I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME | Satisfactory #1

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jacksepticeye - 29 days ago
So this game was so much fun that I immediately recorded 5 episodes of it... oops! Look forward to those in the coming week :D
Wesley Waldrop
Wesley Waldrop - Day ago
Jacksepticeye you have a berd
That One Guy
That One Guy - 9 days ago
Is it me on does ADA remind me off subnautica
Laura Williams
Laura Williams - 13 days ago
jacksepticeye thank you for making your videos
Laura Williams
Laura Williams - 13 days ago
jacksepticeye you are my favorite person
Laura Williams
Laura Williams - 13 days ago
jacksepticeye hi jack
Alex Martinez22118
Alex Martinez22118 - Minute ago
I was singing jingle bells in my head
LeonStuff 2468
LeonStuff 2468 - 8 hours ago
Dude: "Hey I just got a hotdog."
Sean: "Ok yep, cool"
Dude: "I bought you a Nintendo switch."
Sean: "great."
Dude: "I just won the lottery."
Sean: "awesome, good for you. Oh wait what was that, I was KILLING THINGS IN VIDEO GAME!"
OddboyGamesHD - 23 hours ago
Did u break up with ur girlfriend I miss seeing her on ur channel
marie conroy
marie conroy - Day ago
play some hotdogs horseshoe and hand grenades
Mohsin Shah
Mohsin Shah - Day ago
Slime rancher has new update please play
JL YT - Day ago
Subnautica + Satisfactory, =?
Wesley Waldrop
Wesley Waldrop - Day ago
Jacksepticeye you have a berd
flyfreedolphin - Day ago
This game seems like a prequel to Subnautica that happened over hundreds of years prior to Subnautica, which is why there are so many broken machines and facilities in the world, with only the tallest formations of land being visable as islands.
Kiegan Hiibner
Kiegan Hiibner - Day ago
Wtf jack no topa da mornin to ya
Alison Routledge
Alison Routledge - Day ago
Shave you beard
Amberlewis Gaming
Amberlewis Gaming - 2 days ago
Why is there a septiceye in the middle of the screen?
Will Hood Schaefer
Will Hood Schaefer - 2 days ago
Jacksepticeye I hope you're reading this I like how you change the corner of the screen to a septic eye but it's blocking the screen a little bit too much can you change the I and make it a little bit smaller
AJP247 - 2 days ago
Jack: no time ADA, Im about to go into battle.
Nikki Terhall
Nikki Terhall - 2 days ago
no intro why oh no jack sick what we do
Keagan Caldeira
Keagan Caldeira - 2 days ago
stop swering
YourLastShadow - 2 days ago
Jack please play Ark: Survival Evolved. It's a similar game and very vast
Victoria Priestley
Victoria Priestley - 3 days ago
Can you make more episodes
Grainy Rains
Grainy Rains - 3 days ago
Anyone know how to take out the icon of the right of the screen when you do full screen
Emor1970 - 3 days ago
Who else was thinking about subnautica the whole time
Keenan Fehrenbacher
Keenan Fehrenbacher - 3 days ago
Coffe stain has a cheat sheet for things pepole like, irl gamedev tycoon
Murp Minion
Murp Minion - 4 days ago
Mayo Spread
Mayo Spread - 4 days ago
Instead of jingle bells, sing we will rock you
Shadow Specter
Shadow Specter - 4 days ago
Captions make every video better
Luna MoonChild
Luna MoonChild - 4 days ago
You would think with tech this advanced the ai speech would be more fleunt
Lisa Erica
Lisa Erica - 4 days ago
Thank you for making me smile whenever I was sad
the idiot channel
the idiot channel - 4 days ago
Jack: "This looks like Xenoblade" (3:08)

