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kevaughn Fraser
kevaughn Fraser - 2 days ago
Olympian fire
Sabir Ahmed
Sabir Ahmed - 2 days ago
Why did he kill his brother
Bari Jamu
Bari Jamu - 3 days ago
pinoy tayo
pinoy tayo - 3 days ago
He is me and iam him,the great fighter and good follower.
Nurushushil rozario 90909090Mia
new movi came here
Francis Mashitisho
Francis Mashitisho - 3 days ago
Nice movie, unfair closing. Good to watch
obasi naomi
obasi naomi - 4 days ago
Why did he kill his brother who was saving him right from the beginning
obasi naomi
obasi naomi - 4 days ago
Nice, nice movie great, great movie I like the movie we should be our brothers keeper, who is with me on been our brothers keeper
Joseph Angelia
Joseph Angelia - 5 days ago
Nice movie
One Star Media
One Star Media - 6 days ago
Marlon Castro
Marlon Castro - 6 days ago
nice movie i enjoy it. but at the end of movie i heard like a demon voice its spend 30 minits in the remaining time . did u hear it?
King David
King David - 7 days ago
So that's how the rome empire started, i thought it was Alexander the great was the king.
Lee Min-ki
Lee Min-ki - 3 days ago
Alexander was Greek
Khushal Khan
Khushal Khan - 7 days ago
Can any body mention this movie name please
Tyson Howard
Tyson Howard - 7 days ago
Okay dokay no motorbikes in this movie. .lol...
When Dream is Mathematics
Anjali Das
Anjali Das - 8 days ago
Good movie
Mark Lawrence Gatdula
Mark Lawrence Gatdula - 8 days ago
what's the title of the movie?
María Ramirez
María Ramirez - 9 days ago
Surayya Ibrahim
Surayya Ibrahim - 9 days ago
Its simple...
If u are hungry for fame Ur own blood also will not be with u
John Friday
John Friday - 4 days ago
Surayya Ibrahim والله ما فهمنا عليك 😂😂 انجلزيتك مضروبة
Frelyn Sotis
Frelyn Sotis - 10 days ago
Whats the title of this movie guys?
S Limbu
S Limbu - 10 days ago
Hero brother tired of saving his brother and gone through with hard days and night by fighting with enemy but still another brother living a life what a fuck type of movie
S Limbu
S Limbu - 10 days ago
These movie is fucking shit story is ridiculous . The brother did one brother everything what kind of movie this.. the director should punish for these movie . How do brother kill brother when god command the wired word . Still one hero brother left to live him alone in his place . Very weird
B R O K E N G R A A - 10 days ago
i am bangladasi,,,, this movie i's very good..i like it’s.
sandile nondaba
sandile nondaba - 12 days ago
Best Action Movies 2019 Full Movie English - Top Action Movies English Best Action Movies 2019
Suzanne B
Suzanne B - 9 days ago
@Surayya Ibrahim Il Primo Re is Italian for "The First King"
Detroitblue - 9 days ago
If you Google Il Primo Re you will get Remus and Romulus. You will probably discover that it sounds like a familiar title. And if you look into it you will discover that Remus and Romulus are at the center of the ages old myth about the creation of the Empire of Rome. Two brother were raised by a wolf in the myth and sentenced to drown in a flood by Gods. But in the end they survived and one betrayed his brother to be king.
Surayya Ibrahim
Surayya Ibrahim - 9 days ago
@Detroitblue what's that means?
Detroitblue - 11 days ago
Il Primo Re
Blue Orbiter Corporation
Blue Orbiter Corporation - 13 days ago
Another piece of garbage.
Merveille Bangandozou
Merveille Bangandozou - 13 days ago
Who is here this month November??
Maryse Bol
Maryse Bol - 8 days ago
Me no know
Fatima Abdulkadiri
Fatima Abdulkadiri - 13 days ago
this movie is super great, thanks for uploading
Nathan Mcintyre
Nathan Mcintyre - 14 days ago
Why don't you post the name of the movie?
Detroitblue - 11 days ago
Cant you people just read what come up on screen and the beginning? IL Primo RE The Google that and it says Romulus & Remus.
Nice movie, watching from china
Franck Eddy
Franck Eddy - 14 days ago
name plz
Khim Cardenas
Khim Cardenas - 14 days ago
Watching from neptune
Nice movie👀👀👀🤣🎥📺🎦
Suko Sin
Suko Sin - 14 days ago
Watching from Mars ...great movie
daniel launio
daniel launio - 14 days ago
I love my Brother
Irshad Pasha
Irshad Pasha - 14 days ago
i wasted my time this movie
Bishoo Bold
Bishoo Bold - 14 days ago
Thulani Mpisane
Thulani Mpisane - 15 days ago
And that's how Rome(City) and Roman Empire was formed.
chris abueva
chris abueva - 15 days ago
Thanks fam. the comments really helped me to decide if to watch or not, lol
Imperfectionista - 15 days ago
First thing to do, scroll down to the comments section, and when the comments are good and nice, go on, watch it till the end.. 😁😁
Loukim Sampaloc
Loukim Sampaloc - 15 days ago
fucking end!!!
Spirit Of Life Channel
Spirit Of Life Channel - 15 days ago
*very sad*
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