Forrest Gump TRAILER

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Quenched - 3 days ago
frank ocean- channel orange
Richealv Gamings
Richealv Gamings - 3 days ago
Not a single soul:

Me:2019??!! Everyone?!
Thilak S
Thilak S - 4 days ago
_forrest_ : *(In the desert, when the sun comes up i couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began,its so beautiful)*
_Me_ : *(At the time, when the movie ends up i couldn't tell where heaven stopped and my life began,its so beautiful)*
Preetam Kumar Jena
Preetam Kumar Jena - 6 days ago
beautifull movie. Before u move on put your past behind u. Don't stock in a situation just run. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what u ll get. So dont panic everything ll b all r8. U can do anything just believe in u nd the process😊🥰
aman khan
aman khan - 7 days ago
Aniket Shinde
Aniket Shinde - 8 days ago
Hey random person
If you are watching this trailer because you're thinking about watching the movie
Take my word for it... It will be one of the best movies you have ever seen
Just go ahead and watch it
Aniket Shinde
Aniket Shinde - 8 days ago
They don't make such movies anymore
Arthur Mackeown
Arthur Mackeown - 8 days ago
Saw the film and immediately bought the book
Avishak the LEGEND
Avishak the LEGEND - 12 days ago
who is here after lal singh chadda??
Jumpanum Thumpanum
Jumpanum Thumpanum - 13 days ago
One of the world best movie i thinkk a lottt after watchingg thissss 😍😍😍
Kaushar khan
Kaushar khan - 13 days ago
Please load full movie=Forrest gump
firman lambok parlindungan
He become a highschool football player, an army, a pingpong athlete, a captain of shrimp boat and runner. This one of the best ever movies i ever saw.
Md. Shakhwat Hossain
Md. Shakhwat Hossain - 18 days ago
When Hollywood used to make movie. Now a days people runs after Avengers.
Randy White
Randy White - 5 days ago
Md. Shakhwat Hossain if you look in the right places you will find stuff you like
shubham ukey
shubham ukey - 19 days ago
When I have seen this movie i m crying... heart touching movie..❤️
Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman - 21 day ago
I wrote, directed and produced this movie. If you don't believe me you can just go fuck yourself.
hello desi
hello desi - 21 day ago
I watch this movie everyday
amir khan
amir khan - 23 days ago
Best of world no.1.muvie 😍😍😍😍
Milorad Diklić
Milorad Diklić - 24 days ago
Jedan od mojih najomiljenijih filmova !!!
Sen Sie
Sen Sie - 25 days ago
never give up 😉
anyone 2019?
aram namo
aram namo - 3 days ago
PARADISE VILLAGE - 18 days ago
faisal pak
faisal pak - 26 days ago
lov from pakistan outstanding movie my favt movie
dis button for Tom hanks fans
Neha Hazell
Neha Hazell - 26 days ago
Christoffer Ryborg
Christoffer Ryborg - 28 days ago
I love this movie, i have loved it so much that i needed to get the bumba gump hat
being _real pravas
being _real pravas - 28 days ago
24 September.
Dui hazarr uneisi
Bala VJS
Bala VJS - 29 days ago
Amir Khan - Vijaysethupathi - Yogi Babu
Manly Dude
Manly Dude - Month ago
No one gonna apreciate the music
Potato master
Potato master - Month ago
I saw this when my mom said it was good i was like 10 yrs old when i saw this movie it changed my life i repeated it like 100x now and still he quotes they give changes me this movie teached me to be patient and to be careful with a girl and take care of ur mother friends this movie was the most beautiful movie i ever watched😭😭❤❤❤😫😫😫❤❤
R Singh
R Singh - Month ago
Who's here after Laal Singh Chaddha trailer..?
FF Gaming
FF Gaming - Month ago
Anyone 2019 ...plz support me
FF Gaming
FF Gaming - Month ago
@Soobas HOPE support karna plz muje
Soobas HOPE
Soobas HOPE - Month ago
Here bro
Satheesh Megaraj
Satheesh Megaraj - Month ago
Aamir Khan fans..
👇Like here
Sreejith - 11 days ago
Muhammad Naufal Fauzan
I was speechless
PINK BUDDIES - Month ago
2019 anyone?
Retarded Lesbian
Retarded Lesbian - Month ago
As a slow person I want to say to everybody I’m not stupid
rock n roll
rock n roll - Month ago
This is the first movie in which i cried
ola majewska
ola majewska - Month ago
Savage Kingdom
Savage Kingdom - Month ago
Aamir Khan 😂😂✌️✌️
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma - Month ago
aamir khan is gonna ruin this whole film. such masterpiece should be untouched
The Dreamer
The Dreamer - Month ago
Just stay away from "Copypastewood"..
Asma bc
Asma bc - Month ago
jit mn 3nd mo3tasam interveW he said this is his favourite mouviiie so ejiit la choufoo
you’re funny
you’re funny - Month ago
Hello readers ng Leo and Aries! HAHHAHAHA
Mind blowing trailer.
Benedict Pepino
Benedict Pepino - Month ago
i thought this was the Russian badger
Lycanroc Dusk
Lycanroc Dusk - Month ago
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get
au ah gelap
au ah gelap - Month ago
I read the book and finally can see his movies
For Fact !
For Fact ! - Month ago
Jack ma favourite movie
ikusan desu
ikusan desu - 2 months ago
Clarice Ng
Clarice Ng - 2 months ago
omg i jusst realised.. is goomer in sam and cat inspired by this character?!
Dhiraj Mohite
Dhiraj Mohite - 2 months ago
Who came after watching Aamir Khan and Vijay Sethupathi announced remake of this movie🦏
APD GAMERS - 2 months ago
who came here after Ankush da and Bong Guy???😂😂
Mj Liu
Mj Liu - 2 months ago
This is the movie , jack ma said
EPIPHANY - 2 months ago
Fuck that
“Youre my girl” tho
“You would forest”
“But you wont marry me.”
Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best
Paramount in 1994: A beautiful story of Tom Hanks's character's back story
Paramount in 2019: Rapes people's childhood like Sonic the hedgehog
Rittyuj Ghosh
Rittyuj Ghosh - 2 months ago
Best movie ever made 🙂
Debmalya Sengupta
Debmalya Sengupta - 2 months ago
Anyone after ankush ganja interview?
Upasana Chakraborty
Upasana Chakraborty - 2 months ago
Im here after i heard Ankush's illiterate talking about hollywood remake and all these shits
A B - 2 months ago
Mark my words. This movie will be a blockbuster and Tom Hanks will win the Oscar!
Mayooran Jayamohan
Mayooran Jayamohan - 2 months ago
At least, he is not as retarded as Sheldon cooper
Zuheb Khan Rockstar
Zuheb Khan Rockstar - 2 months ago
Finally Aamir got its copyright ....#Lal Singh Chadhha#
Filmy React
Filmy React - 2 months ago
Aamir Khan going to remake this movie and that's a great news! 😁
MOHITH Gowda - 2 months ago
Who is here after hearing Vijay Sethupathi will act in this
flyvon fernandes
flyvon fernandes - 2 months ago
This is not just a movie, This is the journey of Life
Stark - 2 months ago
The lefist bitch who uses gump is such a whore
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