Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 1 Highlights | May 30, 2019 NBA Finals

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Cedric - 3 months ago
Always can Count on HOH to post really quick so we can rewatch or watch the Game!
Don Ward Jr.
Don Ward Jr. - 2 months ago
Rizzo - 3 months ago
Raptors to win the series! This man predicted it all and I’m winning big:
愛台灣 - 3 months ago
Raptors coach will lose without Linsanity!
kevinjay mehoy
kevinjay mehoy - 3 months ago
gogo idol stephen curry
Pain - 2 days ago
9:53 *Bang!*
man clos. yt acosta
man clos. yt acosta - 4 days ago
Like si hablas en español y te gusta este deporte
River - 10 days ago
Fans can be idiotic... This was the worst finals in many years... Siakam??? Really? Lol the media dupe strikes again... Watch this year.
Emmanuel Ray
Emmanuel Ray - 14 days ago
Niggas didn’t believe me when I said pascal siakam was good
Emmanuel Ray
Emmanuel Ray - 14 days ago
Next year it will be lakers vs the bucks or Clippers be the bucks
Pain - 22 days ago
9:53 *Bang*
AJ Abinanti
AJ Abinanti - 24 days ago
Another season to disdain the warriors coming up. #Loading
Java YT
Java YT - 25 days ago
3:15 “Lowry against Thompson 2 of the best in the game” I think u mean kawhi not Lowry lol .Lowrys still good tho
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - Month ago
It always pisses me off when Siakim comes up with a huge block and all the announcer says is “green can’t finish” like what?
Lee Dangerous
Lee Dangerous - Month ago
Exciting game 1
Will F.
Will F. - Month ago
9:22 (Best point) 👏👏
Frank F
Frank F - Month ago
Siakam reminds me of John Wallace (a former raptor)
rg3champ816 - 2 months ago
Siakom outplayed draymond green in finals
Brandon Wilcox
Brandon Wilcox - 2 months ago
Only game the home team won all series
Hoang Mai
Hoang Mai - 2 months ago
Sakiam you monster @@
Arvin Gutierrez
Arvin Gutierrez - 2 months ago
Also watch 2016 NBA Finals... Historic 3-1 comeback of Cleveland Cavaliers.. Enjoy!!!
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Thank you..
Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose - 2 months ago
Guess the "Greatest Defender of all time" couldn't stop a 25 year old from scoring 32.
Israel Providence
Israel Providence - 2 months ago
Anyone here after kawhi left to clippers
Even Q
Even Q - Month ago
Lmao 😂
Amari Taylor
Amari Taylor - 2 months ago
Gasol What a game
ai.117 UNSC
ai.117 UNSC - 2 months ago
Isa uus naise universe }•Son for Justice•{ ema uue mehe universe . ... Continue ! Sorry Apples
ai.117 UNSC
ai.117 UNSC - 2 months ago
Here we see apple technology dosent work in universe like ping pong ... Lynx was the first who greated the greatest game and of course the game bring it us to the wars . To understood the field take apart to understand the difference of apple }•{ so what we see it's two different universe on earth who wins gets back on play the game with your kids ... example est wins ...then comes est Lynx's tall guys on field. Against the main enemy's Taurus. Who loose the long battle must go }°{
Lowkey Cutts
Lowkey Cutts - 2 months ago
So you're going to tell me Klay didn't travel at 1:35. #Refsbeblind
5000 subscribers with no Videos
Tbh I just came to see if I could spot troydan
I could not
Вано Б
Вано Б - 2 months ago
Я , похоже, единственный такой, кто зашел сюда после просмотра клипа Дрейка!?!?
Nicola Xue
Nicola Xue - 2 months ago
It is nba
Salty Jay
Salty Jay - 2 months ago
4:18 look at the scoreboard no coming back from that :(
Capitan Futuro
Capitan Futuro - 2 months ago
derozanfan10 - 3 months ago
grunermrk - 3 months ago
That Lowry 3 at the very end of the game as his only made shot was to symbolize how he was gonna show up hard right at the end of the series lol.
ShamTec - 3 months ago
why do they cheer for raptors to much but warriors not even a sound
Youcef S3fyu
Youcef S3fyu - 3 months ago
SoccerTec1 they are playing in toronto so they cheer for thé raptors, the hometeam
Ömer Genç
Ömer Genç - 3 months ago
Fucked raptors
Jeannette holbrook
Jeannette holbrook - 3 months ago
Toronto there so goog now
Malcom X
Malcom X - 3 months ago
Nobody in the warriors team that night could guard Siakam he turned into a beast mode and eat all of em alive
MHF Craft
MHF Craft - 2 months ago
well that's what a raptor do.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson - 3 months ago
So happy that the Raptors are putting the Warriors on notice. The only team in the playoffs who doesn't play against them like they're SCARED of the Big Bad Warriors lol
Joyce Ann Clavecilla
Joyce Ann Clavecilla - 3 months ago
Toronto is stubborn
Michel Bulinyanya
Michel Bulinyanya - 3 months ago
Golden states golden states
David Coleman
David Coleman - 3 months ago
Great coaching by nick nurse :()
Sissoko Thierno
Sissoko Thierno - 3 months ago
Who is here after Raptors won it all ?
Half funny half weird All stupid
Cant wait for tonights game the best win win win
Chri52r8Gaming - 3 months ago
Yo what a play
Glessy Reen
Glessy Reen - 3 months ago
Tuwang tuwa sila kpag nakakashoot yung mga raptors
Deep hug
Deep hug - 3 months ago
Nice game raptor
JUNGKAI GT - 3 months ago
where kevin durant
swxfty_shiloh - 3 months ago
I see superfan
mary joy
mary joy - 3 months ago
fuck you rap😏🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Guitar Goorou
Guitar Goorou - 3 months ago
bat pag sa GSW walang sigaw?
philrush - 3 months ago
7:16 Danny Green and Ibaka are in sync
Taylor Harding
Taylor Harding - 3 months ago
Weather if anyone likes it or not, come Monday, this series is over
Lanfranko coro
Lanfranko coro - 3 months ago
The Klaw Kawhi is Golden State Worst Nightmare
sky jack
sky jack - 3 months ago
raps just won game 4
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas - 3 months ago
Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant y'all can troll whatever the fuck you can after tonights loss!
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas - 3 months ago
I'm enjoying watching the warriors losing this time of year lol DJ Pauly D
eyeda otsoko
eyeda otsoko - 3 months ago
time to shine for Raptors
Cassie - 3 months ago
Golden State has to much elbow and shoulder game and they just keeping it lit for seven games so politics can get paid🤫🤫🤫
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Where is your 7th game lol
GBtha G
GBtha G - 3 months ago
what a performance from the raptors... they're genuine championship contenders!👏👏👏. pressure on the warriors.
Titanium Kranium
Titanium Kranium - 3 months ago
less kiss
less kiss - 3 months ago
for. The comback
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