Tyler, the Creator - IGOR ALBUM REVIEW

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Julian Gamboa
Julian Gamboa - Hour ago
calling the album “igor” is actually a metaphor in of itself that reflects the overall meaning/purpose. it’s comparing igor, an ugly and loyal servant of his family trying to hold their reputation of evil genius scientists, with tyler’s desire/need to continuously give his love/emotion into the relationship that the album talks ab. igor just wants to be like his father/g-pa but continues to disappoint his family and make mistakes just like how tyler continues to astray himself further and further away from “the boy” that he’s so desperately in love with. his unhealthy attachment to this person is the very reason as to why Tyler cannot seem to discover a new solution (personal growth/development) and why “are we still friends” shows that no matter how much he wants to move on, he cannot. loved the review and 110% agreed w the dark and twisted love triangle interpretation, 9/10 was fair for me❄️
LaFlamee - 4 hours ago
5:41 🔥🔥😂😂
Franklyn Taylor
Franklyn Taylor - 11 hours ago
Hey Anthony... Quick question. Can you review the artist Slaine from Boston and let us know whatcha think? Thanks homie!
Siddharth Yadav
Siddharth Yadav - 12 hours ago
i got a body hair removal cream ad on melon's video
IM MR.MEMEMIESTER - 12 hours ago
I didn’t like it
FullRetardRepTar - 13 hours ago
I love you
Jaxxinator - 20 hours ago
Enjoying the production on this record is almost a guilty pleasure which I find works well with the album's theme
Omega 2004
Omega 2004 - Day ago
My name is Igor so I feel honoured to be Tyler's 6th studio album :)
J - Day ago
I thought he was gonna say how puppet sounds like Kendrick, it does to me
WOKE AF - Day ago
Stepbro Roman
Stepbro Roman - 2 days ago
how it all started.
juan juan
juan juan - 2 days ago
You mentioned kanye so many times that I thought u were about to give this a 6
Cameron Mead
Cameron Mead - 2 days ago
5:40 that scared me lol
Yair Acevedo Mtz.
Yair Acevedo Mtz. - 2 days ago
Mothafuckin Foofighter
Mothafuckin Foofighter - 2 days ago
IGOR is pretty much for me what Cherry Bomb should have been
Michael Mannucci
Michael Mannucci - 2 days ago
Is he serious? This album is absolute trash lol
and i oop-
and i oop- - 2 days ago
Nigga weiner
dont forget to logout
dont forget to logout - 2 days ago
Michael Mannucci you’re retarded bud, please consider treatment
L O C V S T [A V E.]
L O C V S T [A V E.] - 2 days ago
The way i see it SFFB was a more introspective album and IGOR was him becoming more comfortable with who he is now
avalanwa - 2 days ago
Are you kidding me??? THIS ALBUM IS A F*CKING JOKE!
How does your brain find this.... I'm done. First time here. Last time here.
Nicolas Wilmington
Nicolas Wilmington - 2 hours ago
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 2 days ago
Why do people censor themselves? Literally no one cared if you say fuck or not. Are you a child?
dymob. - 2 days ago
u good?
janewx1 - 3 days ago
Lol "that is the most Kanye line that kanye has never written"
zʌǝp - 3 days ago
I understand jack shit about what you talk about music, yet im subscribed
VAO * - 3 days ago
honestly this whole album gave me Vaporwave x Kanye vibes
Jimmy Peters
Jimmy Peters - 3 days ago
i see bright eyes peekin
ThatWhiteKid - 3 days ago
i have the entire album stuck in my head. not one or two songs, the entire album
Soaribb - 3 days ago
I thought Igor was the dude he likes
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 2 days ago
Nah, the lyrics on WHAT’S GOOD say “Y'all said I wouldn't go nowhere, took the detour When you see the someone in the crack right by the sea shore? When you see them brand new le Fleurs on the floor? If the cop says my name, bitch, I'm Igor”
Johnny1248 - 3 days ago
2015: Cherry Bomb 3/10
2019: IGOR 9/10

Wow, a glo up.
dymob. - 2 days ago
2018: Music Inspired By Illumination & Dr. Seuss 3/10 a real glow up.
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen - 4 days ago
I think Carti feature may steal the whole spotlight of the album lol
Jake Sauce
Jake Sauce - 4 days ago
Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
patrickwantstodie - 4 days ago
Pedro Molina
Pedro Molina - 4 days ago
This is my favorite album of the year.
