Tyler, the Creator - IGOR ALBUM REVIEW

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rreyyett - 20 hours ago
I.... Agree.
Wu-tang Generator
Wu-tang Generator - Day ago
I Think isn’t something Kanye would have written, it’s just Stronger
john wick from fortnite
cmon anthony,i agree with the review but i dont think you had to commit hate crimes all because tyler is black
r0se - 5 days ago
Damn Anthony you didn't have to bump him from a 10 to a 9 just because he's gay. I agree with most of what you said, but I don't see how someone's orientation should affect their score.
Justin Beall
Justin Beall - 8 days ago
Yellow flannel good, red flannel bad?
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 12 hours ago
john wick from fortnite
Joaquin cruz
Joaquin cruz - 8 days ago
Anthony, on the CD release, another track is added called Boyfriend. This so goes for cherry bomb with the song Yellow. Thats it
brody10123 - 9 days ago
Ya know it really says a lot about Fantano that he could give IGOR 9/10 even though the entire review was just calling Tyler the N-Word
Buttershark895 - 11 days ago
You give Igor a 9 and blond a 8 smh
john wick from fortnite
yes he did
n1kl45_ _
n1kl45_ _ - 11 days ago
Good album but flowerboy was more memorable
Kevaun McClorrine
Kevaun McClorrine - 10 days ago
derp - 11 days ago
Generational pandering
Michael Belayneh
Michael Belayneh - 12 days ago
Am I the only one who didn't enjoy the album that much...
Justinus Sejati
Justinus Sejati - 14 days ago
Justinus Sejati
Justinus Sejati - 10 hours ago
@Ol' Whippersnapperbcause 9 from fantano is something, this LP is not
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 11 hours ago
@Justinus Sejati so your saying that 8 is better than 9 even though its one below
Justinus Sejati
Justinus Sejati - 11 hours ago
@Ol' Whippersnapper not a 9
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 11 hours ago
@Justinus Sejati not very overrated then eh?
Justinus Sejati
Justinus Sejati - 11 hours ago
@Ol' Whippersnapper for me, it's a 7 to light 8
deadpopstar - 14 days ago
I May have missed it in other reviews Anthony did of Tyler's LPs, but I Never Heard him compare some elements of his music to Bright Eyes aka Conor Oberst. I've Always thought Tyler has been at points influenced by Connor in the past; this record & the prior LP probably being the most. Probably why he put the Bright Eyes vinyl behind him throughout this review. Even though in MY Opinion, I do like The Faint semi-produced, "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn" more, of those "twin" records. Still Both are perfect juxtaposition LPs to me.
One thing I do not Understand is how Anthony had such mass Distain for the also Lo-Fi / "under produced" LP Cherry Bomb; yet Loves this also Lo-Fi / "under produced" LP. Cherry Bomb was more Lo-Fi produced in context of true old school Punk & IGOR was influenced in a Soul & TRUE Original R&B manner. I'm confused because Anthony knows much of & often talks how he Loves the old school punk genre. (& likes the few examples of new bands doing old school punk Properly/Well & again; Few examples. ha..)
Yes I know this is all opinion of course, but he gave this record basically a perfect rating (as I give it as well..), but trashed Cherry Bomb. I really don't get it. I think both of the records are "under produced" (or whatever term you want to put on it), but completely differently genre wise; but Still in such innovative ways. I just don't understand Why he & so many other critics/many fans alike disliked Cherry Bomb so much. Especially from Anthony who has claimed to love much old school punk & genre mashing when it's done Properly. I certainly felt Tyler mashed genres excellently & Properly with Cherry Bomb; as with IGOR
So I'll still never understand why he loathed Tyler's Cherry Bomb, but I agree with this review completely although I give IGOR a 10/10 & it will probably end up being my favorite "abstract rap/hip hop/soul" LP of 2019. Opinions are great!, I'm just confused by what I've been rambling on about regarding Cherry Bomb & the truly Mass hatred of it b4y not just Anthony but so many others. I think it's absolutely amazing, just as I feel this new record is also!! Yes: just opinions; even if they are pretty Confusing to me. As far as specifically Anthony's review of Cherry Bomb; but now loving IGOR. Oh well though; great review nonetheless; that was worth the wait.
beeneylord - 15 days ago
Igor was good. Flower boy was way more memorable for me and I like it much more but Igor was pretty good.
Soggy Nugget
Soggy Nugget - 16 days ago
If you don’t like IGOR or Tyler in general... you’re an undeveloped fetus
sidney shapiro
sidney shapiro - 17 days ago
I think this show should just be a podcast. I would rather not look at anything
simonsayys - 17 days ago
good review overall but you kinda went overboard with the whole “black people deserve to be shot by police” thing.
Hockey Express
Hockey Express - 18 days ago
Igors theme and Earfquake are my favs
Asy Ko
Asy Ko - 18 days ago
First i didn't like this album - sounded noizy and stuffy- thanks to your review i listened again and now i'm addicted! thanx dude
xain - 19 days ago
one of the greatest albums of our generation
Benito The Burrito
Benito The Burrito - 20 days ago
(listens to tyler) "you know,I'm somewhat of a Tyler fan myself"
Wil Anderson
Wil Anderson - 22 days ago
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 5 hours ago
@Wil Anderson what were you trying to say
Wil Anderson
Wil Anderson - 5 hours ago
@Ol' Whippersnapper what does yours mean
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 5 hours ago
@Wil Anderson wh...what does this mean?
