I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME | Satisfactory #1

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jacksepticeye - 2 months ago
So this game was so much fun that I immediately recorded 5 episodes of it... oops! Look forward to those in the coming week :D
Heinrich Greyling
Heinrich Greyling - Month ago
Please do more
Quinten Johnson
Quinten Johnson - Month ago
can you upload more satisfactory?
Catherine Vo
Catherine Vo - Month ago
jacksepticeye me too
Kirby Claro Claro
Kirby Claro Claro - Month ago
Make more jack PLEASE!!
Wesley Waldrop
Wesley Waldrop - 2 months ago
Jacksepticeye you have a berd
Eshu Prakash
Eshu Prakash - 35 minutes ago
Your intro where is it?
Domie Ramos
Domie Ramos - 12 hours ago
Those little guys remind me of the fbi guys in monsters inc who go and pick up a sock when it got into the building
Rick Ward
Rick Ward - 19 hours ago
its we will we will rock you
A Ball
A Ball - 22 hours ago
But Factorio ain't overwhelming though..
Meme Team
Meme Team - Day ago
Is this only on pc or is it on xbox too?
Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills - 2 days ago
instant like and subscribe from the satisfactory pun
fallout guy
fallout guy - 2 days ago
this is so funny before the video started there was a pepsi add
Kura Blossom
Kura Blossom - 2 days ago
Jack:sorry what were you saying I was killing
Ada: how dare you ignore me! Your only hope at survival
DJPrime250 PSN
DJPrime250 PSN - 2 days ago
First person Factorio?
Michael Owen
Michael Owen - 3 days ago
You know this came out while my class was doing this VR thing and I let my friend take a turn at it and he read the notification out loud and the teacher sent me outside for some reason
MrCat - 3 days ago
*Jack sings Jingle Bells*
*I'm singing We will Rock you*
Andrew Leister
Andrew Leister - 3 days ago
Looks like subnautica but on land. Who agrees? *:)*
Lisa Tschandl
Lisa Tschandl - 4 days ago
I played 124 hours within 2 weeks 😂
Poptrixmania - 4 days ago
I asked my dad who Hugh Janus is. Lol
Mabra - 4 days ago
You know coke means cocaine, right?
Oliver Clothsoff
Oliver Clothsoff - 5 days ago
Hugh janus is my cousin
ugly hairy girl
ugly hairy girl - 5 days ago
Can I just... pet animals in this game? Please? :D
Pokesaurus Rex!
Pokesaurus Rex! - 6 days ago
very hard to unhear Jingle Bells
Cadel Gent
Cadel Gent - 6 days ago
jack your missing out on it then you need to play factioro minro warning though the game is very adictive
Bishop Chan
Bishop Chan - 8 days ago
I think you should move your base closer to more things
Tucker Mcbroome
Tucker Mcbroome - 10 days ago
Cyann - 12 days ago
Most beautiful Coca Cola add in the beginning
minecrafters epic diamonds
Draught Flame 371
Draught Flame 371 - 12 days ago
3:24 Halo 3 We are ODST
Draught Flame 371
Draught Flame 371 - 12 days ago
2:53 Alright ODSTs prepare for drop
minecrafters epic diamonds
leo Garrett
leo Garrett - 13 days ago
This game would be amazing in vr
djaveitlarge - 14 days ago
wow. childish grow up..hard pass...
Flowersson - 14 days ago
Is it just me or does that backround music sound like a alarm or am i just goin crazy
Nov Raps
Nov Raps - 14 days ago
Nicely said baby back bitch boy 6:06
Nov Raps
Nov Raps - 14 days ago
Let's hint at coke till we have sponsers
cameron mays
cameron mays - 15 days ago
Jack chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll
steverman 5555
steverman 5555 - 15 days ago
Game: please do what we ask
Jack: *proceeds to whack everything with his zap tool*
Aaackermann - 16 days ago
My OCD gets triggered, when I saw this out of tune manufacturing in the beginning! The coils came out faster than the assembling of the machine took place!
Just saying.
Nicole Masson
Nicole Masson - 16 days ago
It’s 3:00am and I’m delusional
Nyom Marouf
Nyom Marouf - 17 days ago
Jack where is the dirty bean water ☕️
David Reed
David Reed - 17 days ago
Jack: "I'm gonna leave this episode here-woah, big momma."
Austin Turtle
Austin Turtle - 18 days ago
WHATS Wrong with you! PLAY FACTORIO... play rimworld too.
mug man
mug man - 20 days ago
Ada: explains how to play .
Jack: doesn't listen
Ada: am I a joke to you
dragon night
dragon night - 20 days ago
Jack can you play satesfactory
Roolermachine - 21 day ago
Episode 2 when
Marlis Nergard
Marlis Nergard - 24 days ago
I can do this by my self
Can,t sapp him
WreckinPoints11 - 25 days ago
I don’t know bout you, but I’m getting *stronc* no man's sky vibes from this game.
JG Inocchips
JG Inocchips - 26 days ago
No "Top of the morning" but I can't unhear mashup of We Will Rock You and Jingle Bells anytime soon 😂😂
JG Inocchips
JG Inocchips - 26 days ago
No "Top of the morning" but I can't unhear mashup of We Will Rock You and Jingle Bells anytime soon 😂😂
Thorns Artimatic
Thorns Artimatic - 26 days ago
"jumbo elephant man"
Greyson.Aツ - 28 days ago
I am ADA Artificial Directory And tasked to support pioneers
Tristin Bull
Tristin Bull - 29 days ago
It's been forever since I've heard that outro
TheCptCoy - 29 days ago
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME... Forget the stupidity of the Epic Game Store, the devs themselves are beyond retarded. I sent one comment to them on Facebook saying I was interested in their game but didn't want to buy on the Epic Game Store. They responded with instant snark and attacking me, who messaged them as a prospective customer looking for other options, as "unoriginal"

How incompetent do you have to be to take a bunch of criticsm from people interested in your game, and your takeaway is that they are being unoriginal and you have made zero mistakes? Seriously, these guys are a fucking joke. Fuck waiting for another platform, one interaction with these guys and I already don't want to buy anything they ever make, if they even manage to make anything after the failure this will sure be if they continue to act like spoiled millennial children. You would think game devs would learn that this attitude doesn't pay off, but they just keep fucking up and blaming us for telling them why we are upset.
minecrafters epic diamonds
I am not reading all that shit.