Delusional Niggerfaggot
This nigga looks like David Cross
DA - 5 days ago
Review me!..lol jokes.. but if any one needs music for their channels i do probono work :)
lego obi-wan
lego obi-wan - 5 days ago
Testing: 4
Igor: 9

2beasttob4gotten - 4 days ago
lego obi-wan sounds about right
Jack TM
Jack TM - 5 days ago
Great Review, but you could’ve gone without the part where you reestablish Segregation in the South
Mike Ansley
Mike Ansley - 5 days ago
Looking like Charlie Brown
Erica R
Erica R - 6 days ago
I remember watching an interview a few years ago with Tyler where he discusses his love for Stevie Wonder, his songwriting and interest in singing (pre cherry bomb if I recall correctly). Ever since then I've been waiting for him to shed some of his shock value and come out with an album up to this caliber. His artisty is beautiful, he is a gift.
Rambo Wørld
Rambo Wørld - 6 days ago
Boy them ridiculous ass nardwuar glasses
faggot lol
faggot lol - 6 days ago
keep sucking that niga off bald faggit pedofile retard 🤢🤢🤢🤢🚬🚬🔥🔥🔥💯💯🤯
dymob. - 2 days ago
i know for a fact he’s joking because of 1. the overuse of emojis and 2. the constant misspelling of really easy to spell words.
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 4 days ago
ur mum gay lol
sappy thoughts
sappy thoughts - 6 days ago
The first time I listened to Igor I thought it sucked ngl, but then I tried listening to it again, I really liked the sound of ‘new magic wand’ and ‘a boy is a gun’, and then I started to enjoy all of the songs, guys trust me you gotta listen to it a couple times before you actually start to like it.
D Wayne
D Wayne - 6 days ago
Oh god.. tyler the creater is mainstream now and having hipster bloggers do album reviews 😂😂
Times do change
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 4 days ago
Melon reviewed him back in 2010 and 2011, you’re retarded if you think he just got popular.
Scarlet Dawn
Scarlet Dawn - 6 days ago
bitch Tyler has been mainstream since flower boy and Fantano has reviewed every project.
Daniel Gracia
Daniel Gracia - 6 days ago
your reviews suck.
Cormac Stopes
Cormac Stopes - 6 days ago
Higher than Flower Boy? What? Excuse me?
Steven Chapa
Steven Chapa - 6 days ago
AOTY... Truly great album that tells a tremendously painful story, all while conveying emotions and providing relatable struggles. Not to mention... BANGERZZZZ
Steven Chapa
Steven Chapa - 6 days ago
Early to say, I know, but it will become a classic to this generation.
Zer0 - 7 days ago
anthony great review but you didnt have to call tyler and kanye slaves to the white man
Ephxx - 7 days ago
I felt that shit
Beth Lowery
Beth Lowery - 7 days ago
My 12 year old won't stop singing Running Outta Time. It's adorable.
Diego Andrés
Diego Andrés - 7 days ago
Completely ignoring the opening track, one of the best songs in the album, that's my Melon!
Bernard - 8 days ago
I don't love you anymore is my favorite Track on the album.
Isaiah Harvey AQ888
Isaiah Harvey AQ888 - 8 days ago
YUNo Review Sugar Candy Mountain
ekul - 9 days ago
Anthony snapping while talking about the rich white grey black pink color scheme gave me an orgasm
Jedwards 07
Jedwards 07 - 9 days ago
I thought this album was gonna be like a light 8 with how he reviewed it, was pre shocked when he gave it a 9
sunshinemindfck - 9 days ago
I really rather enjoyed this album review Fantano, but it’s comments like “I’m glad that the relationship between Tyler and his significant other failed because it was homosexual” that kind of make me question you as a professional music reviewer, nevertheless I still left a like.
dead meme
Diego Wagner
Diego Wagner - 9 days ago
Jesus Christ can we stop with the dead memes? Like it’s fine to be funny but at least be original. He puts in all this time and thought into an in-depth review of the album, and the top 30 comments are just lonely people trying to gets likes. So sad. Thanks for the review Anthony. I’ll check out the album
Mr. Apples
Mr. Apples - 9 days ago
Good thing Tyler's white
BFR - 9 days ago
So hold up- this guy rated Psychodrama 5 and IGOR 9? He has something wrong with him
BFR - 2 days ago
@HawkeyedSentinel it really didn't man. it had amazing production. most people don't realise that dave uses so many pianos in most of his instrumentals due to the fact that he learned to play it himself at a young age. if you actually listen to his lyrics and his wordplay you will understand that he is the best artist in the world right now but you probably listen to Playboi Carti so
dymob. - 2 days ago
it was a 6 but i see ur point.
HawkeyedSentinel - 9 days ago
Psychodrama had very shit production. Something is wrong with your head perhaps.
