The Last VidCon Recap

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You deserve it! ^^
MarcDoezRandomVids - 10 hours ago
1990: it's a pretty good vid con

2012 nice vid con here

Lol 2019:this is a good vid con

9999:really really my vid con is in space!!

Lol LMES Let Me Explain Sudios
Annaliza Galura
Annaliza Galura - 11 hours ago
Pls go to more vidcon plss
mosos - 11 hours ago
Nice rhyming
Emily Blue
Emily Blue - 12 hours ago
i like how james is the smallest one out if all you. ( ̄ω ̄;)
I meant his character- ._.
galaxy_wolf123 midnight
galaxy_wolf123 midnight - 13 hours ago
I feel like rebecca was rhyming the whole video
3X Gaming
3X Gaming - 15 hours ago
i wish i could go 2 vidcon
Panda Face Mask Club PFMC
Panda Face Mask Club PFMC - 16 hours ago
“James aka odd1sout was in a war before”

A airsoft war with balloons
Panda Face Mask Club PFMC
Panda Face Mask Club PFMC - 16 hours ago

Tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip”
Mileena Espinoza
Mileena Espinoza - 16 hours ago
I love ur videos and the vid was funny XD
Ava's studio
Ava's studio - 19 hours ago
Hi Rebecca, I was just wondering after I saw your College animation I think did you know any one in your class who did the “ magical Mom” animation and if your wondering why I’m asking it because I’m curious ty and have a good day
Mike Hawkshaw
Mike Hawkshaw - 19 hours ago
#vidcon HAHA
GabbysWorld -I make ROBLOX videos!
Comments about Rebecca rhyming 98%

DJ_Glitch - 20 hours ago
Kir L
Kir L - 21 hour ago
Felix TheAnimatronicFox
Felix TheAnimatronicFox - 21 hour ago
Can you do another ask video?
I really enjoyed the last one
Shadow is here
Shadow is here - 22 hours ago
Stop rhymeing
Keelan Taylor
Keelan Taylor - 23 hours ago
Elaine Ellison
Elaine Ellison - Day ago
Can you make a video of fnaf
Cynthia Vance
Cynthia Vance - Day ago
Comment story
Name: rebeeca x robbie
By: robbie vance (president of train chasers incorporated)
Robbie B. vance IV
Rebeeca parham (animated)
Robbie: please dont let it be your final vidcon! Please! I beg you!!!!!
Animated Rebeeca: well... I should have said no... But i will so vidcon 2020 and mabye.... Vidcon 2021.
Robbie: oh thank you. thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. *hugs rebeeca*
Animated Rebeeca: (filled with embarrassment) oh my god......... I... I..... I think t..... That i love you!!😘😘💗💚💜💙💛❤
(Anmated rebeeca hugs me and give me a kiss on the cheek. Robbie kisses her on the head)
Robbie: *giggles* i love you too, rebeeca-senpai. Hey wanna go to my house?
Animated Rebeeca: yeah! But i know thats kinda lovely indeed. Lets go!!!!!!!!
(And they went on a train back to carrollton, GA)

6 hours later..... In bed
Robbie's house (106 danny drive. apartment D carrollton, GA 30117) 7:30 pm they're were loving each other.
Animated rebeeca: i love you robbie-senpai
Robbie: i love you too, rebeeca-senpai. *giggles*
(And they fell asleep)💗💚💜💙💛❤😘🌙🌙🌙
From RABC TV-7 studios inc.
GachaKitten - Day ago
Wait you aren’t coming next year? I’m going next year! I’ve wanted to meet you ever since I subbed 4 years ago!
Henry Phoenix
Henry Phoenix - Day ago
there is no donate to the "Make-A-Wish" community...Are you lying?
Katie Xoxo
Katie Xoxo - Day ago
I’m part of that make a wish project ❤️😁
Anima Pringle
Anima Pringle - Day ago
I wish i could come, to see you and my favourite people so i wont feel lonely
But i cant go to any of them for we dont have enough money
_OtakuPl_ - Day ago
Hey Rebecca! If you have old drawing (like from your child hood) maybe do the challange when you need to redraw them?
Gacha Latina
Gacha Latina - Day ago
Hi me love your videos
nugget - Day ago
What's a oodaloli if I'm typing it right
All about Alice!
All about Alice! - Day ago
Some other poet: I can make great rhymes
Rebecca: *wait, that's illegal*
Axis Sarli The Android
*im just thinking about going to vid con. But for am i am a child, i cannot see those behind the screen. I am forever shamed for my favorite animators. I dream of being such and animator like them, but years to come, for i have little money. Expect this, Rebecca. I will see you.*

