bring it on 6 is a garbage movie

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Nancy Aime Figueroa
Nancy Aime Figueroa - 10 hours ago
All the low rise bottoms made me uncomfortable
yuh yee
yuh yee - Day ago
and I most certainly, definitely oop.
Assylum 13
Assylum 13 - Day ago
You should cover the Death Note Netflix adaptation. It's pretty bad, especially compared to the original anime. It's kind of gory though, so, there's that.
beaniebobble - 2 days ago
The only person who could hold her accent was the girl who played Willow, who is British by the way.
evie grace xo
evie grace xo - 2 days ago
So this is what happened after imogen graduated from degrassi
Randy - 2 days ago
imogen from degrassi tho
Lucifer - 3 days ago
When you played the sound of the "you." video I screamed
Janice Lienhard
Janice Lienhard - 4 days ago
„Including the sexual harasser from the kissing booth, so tHaT‘s FUN!“😂👌🏻
nicole olmstead
nicole olmstead - 4 days ago
Okay is it just me or does the girl on the far left at 15:09 totally look like Kim Kardashian pre-plastic surgery
Caitlin Hall
Caitlin Hall - 5 days ago
Dude the mean characters acting is horrible...
laya brownnn
laya brownnn - 5 days ago
i live in utah my girl. it’s a hellhole. but a holy hellhole
Izzi C
Izzi C - 6 days ago
wow, we stan the exactitude for exposing julia cudney. #videosmacked
Victoria Lopez
Victoria Lopez - 7 days ago
I searched up bring it on on Netflix because I heard it's iconic. This showed up so I watched it.... I almost immediately knew this wasn't the same one.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 9 days ago
Bring It On (2000): 8/10
Bring It On Again: 7/10
All Or Nothing: 9/10
In It To Win It: 5/10
Fight to the Finish: 8/10
6th one: 3/10
J&S - 10 days ago
I think the 3rd bring it on was the worst and the 4th was the best
Pam Beesly
Pam Beesly - 10 days ago
rebels? -cheersmacked
julia? -canceled (by the exactitude)
hotel? -trivago
Audrey Blackwood
Audrey Blackwood - 10 days ago
She said how many of you unsubscribed but that’s the moment that I subscribed. 🤦🏼‍♀️
screw up
screw up - 12 days ago
Isla Campbell
Isla Campbell - 13 days ago
i liked as soon as i heard the "you." reference
Alex C
Alex C - 13 days ago
My pitch perfect 3 dvd plays a preview for this movie
Andrew Crain
Andrew Crain - 13 days ago
I wanted to watch this because Imogean from Degrassi was in it.... I’ll pass lmao
Konita Sasraku
Konita Sasraku - 14 days ago
#DanceAcademyFan 💓💓💓💓 // 😂 I hadn't even watched this but I figured out who the villain was before you revealed it.
Samaria Taylor
Samaria Taylor - 14 days ago
This is the full on truth. It’s too bad they had a low budget.
jeonghan supremacist
jeonghan supremacist - 15 days ago
the part that say "hey boys, you wanna see us kiss?" it's really offensive and fetishizing
Lalalisaaa armybomb
Lalalisaaa armybomb - 15 days ago
I love all of them but the new one
Oof - 15 days ago
I CAN'T believe this movie is 4 dollars on youtube
Maxine Robertson
Maxine Robertson - 15 days ago
I was watching this wish my dad and he said “bring it wrong”
Sandra Lewkowicz
Sandra Lewkowicz - 15 days ago
I always quote lines from shrek, but the polish one
Mussel Potato
Mussel Potato - 16 days ago
3:20 I always say "The limit dosent exist" randomly and nobody knows what I'm saying.
Pam Beesly
Pam Beesly - 16 days ago
cheerstop cheeradding cheer cheerto cheerwords
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez - 16 days ago
“Your face when you find out your shit stinks” Dude 🤣🤣🤣 14:30
Waytotheland - 16 days ago
The fact they even called themselves The Truth is just super cringe🥴
Livi Kramz
Livi Kramz - 19 days ago
Well now I have to watch it just to laugh at it!!