Xavier Alexander
Xavier Alexander - 29 days ago
its like subnautica but on land
Kozia Akuda
Kozia Akuda - 29 days ago
Jack. Your playing Subnautica on land brother.
gamedestroyer70 - Month ago
hey airreefies
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck - Month ago
This game SCREAMS subnautica
Jimmy Nixon
Jimmy Nixon - Month ago
check out 'Lets game it out' he plays this game and some funny stuff which you would love.
Remi A.K
Remi A.K - Month ago
This was such a good episode.. LOVED the game :D Keep it up jack :)
Angelina Palmer
Angelina Palmer - Month ago
# cocacola=😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😁😁😀😁😀😁😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😁😁😀😀😁😅
Cody Trobough
Cody Trobough - Month ago
you know what his game reminds me of submantica
SilverXXPhoenix - Month ago
The Factory must GROW
Panda_ penguin3666
Panda_ penguin3666 - Month ago
When your building was next to the biomass generator when they are connected the light on them turns green
Twin Kings
Twin Kings - Month ago
Can u plz make another satisfactory ep 7 cuz i love ur videos on satisfactory :D
Zomby 456
Zomby 456 - Month ago
This game reminds me of like an above ground subnatica
Hannes Buys
Hannes Buys - Month ago
No normal routine jack intro ??
Mercedes Sweet
Mercedes Sweet - Month ago
Ironically when I was trying to explain this game to my dad I said subnatica but on land.... We got a good chuckle out of jack saying it was like subnatica
odst15ethan - Month ago
Leah Sutherland
Leah Sutherland - Month ago
Jack: you have 90 minutes to go over this right now...?
Eric Coles
Eric Coles - Month ago
Jack maybe you should go back to Life Is Strange 2.
deadmeme sqaud5442
deadmeme sqaud5442 - Month ago
Planet scepticeye
deadmeme sqaud5442
deadmeme sqaud5442 - Month ago
It's like Minecraft
Max Konoha
Max Konoha - Month ago
I haven’t watched jack in a while, HE HAS A BEARD NOW???
Christina Rodriguez
Christina Rodriguez - Month ago
I was so alone and suicidal that I needed to hear someone’s voice. It’s like 3:45 am
JamRam Minecraft
JamRam Minecraft - Month ago
what about the 0:05 top of the morning to ya laddies?
Graysage - Month ago
It really is just like Factorio... You can exploit conveyor belts to get around faster...
Graysage - Month ago
*Jack starts playing a game specifically like Factorio*
Jack (35 minutes later): Oh my god, the possibilities!
Graysage - Month ago
27:01 It's so fucking creepy that Jack knows you are because it's the first time in the video he's not doing it...
Graysage - Month ago
2:46 Nothing too crazy so far.
2:59 *tries not to burn up in atmosphere*
karen stephens
karen stephens - Month ago
RIP all the creatures Jack killed
Arnel Villanueva
Arnel Villanueva - Month ago
Cool pun
Kelcey Draws
Kelcey Draws - Month ago
"No fall damage" hah, wish it was that easy
RealRunningDog _
RealRunningDog _ - Month ago
You did play factorio
Lwg1t - Month ago
Reminds me of subnautica but in land
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy - Month ago
jacky boy, addiction you say? amature addiction i say... since you only played for one week
Curatrix Excubiarum
Curatrix Excubiarum - Month ago
>epic store
Chris A
Chris A - Month ago
Stop yelling holy shit
Sally Misa
Sally Misa - Month ago
This game is basicaly subnatica but on land and no water
LeRarestPepe - Month ago
Epic Store ...
SwagIsFactory Is yo boi
*This feels like a real life Minecraft ripoff*
Emma Mae Gridley
Emma Mae Gridley - Month ago
Minecraft 5.0
Jaxon Meyers
Jaxon Meyers - Month ago
The intro gave me a ratchet and Clank: All 4 one vibe for some reason
Liam Little
Liam Little - Month ago
Download cyber hunter it's apparently amazing
Pixel Raptor
Pixel Raptor - Month ago
Loved the vid! Keep up the good work!
Raxer rBrun
Raxer rBrun - Month ago
27:00 how did you know!!!???
Niki Williams
Niki Williams - Month ago
This game is kinda like ARK Survival Evolved but a little bit different
Daniel Nakhamkin
Daniel Nakhamkin - Month ago
this is a 3d factorio
Jacob - Month ago
Jack fire your fucking editor.
Petter Trintrud
Petter Trintrud - Month ago
Uum, did somebody say subnautica on land?
wolfenstein 5627
wolfenstein 5627 - Month ago
Jack when are you going to do more of the satisfactory
TheRichmaster - Month ago
this is odd but I can't stop watching
Mr.Galaxy -_-
Mr.Galaxy -_- - Month ago
You know I was thinking Jack were is your hat from the old videos
Ash Rowe
Ash Rowe - Month ago
I normally only watch your old videos so I'm wondering. WHERE DID YOUR OLD INTRO GO!? WHERE IS THE "TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YOU LADIES"!?
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