Kotaku (And Its Sister Sites) Just Imploded, For Telling The Truth.

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ReviewTechUSA - Month ago
Let’s get things straight. They’ve been (Kotaku, Deadspin) posting politics pieces for YEARS and the higher ups over at G/O Media didn’t give a crap. When they speak up about how intrusive the ads are (which I’ve seen myself) the piece discussing the intrusive ads gets deleted and a journalist gets fired. It isn’t about politics, it’s about money. Use common sense.
Ace Kenshader
Ace Kenshader - 17 days ago
@SpriteRyu That makes zero sense. Those "Political pieces" are hugely successful for the sites in terms of clicks and revenue. Why in god's name would the new owners think it's a good idea to get rid of something that A), has been the site's bread and butter for years, and B) is also huge traffic drivers of traffic to the site?
Biggsy DaBoss
Biggsy DaBoss - 25 days ago
@Benchomp So in your opinion. Anyone who doesnt like SJWs or SJW talking points are Incels? Is that merely an insult or are you using the term "Incel" in context of what it actually means? The former just exposes your bias, the latter just exposes your ignorance. The choice is yours. PS There is a thrid option. Admit that you were being silly & get on wih your life.
Biggsy DaBoss
Biggsy DaBoss - 25 days ago
Now I heard that the parent company had either gotten sold or sold many of their assets to a new company. If that is true, then saying things like "They've had this upf or years & G/O didn't give a crap" is a disingenuous statement. I empathise *IF*
Nhat Huy
Nhat Huy - Month ago
use some brain cells, idiot!
James Aaron
James Aaron - Month ago
ReviewTechUSA uh yes it is about politics, and money.
G_GlasgowRFC - 17 days ago
A sports journalist got fired for not writing about sports? Sounds about right.
Jason Something
Jason Something - 22 days ago
Bye Felicia!
Jeevo - 22 days ago
The Onion is the only one that is worth existing out of that list 😂
Wat - 24 days ago
ReviewTechUSA just imploded
SpeakerPolice - 26 days ago
Rich, is it just me or do your videos no longer have captions on them?
ICO - 29 days ago
Gave up visiting Kotaku a very long time ago and never looked back. Fucking greedy idiots everywhere! Now I have even LESS incentive to try the website again.
Civmonopolis - Month ago
The man at Deadspin was fired for writing political articles that have nothing to do with sports or the sports scene. I hate going to a website expecting news about games and getting political nonsense. This is why I stopped reading at Kotaku.
PurushaDesa - Month ago
"Deadspin - stick to sports."
"Actors - stick to acting."
Translation - Stop raining on my conservative parade.
Jaxon Holden
Jaxon Holden - Month ago
BULLCRAP Rich. Had NOTHING to do with ads. The guy was fired for directly disobeying a mandate to stop injecting woke political narrative agendas into articles about sports. He refused, did it anyway and ya, they fired him for it. AS THEY SHOULD HAVE. Kotaku and Deadspin and these sites spin every story to push their woke SJW narrative. And they were told to stop, and they point blank refused. What did they THINK was gonna happen? I say good. Purge the woke media. We need a good cleansing.
Not Todd Howard
Not Todd Howard - Month ago
So what if they have been doing it for years? They should have cracked down on this years ago. The sooner Kotaku goes down the faster.
goodmaki - Month ago
Man Rich really is SJ without the W.
Bread Harrity
Bread Harrity - Month ago
I avoid Kotaku like the plague due to their cringey wokeness and hatred of gamers.
James Aaron
James Aaron - Month ago
Your a liberal, no matter how much you say your middle ground.
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin - Month ago
Stuff started off when they didn’t want to cover sports instead of political stuff
Proto Propski
Proto Propski - Month ago
I mean the whole website is a pool of filth, the ads just add insult to injury.
TBH their entire network of websites should just die out. I use adblock everywhere, and if the website has Anti-Adblock I just black list them from my router, and forget the ever existed, its common, and their kind is the reason why, they add nothing of value, and because of that they get nothing back.
Ocationally I'll lift adblock for creators, or websites I care about, who don't jam filth, and nonsense down my throat, but I can the amount I do on one hand.
Gill Burg
Gill Burg - Month ago
*turns off adblock to look at kotaku, turns adblock back on*
LK Shawn
LK Shawn - Month ago
Unpopular opinion: ads I'm general need to be cut down because it way to much if them. I've seen 12 min videos with 11 ads in that that's ridiculous.
