool nevertheless.
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