I can’t believe she drove her car like this...

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Jazion Moody
Jazion Moody - 2 days ago
It seems like booker was really talking to Brandon 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀
Fay Aldoosry
Fay Aldoosry - 3 days ago
is he arabic ? i heard his mom saying علنقهلعلر lol
Jose Toledo
Jose Toledo - 3 days ago
Come to Houston and Brake pads and rotors for 190 700 is to much brother 🤦🏽‍♂️
kristine andres
kristine andres - 5 days ago
12:32 I spot soooo much Hennessy bottles empty. Maybe Anthony was there too
Nate - 7 days ago
anyone else misses a few videos then watch it all at once?? i got 3 weeks of videos🥰
Sauske - 7 days ago
Junior is so me
Boys Cole
Boys Cole - 8 days ago
He is like ok the session is over

The dog is like no
Evan Hartzell
Evan Hartzell - 8 days ago
760 for brake pads and rotors !!😂😂 you got robbed my friend
Eliana Hab
Eliana Hab - 9 days ago
what language do you speak?????
ObeyDan _iel
ObeyDan _iel - 10 days ago
We go and put whatever this😂😂the satellite
Lil Boat
Lil Boat - 10 days ago
3:02 he look just like Ron
Lil Boat
Lil Boat - 10 days ago
lepayen - 10 days ago
Brandon, humans ARE primates...
lepayen - 10 days ago
You're Caitlyn Jenner? So you have a penis?
martin george
martin george - 10 days ago
rcheema6 - 11 days ago
What breed is your dog Brandon
Lucky Lander
Lucky Lander - 11 days ago
Dude had mad henny bottles 😂😂😂
Angeli Douglas
Angeli Douglas - 11 days ago
3:12 when your youger sibling tells on you😂😂😂
JORGEJH - 13 days ago
They really dont look arabian they look mexican .... even though im arabian and look mexican but i am a 8th mexican i speak both laungages
LtSupreme - 14 days ago
14:00 notice all those henny bottles 🤫🤭
Aldo Flores
Aldo Flores - 14 days ago
Ayye your mom is a brat an the you run is a bich it looks like you are run for a toy
Keith Newman
Keith Newman - 15 days ago
Lmfao sound like Booker gonna bite you 😂😂😂
Trixie Rodriguez
Trixie Rodriguez - 16 days ago
Can we have a video just with booker and all his tricks that he can do or maybe a day in the life of booker. If you could do one of those it would be great. Like if agree
Khalid Sadik
Khalid Sadik - 16 days ago
U already know Michigan people be crazy 😂
Jeger Barwaryy
Jeger Barwaryy - 17 days ago
Middle eastern families are the best 😂😂
Red Dot
Red Dot - 17 days ago
A rotor cost about 40 dollars and a brake pad about 25 so she got ripped off hell nasty
Marcella Rose
Marcella Rose - 17 days ago
the things mama rug said🤣🤣🤣
pink mermaid
pink mermaid - 18 days ago
Lmfao and El Cajon yup that dolma looked amazing
Javier Duran-Tovar
Javier Duran-Tovar - 19 days ago
11:42 why does he look like chucky lmao
Jim Jimson
Jim Jimson - 19 days ago
Yall complaining about 80 degrees when i have to deal with 113 degrees, i wish it was 80😔
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz - 20 days ago
Why u guys have 2 hookas outside
Ralphy King
Ralphy King - 20 days ago
Poor Booker he is so so Cute y'all give a shout out to him 😉
Jesse - 20 days ago
109 over here
Brian Corona
Brian Corona - 20 days ago
11:26 Booker looks so said seeing his toy’s legs getting cut 😢
Brian Corona
Brian Corona - 20 days ago
Anthony has a ex everywhere
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer - 20 days ago
Has an insane pc.. still uses ps4 😐
Gregorio Rodrigues
Gregorio Rodrigues - 20 days ago
Her lips are shite
Fabiola Valladolid
Fabiola Valladolid - 21 day ago
Brandon you’re so dumb. I literally love you LMAO
Gaby Pantoja
Gaby Pantoja - 21 day ago
So I was on Google and found the top one most indestructible dog toy
It's called "Nyla Bone Durable Dental Dinosaur" It's for dogs who are hard chwers
Hope it helps love your videos ❤
aarons butt
aarons butt - 21 day ago
Jess got robbed, 800 for brakes and 1 rotor that's bs plus it should of not even took them more then an hour to do.
The A&T Family
The A&T Family - 21 day ago
Man so cute
Emerald Princess
Emerald Princess - 21 day ago
I love bookers interview 😂 he’s so responsive
Josè Rivas
Josè Rivas - 21 day ago
She over payed for those brakes lol.