Thinks how similar Jack is to Shulk with all the screaming
Max Hudson
Max Hudson - 4 days ago
Gianna S
Gianna S - 4 days ago
this game is a lot like subnautica...
Aidan Hayes
Aidan Hayes - 4 days ago
3:06 Which one?
Melon Gamer
Melon Gamer - 5 days ago
Jack never got into a game where you can run around naked and hit people with a heavy rock while singing about your cancer? Hm.
QUESTIONMARK - 5 days ago
the intro video instantly reminded me of ratchet and clank... I have no idea why.
Pro Palz gaming
Pro Palz gaming - 5 days ago
Jack when u were naming the world I thought u were saying hugh Jackman
Fredbear 59
Fredbear 59 - 5 days ago
Minecraft even more complex and has no blocks
Fredbear 59
Fredbear 59 - 5 days ago
Jack:All these creatures are awesome
Also Jack:I want to zap everything in my path
Mr.Kegan Krapom
Mr.Kegan Krapom - 5 days ago
Anyone want to play with me u don't have any friends on Epic games I bought it but I don't have any friends to play with... If anyone's wants to play then like and comment your Epic games name in the comment.
you will never find out
It's been awhile since I've seen one of your videos and I decided today to watch one
What the heck happened to your hair
Christiaan Wiesenekker
Christiaan Wiesenekker - 5 days ago
omfg just bought this game and found out it is ultra-wide screen compatible
Lindsey Vuylsteke
Lindsey Vuylsteke - 5 days ago
Is it just me, or does ADA remind me of Fi from Zelda: Skyward Sword?
oklahomaSCORPIPNboss 614
Gecko984 Aidenzee
Gecko984 Aidenzee - 5 days ago
I reminds me of fallout
Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts - 5 days ago
kinda like Subnautica but on land...
Patryk Betlej
Patryk Betlej - 6 days ago
Holy shit you’re funny asf GREAT VIDEA!
Arya Gaming Studio's
Arya Gaming Studio's - 6 days ago
We will, we will rock you ! I guess is the perfect song for the rock
Savage 101
Savage 101 - 6 days ago
It reminds me of subnatica out of water
Wolfie foxy
Wolfie foxy - 6 days ago
Is there a subnautica it's landnaitica ha ha he said it in 13:32 or he didn't I don't know I know he didn't say that you just said it feels like subnautica but on land
Ruben craft23
Ruben craft23 - 6 days ago
i did not now that that creators of fortnite could make beutiful games
Ruben craft23
Ruben craft23 - 6 days ago
top in the morning guys my name is jackseptimower
Jean Nicola
Jean Nicola - 6 days ago
I realy loved it, continue!
barty boy
barty boy - 6 days ago
4:01 reefys 2.0
Noah Pope
Noah Pope - 7 days ago
Play ark 🐶
ADoredModestColt - 7 days ago
I was actually getting pissed at Jack for hearing Jingle bells and not We will rock you, and I don't know why
Tyler NeaL
Tyler NeaL - 7 days ago
My favorite game to watch you play
altkovac - 7 days ago
Literally no one:
Jack: cAN I zAP iT?!
mesn rund
mesn rund - 7 days ago
It's the on land subnautica
shadow 74ninja
shadow 74ninja - 7 days ago
I now understand why he has green he loves leaves
Josh Sheppard
Josh Sheppard - 8 days ago
I heard we will rock you when you mined
XxPikaGamerxX - 8 days ago
but what about the SepticJuice
claymccrea - 8 days ago
First video I've watched of yours. Saturday morning, sipping coffee, three daughters within earshot and skadoosh, F-bomb drops over my speakers less than two minutes in.
I am certain I am in the minority of your viewership that wrestles with finding gaming content without the profanity. Woe is me.
Dave Vlogs
Dave Vlogs - 8 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks ada is from *Resident Evil*

The amazing gamer 82822
Elijah Fanek
Elijah Fanek - 9 days ago
Reminds me of ark
Sally Winston
Sally Winston - 9 days ago
Jingle bells sure but I was also thinking of "Ain't Got Rhythm" from Phineas and Ferb.
Sukaria Suhaemi
Sukaria Suhaemi - 9 days ago
We will we will rock you 26:53
sicko mode
sicko mode - 9 days ago
Nightassasin J
Nightassasin J - 9 days ago
Fans: listen to ada you green eyed bitch