CerpinTxt87 - Month ago
No one cares, Rich. These people have been pushing away gamers for years, I honestly am not concerned about their employment.
Besides that, this is the worst take I've seen on this topic.
TheKrensada - Month ago
I just use ad blockers. problem solved.
Giacomo Rossi
Giacomo Rossi - Month ago
Wake up Rich this wasn’t just about banner ads.
Hen Peckley
Hen Peckley - Month ago
They are a bunch of smug woke click baiters who polarize their audience as if Anita herself was sucking them off. Its bad for business. The entire western world is tired of having fingers waved at us over nothing in our entertainment and escapes. Boss says ‘we’re doing it different now’, they say ‘no’. Time to show them how replaceable they are. The ads sound annoying, I doubt thats why they were getting fired and quitting. They confused a job with a safe space, reality crept in a crashed the party. DAMN YOU, REALITY!! YOU WIN THIS TIME! WE WONT LEARN! WE’LL BE BACK!
Chris Toutloff
Chris Toutloff - Month ago
They are so hard left I hope it shuts down.
Ema 86
Ema 86 - Month ago
You missed the point completely
Michael - Month ago
Those ads are annoying, but these writers treat it as if their company committed some kind of crime against humanity. It’s just an ad. When your company does something you don’t like, and you use the company’s own platform to criticize the company PUBLICLY, don’t cry when they fire you.
John B
John B - Month ago
They attacked the new owners before the owners did anything. They get calling out their bosses in blogs, this isn't about the ads, how are you missing the point so bad?
John B
John B - Month ago
So off base
RideTheLightning - Month ago
Kotaku is garbage. They're a platform for the SJWs. Have an opinion that doesn't agree with their articles,you'd be getting hateful replies from their fans. Yet gamers and men are toxic. Seems like Kotaku and their fans are toxic. I'm done calling things toxic that aren't truly poisonous because toxic seems to be an woke word now. Just another word that lost its true meaning.
The Ranting Squirrel
The Ranting Squirrel - Month ago
Rich got this one wrong man
Al Vinn
Al Vinn - Month ago
The owner forced ads in the site because the sites weren't profitable though.... they'd sooner shut it down than just stop trying to break even.
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore - Month ago
Yo can someone give me a link to that new outtro music?
Blocky Oxwinkle
Blocky Oxwinkle - Month ago
Let's take the political stuff out of this conversation for a minute. Regardless of why you dislike the site, the overbearing ads ruin any good articles with actual journalism. And the fact that the real journalists can't control it is a problem for a lot of reasons. At the end of the day, Kotaku has some good people, and they should be working for a better company. I won't bemoan the death of Kotaku for a second
Roma Krelian
Roma Krelian - Month ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaad block!
Daniel McDowell
Daniel McDowell - Month ago
I am absolutely loving the implosion happening over at Kotaku and their sister sites....I would love it if everyone at the Root was fired..its nothing but a racist page anyway...then the Woke journalist at Kotaku......Buzzfeed can only hire so many..lol....
Calbeck - Month ago
>"telling the truth"
>ANY of the old Gawker properties
pick one
Ariel Nunez
Ariel Nunez - Month ago
Any one else kind of upset upon finding out that The Onion and Kotaku are even under the same belt? Made me shiver because I love The Onion. Well, at least the film from a decade back.
SirJack of Camelot
SirJack of Camelot - Month ago
"Head on apply directly to the forehead, Head on apply directly to the forehead, Head on apply directly to the forehead."
Christopher Fortineux
Christopher Fortineux - Month ago
I refuse to take the journalists' and editors' side on this. Their company was bought. The new owners WARNED THEM several times to cut it out. Stop so much click-bait and keep the politics out of sites that don't need it. And then they went ahead and did it all and basically pointed the middle finger at their own employer. People lost their jobs and they should have. If I walked into work and did something I was told explicitly not to do and stuck my middle finger to my boss I would have gotten fired. If they didn't agree with the ADD's they should have done it within the business where it mattered. IT isn't their right to make demanding changes whether they are good or bad.
Saulram - Month ago
Sorry man horrible take. This whole situation went way over your head. These people are fully employed by kotaku. You dont publicly bash the company you work for and tell people to bug your boss.
There is a proper chain of command that was not followed and even if it was sorry but they are your boss if you dont like it quit.
Really really bad take.
Carakav - Month ago
Your comment sections is full of people who don't have a clue about the actual history and situation. You got this one right, dude.
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