NBA 2K20: When The Lights Are Brightest

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Еламан Амангельды
Firs soundtrack is "when make history-Hunnit & Makio" gi me my like👇
Bthsr71 - 19 hours ago
Idris? Why are you in this dumpster fire of predatory monetization? While seeing my favorite actors (or at least ones I recognize and don't have problems with) in disappointing games might lift my spirits while playing them, seeing you in this one, which I will never play (nor any in the franchise [or any derivative sellout sports game]), seeing you here hurts.
Rosario? Not you too.
I'm not upset or surprised Ernie. Just disappointed.
Bthsr71 - 2 days ago
When the lights are brightest and the games sleaziest.
Matěj Pecháček
Matěj Pecháček - 2 days ago
Song name, i know superhuman, but the song which is at start i don't know
Gian Paolo Panicucci
Gian Paolo Panicucci - 4 days ago
Give us more trailers with slot machines! You know we love those. 💉💩
Kris Tucker
Kris Tucker - 5 days ago
They crippled buddy I'm the wheelchair for his gambling debts!
Nick Fawcett
Nick Fawcett - 5 days ago
Whats the song near the end?
David Aichinger
David Aichinger - 7 days ago
Is this a Game or a Movie Trailer?
Skrinklewink The Sane
Skrinklewink The Sane - 8 days ago
Why are people still supporting these games? They're just constant cash-grabbing rehashes. This does not deserve anywhere near the amount of likes it has received.
Levon - 8 days ago
Where are the white people? I'm offended I want white people! Political correctness now!!!
kUSK - 9 days ago
Baddest 2k game ever made
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - 9 days ago
Worst graphics ever.
BlessX Nance
BlessX Nance - 9 days ago
Whats the song
Green Hat Man
Green Hat Man - 9 days ago
get this basketball minigame shit out of my gambling simulator!
Kris Tucker
Kris Tucker - 10 days ago
This is a casino disguised as a basketball game - Beware
Giorg Threenths
Giorg Threenths - 10 days ago
Campfire ft Shane eli 🎶🎶🎵
Ben Shapiro’s Great uncle
Hey look kids, look at all the famous cool role models 🤯🔥😎 pretty cool huh? We also have a super awesome and LIT loot box system that you can flex on your friends with very cool so be sure to be sure to pre order the awesome super duper extreme XS MAX deluxe pre order bonus veteran golden edition because this game is super different from the other games and it is VEEEERY fun
A true meme master
A true meme master - 11 days ago
Gambling simulator 2020
Dragoș Andrei Cristea
Dragoș Andrei Cristea - 11 days ago
Gonamestajen - 12 days ago
Dont buy this bloody game, guys im also a nba2kfan but plz for fuck sake dont buy this shit
Random - 13 days ago
Lol at them showing Anthony Davis at 0:47 talking to you just because he’s on the cover
aknro4 - 13 days ago
Ehh cool, but no thx
Arizona - 13 days ago
Everyone who buys this game is the root of the problems about where gaming and micro transactions are going.
Mateesa Yessa
Mateesa Yessa - 14 days ago
What is the song ?
Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot - 14 days ago
There’s not enough basketball in this casino game
Norbert Gorog
Norbert Gorog - 14 days ago
2k fix your shit man, loading screens take for ever, badge progress is a joke, game freezes after every park game and/or crashes. On pc there are cheaters already, you guys are a disgrace to gaming, but quick to take our money.
J Suhee
J Suhee - 14 days ago
background song name plss
Angelos Keleperas
Angelos Keleperas - 14 days ago
Are people seriously going to buy this piece of shit gamblinggame from this souless moneysucking company?
If you're reading this 2k, fuck you
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX - 15 days ago
This new myKitchen mode looks dope
Louciano Salinas
Louciano Salinas - 15 days ago
It was to short but good
Let - 15 days ago
Please tell me that rich brian's kids is on this too
T0xic - 15 days ago
john torreto
john torreto - 15 days ago
I'm Hype for this shit
Curlz Animation
Curlz Animation - 15 days ago
The loading takes waaayyy to long in this game
shawn price
shawn price - 15 days ago
anybody know the songs in this trailer?
Jordan - 15 days ago
How do you get that giannis hair tho?
Tweeter05 - 15 days ago
A few details are different but its always the same fucking story line lol... 2K lost my business 2 years ago when you had to pay to compete bc the grind was so long & you couldnt hit a 2 foot wide open layup when it was damn near perfect release.
Oppiko - 16 days ago
Yall ready for mobile game style leveling up cards and slot machines?
Alex Schäfer
Alex Schäfer - 18 days ago
Can you play local on controllers with friends too?
theApeShow - 18 days ago
What is basketball doing in my gambling simulator?
Wesley Brock
Wesley Brock - 18 days ago
Hey what about all the gambling though? How bright are the lights there? You know casinos don't usually have bright lights.
James Noble Music
James Noble Music - 18 days ago
Suns Geek
Suns Geek - 19 days ago
NBA2K19 was so much better than 2K18 and i expect the same for 2K20
Suns Geek
Suns Geek - 19 days ago
Everyone is going to hate this game for the first two months, then once the first patch is updated and everyone is at least a 85-87 everyone will love this game.
katsupoi - 19 days ago
this would haved made better off as a movie than a mini basketball game add on to a gambling simulator game
MrTyler189 - 20 days ago
2k: give me money
2k again: fuck you give me money
2k to kids : get your parents to give me money
2k to gambling claims : what nba 2k20 my team trailer?
Tanis Bollain
Tanis Bollain - 20 days ago
This is MyGamblin interrupted with some basketball invasive mechanics
Matthew Eugene
Matthew Eugene - 21 day ago
Gambling Trash.
Dj Tenders
Dj Tenders - 21 day ago
My player should have the option to start as a superstar. Without having to spend real money.
Lucifearus - 22 days ago
Casino slot machines are pretty bright!
Chopdasesh RickFPS
Chopdasesh RickFPS - 22 days ago
This franchise is a fucking joke. Corrupted as fuck EA Sports is actually disgusting. I hope this sinks like a lead balloon 😎
Zander P.c
Zander P.c - 22 days ago
Exalted One
Exalted One - 22 days ago
Dammit i jyst paid 100 for the dam legend edition. See ya on Thursday
Raul Gubert
Raul Gubert - 22 days ago
are you teaching how to GAMBLING!!!!!!! this is disgusting.
Jay and some broads
Jay and some broads - 22 days ago
NBA2k20 has rated appropriate for children. It is 90% based around micro transaction gambling.
It is 100% not okay for any child to play this and I’m disgusted to find out the head of the 2k games that does this to kids is also the head of ESRB. Soemthing needs to change.
Don’t be a sheep, do not purchase this. Games will keep declining in this way.
ItzMatty 56
ItzMatty 56 - 23 days ago
Anyone here from the new slot machine update?
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan - 23 days ago
Can't wait to do some digital gambling!
The Great Slamboni
The Great Slamboni - 23 days ago
Yes I'm here for the gambling
depredator16 - 23 days ago
When the lights of the casino shines
xXDraculaXxBoy 0_o
xXDraculaXxBoy 0_o - 23 days ago
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