Probably, i don't know im years away from being animators like you so yeah, bye now.
XxGamezxX - Day ago
@Let Me Explain Studios, I wish I was there to see you but I never go to like Hollywood or ummmmmm Hawaii??? Welp lets say I never have went to one before... pls help me...
awesome gamer 255
awesome gamer 255 - Day ago
Where is the next video already I know animation takes a long time but some of us want more content (Vidcon was great though) and we want more of YOU!

Logan Kilen
Logan Kilen - Day ago
Can you do a video on Yu-Gi-Oh
Julia Ann Gladbach
Julia Ann Gladbach - Day ago
I'm in girl scouts and we donated one thousand dollars to make a wish
Jack Myers
Jack Myers - Day ago
why is this the last one?
Cody Wrasman
Cody Wrasman - Day ago
At 2:50 how do you eat without a mouth ??????????
Ok, we need to talk Rebecca. I don't mind watching your videos, but i don't like it when you ruined three animators. What did they do to you. I will subscribe to your channel IF you redeem the animators you ruined. I know you won't resist a good subscriber. Make it count
George Ghanem
George Ghanem - Day ago
Hey Rebecca, can you check out your "can you solve my secret code?" and see the comment I sent?
Reply if it's right.
《Braydon Basco》
《Braydon Basco》
@Josef Stalin ---- ohhh thank you for telling me
Josef Stalin ————
No it name is Stalin
Lil Bay
Lil Bay - Day ago
andrew 18284
andrew 18284 - Day ago
I was in Dodger stadium
Andru Ruiz
Andru Ruiz - Day ago
Doctor Shoe much
Aqua - Day ago
We love your animations
Aqua - Day ago
If we weren't here for you Rebbecca you wouldn't be a awesome animator:)
Anna Haas
Anna Haas - Day ago
I really hope that you weren’t hurt by that hurricane! If you did, god bless your soul!!!
cupcake cat soul1190
Hi! I saw this twice!
dark_knight - Day ago
Is this a poem
kaytlin oroni
kaytlin oroni - 2 days ago
kaytlin oroni
kaytlin oroni - 2 days ago
Odessa Antonio
Odessa Antonio - 2 days ago
Hopefully your not gonna feel weird but I'm kinda off a nerd and a I play beyblade and hopefully you read this.😁😁😁😀
Odessa Antonio
Odessa Antonio - 2 days ago
Hey my birthday is at December but mine is only ten days only and my name is Gian Nathaniel N. Antonio.
Dewani90 - 2 days ago
congratulations on your rhyming, doctor seuss might end just proud
I am glad you didn't resorted to make up words for the crowd...
I mean, nothing against doctor seuss, I liked his work in past tense
but now that I think about it out loud, most of it didn't make sense.
Fong Kei Kei
Fong Kei Kei - 2 days ago
Are you not going to doing forever
Preeyanshu Ghoshal
Preeyanshu Ghoshal - 2 days ago
Hey becca can u come to YouTube fan fest to inspire many people. (Google what yff is )
Copper Killer
Copper Killer - 2 days ago
This is just a 6 minute video of rebecca rhyming
Jayson Flores Torres
Jayson Flores Torres - 2 days ago
If u don’t post a video soon I will figure out where you live..... and give u a hug 🤗
Maverick Baudoin
Maverick Baudoin - 2 days ago
I wish I can come to VidCon I really want to come like now even though it's night sonext day I'm going to go to VidCon hopefully on School
Acidskatemyth ?
Acidskatemyth ? - 2 days ago
Yeah ur like writing a poem
Kimbo Yeet
Kimbo Yeet - 2 days ago
Lol I was in the stadium while y'all were in vidcon..
Leanne Ingersoll
Leanne Ingersoll - 2 days ago
Where's Dan
cj iskandar
cj iskandar - 2 days ago
She rhymes
Eddie Benitez
Eddie Benitez - 2 days ago
Also I am a gamer
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