Mel Oof
Mel Oof - 20 days ago
It’s insulting that (probably) 40 year old adults think “oh, this generation does not know how to talk in person. They probably don’t even know how to talk haha” like, seriously??
Fluffy Bazooka
Fluffy Bazooka - 20 days ago
*My name is skylar I rub the box with pride I’m probably too cool for you so friend request denied*
Hannah xx
Hannah xx - 24 days ago
*Logic has left the chat*
Jaydah Winegard
Jaydah Winegard - 26 days ago
I love yall have good life
be your cowboy
be your cowboy - 28 days ago
CO CO - 28 days ago
Watching this movie, I was thinking "nobody cares about cheerleading this much"
Let It Be
Let It Be - 29 days ago
I hate when movies revolve around internet trends/social media (memes, #, facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.). Like it's annoying af, it's killing us (most people) in real life, don't also add it on every teen movie to be trendy or ''relatable''.. I just miss 80's - 2000's movies, it was just so simple.
Alex - 29 days ago
Bring It On 1 and 3 is the only movies i've watched in this franchise. I guess I got lucky
Copper - Month ago
omg review dance academy i loved that show
BelleBee - Month ago
The rebels fans who turned instantly on them are James Charles stans
daria krol
daria krol - Month ago
you and trin lovell should watch riverdale together
Fangirliest - Month ago
blondie looks like knock-off jennifer lawrence
Penny - Month ago
That Claire Michelle reference made me fucking weak.
I dOnT ThInk tHoUghTs I jUst FeEl
Valtastic val
Valtastic val - Month ago
you know those “games” where everyone draws different parts without knowing the previous and it mixes into like weird hybrids. thats this movie
Javadd Lawrence
Javadd Lawrence - Month ago
every bring it on movie *beside the original* is total garbage
maria-christina panagidou
when you said "who am i?" i though " well thats a secret ill never tell. XOXO GOSSIP GURL"
steven chau
steven chau - Month ago
The Jojo Siwa part killed me 😂😂
emmalucia - Month ago
um excuse me... i care about the Christian from Dance Academy reference
jeonghan supremacist
jeonghan supremacist - Month ago
i love how the poster spoils blondie is the rival but gives her a whatever baby blue uniform that does not go with her whole edgy cheerleading aesthetic
Jordyn McCray
Jordyn McCray - Month ago
Ok but yahhsss dance academy reference
Jack Rosenberg
Jack Rosenberg - Month ago
Melody Eldridge
Melody Eldridge - Month ago
if it helps, i primarily watched all or nothing growing up, and didn't see the original bring it on til i was like 16 or 17 (so like a year ago) and i still think its a good movie.... so it doesn't just rely on nostalgia.
Sweet Broth
Sweet Broth - Month ago
The only character that I liked in this movie was the kid who said YOU GUYS SUCK and threw an egg at one of the cheerleaders
jasmine - Month ago
the dance academy reference made me subscribe
Micaela G
Micaela G - Month ago
this is why i say blake is the best actor, because sometimes he says things and i get *feelings*
kdksldmslms i love this
ĈÖØÕĦĶĨĔ CM - Month ago
Yeah it'll be good practice for when I get *MURRIEDDD* --
purplefirebreathing monkey
You don't like the Nut Job? that was basically my favorite movie as a kid XD
Katelyn Corbett
Katelyn Corbett - Month ago
i love you and the horrible movies you review
Madi's Life
Madi's Life - Month ago
I’m like in the middle of the video but they have to merge because neither teams have enough players
Catherine Bernard
Catherine Bernard - Month ago
sick dance academy reference
Just A Girl
Just A Girl - Month ago
Have you seen Stick It?
RobinThe Wolf
RobinThe Wolf - Month ago
Who needs 6 movies of the same franchise?
Just Molly
Just Molly - Month ago
U got me with that yo gabba. Gabba thing 😁😹😹😹
Bailee AR
Bailee AR - Month ago
you gotta do that aly & aj movie, cowbelles
cyberemotions - Month ago
it's so weird hearing the characters in this movie curse and say sexual things because this whole movie actually reminds me of a disney channel original movie lmaooo
Can u Not
Can u Not - Month ago
Please do the next step
Can u Not
Can u Not - Month ago
It needs to be stopped
Jordan Hanneson
Jordan Hanneson - Month ago
Christian is a reference I care about
Marie Brown
Marie Brown - Month ago
Example why you hate it and your reason
Marie Brown
Marie Brown - Month ago
Bring it on 6 is the best movie ever
musicals are fabulous
musicals are fabulous - 2 months ago
I just realized I have seen this before..
