I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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brazil - 8 days ago
haha grape
Alex Plays
Alex Plays - 2 days ago
Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop
brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes
ReVeLuvSubs - 4 days ago
Peni Parker
Peni Parker - 7 days ago
End Superior
End Superior - 8 days ago
SideBomb15 - 45 minutes ago
Nguyen Tan
Nguyen Tan - 55 minutes ago
Nquacker 28
Nquacker 28 - Hour ago
I f*cking LOVE those boosted drinks! I was drinking one while watching this video!
Lara-Ann Sprißler
Lara-Ann Sprißler - Hour ago
I once watched a dokumentary about ppl eating food and the effects of ppl that are watching these videos. It has kinda the same effect as if u collect all the things u want on your pinterest acc and watching it, even if u never get it. U will feel better by just looking at it. I didnt knew this funny channel existed tilll today. Thx good for adding this to my timeline, subbed.
Furry Evile
Furry Evile - Hour ago
Aw, poor you!
I had my jaw wired shut for four months and was fed for three weeks through a feeding tube.
Shut the fuck up.
Emily Koscielny
Emily Koscielny - Hour ago
I have 100% over bite. But it’s not noticeable neither is it affecting me. The surgeons always say “let’s brake your jaw” and I’m always like NO. I’m just gonna get braces to straighten my teeth and bands to help my over bite. I already have to pay $8000 to get braces and my wisdom teeth out.
Jessica Morrow
Jessica Morrow - Hour ago
Like that smash button? Yea I’d like to smash u too
Kiannah Watts
Kiannah Watts - Hour ago
bro u said like that smash button instead of smash that like button lol
xuxi99 - 2 hours ago
how do u brush ur teeth when u had ur mouth shut?
Jeremiah Lopez
Jeremiah Lopez - 2 hours ago
Something else:no
none of that shut the Fu *gets hit be demonetization* not this time mother censored.
Elissa Sawka
Elissa Sawka - 2 hours ago
Adam-*wrestling demonization*"NOT this time MotheF***er."
Demonization-- "!"
Nuncy Justiniano
Nuncy Justiniano - 2 hours ago
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly,
Adam has his milk bacc
namjoon's dimples
namjoon's dimples - 2 hours ago
can we got an f in the chat for the poor chocolate milk😔
Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow - 2 hours ago
“...Hey Adam you want some tomato soup?”
“Nah that shit’s nasty as hell.”
Ryan O'Toole
Ryan O'Toole - 2 hours ago
Poor Adam never got his chocolate milk😢
Noob Stuff42
Noob Stuff42 - 2 hours ago

Nehan Khan
Nehan Khan - 2 hours ago
Damn Adam looks HOT AFFFFF
Nehan Khan
Nehan Khan - 2 hours ago
xXcome get your MemesmemesXx
You said like that smash button
Doctor Potassium
Doctor Potassium - 2 hours ago
Your video is too quiet
Knorkles Enchilada
Knorkles Enchilada - 3 hours ago
God's Cylinder
Infinity :p
Infinity :p - 3 hours ago
I really can't imagine not being able to eat good food like that for 2 MONTHS. No never.
Fatima Sarker
Fatima Sarker - 3 hours ago
4:01 butt lolz
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 3 hours ago
Nicholas Boyles
Nicholas Boyles - 3 hours ago
I have PERMANENT eating restraints. Things a can’t eat.