Ada:(talking about rules that nobody listens to)

Jack:I don't know what I'm focking doing
(I love Sammy)( or whatever the eyes name is honestly I fucking love you ur an inspiration to me thanks so much😥😥😭😭👌👌👌)
DubiousDoom - 9 days ago
Maxime Prigent
Maxime Prigent - 9 days ago
So this is just subnautica on land?
z_Xolityyz - 9 days ago
Lol hugh Janus is a TGFbro reference
Sh4dow sight
Sh4dow sight - 9 days ago
Has anyone realised that this is factorio in 3D?
Ki11edT0g3th3r - 9 days ago
Omg This Game Looks So Fliping Fun,The One Bad Thing About It Is So PRICEY To Get The Game, Btw Good Video :)
Ryan Kraft
Ryan Kraft - 10 days ago
This game looks amazing!
daniel webster
daniel webster - 10 days ago
lo this game is factorio but in 3d
Kiki Stinker
Kiki Stinker - 10 days ago
HUGH JANUS - 10 days ago
Hello you people
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza - 10 days ago
Imagine this in vr
IDenzly - 10 days ago
Since nobody will see this

I'm gay
IDenzly - 10 days ago
I'm gay I can say this because nobody will see this
Claire Grasso
Claire Grasso - 10 days ago
Am I the only one who knows where “Hugh Janus” came from? He said it and I screamed because it’s from a Sam and Colby video/ skit where Jake is a gameshow host named “Hugh Janus” 😂😂 thanks for coming to my ted talk
Legend Awesome
Legend Awesome - 10 days ago
this reminds me of subnatica
Vastik 360
Vastik 360 - 10 days ago
Jesus Christ, I can see the pores of your face! I don't like it, too high quality!
Christian Walters
Christian Walters - 10 days ago
But Jack Ada Wants to piss you off
davacado704 - 10 days ago
I'm getting some serious subnautica vibes from thi
IamGhede - 11 days ago
I'm addicted to customer choice.  This game is cracked already.  Fuck these sellout devs.
JLC Kabarkads
JLC Kabarkads - 11 days ago
Sabnautica for land
Matas Kart
Matas Kart - 11 days ago
Minecraft 2019 edition. AND I LOVE IT
Manga Lehal
Manga Lehal - 11 days ago
Dude u grow a beard like some months ago didn’t have one
Robert Edwards Jr.
Robert Edwards Jr. - 11 days ago
I laughed my balls off watching this
Marcus Richards
Marcus Richards - 11 days ago
just realised this ain't no PG channel lol
KahunaKool - 11 days ago
It's literally factorio. Just a 3D factorio
Amir Jordan
Amir Jordan - 11 days ago
At the end of it she was like SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO YOUR FUCKING JOB
Jacob Barras
Jacob Barras - 11 days ago
Pepsi is better
ethan chen
ethan chen - 11 days ago
This game is sorta like subnautica but on land
//MLG chicken//
//MLG chicken// - 12 days ago
How dare you not high five me
AlextoHarry TV
AlextoHarry TV - 12 days ago
"Subnautica Land Version"
Peter Kernohan
Peter Kernohan - 12 days ago
Sponsored by coke?
Kane Puttnam
Kane Puttnam - 12 days ago
F**k yeah this is so good
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez - 12 days ago
27:00 noooo 👀
Abdulraheem Aburas
Abdulraheem Aburas - 12 days ago
There clankels okay
And also please don't kill the bird
Sarah - 12 days ago
I heard "Welcome back Jackieboy Man" and went 0o0!!??
I had to play it back twice
Jay Jaguar
Jay Jaguar - 12 days ago
Jack: Oh hey what’s this?
*starts stabbing the plant*
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