Sara F
Sara F - 2 months ago
Good lord, what has Jordan Rodrigues' career come to? ;-;
O D - 2 months ago
“Logic? Are you there?”
Logic: Hey, what’s up? I’m biracial.
O D - 2 months ago
A surprise Philly D cameo. I fully support it.
Perry Gilbert
Perry Gilbert - 2 months ago
“Get ready to use up all your data because my plan is unlimited”
They tried so hard to be iconic
Desiraye Rosario
Desiraye Rosario - Month ago
And failed oh so miserably.
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces - 2 months ago
Every other female targeted show and movie around cheerleading works, because it tends to make it silly. They tend to involve taking down the bad guys in an extreme and slightly ridiculous fashion. Other times it’s about not cheating but also learning how to improvise.
Also the routine they do in the middle of the review, is a complete rip-off from the original first movie.
Madi Ramirez
Madi Ramirez - 2 months ago
Anybody else weirded out by the fact that their a cheerleading team for like...nothing? Because that haunts me
Lisa. Wiebe
Lisa. Wiebe - 2 months ago
6:15 is that girl black or white? Her hands and tummy are white but her face and neck look like she’s African America
Kayla L
Kayla L - 2 months ago
Lisa. Wiebe it’s the shadows so it made her skin darker
shreya nidumolu
shreya nidumolu - 2 months ago
CHRISTIAN FROM DANCE ACADEMY!!! i didn’t even know that people in america watched thattt
Donatsu uwu
Donatsu uwu - 2 months ago
Who tf is Deggrasi
Kayla L
Kayla L - 2 months ago
Donatsu uwu Degrassi is a teen tv show
Donatsu uwu
Donatsu uwu - 2 months ago
Holy shit i never in my life heard of this franchise and im glad. The 6 one is probably the worst and most stupid one I’ve seen.
Blandy McBlanderson
Blandy McBlanderson - 2 months ago
Alice B
Alice B - 2 months ago
23:29 the acting is so bad I’m wheezing
rolizzl - 2 months ago
WhisperWithTheEyes - 2 months ago
You are one of the funniest people on this planet. Period.
Lily Belle
Lily Belle - 2 months ago
Trust me girl you put a dancer and a cheerleader against each other. We all know who’s gonna win( dancers 🙄 )
Jaja Sam
Jaja Sam - 2 months ago
Wow wait a minute there’s a bring it on 6. That just awful
Mayayaya - 2 months ago
this is tragic especially cause of how much i loved the main girl in this on a canadian im embarrassed we keep churning out these shitty movies
Am B
Am B - 2 months ago
Hey! I live in Utah too!
kiraxoxolove - 2 months ago
I couldn't get past 5 minutes of it lol I was that done😂
Isabella Dasilva
Isabella Dasilva - 2 months ago
this movie was trash BUT
*cHrIsTiAn fRoM dAnCe aCaDeMy*
Ramona Oklahoma
Ramona Oklahoma - 2 months ago
That Asian guy would be the only reason I’d watch this movie 🤤
oliviaa - 2 months ago
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 9 days ago
@oliviaa Nothing wrong with a little change.
oliviaa - 9 days ago
Liam Patrick yes, every single bring it on movie begins w a dream.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 9 days ago
Is that a problem?
oliviaa - 2 months ago
it’s definitely one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen 😂
Stephanie Roylance
Stephanie Roylance - 2 months ago
Stephanie Roylance
Stephanie Roylance - 2 months ago
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty - 2 months ago
lets not forget 16:33 when she saids "ghetto street dancers" like wow, way to insult an entire culture, while being a hypocrite and imitating that culture. never seen this movie or heard of it. i didnt even know there were so many bring it ons. i only thought there was one, but after watching this review im glad i havent.
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