Wil Anderson
Wil Anderson - 5 hours ago
@Ol' Whippersnapper Ok mil
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 12 hours ago
@Wil Anderson OK boomer
Young Clyde
Young Clyde - 22 days ago
Flower Boy>Igor
ND Freak
ND Freak - 20 days ago
No way boyo
Roberta Andreea
Roberta Andreea - 22 days ago
*10/10* 😘
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 12 hours ago
Guess again
haha gidid
haha gidid - 23 days ago
running out of time = best track
Ethan P
Ethan P - 24 days ago
Are we still friends? Is such a. Good. Closing track.
Chris Heyward
Chris Heyward - 24 days ago
Anyone else surprised that Igors theme vocals came from Lil Uzi Vert😭😭
hertz - 25 days ago
Really like the review, but did you REALLY have to give Tyler a -2 because you don’t like the color pink?
Julián Bufarull
Julián Bufarull - 25 days ago
[dyln.] - 26 days ago
why not 10 melon?
Yamari D.H.
Yamari D.H. - 26 days ago
Polarizing and uncompromising 🤔👌🏾
Peter Hallen
Peter Hallen - 26 days ago
MC Fantanolot
Mattdale16 - 27 days ago
Would definitely love to see him come back and review the bonus track, Boyfriend
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos
Wait til Tyler releases a collectors edition IGOR for Anthony to give it a ten
Sieakuros - 27 days ago
So it's a ten? Just say it's a ten melon
LordLucario99 - 27 days ago
you only gave this a 11 because Carti was speaking Vegan
faraz - 28 days ago
Pixxilutia - 29 days ago
I personally hated the album, unimpressive lyrics, unimpressive flow, same boring xxxtentacion type vibe throughout the entire project, all the tracks sound the same, and I could barely hear the vocals. Not for me.
john wick from fortnite
comparing this to x is like comparing death grips to lil xan
Jimmy Cassella
Jimmy Cassella - 22 days ago
Nice Joke
Pixxilutia - 25 days ago
@Vaydor Knights As I said, not for me.
Vaydor Knights
Vaydor Knights - 25 days ago
Nice joke
Daum - 29 days ago
I love how the review is pretty serious and well done, and pretty much all upvoted comments are memes
john wick from fortnite
Michael Kaminski
Michael Kaminski - Month ago
Can you do Dyl’s ‘Cripto Rich’ next?
Vinay Wani
Vinay Wani - Month ago
Ilikedagames 1922
Ilikedagames 1922 - Month ago
okay mr filk from bugs life
Alex Macdon
Alex Macdon - Month ago
running out of time is the best tf
Montel Okafor
Montel Okafor - Month ago
yellow means hello, red means dead
RustySacks - Month ago
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind?
Farhan Marco
Farhan Marco - Month ago
Tyler's album reviewed by Antknee himself:
WOLF 6/10
IGOR 9/10
john wick from fortnite
consistent actually! good,bad,good,bad,etc.
Abazore 420
Abazore 420 - Month ago
This album was trash who’s paying you?
Yeezus Dropout
Yeezus Dropout - 15 days ago
Abazore 420 your opinions are bad
F - Month ago
I don't want to argue but how is the album trash cus t ain't rapping?
Michael Mende
Michael Mende - Month ago
I think igor is supposed to be another split personality like tron cat, wolf, sam, and ace
Yeezus Dropout
Yeezus Dropout - 15 days ago
Michael Mende no shit
Edwards Baron
Edwards Baron - Month ago
Just came to figure out the pronunciation of IGOR.
Jarvis Backalacka
Jarvis Backalacka - Month ago
Khalid smiles on this review.
2nd Kalashnikov
2nd Kalashnikov - Month ago
Igor the greatest album of 2019
Pyrocinical is a furry
Are we still friends almost made me cry
James Miller
James Miller - Month ago
My Introduction to Tyler was with Cherrybomb, and it hooked me. When I first Listened to Flowerboy I fell in love. With Igor, Im ready for Marriage.
FuegoDeCera - 18 days ago
Don't do it! Tyler's gonna "The Big Day" it and ruin the relationship.
Brianna Van
Brianna Van - Month ago
"The childrens movie Igor makes me feel some type of way more than Tyler's Igor"
Keep those kinds of comments to yourself Tony
SPOGGETT - Month ago
am i the only one who thought this was such a underwhelmingly mediocre album??? it was cool but.......... not much bang 4 your buck imo
Adam Stone
Adam Stone - Month ago
Bastard: 7
Goblin: 4
Wolf: 6
Cherrybomb: 3
Flower boy: 8
Music Inspired by illumination & Dr Seuss' The Grinch: 3
Igor: 9

By this pattern, the next album review will be negative.
Afdul mit dem Klappstuhl
I think Melon is igor
Love_M.H.S - Month ago
Strong 9 is basically a 10
AHReviews - Month ago
5:41 Am I the only one that thinks Melon is actually quite good at singing
Jake McPherson
Jake McPherson - Month ago
fat logic
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