Because of Crohn’s.
Nveous - 3 hours ago
the video is so quiet
Dodgy Husky
Dodgy Husky - 3 hours ago
The only channel that animates stories and can make me laugh lol
Lana J
Lana J - 3 hours ago
Wow I have never subbed to someone so fast lmao
Ayase Lanio
Ayase Lanio - 3 hours ago
I need braces bc my jaw is kinda out and my teeth as well and I was going to get braces like my dentist told me to but unfortunately I have to see some professionals bc of what I have and I have to travel to somewhere else which I can't and now me scared 😖😖😖😖😖
Harley Hpsn
Harley Hpsn - 3 hours ago
Ayase Lanio lol me right now
MonaLizaSmile24 - 3 hours ago
That new smile pic is so wholesome! Happy boy with burrito >u
Ashton Talks
Ashton Talks - 3 hours ago
Theater Nerd
Theater Nerd - 3 hours ago
I always thought it was was spelled bicuriously
1976 ford Pinto
1976 ford Pinto - 3 hours ago
Is his jaw popping when he ate that burrito
: c mįnn
: c mįnn - 3 hours ago
“like that smash button”
Adam 2k19 .
SkittlesGaming 1014
SkittlesGaming 1014 - 3 hours ago
ArrowMo - 4 hours ago
You look Indian
Yukki Animates
Yukki Animates - 4 hours ago
“Probably suck di-“
*we has joined the chat*
Psycho Potato
Psycho Potato - 4 hours ago
So...Lemme get this straight. You were gonna...EAT your brother for cold tomato soup? 🤣
Lol, at that part, I almost DIED of laughter 🤣🤣🤣

And here's a little gift-

Grape. >:3
Twitch YaBoiJaco
Twitch YaBoiJaco - 4 hours ago
Microwaves do be like that tho
Panda _Bowman
Panda _Bowman - 4 hours ago
Probably weird to say, but I've always wanted to see how it would be to not talk for like a month or two
J/Ash/Bran - 4 hours ago
While Thanos was destroying the earth, Adam was going ham on his brother and soup
Mr. HDC - 4 hours ago
Not this time you mother *bleep*
ReaderXX - 4 hours ago
like that smash button XD
blank - 4 hours ago
tjohnsonkennedy on YouTube
And here we see a wild Adam in his natural habitat
SparklePepsi//CutiePepsi - 4 hours ago
I mean I am kinda in your situation but I have braces and I don't even know when they are coming off but the worst part is I cant even have good food with these damn things on
CanonBro05 - 4 hours ago
*But I liked the Boost's that I had to drink because of that injury I got at a- wait this is the Internet, no one cares*

(Plz someone tell me they care)
Sophia E
Sophia E - 4 hours ago
Caleb: almost takes Adams soup
SparklePepsi//CutiePepsi - 4 hours ago
My brother got his jaw wired but because it got broken but he just blended food but he just ended up taking then off instead it was funny
Saara Elizabeth
Saara Elizabeth - 4 hours ago
I was on a liquid diet after jaw surgery, too, and I remember desperately pinching off small pieces of soft bread and trying my darndest to "chew" it with just my tongue and the roof of my mouth (I thankfully didn't have to be wired shut). After all that time of barely any solid food, I was finally cleared to ease back into normal foods THE DAY BEFORE Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I went ham on that turkey, and needed to enforce my siblings in checking in on me to make sure I wasn't drooling or getting food all over my face because of how numb my chin still was.
Veda Boo
Veda Boo - 5 hours ago
Dont forget to like that smash button
Da_Youtuber007 D.Y.007
Da_Youtuber007 D.Y.007 - 5 hours ago
Y u so mean to the tomato soup community D:
Ardelta - 5 hours ago
Is that a bo burnham refrense at the end
Josh Turner
Josh Turner - 5 hours ago
What if you were driving and had your mouth wired shut, someone is calling you about an important message that you have to respond to, But since you cannot speak and the only way you can respond is by texting, even though you are driving?
Unicorngirl 3008
Unicorngirl 3008 - 5 hours ago
Myself: Pallet expanders are the worst!
SomethingelseYt: Hold my Boosted drink.
Tomato Soup Can
Tomato Soup Can - 5 hours ago
I know, I'm pretty awesome, right?
PR0JECT NiCO - 5 hours ago
My jaw is also a piece of a crap and i cant wait to eat some cold tomato soup
sbsplayzpe - 5 hours ago
I would get jaw surgery... For a million dollars
Micah Schellenberg
Micah Schellenberg - 5 hours ago
I want nothing to do with food
Leslie Edwards
Leslie Edwards - 5 hours ago
Mined: Me wtf is in that bag
Hey what is in the bag ._.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 5 hours ago
Gods cylinder
Unicorndream 29
Unicorndream 29 - 6 hours ago
Does anybody notice that the hospital that Adam wheat to said Weenie Hut general from spongebob squarepants
Wolf Star
Wolf Star - 6 hours ago
Adam/it was like Gordon Ramsay served it up with a bed time story and a loving kiss
Me/*on the floor dying*
Elena Mcswain
Elena Mcswain - 6 hours ago
I want to have that kind of hunger behavior to scare away people 😄
Xobile - 6 hours ago
Mans been drinking liquified adidas
1000 subs without any videos
I was eating food while watching this video:///
Carlos Zimmerman
Carlos Zimmerman - 6 hours ago
Gimme the soup yo
Hayden Moriah
Hayden Moriah - 6 hours ago
“Like that smash button”
Official Riley
Official Riley - 6 hours ago
This was me after hip surgery.
I could eat anything but i dodmt cause ya know i didnt want food after surgery.
I survived on boost drinks for weeks. Then *FINALLY* had a publix sub.
It. Was. Heaven.
Fascinating Weirdo
Fascinating Weirdo - 6 hours ago
*like that smash button*