NITSUA SAN - 9 days ago
DJ khaled's like Igor more like ig-nore
Mason Sizemore
Mason Sizemore - 9 days ago
flower boy is far superior
Yor Lastfoe
Yor Lastfoe - 10 days ago
I don't get the accolades this album is receiving on here. Listened through it once and it certainly wont happen again. Fuck Khaled too.
Reyes - 10 days ago
this dude really gave IGOR a 5 because Tyler the creator is black?
Jordin Ward
Jordin Ward - 10 days ago
Overrated as fuck. I listened to this whole album twice and can't find anything to justify this hype
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones - 10 days ago
Playboi Carti’s 30 second feature carried this whole album
Pat Mar
Pat Mar - 10 days ago
really?? i'm not a fan, it reeks of pharell
Batu - 16 hours ago
@Pat Mar wut
Pat Mar
Pat Mar - 2 days ago
@dymob. dont get me wrong I love the Neptunes, but this album almost sounds like it could have been N*E*R*D's album as opposed to a seriously quality rapper named Tyler who's being produced by them.
dymob. - 2 days ago
first time i’ve ever heard that one.
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé - 10 days ago
5:35 what did he mean by “CAMP”?? 🤔
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson - 10 days ago
Do Ari Lennox already!!!!
AYCHMENG - 11 days ago
Such a Tyler Stan lol
AYCHMENG - 9 days ago
@Hugh Jass You are right. I didn't realize his ratings in the end
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 9 days ago
AYCHMENG how? He’s been extremely critical to his music lmao
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 10 days ago
He gave him two 3/10s and a 4/10
Spaghetti Sploitation
Spaghetti Sploitation - 11 days ago
Igor is more of a Loiter Squad comedy skit than a fuckin album.. Nobody can/should take this as a serious album... It being #1 is a sign of the times... You mother fuckers are tone deaf!!!
... I hope to Allah that it’s just a troll album and nothing to be taken seriously....
dymob. - 2 days ago
soy sauce is the shit... in moderation.
Spaghetti Sploitation
Spaghetti Sploitation - 11 days ago
I forgot... All you faggot ass, lefty Fantano fans probably love this Soy sauce garbage... Old Tyler or GTFO... If this shit’s considered a #1 album then “Mo Bamba” is a hymn from Jahovah himself!
Spaghetti Sploitation
Spaghetti Sploitation - 11 days ago
Pazuzu Is Great Lol!
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 11 days ago
ur mum gay lol
Chris R.
Chris R. - 11 days ago
Garbage straight trash
pUSSYcREAM - 12 days ago
Bonnie Hancell
Bonnie Hancell - 12 days ago
Tyler is the new Bowie fight me
Matthew Gonzales
Matthew Gonzales - 12 days ago
For those who don’t know, Jerrod Carmichael recently explained a situation where he told his mother that he had a relationship with a guy. It happened days before the album dropped. Maybe it’s coincidence, but maybe there’s more to the spoken word that meets the ear.
corrozzo - 12 days ago
How did this end up with 1.7m views???
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 12 days ago
His Tyler reviews get a lot of views. Flower Boy has 1.8m.
Elvin Wilson
Elvin Wilson - 12 days ago
Nice review. You should do one for French Montana’s jungle rules.
Asude Gemici
Asude Gemici - 12 days ago
Where tf did *cum* go
Kylixion _
Kylixion _ - 13 days ago
Anthony, no matter how many times you say it in this video, building 7 did not indeed exist/happen. Please stop I come here for music reviews.
manav bhalla
manav bhalla - 13 days ago
The sense of humour and sarcasm of the people that follow this channel is off the charts
TheCStrike2 - 13 days ago
Anthony Mantano has the funniest comment section of all time
Quintina Blades Walker Mayes
But u a great commentator. 😊
Quintina Blades Walker Mayes
It was awful.... Trash. I could not get it or get into it at all I see why DJ Khaled 😡
Cole McCormack
Cole McCormack - 6 days ago
Robert Frankum haha homophobe!
Robert Frankum
Robert Frankum - 12 days ago
Yeah it’s straight up dog shit. The Tyler fans defending this album don’t even care that he’s not a rapper anymore this shit sounds so gay af. I would be embarrassed to play this around any of my friends
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
If you listen to DJ Khaled, you shouldn’t have an opinion on music lol.
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde - 13 days ago
Bastard = damn
Flower boy = section 80
Igor = good kid
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde - 13 days ago
Come on tylers tpab
Jack gary
Jack gary - 13 days ago
Fookin wack
Rootin For Lenin
Rootin For Lenin - 13 days ago
So no more wolf Haley ? Tron cat? So all of the universe that was created was dead?