AILANI BENAVIDES - 22 days ago
i live in south-west texas and it’s deadass like 100-115 daily it’s so annoying,,when i went to SD the weather was so beautiful it was like 65- 75 and i had a sweater on,,it was seriously lowkey cold to me😂and las vegas isn’t that bad like it’s hot but it’s dry heat where i live it’s like humid kind of heat it’s so bad bro. 💀
REBLE MAN 1373 - 22 days ago
And 10.49 on the refrigerator and on the table the pink thing
REBLE MAN 1373 - 22 days ago
REBLE MAN 1373 - 22 days ago
A bunch of water pipes
REBLE MAN 1373 - 22 days ago
I saw drugs
sethsens - 22 days ago
its too hot while i workout in like 90 degress xD
sethsens - 8 days ago
sethsens - 21 day ago
​@BENNY BOOM i use fahrenheit
BENNY BOOM - 21 day ago
Cause if it's 90 then you can not survive then you melt like a ice cream
BENNY BOOM - 21 day ago
So it is 30 somfing Celsius
Jesus The Hustler
Jesus The Hustler - 22 days ago
This vlogs are so good!
Emma Saleh
Emma Saleh - 23 days ago
Is Anthony and Jessica siblings or cousins
The MoBro1014
The MoBro1014 - 23 days ago
Get a Kong you for your dog because I have dogs that chew all their toys up but the only toy they haven’t torn up was the Kong toy
Mobile-pro O.o
Mobile-pro O.o - 23 days ago
Mobile-pro O.o
Mobile-pro O.o - 23 days ago
What language is this please translate 0:34
Devontae _
Devontae _ - 23 days ago
Thank god im Chaldean I love dolma and potcha so much
LuhhNi TV
LuhhNi TV - 23 days ago
I been to Cali and it has got to 120 DEGREES when I was there but I live in ga and the highest it have gotten was 110
mkwebs - 24 days ago
Man said “I’m playing Minecraft.” 😆
iNaff 1
iNaff 1 - 24 days ago
A fucking dumbass could do his own brakes. You paid triple what you wou,d pay if you did it your self
red hey
red hey - 24 days ago
I live in Phoenix
Elena Mendez
Elena Mendez - 24 days ago
She looked like kourtney Kardashian
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez - 24 days ago
Ur dog is soooo cute Brandon
D Sierra
D Sierra - 25 days ago
Love Booker 🥰 that was so adorable and funny.
Jorge Amaya
Jorge Amaya - 25 days ago
The last minutes! 💎
Mary J k
Mary J k - 25 days ago
My god everiday i see buker getting soo so so so so big
C11 - 25 days ago
That’s why you get brake pads when you start hearing the squeaking lol
Alexis - 25 days ago
U think that's hot, where I live it's over 120°😝
Juan Estrada
Juan Estrada - 24 days ago
Alexis nigga where u live?
Kelvdogvlogs - 25 days ago
The sound jess's car was making sounds like a wheel bearing
Angel Camacho
Angel Camacho - 25 days ago
77 degrees must feel good
El Tamalero
El Tamalero - 25 days ago
2:54 “so you had her when you were five” “yeah it’s Iraq”😂😂
10,000 subs from subway
10,000 subs from subway - 25 days ago
I'm just getting this recommended to me lmao
Melissa Mason
Melissa Mason - 25 days ago
Get a bark box subscription . My Cane Corso and my bulldog love their toys
TayoGaming Hd
TayoGaming Hd - 25 days ago
This is going to break Brandon’s heart watching this back on his channel when you know Booker ...
but great vlogs loving it Brandon keep it up brotherrr
Sandra Quintanilla
Sandra Quintanilla - 26 days ago
This vlog was lit😂😂😂😂🔥
thalia rebollar
thalia rebollar - 26 days ago
It’s so cute how they are talking to each other 😭🥰🥰
DestinyL 209
DestinyL 209 - 26 days ago
What did ur mom say she speaks diff
N.B.A - 26 days ago
What’s juniors twitch or utube
Amalia Chamichyan
Amalia Chamichyan - 26 days ago
Whoever is reading this I HOPE 🤞 HAVE A AMAZING 😉 DAY (OR GREAT 👍)AND ALSO KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ,SMART ,STRONG , YOU GUYS ARE NEEDED, Ect I HOPE I CAN HAVE 💯LIKE May God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️love Amalia Chamichyan ❤️❤️❤️
Toriell Simon
Toriell Simon - 26 days ago
“What’s hotter: the slide on a summer day or Kelly Oubre?” 💀
Toriell Simon
Toriell Simon - 26 days ago
Your uncle looks like your dad lowkey
JazzzzminX - 26 days ago
Dam and she just got this car it’s been less than a year
Chikezi Alexis
Chikezi Alexis - 26 days ago
Bosle was hilarious 😁
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