Completely opposite but heeeyy original??????
fabiana granadillo
fabiana granadillo - 6 hours ago
No one is talking about seconds 0:00-0:10
Fascinating Weirdo
Fascinating Weirdo - 6 hours ago
He drank the boosted with the cap on 0°0
rorololee - 6 hours ago
Hell is not cold
Korra Loufik
Korra Loufik - 6 hours ago
I wet in totol hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
weird person
weird person - 6 hours ago
You're cute😍
kevin quintanilla
kevin quintanilla - 6 hours ago
Dude I love the Demonetization scenes, they’re the best😂
Awesome - 6 hours ago
So did Klaus from umbrella academy
dragonflyer BECERRIL
dragonflyer BECERRIL - 7 hours ago
Close your eyes and listen to 1:34
Jaeden Cleveland
Jaeden Cleveland - 7 hours ago
You don't realize that I watched this 20 time by now and just got that curiosity killed the cat
Katie Lyssy
Katie Lyssy - 7 hours ago
AHHHHH I might have to get this surgery😭😭
Dana Diedrich
Dana Diedrich - 7 hours ago
Adam you look like my dad
Stiktube - 7 hours ago
Iolenm - 7 hours ago
Jah surgery
SystemRed09 - 7 hours ago
Perhaps you watching people eat food it made your mind think it was having that food, therefore the boost drinks tasted better? (I’m no doctor but I have had that happen to me)
Moonlight Gaby
Moonlight Gaby - 7 hours ago
I just got my tonsils removed 😅and I can’t eat anything DELICIOUS ;W;
Enderguin58 The youtuber
Enderguin58 The youtuber - 7 hours ago
like that smash button* words of a god
Enderguin58 The youtuber
Enderguin58 The youtuber - 7 hours ago
the sad part is..im drinking chocolate milk with a burrito right now.
Tiki and Gumball, The Birbs of awesome
I don’t see the smash button tho! How am I supposed to like it now!?
No Thanks
No Thanks - 7 hours ago
There are two dogs killing them selves- STOP IT
Ant M
Ant M - 7 hours ago
My jaw hurts watching this video
Metroid4ever - 7 hours ago
Hey man, those calorie-boosting drinks like Boost, Ensure, and such, are fucking nasty. And they give wicked gas.
Joe 2.0
Joe 2.0 - 7 hours ago
He looks kinda like tony stark.
Maeyo - 7 hours ago
jah surgery
Reagan PinkPufferFish728
Reagan PinkPufferFish728 - 7 hours ago
Yep...like that smash button.
Anim8or55 - 7 hours ago
Don't know why this randomly appeared on my recommended, but I'm not complaining.
Pokéstar 321
Pokéstar 321 - 7 hours ago
4:00 butt lol....lol
Dear Atwater I MISS YOU
Dear Atwater I MISS YOU - 7 hours ago
ThinkKirby The Creeper Octoling
I think I understand about this but I know I once had a bad headache and I felt nauseated andI had to go to the emergency room and I forgot the rest I was gonna put on this comment LOLOLOLO LOL MEEM.
Lil Akamura
Lil Akamura - 8 hours ago
I can’t stop laughing your so funny lol
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