Bill Burr - no reason to hit a woman - how women argue (FULL) - REACTION!!!

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Michael S
Michael S - 2 days ago
Ice Queen?
marci jelly
marci jelly - 3 days ago
I love you Scar-Lo
Thomas Barnfield
Thomas Barnfield - 3 days ago
Why does this bloke insist on dating feminists? What's his obsession with that group of radical people?
Zanne Love
Zanne Love - 9 days ago
I subscribed because imitation of Bill was phenomenal. 🤣
MzMarquette - 10 days ago
Wow, I know this has probably been said in the past... but this guy looks soooooo much like singer, Ne-Yo!!!!
villen - 11 days ago
That might be the most boring girl I've ever seen, poor guy. Doesn't even know yet.
lando hoth
lando hoth - 15 days ago
Truth hurts hahaha
BRUH - 16 days ago
Homie .........DudES wierd........
MYST GAMING - 17 days ago
She’s one of those women who say there’s no reason lmao
Stephen Ochoa
Stephen Ochoa - 22 days ago
This dudes laughing himself into the doghouse😂😂😂
Garret Liones
Garret Liones - 22 days ago
Women can get redpilled too. It's possible.
labgnat - 25 days ago
Haha, is he ever going back to Philly? you seen the Philly rant?
robert quinting
robert quinting - 28 days ago
You should be a comedian. It is not a skill that you learn. It just happens. I just sharpened a hunting knife -and I don't hunt, but tell my bleeding finger that!
Ramos cwc
Ramos cwc - Month ago

Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta - Month ago can do better than that!
senyum0 - Month ago
Witney cummings
Tyler Ramer
Tyler Ramer - Month ago
Bruh we don't talk about Philly.

Okay yes we do. It's hilarious.
M - Month ago
had to are funny guy ......lock the gun up dude
Benard Neza
Benard Neza - Month ago
This Facetune ad is driving me nuts
Ohm 7
Ohm 7 - Month ago
🥰 good couple y'all 🥰
This man needs his own married with children type show I would watch the hell out of that LMAO.😁👍🏽🤣
Ryan Wakley
Ryan Wakley - Month ago
He got an animated comedy on Netflix called F Is For Family, really funny, adult humour
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - Month ago
Found another rob
The Finish Line
The Finish Line - Month ago
14:45 ... the only time I laughed during this whole thing, was at this point.
Irish South Sider
Irish South Sider - Month ago
You said she's a feminist and has a sense of humor? Impossible. Feminists are the most miserable people around. They hate everything. Hate most men and find no humor in comedy that most people laugh at. They are miserable people.
Lyusien Vladimirov
Lyusien Vladimirov - Month ago
That's why i love Bill 😋
Noah K
Noah K - Month ago
maybe not the best thing to watch with ur girl lmaoo
DysFUNctional Combat Vet
Asher Kirkland
Asher Kirkland - Month ago
No reason to hit women but I understand.........
Decentralization - Month ago
Please educate me, someone. That girl gave him something. Gave what? Were they talking about drugs, STD, a kid?
guitta Dabe
guitta Dabe - Month ago
No self-deprecation sense of humor. Major red flag.
TheBCSledder - Month ago
Typical feminist.... no sense of humor
Schyler Parker
Schyler Parker - Month ago
Tyrone looks like a hulked out Kevin Hart
dillpickles - Month ago
That girl is a nightmare, guaranteed
Alunita Inghinala
Alunita Inghinala - Month ago
Your lady tries really hard not to laugh.
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams - Month ago
Find a new woman ASAP. This one is defective
Ludmilla Ludmilla
Ludmilla Ludmilla - Month ago
i agree with bill burr 😂😂😂
Akoni Ah Yat
Akoni Ah Yat - Month ago
Let Frankensteins lab do videos like this. Its not funny or awesome watching this woman.
Eliazar Perez
Eliazar Perez - Month ago
Dirty lol
ChedaCaffe INAT
ChedaCaffe INAT - Month ago
Well he was to philly lol a big Time!!!
S. Allen
S. Allen - Month ago
SO SAD how he has 2 get PERMISSION from her 2 laugh. 2019 = the year of the BETA MALE!!! RIP to ALPHAS and anything REMOTELY masculine
Max Valdez
Max Valdez - Month ago
The next one you got to react too is Bill Burr same special "epidemic of gold digging whores"
Phil Thompson
Phil Thompson - Month ago
Sing some Teddy Pendergast “Close the Door” next time and I’ll let you know bruh.
Logan Horton
Logan Horton - Month ago
Eric McLeod
Eric McLeod - Month ago
"I can sing, act and dance." Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. lol
seeyounexttroy - Month ago
Illadelph represent!
James Bell
James Bell - Month ago
U guys look real happy with each other hope i found that kinda lady one day
Androidmaster - Month ago
Best line
"I'm not even in a relationship with her and she's nagging me"
John Fulton
John Fulton - Month ago
Feminists and a good sense of humor? Sure bro
Akil Dick
Akil Dick - Month ago
Bro!!!! Lmao. Stop!!!!!
89Pleasek - Month ago
"We are not impressed"
VenetoNation - Month ago
scar lo mad that universal woman arguing protocol has been discovered
jahgah - Month ago
Loved the MARTIN reference!!!
Nickolas Deluca
Nickolas Deluca - Month ago
Dude ur girl is offended by everything
Fred Mccowan
Fred Mccowan - 2 months ago
STD from Jay!
James - 2 months ago
lol dude pretty good at voice impressions. singing needs work though...
Dynamek Gaming
Dynamek Gaming - 2 months ago
If he comes to philly I’m going he’s a legend
Mike Dalton
Mike Dalton - 2 months ago
The woman smiled about the hypothetical woman ruining her husband's life. That's fucked up. This should be a litmus test for finding a partner.
jes2lift - 2 months ago
The chick reacting to this vid just added another reason 😂
3.5.0. Deshaun
3.5.0. Deshaun - 2 months ago
Get rid of her
Mr Biz
Mr Biz - 2 months ago
Bruh you need a real woman. That one belongs to the media.
Tyler 324
Tyler 324 - Month ago
Yup, zero sense of humour
Derek Johansen or something
Who else actually remembers "My buddy and me"??
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