KAROL G, Nicki Minaj - Tusa

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Karolgmusic - 3 days ago
Hi Everyone! Wanted to share the translation of the lyrics below

What’s going on with you? .... Tell me
Ovy on the Drums

There is no excuse
Today she went out with her friend to kill her heartbreak
Because a guy did her wrong
She’s hard and he took advantage
She’s tired of being good
Now she’s the one that uses men
Because a guy did her wrong
You won’t find her being sentimental
Says she won’t cry for another guy

But if you play the song
She gets so depressed
Crying she starts calling him
But he left her on read
Maybe he’s with another girl
Pretending he can love her too

But I cried all of that for nothing
Now I’m a bad girl
And now you kickin' & screamin', a big toddler
Don’t try to get your friends to come holla, holla!
A yo! I used to lay low
I wasn’t in the clubs, I was on my JO
Until I realized you’re an epic fail
So don’t tell your guys that I’m still your Bae Yo
Cause it’s a new day, I’m in a new place
Gettin some new D, sittin' on a new face
Cause I know I’m the baddest bitch you ever really met
You searching for a badder bitch and you ain't met her yet.
A yo Tell em to back off he wanna slack off
Ain't no more booty calls, you gotta jack off
It’s me an Karol G we let them rats talk
Don’t run up on us cause they letting them Makks off

But if you play the song
She gets so depressed
Crying she starts calling him
But he left her on read
Maybe he’s with another girl
Pretending he can love her too

One shot for the deep heartbreak
And we keep going until we finish
Another shot for my mind
So that the memories don’t torture me
Doesn’t copy anything
Her ex is worth nothin'
Goes out to the club and just wants to twerk
But she gets confused once she starts to drink
She heals when she parties
As her love dies
All the men try to get her

But if you play the song
She gets so depressed
Crying she starts calling him
But he left her on read
Maybe he’s with another girl
Pretending he can love her too

Karol G
Karol G
Nicki Minaj
The Queen
With a Queen
rosa barrios
rosa barrios - 2 days ago
rosa barrios
rosa barrios - 2 days ago
ElPatron 02
ElPatron 02 - 2 days ago
Dark Moon
Dark Moon - 2 days ago
KAROL G Thank you Queen
Dark Moon
Dark Moon - 2 days ago
Janisan1306 - 8 hours ago
Me encanta temazo
Josue Tiro Tapia
Josue Tiro Tapia - 8 hours ago
Manooj Kumar
Manooj Kumar - 8 hours ago
Here for nicki
loopsfruit - 8 hours ago
This is a hit
María Virginia Chirinos
María Virginia Chirinos - 8 hours ago
Ur Ke
Ur Ke - 8 hours ago
This song is so good 😊
Bea G
Bea G - 8 hours ago
I’m a Unicorn 🦄
Evan Bastian
Evan Bastian - 8 hours ago
Bentio Jaine
Bentio Jaine - 8 hours ago
Nicki is such a queen 👑
Noemia Alves
Noemia Alves - 8 hours ago
Justin Swift
Justin Swift - 8 hours ago
Beijos do Brasil! Karol g faz uma colaboração com Anitta por favor!!!! Nós brasileiros te amamos 😍😍😍😍
Versace Girl
Versace Girl - 8 hours ago
Me encanto el video 😍
one opinion
one opinion - 8 hours ago
Mantap lagune wong +62 like
Nobita Nobisuke
Nobita Nobisuke - 8 hours ago
listen to with speed 1.25x
thank me later ❤🇧🇩
Jatin Kumar [JT]
Jatin Kumar [JT] - 8 hours ago
There's absolutely no melody.
Djo LaFouleyk
Djo LaFouleyk - 8 hours ago
What does « pero hice toro este llanto por nara » means ? I can’t believe I made 6 years of Spanish and I still don’t understand that language 😶
Reinaldo Fernandez
Reinaldo Fernandez - 8 hours ago
Cada día más Hermosa y casa dia mejores éxitos Carol G 💜
Nasima Ali
Nasima Ali - 8 hours ago
make sure to stream on Spotify too!
NHM Music
NHM Music - 8 hours ago
Las duras 😝😝😝
Emiliano Bernardini
Emiliano Bernardini - 8 hours ago
Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
DjLuiyis - 8 hours ago
Esa Nicki Minaj como siempre matando 😍 esa morenita rica😍😍⚘

