Styx - Babe 1980

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Marvel Talks And Plays
Marvel Talks And Plays - 12 hours ago
You know it's you babe...
Babe I love you...
Russell Simonds
Russell Simonds - 15 hours ago
I'll never forget KC Casem played this as one of his infamous Long Distance Dedications in 79 involving a terminally ill girl who had cancer.
Absolutely gut wrenching.
E Mac
E Mac - 18 hours ago
This reminds me of going to the blue light disco in the 80s..good days.,to be young again.
noel robles
noel robles - Day ago
Whenever i hear this song it always reminds me that its time to sleep, it is sooo good that it almost feels like someone is massaging you while listening.
Eduardo Elói
Eduardo Elói - Day ago
Como as músicas dos anos 80 eram mágicas...
Antonio Djalbo Rocha
Tava com minha 1 namorada
Septia Woman
Septia Woman - 2 days ago
I remember...back then he was so shy and told me how he felt in the only way that he knew how...memories!
Jeffrey Mequila
Jeffrey Mequila - 2 days ago
Love always this song...
Leon - 2 days ago
Ending the 2019. Who're still listening to this great song?
Jon Datsun
Jon Datsun - 2 days ago
I just seen Dennis Deyoung back in September this 2019 he put on a great show loved to sing this song seen Styx plenty of times they were from the south side of Chicago lived down the street from me new them well as kids great band they came to be loves you guys
Gary Canzoneri
Gary Canzoneri - 2 days ago
I know they were from the south side which makes me confused as to why Dennis was wearing a Cubs Jersey and I'm wondering whose number is on the back of anybody knows
DA HOCK - 2 days ago
La'rawn Dellucci
La'rawn Dellucci - 2 days ago
Dennis Deyoung and I just so happen to have the same birthday (Feb 18) and we are both from Chicago Ill, and this is my favorite song by Styx
John Short
John Short - 3 days ago
that the finest of music and time in its day and years to come. Babe i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
bryan snyder
bryan snyder - 3 days ago
I love Styx, this is not my favorite song of there's but they are great.
Carlos Magno Santosde Souza
A década de 70 e 80 em termo de músicas, novelas, moda e programas. Esta música e linda demais
j b
j b - 4 days ago
If your Jim Harper I'm sure you remember this our song
j b
j b - 4 days ago
Miss you
fanny da costa
fanny da costa - 4 days ago
Música simplesmente linda😍
sanjie luffy
sanjie luffy - 5 days ago
Babe i love you!!!
sanjie luffy
sanjie luffy - 5 days ago
Babe i love you!!!
Kristine Cannon
Kristine Cannon - 5 days ago
Thanks for sharing! I Love Styx!
Tracy Hall
Tracy Hall - 5 days ago
2019.. December Who's Still Listening 🙏 🤘💖💕💯 ✔️ Love You Babe 💋
DARK APPERITION - 5 days ago
wow! the lead singer was a babe and 1/2! :)
Pedru Muray
Pedru Muray - 6 days ago
Good times! A beautyful song🎸🎧🎵🎶‼️
Touche' Corona
Touche' Corona - 6 days ago
Dedicated this song to my first girlfriend. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for this song.
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart - 6 days ago
I remember this song when it was a first released. My older sister had a Styx 8 track. saw Styx and Par Benatar almost 10 years ago at The BJC in State College, PA.
It was a great concert!
December 1, 2019
Loly an Barcena
Loly an Barcena - 6 days ago
He sounds like airsupply front lead singer ❤️😊
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God - 6 days ago
The main reason Styx broke up is Tommy Shaw wanted to be more hard rock while Dennis wanted Styx to go softer with songs like this.
Rafael Motta
Rafael Motta - 7 days ago
Perfeito arranjo! Perfeita música. . .
W S - 7 days ago
Melodia linda! Épocas que não voltam mais! 😞
Marcos Antonio
Marcos Antonio - 7 days ago
01 de dezembro sons
Francisca Alves Ferreira
Stix. Babe. 1980 auge das minhas andanças por aí, muitas garotas bebida e muita música boa como essa.
Blitz World
Blitz World - 8 days ago
This song sucks 😩
Brian Shakesby
Brian Shakesby - 7 days ago
if you don't like it don't listen
Vania Palmieri
Vania Palmieri - 8 days ago
Kayla Schulz
Kayla Schulz - 8 days ago
They asked to see her and she said no
Bern Torres
Bern Torres - 8 days ago
Wow just Wow💖💕💓💞💝💘💗
Vivian Reyes
Vivian Reyes - 8 days ago
I was about 9 years old when i first heard this song IT WAS BEAUTIFUL THEN AND AFTER ALL THESE YEARS ITS STILL A BEAUTIFUL SONG
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - 8 days ago
This song makes me
Happy every time I listen to it. Fuccen Styx.
alvaro junnior
alvaro junnior - 9 days ago
Meus finais de tarde são sempre regados a essas músicas.
São Luis-MA
Luis Silva
Luis Silva - 9 days ago
Wuoo mi Goldita vonita😍😍😘😘
Izabel Silva
Izabel Silva - 9 days ago
Show de bola arrasouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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