Bill Burr - no reason to hit a woman - how women argue (FULL) - REACTION!!!

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Jojo2daend - Day ago
18:52 the way Tyrone said "excuse me?" Is a whole mood
Jarrett Davis
Jarrett Davis - Day ago
This is my favorite bit by Bill Burr, always makes me laugh.
Herick Cunha
Herick Cunha - 2 days ago
react to more bill burr !!!!!!!!!!!
SICKgamertje - 2 days ago
When he sang a started laughing
Ningnomaningnong - 3 days ago
That D*ck do the dishes thing only works if your man isn't the quite stubborn type.
Céd the Other Entertainer
I'm saving this Tyrone got Bars and can rap. And he's still going 🗣🤣19:30
Syd Bey
Syd Bey - 7 days ago
Her face resembles mine when I’m watching stand up lol trying to figure out if he’s serious or not
Patrick Tyrannical
Patrick Tyrannical - 8 days ago
When you guys gonna get married? xD
Cameron F
Cameron F - 10 days ago
"Sony records, call me. *reverse, snot rocket, sub-light engines*"
Brandon Rhodes Raizo
Brandon Rhodes Raizo - 11 days ago
You two too cute. Love the song haha
Angry Grim
Angry Grim - 11 days ago
hahaha he can sing!!!!
SVICIOUS 007 - 11 days ago
Mjolnir AND Fallout!!!!
Ethos Thirteen
Ethos Thirteen - 12 days ago
Her face says it all. Omg he's giving away put secrets! lol
Vic -
Vic - - 12 days ago
Is it just me, or do he kinda look like 50¢?
Dave Gass
Dave Gass - 12 days ago
Check out Theo Von . He is totally real and original 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Dave Gass
Dave Gass - 12 days ago
Bill Burr is the man 😋😋😋 . He's a Boston guy like myself . His attitude is a common Boston attitude . We don't hold back . 👍👍👍 . We are very expressive . Plus I am also Irish .
TakeCareOf Yourself
TakeCareOf Yourself - 13 days ago
This was painful to watch, the dude is so chill but the woman is just pissed the entire time. That face is like wow, ZERO sense of humor. Its that face that says women are gods that do no wrong.
RDM 010
RDM 010 - 13 days ago
No sense of humor huh lady!?
Shane M.
Shane M. - 13 days ago
Hoes mad x24
michael mendoza
michael mendoza - 13 days ago
I know you know never touch a woman's hair
michael mendoza
michael mendoza - 13 days ago
I was thinking the same song dude
pachee - 13 days ago
Is this how low we've sunk? Watching a dude laughing at an entire stand up routine?
Eric Logan
Eric Logan - 13 days ago
You are lovely human being
Marcus Bryan
Marcus Bryan - 14 days ago
Scar lo is a domme I can tell.
Dan Weeks
Dan Weeks - 14 days ago
I dunno, despite a couple of unseemly outbursts, her stinkface was pretty consistent.
Dan Weeks
Dan Weeks - 14 days ago
A feminist with a sense of humor?
THIS I gotta see!
Dale Cooper
Dale Cooper - 14 days ago
So when he talks about hitting women, it's not funny. But when he talks about his now wife hitting him, it's HILARIOUS?
Yeros Syle
Yeros Syle - 14 days ago
K, loved the songs you guys made “together” so gona give it a like and a subs.
Big Sasquatch
Big Sasquatch - 14 days ago
At 6:10 Bill Burr would say you need lotion...
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez - 15 days ago
Think I paid her 22$ for a bj one time
Caine Alexander-McCord
Caine Alexander-McCord - 15 days ago
The *glee* on my man's face. Bet he's still paying for it.
LoBo LoCo
LoBo LoCo - 15 days ago
Bill Burr is a man's man. Lol only guys laugh
B Frog
B Frog - 15 days ago
Anyone else think Tyrone looks like he could be 50Cent's brother?
BizWiz - 15 days ago
That dude gets triggered over someone leaving? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
J. Gona
J. Gona - 15 days ago
Jim Weishuhn
Jim Weishuhn - 16 days ago
Unknown Kaos
Unknown Kaos - 16 days ago
Big fella you might wanna resize that watch of yours. For some reason it bothers me.
I am Nobody
I am Nobody - 16 days ago
Never date a feminist.
GeneralKayoss - 16 days ago
You need to see the one where he's in Philly and goes on a 20 minute rant bashing Philly after the crowd pissed him off!
Greg From Earth
Greg From Earth - 16 days ago
beautiful voice dude 😊
Jayden Dimaio
Jayden Dimaio - 16 days ago
Why everyone reacting to Bill recently?
WalkingCane - 16 days ago
Burr is a Legend
John T
John T - 16 days ago
Your woman is terrible
Martin Highland
Martin Highland - 16 days ago
What was the clip with doing stuff around the house
MrBlazzin101 - 16 days ago
Feminist and sense of humor don't go together
pichun - 17 days ago
Hoes mad 😡
RIP ETIKA - 17 days ago
Femenism is disgusting I would never date one
Will Jones
Will Jones - 17 days ago
Jerome reference was cool aka Martin 🙈🤣😂🤣
defo8811 - 17 days ago
watch F is for family.
121212 - 17 days ago
Girl is exposed....
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