Karol G❤
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz - 9 hours ago
Holaaaa???? Nadie habla del videoclip???? Ni la Sarpay 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
thuy linh
thuy linh - 9 hours ago
Can you give us english version 😍😍😍 ?
Bimboboy Salsa
Bimboboy Salsa - 9 hours ago
Elisa Panucci
Elisa Panucci - 9 hours ago
Nicki Minaj Queen of rap
Nicki Minaj Queen of rap - 9 hours ago
Nicki queen of rap❤️
Nicki Minaj Queen of rap
Nicki Minaj Queen of rap - 9 hours ago
Capz Allison
Capz Allison - 9 hours ago
She talking about meek millz
killaJJ760 - 9 hours ago
When a Latin artist, picks a Queen of rap w/ the coins, and rap talent. She picked Nicki, instead of a ghetto, ignorant, gutter rat, Cardi Flea! Eww 😷 🤮
Get it, Nicki! You even, sound better, rapping!
GORDO FRIKI - 9 hours ago
Cindy Rubushe
Cindy Rubushe - 9 hours ago
karla patricia duarte de souza
Nicki minaj Spanish ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Akshat Chawla
Akshat Chawla - 9 hours ago
Not getting anything Karol is saying but still love the song❤️
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz - 9 hours ago
A mi me juntas todo rosa y todo brillo, pegasos y estas mujeres.... y no esq me caso esq me meto yo sola en el ataúd
sugarlette86 - 9 hours ago
I love this video it’s so beautiful and I love the white suit both girls look gorgeous 💕💕💕💕
Silvia Rodrigues
Silvia Rodrigues - 9 hours ago
Nicki is alive?????
Yaiza Fernandes Silva
Yaiza Fernandes Silva - 9 hours ago
Soy fan de Cardi b pero nicki la rompe en este tema sin duda 🤷🏾‍♀️
khethiwe mathule
khethiwe mathule - 9 hours ago
Where can I get this song
nellyrose - 9 hours ago
karol look like a klhoe krdashian
Anderson Ferreira
Anderson Ferreira - 9 hours ago
Que vibe gostosa dessa música 💗
Valentina Romero
Valentina Romero - 9 hours ago
0:57 ,de nada
Genesis Nicole Teo
Genesis Nicole Teo - 9 hours ago
Que perras 😍
Dark_ boy
Dark_ boy - 9 hours ago
Nicki si te digo lo que pasa conmigo teras razones para llorar😭😭😭
Trans Synergy For A Chapel of Ydd!
Everything ok with Tran?
hugo ernesto galvis rizo
hugo ernesto galvis rizo - 9 hours ago
Creí que era yuranis hasta que empezó a cantar 😂😂😁
Jukilon Correa
Jukilon Correa - 9 hours ago
Pero hice toro este ianto por nara ♥️💥
Manolo Henao G
Manolo Henao G - 9 hours ago
Igual d ordinarias las dos
Ageng Mamapapa
Ageng Mamapapa - 9 hours ago
Kesini gara” nicki🖤 iloveyou nicki🖤
asoto - 9 hours ago
Karol G con las coreografías de Rosalía y Nicky Minaj copiando el rollo de Cardi B... 😭
SH3RZΔD - 9 hours ago
H SH - 9 hours ago
니키언니 사랑해 ㅠㅠ
Omar Logic Gold
Omar Logic Gold - 9 hours ago
Love it 💯💯
Iris Godoy
Iris Godoy - 9 hours ago
Tiene un parecido a feel special
Soy la unica que poensa esto?
Suman Nath
Suman Nath - 9 hours ago
I thought Nicki Minaj was retiring...😉
Susanne Ramos
Susanne Ramos - 9 hours ago
Temaso karol G lo e escuchado muchicimo y no me canso de aserlo grande hermosa mil éxito para ti
50 años de mala suerte si lo lees

10 años de buena suerte si le das like🙌🏻
Ramiro Cañaveral
Ramiro Cañaveral - 9 hours ago
No critiquen a Nicky si no han escuchado su inglés xd
Gisllane Marques
Gisllane Marques - 9 hours ago
Gisllane Marques
Gisllane Marques - 9 hours ago
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