OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain

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Heng Nath
Heng Nath - 11 hours ago
I see jordi in the backgroud
L'Oreal Edelen
L'Oreal Edelen - 4 days ago
It felt like the hotel was moving
Evy Chittenden
Evy Chittenden - 5 days ago
The white thing got bigger as she walked away
Fernandou Machin
Fernandou Machin - 5 days ago
Hi jordi
Kimberly Surratt
Kimberly Surratt - 5 days ago
What jordi say no hi to us
Imelda Aroepa
Imelda Aroepa - 6 days ago
1:43 hey its my bday
Elizabeth Ojinal
Elizabeth Ojinal - 7 days ago
No you'r the worse
Elizabeth Ojinal
Elizabeth Ojinal - 7 days ago
Like that
Elizabeth Ojinal
Elizabeth Ojinal - 7 days ago
And your a bad person
Fireninja1000 Gaming
Fireninja1000 Gaming - 8 days ago
Me coming to the comments to talk about something else: *Swiping down to go to the comments*
Everyone in the comments:DiD yOu GuYs SeE jOrDi At ThE bAcKgRoUnD!?
Jm Nicolas
Jm Nicolas - 8 days ago
Who saw kwebellkop in the background
Sebastian Lanham
Sebastian Lanham - 8 days ago
/) /)
( 0^0)❤️
Sebastian Lanham
Sebastian Lanham - 8 days ago
I hope Azzy likes it
Clint Wolford
Clint Wolford - 8 days ago
Godfrey,,, !f

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Musical Uprising
Musical Uprising - 10 days ago
I wonder what Jordy was thinking about in the background
Musical Uprising
Musical Uprising - 10 days ago
Perspective, optical illusions are great! I LOVE them!
Musical Uprising
Musical Uprising - 10 days ago
Epileptic seizure warning at 0:16 - 0:18
Nehemiah Ware
Nehemiah Ware - 10 days ago
Who sees jordi in the background
Levav a like
LynneleWhite - 10 days ago
I didn't get the Sydney opera house optical illusion
Adyosh - 11 days ago
3:15 that’s a power outlet...
Gaming with Caden
Gaming with Caden - 11 days ago
Omg 😲 omg 😯 omg 😮 omg 😮
Aariz Hossain
Aariz Hossain - 11 days ago
Sebastian Zwanzig
Sebastian Zwanzig - 11 days ago
How’s kwepple in the background 😂😂😂
Christine Gourlay
Christine Gourlay - 11 days ago
At 2:44 who is behind you
Edith Benisty
Edith Benisty - 11 days ago
cool stuff!! And optical illusion.
1k subs with no videos
1k subs with no videos - 12 days ago
Love how jordie is sleeping in background
dr strange
dr strange - 12 days ago
Jordin backroung
let's go bananas
let's go bananas - 12 days ago
So many people are commenting everyone are commenting jordi is in the backround
Walter Boling
Walter Boling - 13 days ago
Jordy In the background
Na Sear
Na Sear - 14 days ago
I see kwebble kop or cop/Jordy
TFN_ Popular
TFN_ Popular - 14 days ago
Anyone just see kweblekop in the background literally just vibing.
The lonely dragon
The lonely dragon - 14 days ago
I saw jordie he having a great time XDXD
Roberto Malave
Roberto Malave - 15 days ago
Aegean Lucas Baludo
Aegean Lucas Baludo - 15 days ago
Another jordie
jinul jinul
jinul jinul - 16 days ago
We like your video
NEALON CLARK - 16 days ago
Who thinks Jordi is annoyed
ll honey ll
ll honey ll - 16 days ago
If I was geordie though
Equine Hannah
Equine Hannah - 16 days ago
sub to me anyone loll
Zene Morianner
Zene Morianner - 16 days ago
Evry english/ american person: who sees jordi in the background!
translation engl : why is kwebbelkop in the background!
Orangatang orange Person
Orangatang orange Person - 16 days ago
Khrystal Pajaziti
Khrystal Pajaziti - 17 days ago
Who saw jordi’s feet in the background
Luke Pro Penguin
Luke Pro Penguin - 17 days ago
Why is her boyfriend in the back ground
abby plays
abby plays - 17 days ago
3:53 DA MORE YA'LL KNOW |♡| ;^;
abby plays
abby plays - 17 days ago
3:31 so me ;-;
abby plays
abby plays - 17 days ago
Azzy being loud*not in a bad way
Jordey texting then......2:44
Sernetra Webb
Sernetra Webb - 17 days ago
You said my name sydnee
Giancarlo Palomo-Martel
Giancarlo Palomo-Martel - 17 days ago
I saw kweblokob In the background
Kamilla 11223445
Kamilla 11223445 - 17 days ago
We saw Jordi in the background and then he left it was kinda funny!😂
Leah Bredbury
Leah Bredbury - 17 days ago
Not a soul:
Comments: Who SEeS JoRDi In ThE BaCkrOuNd
Asia Bolden
Asia Bolden - 11 days ago
I do
kaliekisses - 17 days ago
Jodi in the background tho
Ayva Legault
Ayva Legault - 18 days ago
why is some behind you
Elizabeth Heathcock
Elizabeth Heathcock - 18 days ago
Hi Jordi
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur - 18 days ago
jordi was distracting me the whole time , just sitting in the background
Henry Cheung
Henry Cheung - 18 days ago
Love your videos
melissa rodgers
melissa rodgers - 18 days ago
Inotisd please read ok nothin
Katya Stevens
Katya Stevens - 18 days ago
This is how many people who like Azzy:
Katya Stevens
Katya Stevens - 18 days ago
Dislike if you hate Azzy! If you dislike, u are a monster!
Travis Compton
Travis Compton - 18 days ago
Jelly is Behind you
Lily Zamos
Lily Zamos - 18 days ago
Jordi is just chillin at the backgruond
Fatima Saleh
Fatima Saleh - 19 days ago
99% is about jordi in the background
1% other stuff
Payton Griek
Payton Griek - 19 days ago
The illusion you didn’t know was when you backed up the white place got closer
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen - 18 days ago
Payton Griek *Sydney Opera house*
Zildjian Gibson
Zildjian Gibson - 19 days ago
Tell Jordi I said hi
Freya Read
Freya Read - 19 days ago
WHAT????!!!!Freya be confused
Harrison McKenzie121129
Harrison McKenzie121129 - 20 days ago
I saw Jordi ro
Harrison McKenzie121129
Harrison McKenzie121129 - 20 days ago
I saw Jordi to
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