Robert Frankum
Robert Frankum - 13 days ago
This album is so fucking trash it actually makes my head hurt to know that people are listening and enjoying this pile of shit
Batu - 16 hours ago
​@Robert Frankum "this dude isn't a rapper anymore so? are you fucking retarded? was he going to make the same edgy shit he did 10 years ago?
Robert Frankum
Robert Frankum - 12 days ago
Pazuzu Is Great Logic has a few good songs most of his work is also trash. Not as trash as this shit. I love every Tyler album except this one and cherry bomb so please shut the fuck up, this album just sounds straight up fucking weird. The dude isn’t a rapper anymore
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
You probably listen to Logic lol.
dankMLG_shotz YT
dankMLG_shotz YT - 14 days ago
Loved the review, but next time cut part where you bring in your nephew to tickle him
K.C Reacting Hip Hop Fans!
dankMLG_shotz YT he ain’t just there to be tickled, he is grooming him and us to get used to his face.
Rob Talin
Rob Talin - 14 days ago
GONE GONE/THANK YOU helped me go thru a breakup last week
Sean Kerr
Sean Kerr - 14 days ago
Bright eyes!
r r
r r - 14 days ago
The production was amazing.. 5 star album amazing flow as well!
r r
r r - 14 days ago
I just heard the album was surprised where he took it to this different sound! This was a great album!
drifty - 15 days ago
You look like a whiter logic
William Bann
William Bann - 15 days ago
I just don't get why you don't like gunna
Positive Pisces
Positive Pisces - 15 days ago
What does Tyler call his fandom?
and i oop-
and i oop- - 2 days ago
Positive Pisces
Positive Pisces - 13 days ago
6026961 got it
6026961 - 14 days ago
Big gay
Depressio _Expressio
Depressio _Expressio - 15 days ago
I'm from B*stard just not what I been expecting outta this guy the past few years my last album I liked was Wolf
Rozza - 15 days ago
Lets argue Igor wouldn't be as praised if it wasn't for flower boy
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
Death Grips
Death Grips - 15 days ago
Igor wouldn't be around if it wasn't for flower boy...
Harsányi Zsolti
Harsányi Zsolti - 15 days ago
6:50 Yeezus era*
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 11 days ago
I THINK sounds a whole lot like Stronger, especially if you imagine the track without the Daft Punk Sample, in fact a lot of these songs sound a lot like Kanye pre-808s era. Tracks like A BOY IS A GUN and GONE GONE/THANK YOU sound like something straight out of the College Dropout, and pretty much a handful of tracks sound like they would come out of his first 3 albums. I wish I could provide more examples but Igor still tries it’s best to sound original, which is a good thing. Even on experimental Hip Hop tracks like NEW MAGIC WAND, they don’t really sound like anything that would come out of Yeezus. The track sounds like something Death Grips would make like I’ve Seen Footage (I’m only making that comparison because Tyler is openly a Death Grips fan and the two tracks have a lot in common). Igor is more Lo-Fi than raw and a whole lot more mellow compared to Yeezus.
Harsányi Zsolti
Harsányi Zsolti - 13 days ago
I think is as raw as one of in yeezus man . Can you list me something similar from Graduation?
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
Sounds nothing like Yeezus lol
Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo - 15 days ago
This is the
full album
Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo - 5 days ago
@Pazuzu Is Great I was poking fun at how he edited himself in saying "6th"
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
Technically his 5th since Bastard is a mixtape uwu
Kazzy Kaioken
Kazzy Kaioken - 15 days ago
This album is terrible, I see why Khaled is mad. Who really listens to this weird shit?
HawkeyedSentinel - 9 days ago
Who tf listens to DJ Khaled except for people with shit taste in music?
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great - 13 days ago
People who don’t have shitty taste (A.K.A. Not DJ Khaled fans)
Christopher Patrick
Christopher Patrick - 15 days ago
The yellow flannel looking kinda faded
Jumaane ROBINSON SR - 15 days ago
💩 💩 💩 💩 😆 💩 💩 💩 💩 👑 💩
gheroboi - 15 days ago
most overrated album ive ever heard
Кусне Rіndѕеx
Кусне Rіndѕеx - 16 days ago
Pink negative = green
Igor anagram = Ogri
He been trolling y'all this whole time.
Кусне Rіndѕеx
Кусне Rіndѕеx - 16 days ago
b a b y v o i c e 12:49
Кусне Rіndѕеx
Кусне Rіndѕеx - 16 days ago
Playboy 'Babyvoice' Carti
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