Forrest Gump TRAILER

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Arindam _
Arindam _ - Hour ago
Karamjeet Singh
Karamjeet Singh - 11 hours ago
Kaun amir khan ki film Dekh k Aya??
Lalneo Kuki
Lalneo Kuki - 2 days ago
"Stupid is as stupid does"😎
simo - 4 days ago
jenny was disgusting
mightysloth22 - 4 days ago
Congratulations, how does it feel to be all american? - *alabaman voice* I gotta pee.
Mar.K - 7 days ago
I just watched this movie, i know i'm late but goddammit what a masterpiece.
Ngọc Tú Lê
Ngọc Tú Lê - 8 days ago
Maybe i am not a smart man,but i know what love is
Kk Ks
Kk Ks - 8 days ago
Oh my God TOM HUNKS . you're forever my Favourite
ದಾಸನ ಭಕ್ತ
I have seen many movies but not like this one is best ever
Saken Satenov
Saken Satenov - 11 days ago
I read a book Forrest Gump yesterday. And it was great and meaningful !!!
J K - 12 days ago
Hey guys today is 7/7/2019. Today i saw this movie . This is one of the best movie ever made.
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose - 13 days ago
This is how much Jack Ma learned from this movies👇
ᏆᎥв番 - 13 days ago
This movie make me cry exept captaing
Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial
I don't know why and as strange as it sounds, I've always felt like this film shouldn't be as good as it is.
So sad, so beautiful, so strange, so funny. Definitely a film you have to have a physical copy of.
Vegan Pete
Vegan Pete - 20 days ago
Two Mandella effects in one for me here...
1- I clearly remember him saying "Life IS like a box of chocolates" (he actually says life WAS like a box of chocolates).
2- I distinctly remember that music from The Bruce Lee story (apparently not, it's from Forest Gump instead!
What the Fuck??
ambachu masthi
ambachu masthi - 20 days ago
Remake Bollywood aamir khan👌🏻 aamir fans like it👍
Michelle Sampson
Michelle Sampson - 22 days ago
Elvis Presley mcs this was awesome film
He Wi
He Wi - 23 days ago
The acting, the music, the story....
This is such a wonderful movie.
Gautam Bolt
Gautam Bolt - 26 days ago
Laal Shing Chadda , Aamir Khan will nails that roll
Ann Granit
Ann Granit - 26 days ago
Just like in "big "...
Ann Granit
Ann Granit - 26 days ago
You are so right !!! It is one of the greatest movie ever....who ever chose tom hanksvfor this role ...made the best choice .. no one could have done it better...
Berosar - 26 days ago
simple jack was better
Bikash Behera
Bikash Behera - 27 days ago
Amir+kareena 😘
Evan Miles
Evan Miles - 28 days ago
They don't make movies like this anymore
syed hamza ali
syed hamza ali - 28 days ago
at 1:14 his girl left him?
Faizan faizee
Faizan faizee - 29 days ago
Any lal Singh chadda fans Watching here
ATIF ZIA - Month ago
Well I thought I would watch few clips after watching trailer but it seems like they have shown the entire movie... BestMovieOfTheDecade
Nisreen - Month ago
Greatest movie ever
serge chernikov
serge chernikov - Month ago
no lie...jenny dying made me cry :(
and im a man....
Abhigyan Sati sati
Abhigyan Sati sati - Month ago
Movie is great😆😆😆
Dennis K
Dennis K - Month ago
It's a great movie i have ever watched.
Sai Rohit
Sai Rohit - Month ago
this movie is inspired from a telugu movie (Indian Regional film) SWATI MUTHYAM which was released in 1984 . The actor told that in an interview
ShadowBeatz - Month ago
Amor Mugikuyu
Amor Mugikuyu - Month ago
who here coz of Jack Ma??
Passion With Skill
Passion With Skill - Month ago
back then when trailers made no sense
spiel3 games
spiel3 games - Month ago
2019 someone
IamDeepak Kapse
IamDeepak Kapse - Month ago
Aamir Khan lucky asshole.
cutie Lisa xoxo
cutie Lisa xoxo - Month ago
This movie tells us that no one is dump. Everyone can do anything and fight their disabilities. Forrest having less iq but still managed to became an millionaire without knowing what is he doing. This movie is a great inspiration to those who are fighting their disabilities
harneal kahroo
harneal kahroo - Month ago
Absolutely an awesome movie
Ricky Carney
Ricky Carney - Month ago
Best movie ever made
Anne Lee
Anne Lee - Month ago
Mark Lee led me to the song Forrest Gump and i got curious bc it has a movie and.. 😭
Rutto Dann
Rutto Dann - Month ago
how haven't I watched this yet?
Ady Smart
Ady Smart - Month ago
I'm here after the speech of Jack Ma'a .
CAN'T RELATE - Month ago
My favorite movie when i was Young.
Ring ShinBing
Ring ShinBing - Month ago
I wish they make this type of movie that can change ur personality and humanity
jian12345 jun
jian12345 jun - 2 months ago
this is a good movie about deep south ONLY
tech user
tech user - 2 months ago
after family guy
Sebin Emmanuel
Sebin Emmanuel - 2 months ago
I just watched now.
Camila ordoñez
Camila ordoñez - 2 months ago
My favorite movie
Anubhab Basu
Anubhab Basu - 2 months ago
After titanic this was the movie that I needed to see
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